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  • Taming My Vampire Servant

    Taming My Vampire Servant



    [COMPLETED]“Master, don’t let anyone serve you… except me.”Ivory Sprucemint summoned Sigmund, a stubborn and possessive Servant! Her wish is to win the Servant Competition in the academy, and become a Royal Knight, but to achieve these, she needs to make him obey her orders!But Sigmund calls Ivory by her name, he keeps on sucking her blood on any part of her body, and he does whatever he wants! How will Ivory tame her Vampire Servant and achieve her dreams?------A love story between a Submissive Master and Domineering Servant!WARNING: Mature/R-18 scenes included and lots of biting and bloodsucking scenes! To name a few: on the neck, on the foot, on the chest- Ooof! :))Don't let the first few chapters fool you! XD------PREVIEW:“Ivory... I asked, what the hell are you thinking of.”Ivory was surprised to hear him say her name for the first time, and it made her heart beat like war drums. His deep voice sounded so sexy. She wanted to avoid his gaze because of embarrassment, but because of the way he firmly held the back of her head, she couldn’t look away.“I said it’s nothing, why are you-” Ivory was interrupted when she saw his eyes glow once again. Sigmund’s eyes glow whenever he’s serious. “Fine! Fine! I’ll tell you what’s on my mind!” “Good girl. So what is it about?”“It’s… you! I was thinking about you!” Ivory exclaimed. Her reply made her Servant calm down, so he finally let go of her head and sat up straight. She added while blushing, “I was thinking about… where you would… bite…”Pleased that he was the one occupying his Master’s mind, Sigmund smirked, “Where do you want me to bite you?”“Uhm… I… Uhh…” She stuttered, still avoiding his gaze. “In my… p… pfinger!”Sigmund chuckled as he took his Master’s hand, “As you wish, dimwit.” He licked her pointing finger, then lightly bit her with his fangs. His bite was not that deep; it was just enough to let the blood ooze. Sigmund’s tongue gently licked her bleeding finger before grazing his lips on her fingertip. He then noticed his Master staring at him which caused her to blush even more, making her pull away her hand from his. Ivory, whose heart was already beating crazy, quickly turned around, laid on the bed, and faced the wall. She was about to cover herself with the blanket, but Sigmund slid next to her and tucked themselves under the cover.“Go to your bed, Sigmund,” Ivory murmured before shutting her eyes. “You might get cold, so I’m staying next to you, weakling,” Sigmund murmured as well and almost rested his forehead on her nape.Ivory felt his breath on her skin. She thought of sleeping on the other bed, so she slowly tried to get up, but Sigmund placed his arm around her waist the moment he felt his Master moving away from him.“You’re not going anywhere.”------[A Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2021 Entry]Theme: Vampires and Werewolves------Story, Main Body: AinaWangEditor: iridescentdreamProofreaders: portholes_29, moonwitch89Book Cover (commissioned): @omichiart on IG------Official Instagram: @ainawang.officialOfficial Discord:

  • My Servant Is An Elf Knight From Another World

    My Servant Is An Elf Knight From Another World



    It was just like any other day, or so I thought at least. The birds were chirping up on trees, clouds were rolling by the bright blue sky and Elves were dumpster diving in the alleyway. Okay, one of those three didn't sound right... I had a boring life once. Recently though, it has become less boring... to put it one way. Finding a random Elf in the dumpster? Heh, must be a Monday. A normal person would have walked by. A normal person would have ignored it. I must be a pretty weird guy, then. Now I have this Elf swearing her allegiance to me. What's next, vampires? Better not jinx it. Discord Link Here -

  • The Servant

    The Servant

    "That's enough." He said. "Let her go!" His voice came sharp as steel and in command.The man let go and I almost fell on my knees, weakened from days of starvation and caged in the storage. I looked at him uncertain what to do or think. The mysterious man observed me for a few seconds then strode over to his horse, fetching a flask of water. He loosened the lid and handed it to me.I snatched it from his hand like a feral animal and drank and drank until the last drop of water fell in my mouth. I was thirsty and dying, I couldn't get enough drink of water.He offered me spiced rice ball next and I consumed every bit of it in front of him without feeling any shame or reserved daintiness. I didn't care, I was hungry. I could care less whether I looked like a starving animal or a woman.Once I'm done, he merely groaned and said..."Let's go."I understood right then that I was just sold to a new master, and he is now my new owner.My new owner mounted on his horse, I expected to walk while he rode when he offered me his hand to help lift me up behind him.His gesture surprised me, and I jerked at the sight of his wide palm, thinking he was going to hurt me. "Don't be scared." He murmured, his voice is a gentle wave of softness. "I will not hurt you like your previous masters."

  • Kiada, Blood Servant System Reborn

    Kiada, Blood Servant System Reborn



    Like Yuri? Check out Epic Of Bee Love holds no boundaries. Not even the space of time or the passing of an eternity will ever change that. There is a Spark inside of all of us that will never forget. A world devoid of magic is invaded by 9 gods and dungeons. A warring world sees peace for the first time in decades, but the strife is traded for the quest to gain ultimate power from a dungeon core. While the humans race to gain power, the gods secretly pit the nations against each other. Kiada, a tank, is the first to ever complete a dungeon and receive the prize, but the prize is not as was advertised. Kiada gets a system called The Blood Servant System, but with it, she will all gain leadership of one of the four Guilds in her city, becoming a Guild Master. Follow Kiada journey to find new friends and find out who she really is. The world that was hidden from her is revealed as she gains blood servants, builds up the guilds from the ground up, collects Guild members, looks for artifacts, sells goods and tries to stop the gods before they destroy the world. SPECIAL THANK FOR HELPING WITH THIS NOVEL: Grangel- always full of great new ideas! EvilGod- Always there to catch my mistakes and full of great ideas! To get more chapters each week, vote! Seraexecjia did my cover! check out his work! Join discord for nitro and merch giveaways! link is in the synopsis! Enjoy the book!

