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  • Smooth and Tasty Vanilla

    Smooth and Tasty Vanilla

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE FANTASI

    "Pukul 00.01 dini hari, sehari setelah perayaan tahun baru, terjadi sebuah kecelakaan beruntun di sebuah persimpangan Hotel Dupont City, hingga nyaris menewaskan seorang wanita bernama Tara Lipinski berusia 25 tahun. Berita acara meliput secara eksklusif tentang wanita malang tersebut. Dikabarkan dia hidup seorang diri, tanpa seorang wali hukum." Informasi itu menyentak kuat diri Tara Lipinski. Air matanya luruh ke permukaan pipinya yang sedikit bengkak. Dirinya dinyatakan hampir mati oleh seluruh dunia, tapi kenapa takdir mendorongnya menetapkan ruhnya di dalam jasad seorang wanita bernama Vanilla, yang sama sekali tidak ia mengerti siapakah wanita itu, dari manakah asalnya, dan ada banyak sekali deretan pertanyaan menimpa benaknya. Kehidupan Tara Lipinski menjadi jungkir balik, seolah dia buta akan dunianya yang kini sebagai seorang Vanilla. Bagaimana dia bisa bertahan, bila sesungguhnya yang dia takutkan adalah diri dia yang baru?

  • Doomsday Wonderland

    Doomsday Wonderland



    Lin Sanjiu is a normal woman in modern-day society. Everyone admires her outstandingly handsome, gentle, and rich boyfriend. However, Lin Sanjiu feels vaguely afraid of this "perfect" boyfriend. She's always felt that her boyfriend looks at her like she's a tasty piece of meat... The transformation happened one night. Sanjiu got into an argument with her boyfriend, and he finally revealed his true colors. As it turns out, he was a being with special abilities from an apocalyptic world who wanted to eat Sanjiu to help him evolve. To his dismay, he ended up being the one killed by Sanjiu with her hidden abilities instead. However, Sanjiu's troubles don't end with her dead boyfriend. In fact, the world she resides in is starting to go through unusual changes. This world is becoming a scorching hot hellhole...

  • Being Loved By Devils

    Being Loved By Devils



    She is the poison but tasty. No wonder these five men are dying to drink that tasty poison. ~~~~~~~~ Asteria, the famous business woman who died in her early age. She reborn into a shy girl's body who lacked confidence and scared of people, Mara Athena. She recognized that name well because it was a side character of a romance novel who died in early age. Asteria had read that novel once but disliked it. However, she reborn as the side character of her disliked novel. "I need to get rich and healthy.." Asteria lived as Mara Athena for months and created strong bonds with perilous men. After living as Mara Athena, she started dreaming about the Fifth Princess who died in her lover's hands. The dreams repeated as she began to question herself for feeling familiar with the dreams. In the end, Asteria found out that there was a world which was waiting for her to return. Will she return to that world and take a revenge on everyone who made her suffer? (English is not my first language so there will be errors in my books. I apologize for those)

  • The Boss Is So Fierce

    The Boss Is So Fierce



    # SEDUCTION Tang Zhi never expected someone to steal her fiance, and the person who did it was her cousin, to boot. The fiancé she never met came over and said, “Let’s break off our engagement. I don’t love you. I love Xiao Xuan.” Tang Zhi just gave him a nonchalant glance and gave him a score in her heart. ‘5/10.’ “Sure. Let’s call it off.” That night, she saw someone that left a deep impression on her in a high-class private club. As an aloof woman who had a thing for handsome men, Tang Zhi immediately remembered that intimidating face. He wore the most standard of black suits, but he gave off an aloof, cocky air that no one could possibly overlook. He was truly eye candy. A few days later, someone made a request through an international organization. They offered five million to buy his contact number. Gentle Fourth Sister: Sixth, I heard that you’re the one who made the request yesterday. Is that true? Hot-tempered Second Brother: Not bad. At least you didn’t embarrass me. Noob Cousin: Tang Zhi, you’re nuts! What on earth do you want to do?!



