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  • dijual? (Hamba Rosalie)

    dijual? (Hamba Rosalie)

    Percintaan Kontemporari ROMANCE ADVENTURE COMEDY

    Perkara menakutkan yang tidak dapat dibayangkan oleh seorang gadis adalah ditingalkan. Tapi apa yang lebih teruk? dijual di lelong, telanjang, takut dan kemudian di beli sebagai mainan. Rosalie tidak menyangka dia akan benar-benar dijual di sebuah Lelongan. Dia tidak ingin menjadi seorang hamba!!.Ketika hal itu terjadi, dia dijual kepada seorang million.

  • Rosalie et les vampires

    Rosalie et les vampires


    Vivez l'histoire de Rosa, une jeune fille de 14 ans passionnée par les créatures surnaturels et les vampires. Elle et sa famille font déménager à la demeure de sa défunts grande tante Rose-Anne, en Transylvanie. C'est alors qu'un soir elle va faire la connaissance de Rudolf Wellinpjer un vampire, qui à put s'échapper entre les griffes d'un chasseur de vampires nommé Gorduis. Rosa va devoir aidée son ami suceur de sang à retrouvé sa famille et les sauvés contre Gorduis.[inspiré du film d'animation "Le Petit Vampire"(2017)]

  • Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder

    Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder

    "On the bed." My new master, the Alpha of Drogomor, commanded. I walked toward the bed, naked, ashamed, and full of tears. I was about to lose my virginity, but it meant nothing to the man who was going to take it. *** I am Rosalie, 20 years old, sold to the most terrifying alpha by my own father. "You're nothing to me but a breeder." he said to me cruelly. I had long known that my love for him was hopeless and foolish. However, I was naïve to think that was the end of the story. Once the baby is born, I will be put to death. *** People thought I was dead, but I survived. "It's you!" He grabbed my hand, and his eyes were filled with emotions I couldn't understand. "Come back to me, Rosalie." "Sorry." I calmly looked back at him, "but I think you've got the wrong person."

  • Sold?




    Book 1 Sold? [Volume 1] The most frightening thing a girl can imagine is being abandoned. But what's worse? Being sold at an auction, naked and afraid and then being bought as a toy. Rosalie never thought she would actually end up getting sold at an auction. Her life wasn't all flowers but still she didn't want to end up a salve. When the worst was happening she gets sold to a billionaire. Book 2 Owned? [Volume 2] Getting chased by gangsters, getting kidnapped and then forced to become a slave of one of the biggest Mafian boss of the country was Azalea's greatest nightmare. But to make it worse the kidnapper was the man Azalea had hated all her life for depriving her of her only family Book 3 Captive? [ Volume 3] After the disappearance of Azalea, Arius always found himself lost in thought about her. He never got over her but what happens when a little ball of joy enters his life and becomes a path for finding his lost love again?

  • If The Crown Fits

    If The Crown Fits


    Second Book of "5 Princes and I"Rosalie Amber Stan's world is now upside down. Not only is she supposed to learn about her dead kingdom but she actually has to learn how to use her powers alongside her familiar, Custard.Adding to her list of problems; the rogue king, King Ferius, will stop at nothing until he gets ahold of Rose's blood. So it is now up to the princes to protect her until she learns how to protect herself. Which could take a while with her refusal to cooperate with them.Will Rose be able to master her powers and learn how to defend herself? Will she be able to learn more about her heritage and revive her dead kingdom?

  • 5 Princes and I

    5 Princes and I


    "You, my dear, will be going to help us to decide that. You will pick a king.""Say what now?""I'm not going to repeat it since I know that you have heard me.""Fine! You want me to decide?! Nate!" I pointed to prince Nathaniel, if I remember correctly. He was slightly taken aback and a confused expression was replaced. "Do you want to be a king?""I...uh...Yes?" He said. Unsure of his answer. It made me wonder if the expression on my face had forced him to say yes."Good. Then you'll be the king."What!? But that's not how you decide it!" PRINCE Ace said."Fine! You're all kings. In fact, we ALL can be kings!!"****She's Rosalie Amber Stan. A simple teenage girl, who made a wish to have a more adventurous life, was a victim of an abduction by the Fae queen to a different realm. She was brought to a castle with 5 supernatural princes, who are fighting for the throne. The queen gave her a task to be the one to choose the future heir to their kingdom. Little did she know that the queen only wanted one thing from her and the princes: Romance. Between a sparkly wizard, a rude obnoxious elf, a flirty vampire, and a couple of twin trouble making wolf princes; Is there really a right choice? And why is there a wolf spirit, who suddenly awakened upon sensing her arrival, kept stalking her?A romantic-comedy in 'another world' with a quirky-temperamental female heroine learning the culture of this new fantasy world.

  • The alphas luna

    The alphas luna

  • Embers of the Heart

    Embers of the Heart

  • Fell in love with my boss the CEO

    Fell in love with my boss the CEO

  • tesT


  • Rebirth of Author: Prince, you are my first love

    Rebirth of Author: Prince, you are my first love


  • testing testing I'm just suggestions

    testing testing I'm just suggestions



    " If you're not afraid to die, then don't be scared of living. " he said and left abruptly.Stunned and still gathering my thoughts from what i have been through the whole situation, i broke down.Why is everything so heavy to digest?Why is the world so unfair to me ....

