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  • My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back

    My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back



    [Mature Content] Arabella Donovan sacrificed her youth solely for her husband. However, he divorced her because she could not bear children for him, causing her great pain. Bella decided to disappear from his life. Five years later, she returned to the country with her adorable son. Her peaceful life started to get disturbed when her ex-husband chased her back the moment he found out she was giving birth to his son. But now, she wasn't the same Bella she used to be. She is an entirely different person. ***** "Boss, she's back!" "Who?" Tristan Sinclair asked while scribbling his signature across stacks of papers. "Your wife—" The assistant hesitated, watching Tristan closely. When he saw Tristan's furrowed brows, he corrected himself. "Sorry, I mean your ex-wife, Ms. Donovan. She's returned with a boy..." Tristan sighed, eyeing the contract before him.  After five years of searching, only to find out she's moved on, it feels hurt. But he couldn't avoid it. She deserves happiness with someone else. He'll take this loss.  "She deserves a new husband..." Tristan muttered, dismissing his assistant. "Boss, what I meant was the cute little boy. I think he's around four years old—" Tristan snapped. His head up, fixing his sharp gaze on his assistant. "I need you to arrange a DNA test for the kid. And get me her address!"  A glimmer appeared in his eyes as a smile slowly spread across his face. ______ Author Novel: 1. DAMN! I FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM (Completed) 2. The Bride Of Immortal Crown Prince (Completed) 3. Rebirth: Dancing In My Destiny (Completed) 4. The Billionaire's Genius Wife (Completed) 5. Rebirth As The Vampire Lord's Wife (Completed) 6. My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back _____ How to contact me: >> Instagram account: authorpurplelight >> FB Page: Author_Purplelight >> Join my Discord Server: _____ Notes: The book cover belongs to the author. Please don't reuse it!

  • The President’s Pregnant, Ex-Wife

    The President’s Pregnant, Ex-Wife



    Sabrina Jewel found out she was pregnant after so many pregnancy tests. The same day, her husband, the powerful President of Jewels Group of Companies in NY city, Robin Jewel, brought another woman home after Sabrina had endured his escapades with ceaseless women and tried to be a good wife. “What? After all the sperm, you could not for once be pregnant. Not even a miscarriage. She did your job for you,” Robin pinned the blame on Sabrina. Sabrina’s world crumbled right before her eyes. She left her family for this idiot but not anymore. His father knew who she was but Robin never took the pain to even research about her throughout their three years of marriage. Since he got another woman pregnant, she was done for good. “I have had enough, Robin. It’s either she leaves or I leave….”

  • His Mistress is His Ex-Wife

    His Mistress is His Ex-Wife



    [Warning: R18+] "Her Greatest Revenge--Seduce him, Break his marriage, Steal his fortune, and lastly... DUMP him." ***** Sabrina Williams' life crumbles after discovering her husband's deceit and the underhanded acquisition of her family's fortune. Presumed dead after a tragic incident, Sabrina reemerges five years later with a new identity and a burning hunger for revenge. Her return sparks romantic chaos amongst the CEO's inner circle, a dazzling array of handsome bachelors vying for her attention. Sabrina Williams finds herself at the center of a romantic whirlwind with unexpected contenders– her protective best friend, a powerful Mafia Boss, and her possessive ex-husband. The stage is set for a pulsating tug-of-war—a clash of love and revenge with emotions running high. The players are all in, and the game is just getting started! ***** When her scandal with her Ex-husband spreads on the internet, bashers curse her tagging her as Shameless Mistress, Worthless Homewrecker, and Evil Slut... however several mighty bachelors unite to defend her. CEO of Top Fashion Company: "Haters go to hell! PS: to those models who antagonized my Goddess, I hereby take our brand sponsorship from them." President of the Largest Entertainment Company: "Fake news! We will take legal action for slandering my Goddess! Artists who cursed her will be banned from my company." Vice Chairman of Biggest Hotel and Resort Company: "Shut up, Bashers! Don't ever step in one of our hotels and resorts!" Domineering Mafia Boss: "Back off! Erase those malicious comments, or else my gang will hunt you down. I'll kill everyone who dares ridicule my Queen! Everyone: "..." Then a confession comment suddenly pops up amidst the chaos. FL's Best friend: "Everyone can hate you but I'll always be there for you. Sabby... I love you... I've been loving you since our childhood years... My first love... and my last." Her ex-husband can no longer stay quiet and declares to the public. Possessive Ex-husband: "She's not my mistress. She's my legal wife." FL Friend Lanny: "Legal Wife your Ass! Crazy Jerk just die!"

