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  • Supreme Magus

    Supreme Magus



    Derek McCoy was a man who spent his entire life facing adversity and injustice. After being forced to settle with surviving rather than living, he had finally found his place in the world, until everything was taken from him one last time. After losing his life to avenge his murdered brother, he reincarnates until he finds a world worth living in, a world filled with magic and monsters. Follow him along his journey, from grieving brother to alien soldier. From infant to Supreme Magus. ------------------------------------------- Tags: Transmigration, Male MC, Western Fantasy Schedule: 12 chapters/week (unless I'm ill or stuff happens) Chapter Lenght: 1200 - 1400 words Warning: The MC is not a hero nor an anti-hero. He is a broken, cynic and misanthropic person looking only for his own gain. If you are looking for a forgiving, nice, MC that goes around saving people in distress, this is not your cup of tea. Same if you want an unchanging MC with no character development. -------------------------------------------- Support the Author: ------------------------------------------- Discord channel: ---------------------------------------- Cover by Traellium

  • Supreme Harem God System

    Supreme Harem God System



    [Supreme Harem God System.] This was the Cheat Nux Leander, a transmigrate had received. In a cultivation world, this cheat system allowed Nux to increase his cultivation by having sex with women. The stronger the woman, the more benefits he receives. However, his cheat does not stop there. He can even acquire the woman's talent, Physique and bloodline. Accompany Nux in his journey as he promotes himself from being a mere mortal, to a boy toy of a Viscount, and then becoming the Emperor of the strongest Empire in the world! All while he gets stronger by spending time with his beloved women. ... Do check out my other novel, Primordial Vampire God System if you want to read revenge, war, blood, gore, vampires and, the Return of the forgotten Blood Empire. ... This cover does not belong to me, if it's yours, just tell me and I will remove it, or credit you for it, whatever you wish. You are the boss! ... Discord:

  • Supreme Grandpa

    Supreme Grandpa



    After he crossed over, Yang Song thought that his life was a bit regretful. He thought that after crossing over, with this system, he would soar into the heaven and enjoy the glory. But alas, even after so many years, there was no sign of activation at all. This year, he was almost 100 years old. Yang Song sighed gently, "It looks like I have no fate with this system in this life." [Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully activating the Immortal Cultivation System.] Hearing this prompt, Yang Song jumped up with a high spirit. One year later, Yang Song couldn’t help but sigh, “Life’s really hard.” He was already over 100 years old but still had to cultivate immortality.—————————-Note: There is a slight LGBT scene in the early chapter, but farther away from that, there won’t be any of it anymore.

  • Supreme Crazy Wife

    Supreme Crazy Wife



    Although Leng Ruoxue is born mentally challenged, she is the most beloved granddaughter of the number one general in the Eastern Lake Nation. She is despised by her fiancé and schemed against by her love rival. However, she is reborn as a powerful soul. This is a fantasy world, and also a world where the strong are respected. Cultivation, alchemy, weapon refinement, beast taming—the once foolish young miss has transformed into a stunning genius. Pill refinement and weapon refinement are all child's play. Heaven Grade medicinal pill? Even my pets won't turn an eye to it. Heavenly Treasure? I have the space to grow my own. Sacred artifact? Sorry, that's too low a level. I only know how to refine divine artifacts. Beast taming? My beasts deliver themselves to my doorstep.

  • Supreme Monarch

    Supreme Monarch



    After being reincarnated in a world called Neron, and destined to be an Average Joe, a common D-Rank Adventurer. Tyler quickly learns the cruelty of life, after being used as a pawn in a selfish and ruthless war, he ended up being captured by the very thing he was fighting against, demons, without any hesitation he was bombarded along with the demons. Caught in the destruction of the demon king, he was unable to save himself and fell to his death. Fate, however, had other ideas, it wasn't done with him yet. After being reawakened in a new era, in the center of the demon territory, he finds himself caught in a rapidly growing and dangerous situation. Swept in his newfound strength, and caught in the greed of his formal self. What will he do next?Will he return to the people who used and betrayed him, will join the enemy against the human race, or will he forge a new path.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Support the AuthorJoin my Discord server: You can also follow me on Instagram: @Animetagz.