    Fantasy Romance REINCARNATION R18 COMEDY

    *sexual content, gore, reverse harem* Satrya had taken over the body of her sister who was legally pronounced dead...with this, the downside becomes, a woman who is ignorant in the way of the world she has entered into.The upside; Tasties, grand Matriarch, World core and most importantly Mates. With the bits and pieces of her sister’s memories, Satrya is sort of surviving in a world that she had once looked at from within the darkness. Spending time to gain the knowledge that she lacks while failing at times. This story is about how Satrya learns through trial and error on becoming the Grand Matriach of the Lyricals, her previous life and survival with her mates. Side note: this book is a reverse harem. if this is not your cup of tea, do not continue reading further if you find it offensive.This book also includes smut.With all-male leads ending up with female lead. Satrya also has both explicit language and scenes... but as it goes on... It will be explained, in better detail. So don’t feel annoyed with the amount of fs she uses. This is my first published book, so please don’t rate me to hard...??? *Image taken from Pinterest, credits to the original owner* Original work by me

  • Isekai Underdog

    Isekai Underdog


    For Sael being pulled to another world wasn’t something he minded. In fact, when he found out he was the only one chosen for the warrior class from those he arrived with he was thrilled. Until he found out in order to receive all the tasty power-ups that always come with this type of situation he must battle a terrifying monster without any of said tasty powers. Even in success things aren’t quite going the way he expected. Still, everyone loves an underdog, including it seems the system powering those brought to this new world. On his journey, he will make friends with both other Arrived and the locals. Find romance often when he isn’t looking for it. And of course new enemies around every corner from the mindless monsters of the world to the diabolical powers behind everything. And maybe even find time to unlock the secret of the Arrived, if he lives that long.

  • Urban Vampire

    Urban Vampire

    Pepper writes stories that span the gamut from humorous to heartfelt, however the common theme is crossing boundaries. Pepper's unique stories often tackle taboo topics such as mental illness and homelessness. Readers will find themselves questioning their own sense of right and wrong, attraction and desire. In addition to writing, the author is also an artist, an introverted recluse, a self proclaimed empath and a foodie. Pepper Pace can be contacted at: pepperpace.author@yahoo.com Kim woke up one morning to find that she was dead ... well UNDEAD. Unfortunately her Vampire after-life is a big mystery. The ones that know are out to kill her for being turned by a rogue and her allies happen to be her food. In order to survive the Vampire Nation, Kim will have to outsmart and out think her enemies. Their big mistake is underestimating a black woman with the will to survive. The last thing Kim wants or needs are the three gorgeous men vying for her attention, one chocolate, one vanilla and the last caramel. How do you choose between the gorgeous protector, the charming and tasty food, and the scary dangerous elder? Warning; adult situations, graphic sex and language.

  • Me! Zombie! Summoned to Another World!

    Me! Zombie! Summoned to Another World!



    "In the Year 2030, a plague spread throughout the globe, turning most humans into zombies. Naturally, as a weakling, I turned into one as well, a weak one at that. I could never overpower a living human, nor have I taken a bite of human flesh. Now, even my mind was starting to go blank. I stared at the living muscular human standing in front of me with a huge RPG over his shoulder, and I thought my zombie life was going to end at that moment. Without any warning, a green light shot out from the cloud and enveloped me. Everything started to turn black after that. When I opened my eyes once again, I was already in an unknown world. In front of me stood an idiot who proclaimed himself as a necromancer. I glared at his tasty flesh and charged at the necromancer without any hesitation. At first, I thought it would be a harsh battle between him and me, but, unexpectedly, the necromancer was even weaker than me. After indulging in the necromancer’s brain, information appeared inside my head. [Notes of the necromancer’s growth] [Records of the Mysterious Nolan Continent] [My life with the Holy Church’s saint] … This is a story of the growth of a weak zombie…

  • His Lovely Mother in Law

    His Lovely Mother in Law

    [18+] A dirty romance between a highest-end young man with his beautiful and lovely mother in law.. . ."That's sure look delicious." His deep and manly voice praised."Thank you." Her enticing lips curved, an enchanting smile lined perfectly on her beautiful features as she looked proudly at the foodA playful chuckle escaped his lips as his picturesque eyebrows raised in amusement.His perfectly structured lips quirked into a charming smile, it was the smile that would send tingling down to moisten every women's panties."Sure the food is delicious but." He paused."You're far more delicious." He stated as he licked his lips sensuously. His insanely adonis face flashing an alluring and boyish grin.Her ears down to her neck turned crimson as a pink blush graced her statuesque, beautiful features."Y-You shameless!" She sheepishly exclaimed.He huffed a laugh, amused. He placed an arm to each side of her, circling her against the dining table.Smacking his sexy lips whispered,"Delicious,"and,"Tasty." He breathed.His warm breathed kissing her blushing cheek, crawling into her skin, sending ticklish up to her spine."You're so embarrassing!" She meekly muttered, trying to resist his irresistible temptation.He bit his lips, his breath hitched as her sweet voice gave him the chills down between his legs."Let's eat." Her sweet voice whispered."You mean." He leaned back"Eat you?" He teased, in alluring and inviting tone."or,"Eat me?" He flashed his delicious smile, offered himself as if he is the most delicious delicacy."Clutching her skirt, tightly she bit down her lip in flush as she could feel her bottom lips began to get warm, wet and moist."B-But—" Her eyes met his passionate eyes shyly."I'm your mother in law." She bashfully reminded.[ Polyamorous Romance ]

