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    All was fine until Karen found herself unconscious on a chair next surrounded by boys with suspicious intentions. What did they want from her?..."You're sleeping with me." Brad whispered in a hush bass tone. Karen's face turned red and pale. Before she could utter any words he grabbed her by the waist and carried her on his shoulder. Her knees felt his hard rock abs and her stomach felt his sexy biceps. After a while he threw her onto his bed. He took off his t-shirt and exposed his sweaty sexy chest. Karen turned away but took a slight glimpse. "Don't try anything funny ok." Karen commanded. "My dad taught me martial arts and if you even try to...." Before she could finish, Brad pulled her in for a long lustful kiss

  • Scientific Magic

    Scientific Magic

  • Scientifically Cultivating In An Unscientific World

    Scientifically Cultivating In An Unscientific World



    Lu Ming, a genius who mastered all kinds of modern technology, was reborn into a world of cultivation. The powerful cultivators here could split the ground with little effort and crumble mountains with the flick of a finger. They were extremely fearsome! The dangers of this world of cultivation made Lu Ming feel very uneasy. Though he knew that the fellow disciples in his sect were friendly, Lu Ming was still envious when he saw them fly on their swords. Of course, knowledge could change destiny! Lu Ming decided that he was going to approach cultivation scientifically in an unscientific world of cultivation! Lu Ming took the stage as a newly inducted disciple and gave a speech during another cultivation seminar. "I think that a scientific way of refining elixirs will greatly increase the success rate of creating elixirs!" "If your affinity with the water element is zero and your hydrogen and oxygen elements are very strong, it means that your water element is also very powerful!" "Do you understand?" Lu Ming wrote an equation on the blackboard as he said, "This is the scientific elixir refining method that I've consolidated!" Everyone was rather confused after Lu Ming finished speaking. Even refining elixirs could be done scientifically? However, an alchemist could no longer extricate himself after testing out Lu Ming's formula for refining elixirs! "Scientific cultivation is real!" "Lu Ming's formula for refining elixirs is also real!"

  • The Scientific Mage

    The Scientific Mage

    In this world, humans are different. They have the ability to control the atoms among them and create what we all call "Magic".But the people doesn't fully understand the powers of atom they possess and lack the knowledge to use it in full power.-----------------While in another world.Milo, a scientist, was about to make a scientific discovery. Through the combination of atoms, he created a prototype of a homonculus.But... Something weird happened. In the machine, the homonculus started to move eratically and his blood filled the tube.It costed the machine to overload and explode, causing him to die.He then woke up with with warm arms holding him. He was a baby again... and yet, it was not his world anymore.What will Milo do? It's obvious, with his knowledge of the periodic table, magic has never been easier!

  • Scientific Rumble

    Scientific Rumble

  • THE 


  • Scientific Isekai

    Scientific Isekai


    As any of those who have experience reading novel&manga or watching any anime with an isekai genre would at least one time have the feeling of wanting to experience the same. But what would happen if that very special chance of getting isekai-ed is in front of your very own eyes and you can only watch as you are not the one who gets the chance?Hashira Rei is a genius with science and also secretly researching magic and the supernatural. Of course, isekai and the whole fantasy genre is not out of his field. Knowing that this dimension or his home planet-Earth is not able to give him what he need due to its civilization which focused on science, He plans to get out of this world or for the lack of better word get isekai-ed. However, as someone who is not an avid believer of truckism, he sought the scientific way to Isekai which is building a portal. His research went for 5 years with no lead until one day he found out that his classmate and teacher were summoned to another world while he is going to the toilet. While cursing his luck for not getting summoned too, this incident is also his chance to prove to the world that even without the power of the truck god, a human is still able to be transported to another world. Author note:hello reader, welcome to isekai theory.... well this is just me trying to make sense of how isekai and its common fundamental work using real-world science. The science I am talking about is not just normal science but also includes meta-science and those include in science fiction. Just like how I start my note, this is me trying to make an isekai version of film theory or game theory if you have watched their youtube channel that explains some fictional things in some game, movie, and including anime(somehow they never explain isekai genre).I was bored of trying to find any fiction (web novel, manga, anime) and fan-fiction that include sci-fi and fantasy out there but most of them are either unsatisfying or just harem focused story. So... why not create one your self? This can be said to be a wish-fulfillment for neets who are nerds or just nerds that love magic and fantasy genre(even nerds also wants to dream).This esteem author is just a high school student experiencing last year in IB so this story might not have a regular update. Also, this is my first time writing and my English might not be good for those experience readers as my mother-tongue language is Bahasa. While I spoke and use English regularly in my school in Singapore which is where I am right now, I am not confident enough to say that my English is good. But anyway enjoy ;)

