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  • The Purge

    The Purge

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION KILLER

    One month of legal killing in all countries around the world. In order to survive you should kept on hiding until that one month is done. But little did they know that once you've killed one person, you will have a reward a random reward, but there is always a consequences about everything that you've done. Danger is coming on your way be careful you'll Never know who is your Ally and your enemy remember The devil was once an angel.

  • Purge or Get Purged

    Purge or Get Purged

    Fantasy Romance DEVIL

  • World Purge

    World Purge



    War&Military ACTION

    Adolf Hitler is one of the most well-known—and reviled—figures in history. As the leader of Nazi Germany, he orchestrated both World War II and the Holocaust, events that led to the deaths of at least 40,000,000 people.Hitler went down in history as one of if not the most vile human being of all time,for ordering the loss of countless of lives.I on the other hand solely believe that human beings are responsible for their own actions some may try to justify their actions by claiming they were following orders others may claim to be carrying out the will of a supreme being.A surprising 49 million were registered, 39 million classified and 10 million inducted. Others who were overseas in August 1914 travelled back thousands of miles to get back and enlist .Most would claim they were doing it for money or power but the truth of the matter is most of those soldiers stood to gain nothing from that money or power,most if not all those soldiers simply volunteered plain and simple.At the end of the day the real reason they masaccred all those families stared them right in the face.In hindsight they survived on measly food rations for months underwent all that harsh training,pain and suffering at the barracks to inflict more pain and suffering on other human beings.They knew it in their mind and hearts and they still did it anyways,they did it for nothing.Majority of the Jewish families torched to death during the Holocaust were actually turned in by German families, yes the German families may try to justify their actions by claiming to be following government policies but when its all said and done the government policies were a reflection of their individual fears the insecurity and resentment they felt towards the Jews. Its pathetic what human beings are willing to settle for , for a fleeting sense of security and make no mistake it was fleeting. The truth of the matter is most people want to see cruelty if not inflict it themselves.Which would explain why you are still reading into this synopsis right now . This would explain the existence of extremely cruel torture devices the judas cradle,brazen bull,iron maiden some of them being adopted even by churches regardless of how cruel they were these devices go to show the very cruelness and hopelessness of mankind .Don't get me wrong I love peace but something about it feels lacking . Even if we did actually manage to find a way to eliminate death and chaos from the face of the earth some people would still find ways to bring it back ..In a world that has taught us that having hope is equivalent to giving up. A book that attempts to explain mob logic . A story about humans in their most despicable yet truest form a story about the purge.

  • The Purge War

    The Purge War

    Shiro is on the run from his past, and no matter how far or fast he goes, he cannot outrun his inevitable destiny. In his epic journey, it's not just life that hangs in the balance. Ancient artifacts of untold power are waking up from their millennia-old sleep, and whoever controls them will help mold the shape of the world.The Soul Stone War is a thrilling 487,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Morgan Vane and Nicky Rblx, Embark on a journey of self-discovery, sacrifice, and heroism, fall in love or fall into despair. Will Shiro rise up to the challenge that is to be a Soul Stone Wielder? Or will he allow the world to be shrouded in darkness

  • The Purge....and Betrayal

    The Purge....and Betrayal

    You want a fight....Then i'll bring a war

  • Purge Academy

    Purge Academy


    A school were all students covered of secret and dark mysteries. They are have a chance to in love?

  • Elite Purge

    Elite Purge

    The billboard shone brightly with flashing words. Ailen Koene, CEO of 'Elite Purge' is dead, assassinated, and now, my thirst for revenge is even stronger. Dogged by carpshooter's and gamblers, Lynn's crew of six is one of the main targets of the strongest cults in the international game, 'Elite Purge'. Each day is a struggle when the crew finds their old home burned to ashes. Now, stronger than ever, Lynn is determined to find the killer of Ailen Koene and fulfill his dream of bringing people back together and making his mother proud with his game. However, when Lynn is steered away from the path that she is set on, she must decide who to trust and who not to, and if reality is even real.




