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  • Active Shooter

    Active Shooter

  • Sharp Shooter

    Sharp Shooter

  • Shooter Ball League

    Shooter Ball League


    SynopsisHaikal was a teenager without any ambition. If others of the same age were asked about what they wanted to become in the future, they would say something like Surgeon, Fund Manager, Pastry Chef, and many more. Be that as it may, when Haikal was asked the same, “I will just follow whatever is open for me,” was what he would answer. That was until following this path, he chanced upon a popular sport called Shooter Ball.

  • Black Stone Shooter

    Black Stone Shooter



  • the slug shooter realm

    the slug shooter realm

  • Three Point Shooter and Dunk King

    Three Point Shooter and Dunk King

  • Falling for Miss Captain : LOVE vs DUTY

    Falling for Miss Captain : LOVE vs DUTY



    "Fight your war and I will fight mine. If I ever fall, you will help me up and I will do the same for you." * * * She was a Captain of the Silveren Army often described as cold and tough but she was a woman with many hidden scars. He was a Crown Prince of Edeladon who was once a domineering and cold man who learned from his mistakes. They met in a foreign country while keeping their identities a secret yet they share a mutual affection for each other. She made a vow to punish the ones who led her brother to death. He was determined to find out the truth behind the death of his ex-lover. They had many reasons to be apart. However, one reason kept them together - the happiness they find in one another. Join me in the story of how Captain Yelena Arista of Silveren and Crown Prince Felix Valestra of Edeladon fight to protect their love while maintaining the duties and responsibilities that they bear! * * * Excerpt - "I love you." She finally said the three words which the man was dying to hear for a long time! Felix didn't saw it coming at all! He was waiting for her to give him an answer, but this was beyond his expectations! His eyes grew wide in disbelief! "What did you say?" He cannot believe his ears. He wanted to make sure that he didn't hear her wrong. "I said I love you, you fool! I -" Before Yelena could finish her words, Felix rose from his seat, bend down once again and sealed her lips with a gentle kiss. Felix slowly pulled his head back and gently held her on the neck. Yelena could feel the rapid thumping of his heartbeat which match hers. "Don't you dare go back on your words. If necessary, I will even chase you to the end of the earth." His lips curved into a smile. "The same goes for you." She replied confidently. "Then what will you do to me?" He asked her. Yelena pointed at her wound. "I'll shoot you. The pain will be two folds compared to this." She said with a devilish smile. She then leaned towards him and whisper in his ear. "You may not know, but I'm a good shooter." Felix chuckled at her response. "Is this how it feels to have a soldier as a girlfriend? But why do I have a feeling that you will try to shoot me even if I upset you a little?" He teased her. "Will you make me upset then?" She said with a serious tone. "No, ma'am!" He responded right away. -------------------------------------- Note: All countries, organizations, places and characters in this novel are fictional. Disclaimer: I do not own the cover photo. It is uploaded from another source and all rights credited to the real owner...

  • Shooters of the Three Realms

    Shooters of the Three Realms

  • The Era of Tower Defense: I Have Super Enhancement

    The Era of Tower Defense: I Have Super Enhancement

    Fantasy SYSTEM


    The Blood Moon descended and the magical world was invaded by dark and evil beasts - Werewolves, Evil Spirits, Vampires, Hellhounds, Nine-Headed Serpents… More than half of humanity perished; the rest could only hide within a few major cities in order to survive. In order to defend against the beasts which attacked frenziedly, humans began to build various tough walls and defense towers with different functions under the guidance of the “Architects”. After paying a huge price, the humans and the dark creatures entered into a stalemate. The walls and the towers had become gory monster meat grinders. In order to weaken the monsters, every human, once they came of age, would be teleported to various parts of the world to collect materials and set up bases. The humans’ bases of operation also gradually expanded. Right after he was reincarnated into this world, Thomas was teleported to the wilderness. He was not even an Architect yet. Just when he was about to be overwhelmed by the monsters, he acquired the Super Enhancement System! By collecting the cores of different monsters, Thomas could activate various cheat codes in the system. [Fire Tower has been upgraded to Serial Explosions Tower. It might is comparable to a Tomahawk Missile.] [Beginner-level Shooter Tower has been upgraded to Elf Shooter Tower. The shower of arrows will turn any monster into a pile of minced meat instantly.] [Earth Wall has been upgraded to Magical Diamond Wall. It can reflect any form of magic.] While others were still scavenging for resources and struggling to survive, Thomas kept building all sorts of tall towers and thick walls. Monsters were killed by him one after another. Henceforth, humans saw a ray of hope for the first time. Thomas would surely use his system to lead the humans in annihilating the beasts and seizing back their homes!