  • Life As a Servant

    Life As a Servant


    4.64 can cry until there's nothing wet in you. You can scream and curse to where your throat rebels and ruptures. You can pray, all you want, to whatever god you think will listen. And, still, it makes no difference.This is the story of a sick 19-year-old young man called Bin, who tasted despair ever since he was young. He became numb to the cruelty and unfairness of life yet he still lives, hoping that his little sister will live a life much better than his own. With not much time left to live due to his illness, Bin tries his best to gain some money for his sister before he leaves this godforsaken world.It all began with a coincidental meeting... two fates intertwined together, one was a poor and dying youngster and the other was a spoiled and childish girl.You can check my discord if you want to ask questions about the story. story is only a stress relief and would only post when I'm free, the main focus would be my main story.WARNING: I'm just writing this for FUN, so whether it has some cliché moments or anything of the sort, Do not blame me for you have been warned.PS: For some special information, this story does not have much action, so if that is what you are looking for then I suggest you do not read. It has mainly slice of life/ Romance/ Comedy( a bit as I'm still a beginner in that) / Tragedy (not all of it but can be sad at times).Have a good read if you ever decide to try it out.Peace

  • Blood Servant

    Blood Servant

    My name is Liv and I have a secret. I see things, but I can’t tell anyone because they would think I’m crazy. After the death of my twin, things only become worse. Turns out, Mom had been keeping a secret from me. And, the boy I have a crush on has even a darker secret. One that involves me. Guess what? Not everything stays dead...

  • Serving Servant

    Serving Servant


    Maleine Isabelo is a fragile-looking cute freshman university student. Despite showing a soft voice with a girly name and a girly look, he hides a well-built slim body and extreme combat prowess, ranged or melee weapons; even hand-to-hand combat. Life going downside for him, he has no other choice but to give up his dignity and turn things 360 degrees. Disguised as an elegant black-haired maiden, he tries to apply and work as a maid in a high-tiered maid cafe because of its huge paycheck. But on the day of his application, things seem to turn more than one circle already. PS: I do not own the cover nor any illustrations that can be seen in this novel series and are just gotten from no other than the Great Google and Holy Pinterest~ So credits to the rightful owners, peace!

  • Soul Servant

    Soul Servant

  • Servant Wanted

    Servant Wanted


    Melanie Erickson is a normal teenage girl growing up in the town of Harlytown, North Oblivia originally known as North Carolina. Melanie wants nothing to do with the kids of the royals. The royals are people born in the kingdom who come down to capture townspeople. Melanie has avoided these people for many years now. That's all gonna end soon. She loves to cook with her brother and since her father and mother died in World War 4 she has been avoiding any of their friends.On the other side of the kingdom a young princess is gonna get the dream she's always be a person like the townspeople. Her name is Bella Santiago and she is also a teenager. But when dates intertwine Melanie and Bella end up in confusion.

  • Servant (BL)

    Servant (BL)

  • Heart Servant

    Heart Servant

    "I want to lose myself in the future, so I can never recall my past with you!" Lira has always been living a poor life, in a simple village with poor living conditions. But her lover keeps her striving until the day she can escape this life style. As life is going so well... She unexpectedly gets taken by the Heart Servant Academy, to become a Heart Servant and serve the imperial family. Yes - ridiculous! Lira didn't even have the chance to refuse. She's trapped in the hard core training of the Academy, but thankfully her time to be selected has come. She is now serving the peculiar, handsome young 10th Prince of Mitcha. Along her journey of serving the 10th Prince, there are ups and downs. One of the climax in her life is - life threatening. Who will save her at this devastating moment? The 'lover' she once loved? Guess she'll have to wait and find out.

  • Fantasy Servant

    Fantasy Servant

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    A young servant has a cruel Mistress. She has a difficult past that she longs to hide. She longs to be free of her Mistress and her Nightmares. But knows its not possible. Until one night....someone changes that for her......or something.

  • Servant Found

    Servant Found


    Told from Melanie Erickson's perspective. She waited for this moment from 6 years ago. Now she is going to make a plan that will risk her whole life

  • Djinn Servant

    Djinn Servant

    The Djinn Servants are here, they will conquer dungeons to contract with a djinn to help them in their journey, they can be a partner to talk, or a weapon to use, either way the 7 children who possess the djinns will make a contract to the 7 Legendary Djinns and be their partners.And until Lucius, the Djinn of Darkness will consume over all Earth, it is up to the 7 young djinn servants to summon their friends and fight along side them.Will the Earth fall into depravity, or will it survive the chaos? It's up to them to decide.

  • A Lost Servant

    A Lost Servant


  • Servant To Queen

    Servant To Queen

    This is a story about nobility who falls for a commoner. Will she fall for the prince? Or Will she fall for someone along the way? there will be approx. 4 or 5 books to this series.

  • Just a Servant

    Just a Servant

  • Alpine the servant

    Alpine the servant


    the story is about Alpine, an elf serving princess Victoria, a human, adventure to bring the human and elves peace which is what the leader of elves saw through his ability.

  • Devil, the Servant

    Devil, the Servant


    Nobody is against himself. So nobody is against God. Why the heck devil shall be?One of the foremost believers, crying for his soul, the devil just wants to achieve.Is it wrong?

  • Servant to Empress

    Servant to Empress