  • Ex-esposa grávida do Presidente

    Ex-esposa grávida do Presidente



    Sabrina Jewel descobriu que estava grávida depois de muitos testes de gravidez. No mesmo dia, seu marido, o poderoso Presidente do Grupo de Empresas Jewels na cidade de NY, Robin Jewel, trouxe outra mulher para casa depois que Sabrina suportou suas aventuras com inúmeras mulheres e tentou ser uma boa esposa. “O que? Depois de todo o esperma, você não conseguiu engravidar nem uma vez. Nem mesmo um aborto espontâneo. Ela fez o seu trabalho por você,” Robin jogou a culpa em Sabrina. O mundo de Sabrina desmoronou bem diante de seus olhos. Ela deixou sua família por esse idiota, mas não mais. O pai dele sabia quem ela era, mas Robin nunca se deu ao trabalho de pesquisar sobre ela durante os três anos de casamento. Como ele engravidou outra mulher, pra ela já deu. “Eu já tive o suficiente, Robin. Ou ela vai embora ou eu vou…”

  • Beauty in the beast world

    Beauty in the beast world



    Lyra is a 21st-century girl from the modern world who accidentally transmigrated into the beast world while swimming. what happens when a gorgeous young girl with golden blonde hair and ocean blue eyes with ivory white skin doll falls into a world where the female population is drastically low. But as she stays in the world, she discovers many secrets about herself which she never imagined. Join her journey in discovering love, heartache, and the real truth of her life. This is my first story please support me and join me on my journey through this story. The cover photo is not mine Contains mature content with many r#18 scenes audience below 16 restrain from reading it. Follow my insta @ruby_rosie_2001

  • The Ruthless CEO wife is back with twins

    The Ruthless CEO wife is back with twins


    Sophia slept with a man in the bar and getting impregnated by him. Six years after she had given birth to twins, she returned home and accepts a job offer of a prestigious company- but she instantly regrets it when she finds out that the CEO is the man she slept with and the father of her twins. Alexander is a billionaire. He's got everything a man could ask for, good looks,a greek god body and unlimited bank balance. But he is harsh, cold and absolutely ruthless. To top it all, he has a dark past. He cornered me against the wall with both of his hands on either side of my head. I could smell his breath against my lips. we were so close to each other that single move from me would result in our lips smashing against each other. "The next time I see you getting cozy with another guy, I'll kill that guy and make your life a living hell, Sophia' Alexander whispered dangerously low in my ear, making me quiver with fear. "DO.I.MAKE.MYSELF.CLEAR?" He said, gritting his teeth together. I didn't want to nod, but I nodded. I didn't want to fear him, but I feared him. I didn't want to succumb but I succumbed. Alexander wants her. No, He wants to claim her. Will it be possible? Read to find out.

