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  • Smith


    Fantasy Romance COMEDY

    Death comes and goes. It takes the souls with it. Leaves only the body. Then it sends these souls through the gate. Where? No idea. But Smith is not at all happy about the fact that the earth is turning in a very strange direction. A direction he can't really have control over. For Clara, the world suddenly turns in a direction that was previously unknown. She is allowed to trudge through the vastness of the world with Smith at her side to collect souls.

  • Primordial Smith

    Primordial Smith

    Martial Arts SYSTEM


    A young smithing fanatic died while crafting an old sword because of an accident. But he didn't go to Hell or Heaven. When he opened his eyes again, he became 8 years old in a primordial tribe.There is cultivation, Qi, monsters, stone carving, and smithing, and most importantly; there are nude girls everywhere!!! 1 chapter/day + mass release whenever I saved enough chapters.*My main language not English and I am using grammary to find my mistakes, when you see a mistake, if you can leave a comment it will be great.*I found the cover photo on net, owner of the photo can reach to me if wants me to not use, if permitted thanks for it*I don't like to stop on cliffhangers so there maybe a day or two without chapters and 4-5 maybe more chapters will be available in the same time*I got the inspiration of this novel from a novel that I forgot it's name (mc got transported to primordial world and became a burning horn tribesmen or something like that)*Tags: Cultivation, Harem, Polygamy, Transmigration, Another wolrd, System, Monsters, R-18... maybe more (I can'be forgot to write here or didn't remember at all)

  • PVT Smith

    PVT Smith


    In another universe, events change from a key moment during the American Civil War, leading to another civil war and a splitting in half of the once United States into the Western United States (WUS) and the Eastern United States(EUS). A few centuries later the EUS begins experiments to create super soldiers to eliminate their long time enemy the free people of the WUS. This leads to a young child being rescued after the experiments are complete and he is raised in the WUS, unaware of a small army of super enhanced soldiers training and getting old enough to soon start an all out war. He has the same abilities but is unable to know where they came from. Can he save the WUS against the coming onslaught?

  • Noah Smith

    Noah Smith

    Fantasy CONQUER MYTH

    a boy who travels between two universes

  • 《the void Smith 》

    《the void Smith

    a boy with no inspiration to do anything in his life gets thrown through a series of anomalous events

  • Supreme Smith

    Supreme Smith


    William was an Armourer in the Military, but after an accident he wakes up in a Strange World, filled with magic and Kings and Queens. War is no stranger to this land, in order to keep his new family safe. He must grow in strength and power in order to keep the new life he so desperately wants. Follow our main character as he grows up in a new world of mystery and magic. While he might not have the strongest magic in this new world, nobody can conquer his creations

  • Jane Smith

    Jane Smith

    Sci-fi Romance MYSTERY

    My name is Jane Smith. I can fly and walk through walls. Seriously. ... Fine. My soul can. Sounds fun? What if you stumble upon a murder with no evidence or witnesses except 'you'?

  • Jim Smith

    Jim Smith

    Martial Arts ACTION VILLAIN

  • Lily Smith

    Lily Smith

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE MYSTERY


  • Divine Smith

    Divine Smith


    Yoshua Humvee, a 16 yr old highschool graduate transported to another world after accepting an unknown invitation link from his smartphone and was dragged into another world. How would he try to survive in a world with Swords and Magic after getting a Divine Smith job from a God.

  • Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

    When pushed, we are capable of things beyond our capacity to realize in our current state. Great things and terrible things. Horrors and wonders aplenty.

  • Boog smith

    Boog smith

  • Audrey Smith

    Audrey Smith


    People leave you alone when you have no use for them. They leave you alone when I find out what you the truth of your life really is. Audrey Alexa Smith, hair to the company she never wanted, a girl with secrets and... a girl too scared to let anyone into her heart. After what happened to her friend that is.Professor John Robertson, a closed off man, not sociable, but the best professor the institute has to offer, but that doesn't mean he wanted the new class with this new student. What was unexpected was the friendship that would bloom between them.Diego Sanchez, right hand to the soon to be found queen of the Russian group, The Brotherhood. Lovable and too devoted to his vow to stand by the side of the Queen, but the question is this, if the queen lets him in, will he still stick around?This is just a story, really! About a queen, a teacher, a follower, and a lot of lies and of course betrayal.

  • the weapon smith

    the weapon smith

    the fable of the smith

  • Smitten by Smith

    Smitten by Smith

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

  • A weapon smith

    A weapon smith

  • T'Genae Smith

    T'Genae Smith

  • Lisa Smith Story

    Lisa Smith Story

  • broken Black Smith

    broken Black Smith


  • Princess Carmella Smith

    Princess Carmella Smith