  • His Beautiful Mother in Law

    His Beautiful Mother in Law



    [18+] A dirty sweet romance between a highest-end young man with his beautiful and lovely mother in law. A sin and forbidden affair of mature woman with the man she should not love. [ DROPPED WITH ENDING ] . . . "That's sure look delicious." His deep and manly voice praised. "Thank you." Her enticing lips curved, an enchanting smile lined perfectly on her beautiful face as she looked at the food. A chuckle escaped his lips and his his picturesque eyebrows could not help but raise in amusement, his pearl-like dark eyes looking at her innocent smile. His perfectly structured lips quirked into a fine smile, it was his signature smile that never fails in making women sexually uncomfortable in their panties. "I mean sure the food look delicious but." He paused to have her beautiful diamond-like blue eyes look at him. "You're far more delicious." He stated as he parted his lips to lick his lips sensuously. His insanely handsome face flashing an alluring and boyish grin as his charming eyes blinded her eyes. Her ears down to her neck turned crimson instantly as an instant pink blush graced her statuesque, beautiful face. "Y-You shameless!" She shouted, pretending to be an angry lioness, yet the way she looks like is more like a shy little kitten. He huffed a laugh, amused. He placed an arm on each side of her, circling her against the dining table. "Delicious." He smacked his sexy lips. "and, Tasty." He breathed. His warm breath kissing her cheek, crawling into her skin, sending ticklish up to her spine. "Mm, the food are getting cold." She muttered meekly, trying to resist his irresistible devil temptation. How can a mere word of hers manage to convey so much temptation he had no idea, but fuck her sweet voice gave him the chills down between his legs driving him insane. His feverish, ravenous eyes looking at her. He kept flaunting his overflowing sex appeal to the delicious woman before him. She is like a warm cheese, his passionate and smoldering gaze melting her, into him. "Let's eat." Her sweet voice whispered. "You mean." He leaned back to have a better look at her bewitching and blushing face. "Eat you?" He teased, in alluring and inviting tone. "or, Eat me?" He gleamed his delicious smile, offered himself as if he is the most delicious delicacy. Clutching her skirt tightly she bit down her pink lip in flush as she could feel her bottom lips began to get wet, moist. "B-But.." Her eyes met his passionate eyes shyly. "I'm your mother in law." She bashfully reminded. . . . Tags: [ Amorous Male Lead ] [ Beautiful Female Leads ] [ Sweet Story ] [ Polyamorous Romance ] [ Realism ] [ Incestuous Relationship ] [ R-18 ] . . . My other books :Her Young Amorous HusbandMy Wife's Mother Is My Lover

  • Daily Poetry

    Daily Poetry

    Each day a new original poem will be uploaded.

  • Chains of Promises

    Chains of Promises

  • Just Don't Read This

    Just Don't Read This

  • Taming Her Little Husband

    Taming Her Little Husband


    Love can catch us at any time and sometimes when we least expect it. Iris Harper a young and smart woman lives a happy single life, having it all. Being one of the richest businesswomen in the country. Being all alone, she had always thought love wasn’t something important in her life until she meets Joshua Johnson. It did not take long for Iris to discover that she had fallen for the stunning university student. Staying true to her feelings, she made no secret of it and asked the young man out on a date with her! But there was one problem: Joshua didn’t seem interested in dating the richest woman in town, preferring to focus on getting his diploma, making small money, and taking care of his mother! Unfortunately for him, Iris was not the type to give up easily! Read this story and see how the bold and lovely Iris will do anything to catch and tame the calm and unruly Joshua while helping each other heal the scars life had left in their lonely life!!!! Exsert: Joshua gave her a look. "What are you staring at?" Iris: "Your perky butt looks pretty tasty..." Joshua almost dropped the food in his hands. He spun his head around and stared at Iris in disbelief. "What did you just say?" Iris: "I didn’t say anything. You must have misheard." ***** Joshua: When are you going to stop teasing me like that? Iris: When you marry me!!! ****** Joshua: I'll make sure you don't ever feel lonely, trust me, this is a promise. Iris: you can always count on me, my arms will always be open for you! This is a light story with a lot of sweetness and no misunderstanding. If you want to read something light-hearted, give this a try!