  • Dance Of The Dragons

    Dance Of The Dragons



    A dramatic, eventful love story between the Crown Prince and the Supreme General of the Heavenly Empire!This is an Omegaverse story (A/B/O) with a lot of knives at the beginning. Stay away unless you are used to reading danmeis like 2ha, MDZS, etc.. Following the Heavenly Emperor's death, Crown Prince Xie Jianyu's Fuxi Palace was attacked by a combined force of Longjing Palace and Wuyang Palace. The confrontation between Supreme General Zhang Fengxi resulted in Xie Jianyu's death, after which Zhang Fengxi found out that he did not know Xie Jianyu at all. First, Xie Jianyu was an omega and not an alpha. Second, Zhang Fengxi slept with Xie Jianyu before. Third, Xie Jianyu gave birth to Zhang Fengxi's son. When given the chance to return to the past, will Zhang Fengxi be able to undo his mistakes? Will Xie Jianyu be able to escape his tragic end?Let this author take you on a fascinating journey (⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠♡

  • Mi Exmarido Billonario Me Persigue

    Mi Exmarido Billonario Me Persigue


    —¡Jefe, ha vuelto! —¿Quién? —preguntó Tristan Sinclair mientras garabateaba su firma en pilas de papeles. —Tu esposa —el asistente hesitó, observando atentamente a Tristan. Cuando vio las cejas fruncidas de Tristan, se corrigió a sí mismo—. Lo siento, quiero decir tu exesposa, la señora Donovan. Ha regresado con un niño... Tristan suspiró, observando el contrato frente a él. Después de cinco años de búsqueda, solo para descubrir que ella ha seguido adelante, se siente herido. Pero no podía evitarlo. Ella se merece la felicidad con otra persona. Aceptaría esta pérdida. —Se merece un nuevo esposo... —murmuró Tristan, despidiendo a su asistente. —Jefe, lo que quería decir es lo del niño bonito. Creo que tiene alrededor de cuatro años Tristan se enojó. Alzó la cabeza, fijando su mirada penetrante en su asistente. —Necesito que organices una prueba de ADN para el niño. ¡Y consígueme su dirección! —un brillo apareció en sus ojos mientras una sonrisa se extendía lentamente por su rostro.

  • Picked Up A Husband For Farming

    Picked Up A Husband For Farming



    The miracle doctor, Xu Qing, accidentally fell into the water and died. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself having transmigrated into a farming novel. Then, she felt excruciating pain in the lower half of her body. Xu Qing looked down in disbelief. As a thirty-year-old unmarried single woman, she was in the midst of giving birth to a child! Staring at the three babies who were barely breathing, Xu Qing almost went mad. Why did she suddenly become a mother of three? Her father exclaimed, “How dare you give birth to b*stard children before getting married?! We don’t have a daughter like you. Scram!” Before Xu Qing could even catch her breath after bearing children, she was chased out of the house by her father. Fortunately, her mother pitied her and secretly gave her an acre of land to aid in her survival. With no options left, Xu Qing picked up a hoe and started farming. ‘Hey, that unconscious mister over there, please die somewhere else! Don’t dirty my corn field!’ After dragging the unconscious man to a side, Xu Qing suddenly remembered that she needed help taking care of her children. This man would do! Later on, Qiao Yanhui knelt down before his angry wife with an aggrieved look on his charming face. He had one child on each arm, and another clinging to his head. He looked up at Xu Qing pitifully. “Honey, it’s the effect of my family genes. I can’t control my genes from producing so many babies…” “Out! Get out now!” Xu Qing kicked him aside. Who knew that the man she picked up turned out to be the father of her children. Had she known, she would’ve left him to die in the corn field.

  • Accidentally Married To Mr. Billionaire

    Accidentally Married To Mr. Billionaire



    Love knows no boundaries, no age limits. It only knows how to bring two hearts together... Yasmin Wiley, 19, a smart but clumsy woman, was happy with her life. She dreamed about being a famous designer. Her life turned upside down when she was forced to marry her sister's groom because her sister ran away on the wedding day. Declan Wilson, a 27-year-old billionaire, was so preoccupied with the business that he had no time for romance. His lack of interest in women even led to the rumor that he was gay. He would not marry, but he had to accept defeat under the pressure of his father. But the bride got changed on the wedding day. Life was not easy for them. Yet they got close and comfortable with each other slowly. Then things got ugly when certain misunderstandings worsened their differences. There were brawls, ego clashes, and doubts. No make-up sessions were enough to mend their severed relationship. Will Yasmin and Declan be able to put aside their differences and rekindle their love for one another? Or does fate have something in store for them that will keep them apart forever? =========== You can enjoy my other books on this app… The Billionaire’s Sick Wife. (Completed) Temptation of Billionaire's Secret Lover: A Tale of Love and Revenge. (Ongoing) The Contract Bride of Mr. Reid (Ongoing)