  • Immortalis Maga

    Immortalis Maga

    Her name is Rosalinda Mikaelson but she goes by Rose or Rosali, born after Rebekah and before Henrik. Like her brother Niklaus, she and her siblings share the same mom but have a different father. But unlike Nik, she isn't a wolf. However, a very strong and very powerful warlock. At the age of 16 her mother called upon her magic and changed her siblings into vampires but yet she didn't turn Rosalinda. I bet you are wondering why? Well, read to find out. TVD: Seasons 3-5 TO: Season 1-2 ??: Season 3 Act 1~Part 1: TVD Season 3 S: 7/17/20~F: 4/28/21 Act 1~Part 2: TVD Season 4 S: 5/1/21~F: Act 1~Part 3: TVD Season 5 S: ~F: Act 2~Part 1: TO Season 1 S: ~F: Act 2~Part 2: TO Season 2 S: ~F: Act 3~Part 1: ?? Season 3 S: ~F: Act 3~Part 2: ??????? S: ~F: **ALL RIGHTS RESERVED** *Mature Content Inside* (Read at your own risk) Please do not copy my story, I've worked hard on it. If you are caught using my story I will report you. • I do not own the vampire diaries or the originals in any way, I however own Rosalinda and her storyline. •

  • I Suddenly Became the School Prince’s Rival

    I Suddenly Became the School Prince’s Rival

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CAMPUS

    Rich, handsome, popular, Christophe has it all, or does he? Rosalie enters the picture like a wrecking ball and destroys his perfect image.Grades?Athletics?Games?She manages to one-up him in every subject.What will happen when Christophe goes to crazy lengths to defeat Rosalie in anything while she just wants to quietly graduate from school. What weird and wacky situations will they get into after an awful first impression?"AH!"The boy yelled in her face as he toppled backwards out of the window. Rosalie sat there silently trying to keep a straight face at the sight."What the? James told me that this room was empty, the heck. I'm gonna kill him."He whispered to himself while brushing off the dirt from his pants.From the moonlight, Rosalie could make out a familiar face."It's you!"

  • Love Amidst Pain

    Love Amidst Pain

    Contemporary Romance BETRAYAL PREGNANCY

    It's a story about a young girl whose business got crashed because of a failed business. Rosalie was young and virtuous but she was in dire need of money after the unfortunate turn around in her company. She didn't want her company to be closed down and she wasn't ready to face mockery from families and friends too.Rosalie decided to see if her life would changed if she volunteer to be a surrogate mother for a handsome young man who was in dire need of a child. Logan was a very handsome man and he was among the top most handsome Asian men. He had a wife but they never had a child and it was getting them frustrated until they decided to look for a surrogate mother. Rosalie volunteered and became Logan's surrogate mother but things went wild and love bloom between them. Will they be able to run the race of their love?What about the first wife of Logan? What will be the outcome of their forbidden love?Read ................. and find out about Rosalie and Logan's love life!

  • Soulmate...


    Magical Realism MAGIC VAMPIRE

    Rosalie had been raised up in the world of humans though she was a witch. Her best friend- the only person close to her in this world was named Lucia Ashton. However, Rosalie's life took an unexpected turn as she got magically bonded with her soulmate in a crowd. The bond was formed as soon as their body brushed off against each other. It left a blue bruise in her left wrist- a sign that she was bonded. The bond had been killing her each day until she found him- her soulmate.



    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE R18 COMEDY

    Seorang gadis bernama Felyn Rosalie mempunyai hobi membaca novel di setiap waktunya. Saat di Gramedia, ia bertemu dengan laki-laki tampan yang memiliki senyum indah di wajahnya. Anehnya, mereka terus ketemu di tempat yang sama, padahal tidak pernah saling menyapa.



    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE ACTION

    'Saat semua terasa hancur dan tak ada tempat bersandar disitulah Ketika ANGIN menjadi sahabat ku'. -Queenza Zianna Rosalie.Ini tentang Queenza Zianna Rosalie, gadis cantik yang pandai menutupi kisah hidupnya. Gadis ini ramah dipanggil Zia. Orang bilang Zia hanyalah si BadGirl yang tak punya hati, tapi inilah Zia dan kisah hidupnya.Juga tentang Antares Geovanno, Pria tampan berhati batu dan sekejam iblis. Yang bisa membunuh lawannya hanya dengan beberapa pukulan. Sebuah masalalu kelam dihidupnya membuat Ares membenci perempuan.Pertemuan secara tidak sengaja membuat Zia harus berurusan dengan Ares, si ketua Argentaves.Sayangnya cerita ini bukan hanya tentang badboy bertemu dengan badgirl. Tapi ini Zia, yang menyembunyikan jutaan rahasia untukmu dan untuk Antares.

  • The Mafia Queen & Her Cute Little Nerd

    The Mafia Queen & Her Cute Little Nerd


    Olivia has never felt like she belonged. Always bullied at school and at home, she can never catch a break. She's a dreamer and she dreams to have a life full of adventure and love. But what if her dreams come true? You know what they say, be careful what you wish for. Rosalie is next in line to be the mafia boss after her father steps down but before she can, she has to finish highschool. With a temper like hers, there's likely to be a few broken jaws. Please give my book a chance. At least read the prologue. TW: sexual scenes, sexual abuse, child abuse & violence.