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  • Unhealthy fixation

    Unhealthy fixation


    Riley and her mom move to a new town. Strange things begin to happen and Riley is the victim.

  • Unhealthy Obsession

    Unhealthy Obsession

  • An Unhealthy obsession

    An Unhealthy obsession

  • He Hates Me, He Loves Me Not

    He Hates Me, He Loves Me Not



    After being kicked out of the prestigious Wester Family, Kaiden has no choice but to work at a pheromone nightclub to moderate his excessive pheromones, or else he might spontaneously go into heat. On the night of his 19th birthday, he falls into the arms of the Alpha known to hate all Omegas, Damon Lin. The next day, the cold and ruthless Alpha offers him a deal: be his pheromone partner for a year and he will be set for life. What is Kaiden supposed to do when he can’t help falling in love with an Alpha who hates him, especially when said Alpha has a Beta lover? -- Damon Lin, the Alpha head of the Lin Finance Group, has a problem: it’s been three years since his last rut. His options are either to live with the sexual frustration or find his ‘fated mate,’ but where on Earth can he find an omega with 99.9% compatibility with him? On a night out with his friends, he drunkenly follows a scent that tantalizes his whole being and carries the solution to his problem to the backseat of his car. The next day, he offers the Omega a deal: be his pheromone partner for a year but don’t he dare be mistaken, he will never love him. Is it too late for regrets once he loses his fated mate? -- WARNING: This is BL omegaverse with R-18 scenes, unhealthy relationship dynamics, mentions of past trauma and abuse, and lots of angst.

  • Signs You May Be In An Unhealthy Relationship.

    Signs You May Be In An Unhealthy Relationship.


    Dating violence is one of those things that happens to other people. Until, that is, it happens to you, or someone you know.

  • Demons in the Mirror

    Demons in the Mirror



    Everyone had the exact replica of themselves in the mirror. It was just the shadow of yourself, a shape of a person imitating your every move. What if I tell you, the mirror was just a barrier for another world- for another copy of you? Another copy you would be terrified to see. A demon version of you. Every people in this world had their counterpart. Everyone had a demon of their own, living freely of their will in the world inside your mirror. The exact replica, yet different stories they are living. Different conflicts, different choices, and different endings. The Vergessene family always had been the strongest of both worlds. The family of the strongest criminals in the human world and the family of the strongest anarchists in the demon world. Different yet the same. Both of the worlds weren’t supposed to be aware of one another. Both of the worlds weren’t supposed to cross with each other. But the demon version of the Vergessene family lost their youngest one. He died at an early age, too young to leave the world, he never made it past seventeen. Until they found out their youngest one had the exact replica of himself and snatched the human version of him away. __________ Take a note that this is a slow burn novel, so it's going to be slow :D Also, this novel is really dark. This is a found family with forced adoption. You can clearly see from the synopsis that the family is really messed up. Trigger warnings for manipulations (A LOT of them), blood, body horror, graphic fighting, unhealthy relationships, panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD, depression, dehumanization, suicide, and swearing. Anyway, enjoy your stay in this book! __________ Perhaps you want to treat me a ko-fi? ko-fi.com/moonaisy __________ Want to be friends? Discord: Moonaisy#4684

  • Take Me Back

    Take Me Back

    To choose a job and ambition over love is something Gus Atchison might never forgive. When his boyfriend, Seb Paddington, decides to move to New York and leave their relationship behind, Gus is heartbroken. But two months later, Seb shows up and tries to get close again. Gus isn’t having it, though, despite Seb’s persistence, and they end up in a fight on his front porch.<br><br>Once they make peace, of a sort, Seb goes back to New York. However, four months later when he returns, Gus is alarmed at how unhealthy and thin Seb looks, and realizes he still has feelings for the man, in spite of it all. They start up a tentative friendship, and Gus sees another side of Seb he’s never known while helping with his new company. Will Gus take him back? Or will they remain friends forever?