  • Die schwangere Ex-Frau des Präsidenten

    Die schwangere Ex-Frau des Präsidenten



    Sabrina Jewel fand nach vielen Schwangerschaftstests heraus, dass sie schwanger war. Am selben Tag brachte ihr Ehemann, der mächtige Präsident der Jewels Group of Companies in New York City, Robin Jewel, eine andere Frau nach Hause, nachdem Sabrina seine Eskapaden mit unaufhörlichen Frauen ertragen hatte und versuchte, eine gute Ehefrau zu sein. "Was? Nach all dem Sperma konntest du nicht ein einziges Mal schwanger sein. Nicht einmal eine Fehlgeburt. Sie hat deinen Job für dich gemacht", schob Robin die Schuld auf Sabrina. Sabrinas Welt brach direkt vor ihren Augen zusammen. Sie hatte ihre Familie für diesen Idioten verlassen, aber jetzt nicht mehr. Sein Vater wusste, wer sie war, aber Robin hatte sich in den drei Jahren ihrer Ehe nie die Mühe gemacht, sich über sie zu informieren. Seit er eine andere Frau geschwängert hatte, war es aus mit ihr. "Ich habe genug, Robin. Entweder sie geht oder ich gehe...."

  • Lucky Pregnancy & Sweet Marriage: Hubby, Please Turn Off the Lights!

    Lucky Pregnancy & Sweet Marriage: Hubby, Please Turn Off the Lights!


    "Don't touch there, it's dirty..." Su Yanyun flushes. The man smiles slightly and wipes the mud stains on her feet. "My baby, it's not dirty." Overnight, Young Master Yi changes from being a clean freak who is unable to even get close to his relatives to being desensitized and doting on this little woman of unknown origins. "Hubby, the baby in my belly is calling you!" Even if he has to cross half of Earth, Young Master Yi would still fly back overnight. "Boohoo, Hubby, they called the baby a bastard!" Capture all the scums who spread this rumor! "Hubby, I want to bring our baby on a trip!" Young Master Yi: "Don't forget to bring your luggage." "Which one?" "Me."

  • Apocalyptic Pregnancy

    Apocalyptic Pregnancy



    How does it feel to have a big belly amid a fiesta of zombies and mutated plants and animals? Su Su makes it clear that pregnancy tests, prenatal education, natural childbirth, early childhood education… all of these can't be missing! In her previous life, her child was sold off by her lover. She was heartbroken and committed suicide, but she unexpectedly returned to a day 45 days before the end of the world. Su Su decisively arranges her plans: hoard food, kick out the scumbag, protect her parents, and also protect her unborn child! At the same time, for the sake of her child, she would save this man with who she had a one-night stand. In front of Su Su, who has awakened her superpower, the strongest man in the past has no choice but to speak softly. To woo his wife, he uses all his strength to protect them. The son's father: Zombie City has the most advanced four-dimensional ultrasound machine. Hey, do you want to carry out the heist? Su Su: … Yes!