  • I Love My Angel, Forever Your Demon Queen

    I Love My Angel, Forever Your Demon Queen



    Many months, years, centuries she had watched Adam die. Eve would not wait any longer to spend all of her life with him. Little did she know that God would have plans for him and Satan would have plans for her! Now she's the Demon Queen but her love is an Angel. Would they still be together now that they are on different sides? Would the threat of war and betrayal defeat their will? What would they give up for one another? -- A shot, a zipping aimed at her and she lifted her injured arm to block it. Another and she was forced to let go of the killer as she winced from another arrow pierced into her arm. Dropping her arm, she looked at the shooter and her heart dropped. Mouth opened slightly, as if to say something, she could not find any words. Crossbow held facing her, the angel holding it did not waver from the person he was aiming at. Blue eyes were sharp as his blonde curly hair moved with the breeze. “Adam…” *cover by the beautiful Jei! Contact her on deviantart at Jeijandee to commission her!*

  • Survival Rite

    Survival Rite


    Adel Orson is a former Marine and single father. One day he gets a call from his son, who tells him there is an active shooter on campus. Adel grabs his pistol and races to protect his son. While stopping the school shooter Adel is killed in the cross fire.He then wakes up in small room. It turns out to be an inn and he is no longer a middle aged man but a young man. His new name is now Matthew Cuitlachtli a bear demihuman who happens to be the protagonist in a ntr rpg his son liked.*There will be some steamy scenes but for the most part it will mainly be story.Hello allThis will be my first Webnovel and first novel overall. I love to read, since this will be my first work expect plenty of room to grow. Feel free to comment on possible plot holes or inconsistencies. I will try to update a chapter a week if not more. The novel will contain some R 18 scenes and other mature content due to the nature of the setting but will not be the focus. I have an overall plan for the story so I don't think this will drag on forever. There will be a beginning, middle, and end and then it will influence what I write in the future, if I continue to write.If I abandon this project or need a hiatus I will post and update.

  • Becoming a dungeon core

    Becoming a dungeon core


    Talk - " " Think - [ ] System - ( ) Author thought - [[ ]] Action - * * Alex is a person that loves to play first person shooters such as battlefield 4. Alex also loves to watch anime and movies. He had always wondered what would happen if someone had the powers to summon things from games, anime, or from movies and what would they do in a fantasy world with those powers. Some things in this novel do not belong to me. It belongs to their respective companies/owners. All images posted here are not made by me. This is my first time writing so don't expect much. I'm also terrible at writing a synopsis. ;)

  • MicroMan


  • The Elemental Assassin

    The Elemental Assassin

  • ?!


    Wonder in your own thought as you contemplate how did. Begin.

  • Bikash kishan

    Bikash kishan

    Trust me everyone has good heart untill they sees the real world.

  • FPS MMORPG: Contract Battleground

    FPS MMORPG: Contract Battleground


    Returning from the Eastern Europe after working with the military in 2054, he only found out that his father debt to the mafia turned him into a marked man. Forced to join an experiment for a protection, he passed away during an experiment. However, he quickly found himself in an unknown game called [Contract Battleground], a full dive VR-based shooter RPG game created several years later and a game inspired by the warfare of 20th and 21st century. Under the username “Beuer”, can he quickly adapt to the new environment, or will he be stuck under the conflict between the Carmine Federation and the Avoset Union? Follow his journey to adjust to his new world filled with guns, politics, and ever changing environment. Not to mention the people that he met ranging from the highly disciplined staff sergeants to the wacky players.

  • The Uncrowned King(LITRPG)

    The Uncrowned King(LITRPG)


    Ryan was a straight shooter, he has his goals, and his path was laid out in front of him. His dream of being a football star was shattered one day as a weird light flashed at the periphery of his vision. Upon focusing his attention on the blue square light an innocent-looking notification appeared in front of his eyes--Planted ZX-458 has reached optimal Energy LevelsIntegration InitiatedYou have been selected along with a group of 10,000,000 people to the Initial InitiationGet Ready to teleport to the Training ground in 14 h 45 m 31 s-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Uncrowned King is the story of Ryan and his path to one day conquer the Universe. I have been reading LitRPG's for the past 3 years and after finishing almost all the material there is on the Internet, so I decided it was now time to create something. The chapters will be at an average 2k long and will be updated every other day!

  • What's With This Charming Villainess?

    What's With This Charming Villainess?


    (Currently Posting Every 2 days, Around 8:00-11PM Manila Time)ーーーーーーーーーーーーーMy name is Ushinawa Aiko, age 23.I love reading manga with my friends, I lived as a gamer, whether it's in the form of board games, video games, either shōgi or virtual chess, even in card games, online; that is, I'll likely have a good grasp in any game you face me with, as long as it isn't a first-person shooter, I'm not good with those. But all these game genres fall short to my favorite types of gaming, video otome games.I work as a part-timer, a night-shifter at a local restaurant near my school campus.Speaking of manga and otome games, I never really got into the 'Isekai' or 'Reincarnation' genre of literature. Sure, there might be many gems of written works all around the world, but if I hadn't seen any of those types of books, I would be more frightened in the situation I am in right now.I'm now inside the world of「Heart Nuisance」?!How do I know, you ask? First of all, there are very large banners of Gallic Roosters around this place-classroom, which in my previous world, were used as a patriotic symbol during the French Revolution, 1789-1799. Second of all, a blurry face seems to be in front of me right now.Well, put that aside, If I have to be honest, I wasn't really into capturing the male targets at ALL; whether you like it or not, I've always had a deep admiration for the game's villainess, the one and only「Emie Couture」. I can't believe I have a strange chance like this to meet this adorable woman, I'm happy. But still, what I know I should be looking after right now, is that:What lies in the future depends on my actions, so I'll be wary.

  • God Aim

    God Aim

    Video Games ACTION

    An 18 year old encounters a Master player in the First Person Shooter 'All Fight' .

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