  • Good Guys Don't Date Bad Boys (BL, 18+)

    Good Guys Don't Date Bad Boys (BL, 18+)


    Jonathan Hamilton transfers to Sunny Hill starting junior year to run away from his past and keep promises on which to build an uneventful, safe future. The biggest promise he makes to himself is to stay clear forever, by all means necessary, of straight bad boys and their unhealthy appeal.But promises are only made to be broken, Jonathan discovers the truth of the old adage, as junior year barely starts, and he has a run-in with the ridiculously attractive Maddox Kingsley, the resident BMOC, and carrier of the frightful nickname of ‘Mad Dawg’. Nothing good would ever come of it, but does he really have what it takes to resist the insane attraction that pulls him – again – toward a guy whose middle name should be ‘worst mistake ever’?

  • Throne Of World

    Throne Of World



    Join my discord: https://discord.gg/KczJbrj This story is now being written by @moodycrowl. But we decided to keep it here for old readers. __________________ An introverted, unhealthy, and orphan boy dies after saving a girl from a car accident on modern earth. At the same time in a parallel realm, a boy dies due to over-exhaustion. The former's soul takes over the later' body. -------------------------------------- [New User Registered] A mechanical voice awakes him from the deep slumber. He feels something's off. "F*ck, how am I still alive? Is this hospital?" "But where's this smell coming from?" He frantically sits up and looked around, only to curse more. "F*ck!!!" "It... It isn't a hospital! Thi... This is an onion warehouse!!" "But why am I here instead of the hospital?" [ To Sit on the Throne of World ] Mechanical Voice sounded once again, frightening him to death! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates: 2/1 chapter/s every alternate day. --------------------------------------------------------------------- If you love stories with proper grammar then I am sorry, I am not great at it, this is my first work and I am not a native English speaker. I write for the people who love reading my story. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Parents Guidance Suggested due to potential bloody scenes.

  • This Stalker Won't Leave Me Alone!

    This Stalker Won't Leave Me Alone!


    No matter how far I ran, no matter where I hide he’s always one step ahead leaving me enthralled by his schemes. I, April, a 23 years old woman never thought once in my life that my ordinary life could be flipped upside down. That was until I received a message; a message from an annoying, flirtatious, ingenious guy who’s obsessed with me. He’s my deranged stalker, And he won’t leave me alone until he got me in his grasps. Various warnings: this story contains a lot of swearing, little gore, little violence and eventual unhealthy relationships ( but honestly the titel of the story is a warning enough lmao).

  • Chef System - My Second Life!

    Chef System - My Second Life!

    Magical Realism COMEDY SYSTEM MAGIC


    Hoshi Hideyoshi is a miserable, unhealthy and overworked 29-year-old software developer with no close friends or family members. He had many regrets regarding his life choices. He always wanted to become a world-class chef but didn’t pursue it. He wanted close friends but never looked. He wanted to experience love but was too afraid to reach out. Nearing his 30's and seeing others live happy, fulfilling and successful lives while he despises his own. He realized it's more important to follow his dreams and ambitions than have regrets. After a late-night shift, he looked upon the night sky and discovered a shooting star. He childishly decided to wish upon that star for a second chance at life. Not realizing his life was going to change for the better after he went to bed. [Syncing with host...] --------------------------------------------- My Patreon https://www.patreon.com/Tuque My Discord Server https://discord.gg/Aqe6vPb --------------------------------------------- TAGS: Magic, Comedy, Cooking, Business, System, Restaurant, Chefs, Second Chance, Game Elements, Level System NOTE: GENERIC SYSTEM & GAME ELEMENTS, TROPES GALORE, MEME MACHINE! DISCLAIMER: I do not own the book cover! ---------------------------------------------

  • Tale of a First Vampire Lord

    Tale of a First Vampire Lord


    It is a tale of a last vampire lord who died and his soul travel to a world called Timoraand become first vampire and conquered the world step by step.This is my first novel and i have no experience in writing and I am still learning english so please bear with grammers and errors I will try my best thoughand this novel is just for experience in writing

  • Mated To The Werewolf CEO

    Mated To The Werewolf CEO

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC WEREWOLF

    In a world that has been struck by a quickly spreading disease, causing terror and sadness, a young lady happens to be the cure to it. If anyone can find the lady who needs to be sacrificed, they shall be saved from the torment of being turned into strange creatures of the night. But what will happen when she is discovered to be the CEO's mate and is already the lover of a vampire? Will her mate kill her to save more people from suffering from the werewolf virus? Or will the vampire take her for himself and use the hidden gem in her against his rivals, the Lycans? ~ WARNING: Mature Content Cover Design: Ena (Twitter) [From the Korean novel: Unhealthy Childhood Friend] Updates: Saturday at 23.00 (GMT +8) Want to support and interact with the author? Discord: https://discord.gg/ptUDZFYcU8 Fandom: https://realmsofmagic.fandom.com/wiki/Realms_Of_Magic_Wiki Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rose.of.blues/

