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  • The Tattoo

    The Tattoo

  • Tattoo Cultivation

    Tattoo Cultivation

    Bolemo was a frustrated tattoo artist. A craft he love but never love him back. He has no sense of artistry, beauty or the skills. He just wanted to be an artist that believes that doodling is also an art. When he went to visit an old lady in the mountainous region of the Philippines to have a powerful beast art tattooed on his body, - he fell from a cliff. Bolemo found himself in a new world. A world he doesn't understand at all. Magic? Mana? Law? He doesn't care! He has his imagination and craziness, through this... he will show the world that cultivation is also an art! An art that can curve even the vilest Devils and arrogant Gods! Slay immortals and purge the bottom of hell!***** 0 ***** 0 *****I post chapter as soon as I finish writing them. I cannot guarantee a stable release, but it should at least be 3 chapters a week.




    It was the age of Witches. Churches crumbled on the ground. Witch Hunters dead, and the Holy Book is nowhere to be found but hidden.Sheira Murray having a hard life fitting into the world of her own race. Because of a history legend, her family became extinct. Thanks to the guidance of her uncle Martin Murray, she able to survive. And thanks to her handsome protector Marcus Johnson, she always escapes death. She needs to stay alive and healthy for her younger brother Max Murray, a 10 years old innocent angel.But her aggressor is getting persistent, that even during the day or anywhere she was, she's been nonstop attack through performing a deadly curse oration. So they decided to flee, again. Would be the new place is safer? Or she'll face even scarier pack of her race? The witches-who-eats-flesh.Follow Sheira Murray to her survival changes to fight and tame down her own race and ended the Witch's Age.* * * * *Disclaimer: I don't own the photo. Credits to the artist on Deviantart.First Published:October 2017

  • Tattoo Kiss

    Tattoo Kiss

    Clara an ordinary girl ends up in a fake marriage with James a world famous singer. She is now in love with him but she knows that he doesn't love him back. Or is he? Will she tell him about this? And if yes then what will he think?

  • First Tattoo

    First Tattoo


    *Please keep in mind that this book describes cancer, death, depression and self-harm in detail.Dawn Wood is a healthy girl, in the final year of high school. She always has prepared to be a kind girl. However, when she comes out as a pansexual and get diagnosed with small-lung lung cancer(SCLC), her life suddenly changes.Follow the story of Dawn and her caretaker, Lucas Johnson, through the eyes of Lucas.----------------------------------------------------------------------------If you'd like to contact me about this book, there are two choices!1. Instagram: @whdmstn08052. E-mail: sofia8441@gmail.comPlease keep in mind that it would take some time for me to check the DMs and emails, so I would just like you to comment on this book instead!

  • Haunted Tattoo

    Haunted Tattoo

    Summer has just began in Cooper Town, Atlanta but for Claire things are about to go haywire. Following the appearance of the Brook who allegedly died a long time ago are back for vengeance. Kyle, Claire’s boyfriend ,is one of them but she doesn’t know it yet. Innocently she and her best friend Emma plus Kyle go for the annual summer camp. Little does she know this is where it will all go down. Can Claire survive all this by herself?

  • My Tattoo

    My Tattoo

    Sheila envies her friend Liza's tattoo but is too timid to get one of her own. When she hears Liza talk about how hot her tattoo artist Tony is, though, she has to see for herself.<br><br>Enlisting the help of their mutual friend Mary, Liza conspires to get Sheila into the tattoo artist's chair ... and rid of her inhibitions. Mary takes Sheila to the tattoo parlor for a little two-for-one treatment from the very butch -- but definitely female -- Tony while Liza watches the threesome unfold from the back room.

  • Tattoo of the Heart

    Tattoo of the Heart


  • A Tattoo Of Butterfly

    A Tattoo Of Butterfly


    Nobody knows what life can bring to you and life is so unpredictable, The same case is waith Ara-Li. Ara-Li the most powerful witch and "Queen Of The Witches Coven".