  • The CEO is my roommate

    The CEO is my roommate


    Life has always been the same. Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. All this while, it has been a hustle. I thought that finally I can take a breather. Until.....(door bell ringing) I open the door and look at the guy standing there. He gave me a smile. He walked into my house like he owns it. But along with him, he brought fun, problems, danger, weapons, more work, tasty food and last but not the least love. My life had a new dimension with his entry. Solving problems was something I enjoyed, but this was a bit too hectic. And along the way I discover new things about this uninvited roommate of mine. This guy is freaking rich and doesn't even work but I always had my suspicion that he is a gangster. I just need to prove that as I solve all the mysteries that I am facing every day. At the end I finally find out who he is. He is thE NEXT HEIR AND THE CEO OF THE COMPANY I WORK AT ? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ? You love someone not knowing who they are completely. But can you continue to love them after you find out the truth ? Find out if Joshua can still love Elijah after all that Elijah brought into Joshua's life. I don't know if the story is as interesting as it sounds, but it is good. Please do give it a read.

  • Sign In become Immortal Life

    Sign In become Immortal Life


    200 years after the Great Calamity, Humanity has risen once again. With the help of superpowered beings known as Rankers they were able to take back the land and sky and become more prosperous than ever. Waking up in a unknown place Ryujin Grace realizes that he is no longer in the world that he was born in. This world is more dangerous than his own world, thankfully he has his golden finger to help him survive in a world where everything sees him as a tasty snack.fame and glory who needs that, everything in this forest can kill me I better hide away and sign in till I can become invincible.When Ryujin Grace finally leaves the forest none can stop him.

  • Transmigration Of A Foodie Tycoon In A Cultivation Maniac World

    Transmigration Of A Foodie Tycoon In A Cultivation Maniac World


    In the world of cultivation where strong people are worshipped whereas weak are oppressed, people are bound to work hard on their cultivation making cultivation their first priority. What happens when a girl who is addicted to good food and good life transmigrates into such a world. Will it bring disaster or fortune for the people of the world?"I don't like to bite but it doesn't mean that I can't chew you off. Just touch my people and you'll know what is called hell on earth." "Cultivation? Is it tasty? Can it fill your stomach? Is it better than KFC chicken?" FL roared in frustration."Master, please don't say that, you are going to hurt people's feelings out there." The guardian spirit moaned pitifully sitting in a corner. Why did he have such a foodie and lazy master."Baby , what would you like to eat ? I'll cook it for you." ML asked lovingly."How about those dishes I taught you last week. I have been craving for spicy foods recently.""Sure. My wife is the best, she doesn't throw tantrums like other women as long as she has good food to eat." ML looked at his wife tenderly."I am my wife's eternal slave. So, who are you to say that she has no right over me."



    A little bite of parables for tasty and yummy lifestyle.

  • Pakistani delicious recipes

    Pakistani delicious recipes

    I can give you Pakistani delicious recipes that are very very tasty and also healthfull

  • The Lecherous Prince and His Playmate [BL]

    The Lecherous Prince and His Playmate [BL]


    Changling's biological father Wu Yong Hwangje betrayed his mother Consort Wang too many times who left him behind faking her death. But just as she thought she'd be forever alone with his child growing in her womb, she met General Rong from the neighbouring kingdom and his son, falling in love with both father and son. The pair decided to take their relationship to the next stage and get married.Raising both his son and the emperor's son in a loving home, the couple lived happily until one day their eldest son Qinghe returned home and told his parents that he was in a relationship with the emperor's daughter who did not inform him beforehand leading to his sentencing.He loved the princess but her betrayal almost causes him and his father's death luckily, the trump card the family holds stops everything from moving.Exchanging a life for a life, the deal is set but just as everyone is ready to welcome the dead prince, his behaviour and mannerisms tell them a different story but this prince who is left in charge of disciplining a young man with silk and bamboo along with treason is one tasty dish.How will Changling fair, dealing with the royal family who thinks he is here to take the kingdom from them and the man kneeling on the floor?Will he fall for the prince or detest him?Cover art done by: the_nerd.artist