    "Moon, what are you doing ?" "I'm gonna purge Ian I have to get my revenge " "You won't do this, No you're not like this " "They made me like this " ........... A girl moved from Canada to New York hoping for a peaceful happy senior year but things changed after she met a group of people who destroyed her,changed her..made her do things she mustn't do, so she decided to purge...but she has a hope, a light which is love but will love change what will happen ?! Warning: This story contains graphic content, violence, rape, and cursing which might be triggering for some readers so be careful.

  • Dominants: The Purge

    Dominants: The Purge


    The heads and limbs of loved ones were too common on the streets. The war had ended as soon as it had begun with humanity on the losing side. Nature raised its heavy hand upon us with judgement. Beasts from the bottom of the earth rose and decimated everything in its way. The survivors can still hear the cry of the soldiers at battle, the wailing of mothers, the anguish of fathers, the distraught of forced orphans. Chaos turned into normality as humanity counted it's last days till extinction. But hope came. Hope came in form of a child. A small boy who would change everything. I guess tags for this would be #POSTAPOCALYPTIC #REBUILDWORLD #SCI-FI #APOCALYPTICWORLD #HORROR #Timetravel if you loved my books Invincible friend and Bloody Playground you'll love this. JOIN the movement.

  • EDEN: Survive The Purge

    EDEN: Survive The Purge


  • Tamer of Cosmic Beasts

    Tamer of Cosmic Beasts



    Every living being is a beast that can be tamed, but only the most advanced races are called Tamers. The universe is filled with Tamers who use cosmic beasts as contracted pets. Akash Tagar, a veteran broken and battered because of his long blood-filled journey, was on the brink of suicide when he met the strongest being in the universe, the Primordial Beast. Restoring Akash to a youthful body, the beast gave him a chance fulfill his remaining regrets by completing a mission and sending him to the weakest planet in the universe. Akash, now restored to his youth, must start at the bottom and claw his way to the top. See the journey of a main character who will build a new world, together with his loyal army, and unite thousands of races to face their true enemies, and purge all evil. . [The main character is OP in this novel, he has the reason to be OP too] (words per chapter "1000 to 1500") {Editor: Erwin Cloude} Hello dear readers add me on discord to be in touch with novel man's fan community. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/suq7P4kg2v

  • Darkness From the Purge

    Darkness From the Purge

    In a world where almost every human being has died from a terrible disease, Skylar and her new survival partner Henry test their alliances and fight for their lives in this post-apocalyptic world.

  • Purging Bad Karma

    Purging Bad Karma


    She was the favored daughter if God of the Netherlands. Due to the pampered life she gor from her dad, she easily become a vain, despotic, narcissistic lady despite of her otherworldly beauty. She manage to amass a tremendous amount of bad karma. The Gods can't keep it under wraps any longer. She had to be punished! Her soul would undergo purging in the mundane world! For each bad karma she had, she needs equal amount of good karma to erase it. Could she be a saint after becoming a devil?

  • The World Being Purged

    The World Being Purged


    When the Heavens created Earth to be Utopia, they had to make some sacrifices, one of them being creating Hell to be the realm for the souls who came in the way of having a perfect world. With Thea's power as God she banished Kolasi to become the Hell ruler, which this changed motions everywhere in the universe. In perspective of a Reaper named Rain, Emily Kullin, she needs to stop the project of God trying to create Utopia, because when mankind fails to show Thea they are capable of becoming perfect, she will destroy Earth, just like the other planets.

  • Purging the Evil Art of Summoning

    Purging the Evil Art of Summoning


    The Art of Summoning.The most evil magic in the universe.Abducting a living being and taking control of their lives for as long as they have it.I will purge the world of this cursed magic.

