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    Catalina Silvers is on a quest to figure out who and what exactly she is...Will she ever understand that she is the chosen one even when she doesn't want to believe that it's true...She accidentally creates an unexpected occurance when she was younger and has to pay the price of it now in her older form...Meeting new friends and making enemies...How will she survive without her mother's guidance...Join Cata in her epic quest of saving the world, falling in love, making enemies, fighting battles, and figuring out about her self...If you love this book please comment on it and also rate the book too...I'm new to all of this so I really need your help...AUTHOR'S LOVE (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  • Magic Spells  - Black Magic Voodoo Spells - Revenge Death Spells Cast

    Magic Spells - Black Magic Voodoo Spells - Revenge Death Spells Cast

    Magical Realism MAGIC DARK

    Call/WhatsApp: +2349050702639 Email: adachispirit@yahoo.com Instant Voodoo death spells, I need instant death spells, magic spells,revenge spells, black magic voodoo spells, spell to make someone sick and die, death spells that work fast, death spells that work overnight, spell to die in your sleep, black magic spells to harm someone, most powerful death spell, spells to curse someone, spell make someone die, revenge spellsHere are some of the basic harm that is inflicted upon people using black magic.Kill Someone Overnight.Loose Memory.Paralyze the victim.Blocked income.Destroying someone’s career.Bad luck.Bad dreams.Breaking a relationship or destroying someone’s causing to separate or divorce.Controlling someone’s mind for sex.Making the victim indulge in vices like alcohol, violence and unhealthy sex.Causing accidents.Making people sick.Anger and avarice; emotional imbalance.Fear.Not allowing the victim to sleep.Depression.Making the victim commit suicide.Blocking a woman’s monthly periods.Blocking a woman’s ability to conceive.Call/WhatsApp: +2349050702639 Email: adachispirit@yahoo.com Website: https://adachispirits.comWebsite: http://adachispirit.blogspot.com



    Love spells casters to fix all love and marriage problemVoodoo lost love spells casterBring back lost love spells casterBlack magic love spells caster

  • Instant Death Spells, Revenge Death Spells, I Need Death Spells Caster

    Instant Death Spells, Revenge Death Spells, I Need Death Spells Caster

    Contemporary Romance MAGIC DARK REVENGE

    Instant Death spells, Voodoo Death Spells, Magic Spells, Black magic spells, Urgent Voodoo Death Spells, Witchcraft Spells, Overnight Death Spells, Death Spells To Kill My Ex Lover Husband Wife Boyfriend Girlfriend, Do You Need Instant Death Spells Caster? Read My Below Story Hi everyone, I am Pooja Singh. I want to use this medium to appreciate Dr Adachi the great black magic death spells caster for the successful death spells he cast on someone for me. I contacted him when my husband left me for another woman who uses witchcraft power to take my husband. I was desperately in need of help when I found his contacts online about his genuine powers. I told him my situation and how I wanted the bitch who took my husband gone. He told me not to worry. He cast the death spells ritual on her and the bitch died in her sleep within 24hours. Now my husband is back home and we are living happily. Thank you so much Dr Adachi, You are so real and true. Below is his contacts in case you want to contacts him Call/WhatsApp: +2349050702639 Email: adachispirit@yahoo.com Website: https://adachispirits.com Website: https://instantmagicspells.wordpress.com



    Elena Marshall, the product of a dark lord vampire and a fierce Alpha is forced to paddle through her travails whilst fighting her attraction to Cassius.A one-night stand between two synced yet different creatures awoken the long-buried curse that was chanted a millennium of years ago by the most powerful lineage of witches who got wiped out by the creatures of the dark. Seventeen-year-old Elena is more concerned with school work and practicing magic spells behind her parents than pandering to quarter politics and quests for powers between the four quarters of the vampires, witches, werewolves, and humans. An elder witch soon begins to mutter about a prophecy of doom that is bound to cause havoc and death. Her entire world is thrown into disarray. Irrespective of the danger looming ahead, Elena is undoubtedly drawn to her mystery mate. An allurement is the last thing she needs but how long can she resist and deprive herself of that sweet magnetism?

  • Spells And Magic

    Spells And Magic

  • The 25 spells

    The 25 spells

  • Book spells

    Book spells

    Just a book of spells.No protagonist, no story only spells.Spells about anything. Spells that doesn't work nor exist.My imagination created this spells and the whole thing is utter nonsense.