  • An Undead’s rise to Godhood

    An Undead’s rise to Godhood


    Reality has been one for disappointment. You go so far, yet you could only reach a certain point before you eventually succumb to death's cold grasp. The regret you feel, the things you didn't complete, and the time you could've spent more efficiently, these three factors created our Main Character. Seichi Kurotachi, first name Kurotachi or Kuro for short, last name Seichi. Born in a well, good family with good education. But, he strayed from that path his parents wanted him to go, and embark on his own path. His life was filled with misery, from a broken heart to the sense of uselessness he has with himself. He could loathes, cries, but that won't help him. His life eventually became a looping cycle of him wasting his precious time to play video games, and shutting himself out from society. But one day, everything in the world changes The Champion Selection, an event that mysterious appeared out of nowhere in which people from Earth can participate in regardless of age and health. A fantasy world filled with adventure, battles of life and death, and the most truest of love. Seichi, being a lover of escapism, enters as the first Champion. He picks the undying Race, and embark on his new path for eventual Godhood. His journey lets him meet many talented people ranging from humans to monsters and cosmic beings and deities. His life, now in his own hands more than ever. (Volume 2 Exclusive Synopsis) The past can hurt, no matter how many times one tries to deny it. It hurts, because it's old scars. It heals, but never fades completely. You hide it from sight, shun it from your mind. You wish for it's erasure. But, without such a scar to remind you, you will only create another like it, over and over and over again. So that's why, continue to make new memories, 'bandages' to patch up those scars. Because that's the only true way to recover. ************** Hello, author here, this won't take too long, just some heads-up before you go in reading. Chapters are at least 1000+ words, an unhealthy habit of lengthening chapters of mine. Slow progress most of the times because of the first. Characters may seem... off? I don't know how to write good characters, so I mostly will just go with the flow and shape their characteristics as I write. Another is you readers can decide on the story progression, your input will and can be taken into account if I find it interesting/fitting enough. And I also hosts some events on some chapters as well for the fun of it. I sincerely hope you can bear with me, an inexperienced young author (not kidding), as I write His story (and possibly many others). Thank you for your time :) Note: I don’t own the cover art

  • An Erotic Curse to a City Girl

    An Erotic Curse to a City Girl

    Contemporary Romance R18 UNPRINCIPLED

    The story takes place in a fictional city called latana. Within this city lives a 19 year old named Talia, Talia is a waitress/student and has a very normal life. Due to past events, Talia has a rather unhealthy mindset where she believes she is a godsend compared to other people. This mindset will be the downfall of her character... When heading to work, Talia notices a homeless man sleeping outside of her apartment. Instead of doing any normal human thing, she splashes boiling water over the man to wake him up. With anger, the homeless man swears to bind Talia with a curse, Talia at first laughs and leaves the homeless man but that is the biggest mistake she has committed in her life... WARNING, this novel is not recommended for sensitive readers as this novel can become extremely dark in many ways and so read at your own will.

  • A demon unknown

    A demon unknown

    A girl with an unhealthy mind, that unhealthy mind, turned into madness, pure madness. And in the end, her madness was finally cured, by the silly thing known as love.

  • Ailing Love

    Ailing Love

    Contemporary Romance YANDERE

    A gloomy and uninspired teenage boy finds himself in a dreadful predicament when the girl he saved from sexual assault develops an unhealthy obsession towards him.

  • Drinking of wine

    Drinking of wine

    Sufficient drinking is good for health but abnormally unhealthy.

  • Doll Maker’s Blood Beauty

    Doll Maker’s Blood Beauty


    A Mysterious doll maker makes a beautiful doll out of forbidden materials in which made the doll have human emotions but...the doll took too much of a liking to his creator which turned into an unhealthy obsession I recommend turning your reading settings to dark to have a better experience. A Vkook fanfic :]

  • Lay it Down

    Lay it Down

    "The reason many people in our society are miserable, sick, and highly stressed is because of an unhealthy attachment to things they have no control over." -Steve Maraboli