  • The girl with a tattoo

    The girl with a tattoo

    Dani a chestnut headed girl that goes on and on dating girls just to feel the pain that she lost back then. Taking advantage for the people who wants to be with her. Then Riley show up a cheater or player who doesn't care about feeling of other just to pleasure. She cannot contain from what she had until she met her . They collide by fate meeting at the bar and many ways. Making to think of meant to beWill Dani change so as Riley?Will They conquer what they do to their life?are they going to be together?*KINDLY DONT STEAL ANY NOVELS YOU'VE JUST READ. BE INSPIRED INSTEAD.Authors NoteThis is base half reality and its my first time to write like this. Also this my own story again no Collab. No edit and it may had wrong grammar so don't judge me cause English is my second language. I'm a Filipino writer. Plz mention this to your friends who miss BG

  • The Tattoo Hunter

    The Tattoo Hunter

  • Tattoo Therapy

    Tattoo Therapy

    Thorn: He came into my tattoo shop looking to cover scars, I knew all about that, but the more he came in... the more I was burning with questions and maybe something else from this hot and broken biker.Darrin: My brother convinced me to go see this tattoo artist that he knew, I never expected her to be so fucking gorgeous. I also never expected her to understand, I never expected her to get it, but she does. the more sessions I book the closer to her I feel, but if she knew the whole story... would she still look at me with that softness in her eyes or would she be disgusted?Trigger warning, violence, swearing, and sexy stuff. Enter at your own risk.

  • Flower Tattoo

    Flower Tattoo


    It was supposed to be only a simple tattoo.

  • Bloody tattoo

    Bloody tattoo

    Teen VAMPIRE

  • The Tattoo System

    The Tattoo System


    "To dream to be a legend,When only a loser.To forge a path,When no one took.To achieve my goal,When everybody ridicules.The path I take,Only for those who persevere!"In 5021, humans discovered a peculiar energy that flows in the space and called it 'Spirit Qi'. Due to this discovery, they accidentally unlock the forbidden formation seal that protects the Solar System from the effect of 'spirit Qi' to the planets and those who live in it.This resulted to the evolution of all the living beings on Earth and the structure of all the other planets in the Solar System... It resulted to the near extinction of the human race and the invasions of extra-terrestrial beings outside the Solar System.To protect the humanities existence, they develop a series of programs that guides the future generations to cultivate the use of 'spirit Qi' for cultivation. This series of programs are called, ' The Systems'. The series of programs, 'The Systems' is divided into different categories depending on what the user wanted to become... After countless sacrifices, the human race regained the control of Earth and the Solar System gaining foothold in the universe.After many years they also discovered that their world belong to the category of 'Mortal Realms' Worlds and that there is a vaster worlds outside the Solar System waiting to be discovered...

  • Black Hawk Tattoo

    Black Hawk Tattoo

    Toronto, Canada, 2006. A few months after the worst year of the Iraq war.<br><br>Gabriel Navarro splits his time between his job slinging ink at the Atlantis Ink tattoo parlor, and working on his master’s degree in fine art. Gabe is twenty-two, sure of his beliefs and his artistic integrity, and na?ve enough to think he’ll never have to compromise. And then one night Jake MacLean walks into the shop and changes everything.<br><br>Jake Maclean is twenty-eight and a veteran American Army pilot. He's been staying with his ex-pat sister in Toronto while he tries to get his life in order. The problem is, he can't. After his disastrous final mission in Iraq, he's overcome with anger and survivor’s guilt, trapped in a losing battle to atone for a failure he’s sure can never be forgiven. Left without hope, he decides to have his memory of the mission tattooed on his back, with the condemning words: God Will Judge Me. He doesn't expect to fall for the tattoo artist.<br><br>Gabe falls just as quickly and deeply for Jake, though Jake's reluctance to talk about what happened frustrates and worries him. Gabe knows Jake isn't doing well, but accepting Jake’s claims that he's "fine" is far easier than dealing with the frightening truth. But soon it’s horribly clear Jake can’t control his panic attacks or flashes of violence, and he's getting worse. If Gabe can’t help him face his demons, Jake is headed for a crash -- and there’s every chance he’ll take Gabriel down with him.

  • the tattoo shop (bl)

    the tattoo shop (bl)

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18

  • Snake tattoo novel

    Snake tattoo novel

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC SUPERPOWERS

    Are snake legends real, what can beat a snake's streak?

  • Beyond the Mysterious Tattoo

    Beyond the Mysterious Tattoo

    8 supernatural heroes scattered across the globe. When evil takes over, will they find out the hidden meaning of the tattoo they possess in time to save the world that are oblivious to the fact that they even exist?

  • The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo

    The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    The girl who changed her dreams into reality!