  • The Supreme Alpha

    The Supreme Alpha



    Duke lost his family during the werewolf war and Seraphina became his light in the darkness. Duke is adamant about protecting Seraphina and reclaiming what was his by birth, even if he needs to risk his life by awakening the powerful beast that sleeps within him. Seraphina paid a heavy price in exchange to be with the love of her life. Others made that choice for her. She is determined to get stronger so that she can regain what's lost, and she swore to secure everything that's dear to her. Will she be able to fulfill that promise when the man she loves needs to risk his life if he wants to live? Join Seraphina and Duke as they uncover their pasts and build their future while fighting against the vicious creatures who see them as a threat. --- FL and ML are both strong, smart, and they would do anything for each other. Expect drama, mystery, and romance in a modern fantasy setting. If you are under age 18 or sensitive to adult content, I suggest you skip this novel. This is the second book in the series Amara, and you can read it independently. --- Book 1 in the Amara series, "Amara - Reunion", will give you a better understanding of the hardships Seraphina and Duke went through in order to be together. --- Connect with me and other fellow readers, and see additional photos. Facebook: Discord: Instagram: --- I own the cover. --- Give my other novels a try!

  • The Supreme Satanic System

    The Supreme Satanic System



    Synopsis: This is the tale of the time when mighty dragons and legendary phoenixes ruled the world. Under the shadow of such powerful beings, the feeble humans lived lives worse than slaves. 1560 BC, Jerusalem The darker-than-ink night sky was torn asunder by the tongues of purple lightning. The nocturnal macabre was augmented even further by a priestess that was busy performing a forbidden ceremony. Around her were six innocent kids that watched the priestess in silence as she performed her ritual with a ceremonial bowl in front of her. A drop of blood could be seen, making its presence known inside it. The priestess was unperturbed by the earsplitting noises of the incessant lightning outside her abode as she chanted the spell in old Hebrew. The ritual was complete when she placed the drop of crimson blood on the tip of her tongue and gulped it down with her eyes closed. "Heed my prophecy, my little ones. From today onwards, you shall walk on the path of greatness that will make you the rulers of this world. Here, drink this to your heart's content and unleash the power that is bestowed upon you." She cut her two wrists and filled the bowl to the brim with her blood by cutting her wrists. The lightning noises could be heard even louder than before at this time. The children obliged and drank the merlot drink one by one. But the macabre of the night was increased even further when the children started shape-shifting. One turned into a vampire, while the other changed into a werewolf. There was a witch among the children now. And being turned into a chimera and an elf were the fates of the other two. The children changed into something else before turning back to humans again. This was the phenomenon that happened with five children. But the sixth child remained human. Why did he not shape-shift? ------------------------------------------------ Tags: System, Vampire, Sci-Fi, Aliens, Werewolf, Slice of Life, Overpowered MC, Harem, Dragons, Phoenix, Witch, Magus, Cultivation, Military, Strategist, Arrogant female leads, Romance, Humor, Assassin, Angels, Celestials, Titan, Devas, Asuras and many more to be added with the progress of this arcs. Joined me here: ----------------------------------------------- # Editor wanted!! Proofreaders and critics are also equally welcome to come here and flood here with your hard-core convincing and powerful arguments here in the comment sections. # The cover is not really mine. Every contribution goes to the genuine artist.

  • Darius Supreme

    Darius Supreme



    On the 15th of March 2164, the world mourns the passing of Darius Stone, billionaire broker, and philanthropist.  Yet while his family and friends put his body to rest, Darius wakes up to find himself reborn into a younger body in a different world. A strange voice informs him that his soul has been transported into the magic-filled world of Faust on the behest of a mysterious Goddess called Vena, for the sole purpose of entertaining her through his struggles. In this world where any dream can be achieved with enough effort, he sets out to become a Supreme, an existence above Mortals and even Gods! ————————————————— Discord: Ko-fi: ————————————————— Warning: This novel features a villainous protagonist. If you have enjoyed Warlock of the Magus World, then you should be able to tolerate Darius Stone’s actions and choices throughout the novel in terms of Morality. Note: This story is slow-paced in order to allow for better world-building and development. If you’re looking for a fast-paced action story, this might not be for you.