  • Epidemic - A Scientific Mishap

    Epidemic - A Scientific Mishap


    A Scientific Mishap led to an outbreak of Zombie disease that led to millions of people getting infected. The fate of the others lies on the shoulder of an eighteen-year-old Jason and his friends.

  • Scientific Cultivation

    Scientific Cultivation


  • Scientific Cultivation

    Scientific Cultivation


    I create a thing or something i don't remember anymore and i got to know i was getting Noble Award for that my old heart couldn't handle it and i die.Now i am in cultivation and i discovered new element it is called Qi or Magic energy but i does not get award for this discovery because i am in different world.See my journey to top of world and going back to the Earth to get Noble Award and money prize.

  • the scientific girl

    the scientific girl

  • Scientific Cultivation: Universe Laws

    Scientific Cultivation: Universe Laws


    In the dark, cruel and brutal world of cultivation, which has remained unchanged for eternity...... In the world where Civilizations rise and fall, forgotten in the endless river of time........ The young scientist was reborn! He carries the wisdom of humanity from the earth! He will change this world with science! With wisdom, he will bring wealth and prosperity! He will break this world out of the chains of Samsara! He will turn the universe upside-down! Watch as Connor Witt explore the world of cultivation with the help of science! **************************************************************** I couldn't find the novel where science and cultivation were combined, so I created one myself.

  • Build A Scientific And Technological Civilization

    Build A Scientific And Technological Civilization


    Jiang Fan had transmigrated to a world where everyone could awaken a planet. The larger the planet, the higher the origin energy, and the stronger the civilization. There were people who made theirs with qi to create a martial arts civilization. Everyone on the planet was a martial arts practitioner. There were people who made theirs with magic power to create a magical civilization. Everyone on the planet was a mage. There were people who made their spiritual energy to create an immortal civilization. Everyone on the planet was an immortal cultivator. Everyone was trying their best to construct all sorts of extraordinary planets. Jiang Fan, on the other hand, used his memories from his previous life to create a technological civilization! “Your Star Destroyer directly pierced through the opponent’s planet, and the opponent lowered their head.” “Your two-way foil turned the opponent’s immortal cultivation planet into a piece of paper. You scared them silly!” This was a story that used technology to break through all sorts of extraordinary civilizations! This novel and its characters are purely fictional. Any similarities are pure coincidence. Do not imitate them. This novel and the cover are not created nor it is owned by me. I am only translating it to English.