  • Death Ascension

    Death Ascension



    [WPC#202 Bronze prize winner] “If I become a Seraph, they can’t possibly send me back to hell, right?” Mikael Lee was dead. Just when he thought he could finally rest in peace after living in misery, he was condemned to an eternity in hell. But he refused to accept his fate! He escaped to Phantas, a world of magic and monsters, and received the Ascension system. Determined to achieve redemption, Mikael vowed to do good deeds. Together with his partner, the two souls who shared one body sought to purge evil… but the incarnations of the seven deadly sins continuously test their principles. Will Mikael fight them as an Angel or will he join them as a Demon? ------- [Preface The Ascension System is a program granted by the universe to beings who attained the hidden qualifications. Players are given the choice to either become a Demon Lord or a Seraphim by collecting bad or good karma, respectively. The creator of the universe has ordained that ‘beings of free will’ be appointed as ‘Players’ for balance. For Chaos and Order. For Yin and Yang. The players shall be given Providence to defy their own fate and forge their own paths.] ------ ** Want to refresh your palate from all the overly edgy teen MCs? tired of all the Jade beauties throwing themselves at MC? or the System-dependent MC? then this story is for you! (Ahem. not saying those tropes are bad tho. Peace!) **Please give it a read until the 2nd volume before deciding whether it's your cup of tea :D * cover not mine, if you know the artist, please tell me so I can give proper credits.

  • Cassandra Syndrome

    Cassandra Syndrome



    Cassandra Reid has never found a fortune teller on Earth that could read her future. She always gets the same cards got over and over again from the different tarot readers she approached. High Priestess and the Four Knights. Knight of Pentacles. Knight of Swords. Knight of Wands. Knight of Cups. And the last one? The ominous Death Card. Every fortune teller has no idea what they meant and they have completely given up on her fate. Even she, herself, has given up. Until one of the Knights showed up. And tried to kill her. YUMMY EXCERPT: updates every day "Why are you protecting me anyway?" I swallowed a lump forming in my throat. "What's in it for you?" "Yeah, Cass. I ask myself every day why I am doing this too. Before I sleep and the first thing that comes to my mind the moment I wake up? It's you." His gaze jerked up and clashed with mine, confusion darkening those gorgeous irises. "I'm doing things I never even wanted to do in the first place. Like messing up my mission as the heir of the House of Cups." "I don't want to be indebted to you! I don't want you to get hurt while you kept me safe." The more I spoke, the more Gabriel's pupils narrowed. "Do you know why I'm doing this?" Gabriel chuckled without humor as he cupped my chin, forcing my face to his. "Because I loathe it when you are hanging out with some other guy. Someone who isn't me." He pulled back and studied my face before shaking his head. "I want to kill them myself. There's a dark thought in my mind that says you are mine to own. And you are mine to kill when that time comes where I have to." Gabriel's grip tightened and he leaned down, placing us nose to nose, his choppy breath traipsing over my lips. "You like taunting me by flirting with other guys too, do you? Well, guess what? It works. I can't fucking get you out of my mind." He released me long enough to slam a fist into the wall just beside my temple. "The first kiss was a goddamn mistake. It was supposed to purge you from my thought, make me stop wondering what you taste like."

  • Sirens Before Night Falls

    Sirens Before Night Falls


    In a world where the night is plagued with man-eating monsters called Stained Souls, three sirens warn the people of their arrival. A world where cloaked figures called Exorcists dance through the night, purging the monsters off the streets. In this world, Devin is bullied for his doll-looking features. Little did they know, he could see the monsters even before the sirens calls. He was in his last year of high school when he was transferred to an island to attend a boarding school. A school for Exorcists.[ Image on the cover not mine ]

  • The Killing at District 12

    The Killing at District 12

    Contemporary Romance R18 MYSTERY KILLER

    There were mysterious murders taking place at District 12 every last weekend of the month and the serial killer was at large. "Our killer was not just deliberately peeling of the face of his victims. He was also eviscerating their body and purging out their organs, particularly their hearts. It was like the killer wanted to remove everything that made one human." Two people who used to be high school friends and also shared a painful past; both lost a loved one on an incident that happened six years ago decided to join hands to solve this mystery. One was retired a forensic anthropologist who turned a new leaf and chose to become a professor at a medical school While the other was a former law enforcement officer who had decided to be into seminary and was just a step away from becoming an officially ordained priest Will they be able to identify the notorious killer that lurked the shadows of their district??? PS pic's not mine. Credit goes to the rightful owner