  • A Single Mother's Farm of the Gods

    A Single Mother's Farm of the Gods


    Elaina never anticipated discovering that her husband, the reigning emperor of the Kingdom of Luminiera, was unfaithful. To make matters worse, the one seemingly attempting to undermine their marriage was none other than her sister! Unable to confront this harsh reality, Elaina resolved to plan her escape and distance herself from her husband. However, a significant complication emerged while she was plotting her departure—she was pregnant with the emperor's child. Determined not to subject her child to the consequences of her husband's infidelity, she chose to flee with her child and embark on a fresh start in the neighboring kingdom of Darcero, utilizing her expertise in farming while also planning on raising the child that she will give birth soon all on her own without the need and support of a father. As fortune would have it, the gods appeared to favor her resolve. "Because the gods are impressed by your dedication, we reward you with a helper that will allow you to flourish in this land. In exchange, you help us grow plants that are not yet present in this world and spread them all over the world. Activating the Farm Helper. Welcome, host!" Now faced with the prospect of an entirely new life and the responsibility of her unborn child, Elaina must navigate the challenges that lie ahead. What trials and tribulations will she encounter as she endeavors to build a life for herself and her child in this unfamiliar territory?

  • Mr Ceo's Pregnant Ex-Wife

    Mr Ceo's Pregnant Ex-Wife



    [COMPLETED] Phoenix’ husband of five long years, Ace Carter Greyson, demanded divorce on the night of their fifth wedding anniversary simply because she can't bear a son. She begged him to stay but his firm decision was unbendable so she finally let him go. Her life was even more shattered after she discovered his long time affair with his secretary, and now, the mistress was pregnant. Just months after their divorce he married the impregnated secretary. Phoenix's world suddenly turns upside down when she discovers she's four months pregnant.

  • La ex-esposa embarazada del Presidente

    La ex-esposa embarazada del Presidente



    Sabrina Jewel descubrió que estaba embarazada después de hacerse tantas pruebas de embarazo. El mismo día, su esposo, el poderoso Presidente del Grupo de Empresas Jewels en la ciudad de Nueva York, Robin Jewel, trajo a otra mujer a casa después de que Sabrina había soportado sus aventuras con innumerables mujeres e intentó ser una buena esposa. —¿Qué? Después de todo el esperma, no pudiste estar embarazada ni una sola vez. Ni siquiera un aborto espontáneo. Ella hizo tu trabajo por ti —dijo Robin echándole la culpa a Sabrina. El mundo de Sabrina se derrumbó ante sus ojos. Dejó a su familia por este idiota, pero eso se acabó. Su padre sabía quién era ella, pero Robin nunca se tomó la molestia de investigar sobre ella a lo largo de sus tres años de matrimonio. Ya que él embarazó a otra mujer, ella había terminado de una vez por todas. —He tenido suficiente, Robin. O ella se va o me voy yo —dijo ella.

  • The Sacred Ruins

    The Sacred Ruins



    To rise from defeat; to revive amidst the dissipation. As the vast oceans turn to dust and the thunder and lightning fade away, That strand of spiritual mist once again approaches our great world. With the shackles that bound our world now severed— A whole new world of mystery and wonder awaits, As we turn the corner... ------ The Sacred Ruins Is a story set in a post-apocalyptic world. A world that has recovered to a state that is roughly equal to our own world in terms of technology and culture, although its ancient history remains largely unknown. The story begins during the post-graduation trip of our protagonist, where he discovers some ancient ruins and witnesses “the great change”, an upheaval that changed everything. The changing earth not only brought about new, unexplored landscape but also sparked the evolution of all organisms. Plants and animals started gaining sentience and some humans obtained unimaginable powers. The legends, myths, and tales of old seemed to have suddenly come to life as the earth entered a new era where beasts and men formed factions, explored new lands and ultimately struggled for supremacy. We follow the MC as he grows from being an eccentric young man into a badass expert warrior while meeting other funny characters and forming brotherly bonds. We watch as he falls into just as much hilarious situations as he does perilous ones, all the while wondering and slowly discovering the mysteries of this world. Just why was the world destroyed in the first place? Who or what had triggered this earth-shattering “change”? What profundities lie behind the process of evolution? ------ Chen Dong is one of the top authors in the Chinese Qidian site and this particular novel has been number one on its monthly charts for several months straight. If you are looking for a funny and unique novel that is free from the cliches of reincarnation and cultivation, this might just be what you are looking for. The story develops quite slowly for the first ten chapters or so but becomes much better paced afterwards. ------ Release Rate: 7 Chapters/Week