  • The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

    The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler


    In her previous life, she was the esteemed princess destined to be worshipped by everyone. However, she ultimately burns herself to death when she is betrayed on the eve of her wedding day! She is reborn into a declining aristocratic family as a loser and forgotten daughter. While she leads a life full of bullying and suffering, the ones who had hurt her before are already enjoying the glory of the world at the top! Once reborn, the phoenix dances to the nine heavens, taming magical beasts, strengthening her force, and dictating life and death of gods and humans as the master healer. To those who betrayed and humiliated her, she swears a hundred-fold return on them for the torture she suffered! … His Highness, Prince Li, is frail and gentle. As the Night King who holds the world in his hands, he gives everything up for the sake of one person. To his only love, he promises her a life with eternal peace and joy. … She thinks her journey would be filled with blood and tears, but she doesn’t know that what awaits her is a long-premeditated lifetime of love and prosperity! One little drama along the way… At first, everyone advised, “Your Highness, the forgotten daughter of the Chu family is unworthy of you!” Later, everyone mocked, “The frail Prince will never be a worthy match to the Princess destined for greatness!” In the end, everyone sighed sorrowfully, “Why? Is she really worth it?” He simply smiled. “I will follow her even if she is in the clouds; if she turns into dust, I will follow suit, too. For her, nothing was bitter in our previous lives; our remaining years will be full of sweetness.

  • The Supreme One

    The Supreme One



    He was a seeker! Not a believer! He was uncovering the mystery of the Earth in his entire life. However, his past was miserable. A coward! A slave! A loner! A genius who was a slave of the University king. The same king who brutally killed his entire family. .... When he reached the peak of his life, he learned what ordinary people could see is only the tip of Earth. He understands that Earth wasn't as everyone had thought it to be. ~People with Abilities existed everywhere. Powerful entities controlled the entire world behind the scenes. ~The vampire and werewolf live with ordinary people. If it is real why people never find anything unusual, the answer lies in the satellites which keep rotating over our heads. ... To find the secrets, he joined the virtual reality, famously called, "The Supreme Realm". However, upon arriving at 'The Supreme Realm,' he finds himself in a strange place surrounded by devoted worshippers. "O Honorable Young God of the Primary Mountain, heed the call of your most faithful devotes. Come to us and protect us." **** Give it a try! You will definitely like this novel!

  • Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

    Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing


    Doomsday Online has descended, reducing the entire Earth to a ruined playground. It is occupied by countless terrifying monsters. Link awakens the one and only SSS-grade talent, Supreme Blessing, which can increase the quality of any equipment, skill, or item, at a rate of 10-10,000. Skeleton Longsword (Iron-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to Epic-grade weapon—Divine Sword Red Sky! Death Charge (Silver-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to the Legend-grade skill—Holy Charge! Void Summoner (Epic-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to the Taboo-grade profession—Great Void Taboo Master! In this lifetime, he shall rule over the world when awake, and be with beauties when asleep. Link wants to be king in this doomsday!

  • The Supreme Lord Donghuang

    The Supreme Lord Donghuang


    Zhou Donghuang, a man from the Earth, is able to destroy any planet in the universe without lifting a finger. His supreme will can sweep across the vast cosmos in the blink of an eye. And his immortal spirit can depart from his body and wander around the universe! In Kunlun Mountains lies a circular slate, which brought him back to one thousand years ago...