  • Spells Disaster

    Spells Disaster


  • Book of spells

    Book of spells

    Fantasy Romance R18 MAGIC WEAKTOSTRONG

    Ava sneaked back into her room and went about removing her necklace when a cold voice asked"where were you?" she jumped in fright and looked back to see Ezekiel sitting down at the edge of her bed, seemingly waiting for her........................"what is wrong with you" she burst out in a fit of anger "stop playing with me. I'm a person with feelings, you cannot do whatever you please just because I'm in love with y...."Suddenly the next second Ava felt herself being kissed by him, his lips were soft but they weren't gentle as he kissed her and if possible he took another step to close any little gap that was left between them pressing against her intimately.She felt him suck and kiss her lips, nipping the tender flesh over and over again before he pried her lips open for him to take. His tongue was hot as it entered her mouth, rubbing her tongue with his erotically to bring out a moan from her mouth. He tasted her like she was his last meal. At one point, she felt a small nip of sting on the bottom of her lip which he soothed by giving a light lick before continuing to kiss her until she felt heady and out of breath.Seeing her legs weaken by the overwhelming sensations, he made sure to hold her still in his arms"did I bite too hard?" he asked looking down at her lips and running his thumb over the bottom of her lips. He then spoke, " I'm glad to hear your confession. The next time you ask something ridiculous, I won't be this gentle darling" he smiled down at her.........Ava lost her twin sister and was suddenly introduced into a world of magic saying she was the last keeper of the book of spells after her mother suffered an attack. She was paired with the cold hearted and heartbreaker prince Ezekiel stone. Will she be able to survive and melt the glacier of a heart Ezekiel has?

  • Spells / Rituals

    Spells / Rituals

    Spells / Rituals

  • Rings of spells !

    Rings of spells !

    Emily and Albert were separated by an unknown alien person ! This was the battle to decide the king of Ayo planet . Nearly about 250 Ayo ( Alien kids from that planet are known as Ayo kids )They have to choose the human partner who can order them and make them able to use their powerful attacks .Without human partner any Ayo can't use his powerful attacks .The Attacks of Ayo are known as Spells !The power of Spells depends upon the power of human partner !This is the battle to decide the fate of not only Ayo world but alos Earth because ...This time Some evil and very powerful Ayo are sent to Earth in battle ...If anyone among them is able to win the battle and became the king of Ayo world ...the. everything can be vanished as the Ayo planet is very powerful ...This is very incrible story !Hope you like it

  • Blood and Spells

    Blood and Spells


    Centuries of harsh summers and lonely winters have passed but the legendary vampire Ennio De Luca has yet to meet Death. Lying low, he travels the world, hoping to find a miraculous cure for the starving and dangerous monster inside him. In far Northern Europe, the ever-dedicated and highly intelligent vampire-slaying Eva Knox of the Sisterhood, a powerful organization of witches, is brewing an all-out plan to capture Ennio for her experiments. Finally, after almost a century of hide and seek, the two are ready to cross paths at Ennio's mansion up in the cold mountains of the Northern Philippines--the exact same place where the nerdy Chloe Aldana, a fashion magazine writer from Manila, is headed to for an important assignment. DISCLAIMER: This story uses the Filipino Language

  • Spells of a Supreme

    Spells of a Supreme

    When Braedon and I catch a glimpse of the future, I see the evil Archmage Edius destroying the world, but Braedon sees my death… In order to gain Supreme status, my mates and I are transported to a new academy where we hope to master the five elements of magic. But the sinister Archmage invades my dreams and robs me of my self-confidence. Before I know it, all the progress I’ve made at the Enchanted Academy vanishes, and I’m back to functioning as a remedial level witch. If we’re able to work together and master the five elements, Dash, Oliver, Braedon, Kyler, and I may be able to vanquish Edius and finally get the happily ever after we crave. Spells of a Supreme is created by Evie Wilde, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Spells and Survival

    Spells and Survival

    Accidentally going to another world while trying to use the restroom, Jon must try his best to survive in an unfamiliar environment full of unknown dangers.

  • I Only Know Forbidden Spells

    I Only Know Forbidden Spells

    Fantasy MAGIC


    Lin An transmigrated to a world of sword and magic, becoming an apprentice in an academy of mages. In this world, there were swordsmen who could cut a mountain in twain, wind mages who could summon the winds of the world, fire mages who incinerated worlds, and summoners who could call upon demon gods across the world. While Lin An was left at a loss of what to do next, he suddenly awakened the Forbidden System—as long as he had enough points, he would be able to redeem forbidden spells from the System. Hence, a mage apprentice who could only cast forbidden spells was born. His Armageddon left the whole world in shock and awe. His Undead Prelude summoned a legion of undead. His Earthen Wrath left the ground shaking. His Wind God Prelude buffeted the world in windstorms. He was Lin An, a mage apprentice who wielded forbidden spells and left everyone shaking in their boots.

  • Bullets & Spells (GL)

    Bullets & Spells (GL)


    Worlds collide when a young woman is saved by a witch after being double crossed. The fates of Hollyhock and Hazel become entwined as they delve deeper into their respective worlds of crime and magic. Can they survive the journey for the truth about who they are, how they fit in with their peoples, what destiny has in store for them; and perhaps most importantly, what they mean to each other? Can an assassin and a witch really be together, or are bullets and spells too different to coexist?

  • Voodoo Death Spells +27632739717 Black Magic Revenge Spells

    Voodoo Death Spells +27632739717 Black Magic Revenge Spells

    Voodoo Death Spells +27632739717 Black Magic Revenge Death SpellsVoodoo death spells caterRevenge spells to punish your enemies Powerful Death revenge spells caster

  • Ava's spells

    Ava's spells

  • death spells caster

    death spells caster