  • The Scientific experiment 0

    The Scientific experiment 0

  • Scientific Cultivation Techniques

    Scientific Cultivation Techniques



  • The Scientific Reality of Existence

    The Scientific Reality of Existence


    This book is a guide for our energetic / spiritual discipline, which by the will of our inner Essential Reality (Allah), we will perceive and know that the whole universe is a scientific reality of a Single Absolute Existent Being.All of existence is nothing but a holographic reflection upon reflection, shadow upon shadow and imaginative modeling of the Absolute Fundamental Substance and the Grand Universal Energy (Allah / God). Regardless of the different names, we may call this same Unique Reality.This book is globally and universally for all creatures, regardless of species, Religions or any distinctive identity.In this book through the will of our Real Being within, we will entirely change the notion of ourselves as well as of everything. We will also know that we are a Divine Self-manifestation.Moreover, whatever we wish, we will manifest it through our inner reflection & refraction and imagination. Because everything is Divine Energy and the whole universe is essentially an infinite ocean of Divine Energy (Nur) respect to its Absolute Essential Self.There is nothing in existence, there is no action or reaction but this One (Wahid) and Unique (Ahad) Being named Allah / God who is the Absolute Essential Reality and the Grand Energy of everything.You shall know that; each unit of cell of our being is a complete integral part of the whole universal levels of manifestation, which are the Grand Five Divine Presences. Alternatively to say, the reality of each cell is a complete Qur'an (universal unit), its potential reality is “B” of “Bismillah”, and its cellular level is “S” of “Mina al-jinnati wa an-nas”.That is, all the metaphysical planes of Heavens & Paradises, Kursy, Al-arsh, Ar-rahman and the Initial Essential Divine Presence, are microcosmically the integrated units of Energy in each of our cellular composition, and their farther macrocosmic phases is their levels of extension.The Heavens are respectively the intrinsic transcendental hierarchical levels of the cellular plane, compound plane, molecular plane, atomic plane, and the subatomic or elementary-quantum planes, which is where the planes of Paradises are, all these are manifested / inflated from the quantum Energy (Nur) of the Peak of Malakut. The Essential Malakut (Lower Quantum Energy) is the prior state before the Big Bang inflation that we scientifically knew about.In this book, you shall know the four different universal Big Bangs (i.e. the Divine Presences of disclosures), and each Big Bang has different levels of manifestation, descent or revelation (Risalah) within it.These Big Bangs are the Lahut (Vibratory Grand Universal Energy level and the Vibratory Grand Energy String level), Jabarut (Grand Quantum Energy level), Malakut (Lower Quantum Energy level), and Nasut (Material level) respectively in the descending unit / phase.The Divine Presence of Hahut is the universal Absolute Essence, which is the un-manifest or Enclosed Essence (i.e. Energy level prior to vibration at absolute rest), it is the Absolute Essence of Allah / God prior to all manifestation.Hahut along with its four disclosed levels of Big Bang (i.e. Lahut, Jabarut, Malakut, and Nasut) are in total the Grand Five Divine Presences.Malakut, Jabarut, Lahut and Hahut are the Truth Presences of our becoming. That is, Malakut is the reality of Nasut, Jabarut is the reality of Malakut, Lahut is the reality of Jabarut, and finally Hahut is the reality of Lahut as well as the absolute, initial and the unique Essence of the whole universe (i.e. the unique Essence of Allah / God).

  • Multi-Gene




    Do you love Wuxia novels but tired of the cliché power system and need something fresh and unique? Check this out.A world where cultivation is scientifically practiced. A world in which cultivation method is theoretically possible. With the slight Circulation Of My Blood, The World Trembled! Follow David as he struggled to survive in this world where, Cells are being awaken, Genes changing, Gene pools being constructed, Catalysts manufactured, Generic nucleus harvested. Evolved Beings invading the inner world. Survival of the fittest.

  • Answering Random Scientific Questions

    Answering Random Scientific Questions

    Hello, I am here to answer any questions you have regarding science. I may not be always 100% correct, so please do extra research if you want to be 100% confident and correct. I am a student currently and I may not always be right. I am not Neil DeGrass Tyson so don't come to me for your in depth questions as I probably will not know the answer to those.Anyways please leave a comment with your questions.Thanks!

  • Adventure of the scientific lich.

    Adventure of the scientific lich.


    Xavier Madéann was peacefully reading a book wen he as been summoned in an another world.Before entering the world he as been summoned in he appears in a cozy place with few people in it.Those people where the one that summoned him and they explain that they randomly summoned someone from his dimensions so that they could plunder the unused Energy. In compensation from the bothering they will grant him one wich.Xavier chose to become a lich, one of those immortal being that can take the appearance of there liking.

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