  • Accidental Pregnancy

    Accidental Pregnancy

    Accidental pregnancy is not a book but a whole book series. These book series have a total of 5 books. One main book and other is its sequences. Accidental pregnancy is the main book and other books are its sequences.It's chronological order is: 1. Accidental pregnancy 2. The beauty trap of an agent 3. His clumsy little angle 4. His contract bride5. Her secret admirer Book1: - Accidental pregnancyThis is the first part of the book of pregnancy series. Nate Nara is the CEO of Nara enterprise who had everything in his life good looks, fame, wealth, and a beautiful wife but the only thing he wants more than anything is to have a family. He wants to have his own family and his own children. But he lost the ability to become a father due to illness. So he tried to have the child by using the elimination method.Mia Mathis is planning to go to New York after one month for her studies and she has just started working under his company. She goes to visit the gynecologist for a check-up but gets eliminated by mistake because a nurse misplaced the files and send her to an endocrinologist by mistake.After finding out that Mia is pregnant he decided to give divorce to his wife but the situation turns out and Mia had to deliver the kids forcefully due to get shot by the g*n by Anna, Nate's wife. Another day at hospital they get to know that Anna was the death and Nate takes all the blame to save Mia and goes to jail but the thing was Anna was alive when they go to a hospital to save Mia and their kids so who killed her was still suspense.Read the book to find out the murderer and to know what happens next.I will be uploading the whole series in this book. You will know when the first book ends and another book began as you continue reading the book.

  • Pregnant With His Child

    Pregnant With His Child


    "You already know, Rina," Victor's voice cut through the air like a sharp blade, laced with a cruel indifference that sent shivers down my spine, "I won't love you, no matter what you do. No matter how many times you beg, nothing will happen! You knew from the beginning that Helena was the girl I loved!! " His words, laced with disdain, were like a devastating blow to my heart. Each syllable was a reminder of the love I had lost, a love that had once burned brightly but was now extinguished, replaced by an icy void. Victor continued, his tone unrelenting, "The only reason I married you is because that was my grandmother's request" "I'll take care of giving you money, no matter how much, but please don't bother me and Helena anymore," he added. Tears streamed down my cheeks, a torrent of pain and despair that I could no longer contain. The dream I had nurtured, the hope that our love could be rekindled, crumbled before my eyes. The reality was far more brutal than any nightmare I had ever imagined. I had once planned to surprise him, to share the joyous news that I was pregnant with our child. But now, it seemed that he didn't care for me, and my hopes for our unborn baby were shattered. What place did our child have in a world where its father had rejected it before it even had a chance to exist? As Victor's words hung in the air, a chilling silence descended upon the room, broken only by the steady rhythm of my heartache. I was left with the agonizing realization that the love I had cherished was nothing but a cruel illusion, a marriage that had led me astray in the vast desert of my broken dreams.

  • His Precious Possession

    His Precious Possession



    ALISHA HART is a light in the darkness. A girl who is trapped in nightmares of her traumatic childhood. A girl who is afraid to fall in love. She is afraid to trust someone with her heart and her soul. She locked the door of her heart, shut herself away from people, and built a wall around her. And was firm about not letting anyone come into her world. She was living her life beautifully and peacefully. But one night, she caught the eyes of the world's most dangerous man, who is now fixed on entering her world. ALEXANDER MORETTI has a heart of ice. His cruelty and ruthlessness are compared to the devil. His world is filled with nothing but darkness. People wanted him, but he never wanted anyone or anything. He thought he would never be tempted to make anything his own. But it only took his ice-cold blue eyes to meet the world's purest and most innocent pair of eyes to break his NEVER. Now, he is determined to make her his. No matter what it costs, he must make her his. Only his. [ Mature Content] Disclaimer: Cover made by AI