  • Supreme Uprising

    Supreme Uprising


    Langit keunguan, perubahan besar pada dunia, bulan yang tidak sempurna, kehampaan yang saling berhubungan… Ketika dunia mengalami bencana, sebagian besar makhluk hidup akan musnah. Walaupun umat manusia akan bertahan dengan bersembunyi di zona aman. Manusia harus berhadapan dengan kehancuran. Binatang buas yang bermutasi dan raksasa yang dapat menghancurkan pertahanan di ruang angkasa dan menembus bumi kapan saja. Luo Yunyang, seorang pemuda yang berada pada masa-masa kehancuran itu, memperoleh alat pengatur atribut dan melangkah pada jalur keagungan!

  • The Eternal Supreme

    The Eternal Supreme


    One of the Conferred Martial Emperors, Gu Feiyang, passed away in the Tiandang Mountains and was reincarnated 15 years later as Li Yunxiao of the State of Tianshui, embarking on a heaven-defying journey against the innumerable geniuses of the time. The nine levels of the Martial Art; the Divine Realms of the ten quarters. From then on, the whole world fell into chaos!

  • SOUL: Supreme Overlord's Unknown Legacy

    SOUL: Supreme Overlord's Unknown Legacy



    A world filled with Beasts. A world where everyone is born with a Beast Soul. A world, full of cultivators who aim to become immortal just like the Gods by leveling up! Some are destined to rule while others remain as bottomfeeders. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. 'Fate is telling me that I will always remain at the bottom...' 'Born in an orphanage with no talent, that is how my life is...' "..." "I will rise to the ranks of Supreme Overlords..." "No, I will go higher and become a true Beast God!" Join me in a journey of cultivation and power where no one knows when one will get betrayed. If you do not fight against fate, you are as good as dead! [ Fan of Soul Land? Then you have come to the right place. This novel has a similar power system base yet it's completely different. Enjoy~ ] [Join my discord server to chat and suggest new things - ] [Disclaimer - the cover doesn't belong to me.]

  • Supreme Uprising

    Supreme Uprising



    Violet skies, a world undergoing massive changes, a deficient moon, interlinking voids... When the world experienced a cataclysmic event,the majority of living things died right away. Although humanity survived by hiding in the last safe zones, humans had to face mutated dire beasts and colossal source beasts that could break through the space barrier and enter the earth at any second. Luo Yunyang, a young man who grew up in those calamitous times, obtained an attribute regulator and set out to walk the path of supremacy!

  • The supreme sovereign system

    The supreme sovereign system



    Alfonso was a historian of earth who suddenly appear in the body of Alfonso Lockheart, a fallen prince that is the Lord of a formal city known as the wasteland valley, with infertile land and losing the protection of their god, the wasteland valley is land that is destined to be destroyer by the extreme weather and the attacks of beast.Alfonso was in a despair situation; however, he wasn’t destined to fall in this land, that is because....[The supreme sovereign system welcomes its new host, with the help of the Greek gods as your allies, you will become the new sovereign of this land!]

  • Legend of the Supreme Soldier

    Legend of the Supreme Soldier



    **Legend of the Supreme Soldier ( Legend of the Mastermind) is the first novel that was created by Fang Xiang** Ye Chong was a denizen of Trash Planet-12. On one fateful day, he discovered a treasure that would forever alter his destiny from a pile of junk - Mu Shang, an unknown machine with artificial intelligence and a lost memory. Together, they venture into the vast galaxy as the isolated "caveman" that was Ye Chong began absorbing all sorts of knowledge and meeting people from all walks of life. He gradually discovers more and more about his own mysterious past as well as his partner’s. Read to find out more!

  • Supreme Lord Shapeshifter

    Supreme Lord Shapeshifter



    royalroad novel - summoner - Martin became an orphan when he lost his family in a mysterious accident at a young age. Although he was orphaned, it did not affect him because of the mental problems he had. When he grows up to a certain age, he joined the world of crime and began to improve himself.within 10 years he became one of the most dangerous serial-killers known in the dark world. He also started killing people for money. But he died of an explosion on his last mission. He also had a system to help him in this new world. A soulless and emotionless serial killer from the old world had to give life in a fantastic world. But what he didn't know is that the powers that were possessed in this world would change itself. -