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  • Unrealistic Me

    Unrealistic Me


    It is about a boy named Naru, he is a otaku who made his hair long because of a friend from high school who told him something that makes him irritated and Anxious. Until his college school year starts, He met someone that'll change his life. Who's that someone?Where did they met? What do you think will happen? PS- this is my first ever story so be good

  • Unrealistic expectations

    Unrealistic expectations

  • Unrealistic Fantasy

    Unrealistic Fantasy

    A broken girl who experienced hardships in her life falls deep in love for the first time....

  • unrealistic fantasy

    unrealistic fantasy

    welcome to the fantasy world at least she can fulfill her desire in her Fantasy world....isn't it obvious that we all have unfulfilled dark desires which is never gonna fulfill but still we keep it and feel it when you're in you she is beautifulshe is innocent she is everything what people want to see in a woman....she is as like you pure soul but inside her..........

  • Unrealistic One.

    Unrealistic One.

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • this unrealistic love story

    this unrealistic love story

  • Unrealistic Expectations of Love

    Unrealistic Expectations of Love

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Yuko Iwa is a modern girl who looks back on her and all her mistakes, she had made in the past. She hopes to make amends with those she had wrong in past.(This a work of fiction, so anything that seems related or like it is merely a concidence.)

  • unrealistic love story for me to experience

    unrealistic love story for me to experience


    Yvixq Santiago, who feel inlove with the person she used to be with before her memory lost

  • The Celestial Saga

    The Celestial Saga



    With a dazzling personality and a mysterious dark aura, Lucas is someone who fascinates Katherine and she can do nothing other than being inexplicably drawn towards him. But there is something about him. Something he is keeping from her with his clever replies and sarcastic humor. Something that would change everything for Katherine. * * * * * How would you feel if your true identity has always been kept a secret from you? Katherine Grayson was in trouble. A presence is looming over her since her childhood. To add more misery into her already messed up life, a series of unrealistic events leaves her traumatized. Amidst all the chaos, she gets to learn about her true identity. It turns out she is a witch from a very powerful coven. Now a new set of challenges and adventure awaits her. Will she be able to prove her worth? * * * * * •Two chapters everyday(more if author keeps getting powerstones and daily unlocks) •Join rhe discord : https://discord.gg/dwZfFjCn (if the link doesn't work, then try the one in author's bio) •Buy the privelege to enjoy more chapters. Come on, the author dares you (it's real cheap) •The book cover is not owned by the author, it belongs to the original creator * * * * * This book involves fantasy, thriller, suspense and of course romance. We have savage characters, a scaredy-cat, a charming sweet character, King of trolling and a character with God complex. More interesting characters will be introduced as the story progresses. * * * * * Excerpt 1 , ["Nice bracelet." He traced a finger on the bracelet, momentarily touching my skin. The hair on my skin rose and I shuddered under his touch. I immediately drew my hand back. "It looks good on you .... Katherine." He complimented and his enchanting gaze seemed to bewitch me. "Thankyou" I said, without even giving it a second thought. Immediately I wanted to take that 'thankyou' back. Thank you? Of all the things I could have said, "thankyou" was the worst. I didn't want Lucas thinking that I liked his compliment. It didn't take much thinking to realize that he was trouble, and I had enough trouble looming, no need to invite more. "And I prefer Kat." I corrected, realizing that he had called me Katherine earlier. "Why not Katherine?" His gaze looked appraising. "Cause it's boring." I answered and turned towards the chalkboard. "I think it's beautiful." His reply caught me off guard and I turned sideways, he was still staring at me intently, with those dazzling charcoal grey eyes.] * * * * * Excerpt 2, [He shifted in his seat and his eyes met mine. "I believe there's always more to everything than it meets the eye." He was inclining towards me now. "Do you not believe in witches?"  "I don't. . ." I lied. "They only exists in folklores and myths." I added to make my lie more convincing.  I noticed his lips turn into a smile but it faded away the second he looked at me.  "Are you sure?" He raised an eyebrow. "Do things out of blue not elevate your curiousity?"  "They do." I replied. In fact, everything happening lately had my curiosity skyrocketed.  "And have you ever tried to find answers to those questions? If you do find the answers. . ." He leaned in closer. "I bet you won't be disappointed." He was unnecessarily close, his husky voice went straight into my ears.  He shifted back in his seat and put his hands behind his head. There was a smirk plastered on his lips and for some reasons I had a feeling that he had challenged me to some mysterious quest.] * * * * *

  • Reincarnated as a Cat girl

    Reincarnated as a Cat girl


    Plagued by misfortune from the day he was born, Michael has rarely received care or compassion from others his only love in the world were cute things and anime. One being unrealistic, the other a reminder of an innocent time which he remembers fondly, helps distract him from the hell in which he resides Follow Michael on an adventure of trial, tribulation, and humor as he takes his second try at life as a mysterious yet adorable Cat girl. (A/N: Any suggestions for edits, criticism, and grammatical corrections are greatly appreciated, but please refrain from offensive comments.)

  • Reincarnated in a Yuri manga

    Reincarnated in a Yuri manga


    Rina was your classic office lady who was infuriated with Yuri mangas. After dying from a fire, she found herself reincarnated in a world where humans may or may not exist! Dog and catkins roam the region in an era where same-sex love is accepted!Born as a hybrid of a cat and dog kin, she was abandoned by her original parents and was adopted by a rich Yuri couple. Oh, how convenient is this?_____________________I'll make it clear, this book may be a bit cliche. It's all for entertainment and yuri. This story is also a bit cringy and unrealistic, read at your own risk.(Just read this in Wattpad, it's more cleaner there. I'm editing.)




    I've seen plenty of anime, manga, light novels, etc where the main character is the only guy in an all-girls school and perverted antics ensue, those are what inspired me to write my own. This is a fictional story, due to the subject matter it's rather unrealistic, I don't plan on having any of the magic/supernatural stuff that a lot of those anime and such have, but still, a guy in an all-girls school is pretty unrealistic on its own. It takes place in a 100% fictional school. A common trend among those anime/manga is the main character having a harem, and as you may have judged from the title this story will certainly contain those elements.A fair warning, parts of this story may drag at points, it'll take a bit to get to the sexy time. That's just the way I like to do things, I like to have a lot of setups. But I assure you, when the action does finally start, it pops off. I'd like to do multiple parts to this story, given the feedback is decent of course. So please, by all means, give me your feedback. And if you've got any suggestions and ideas or tips, then let me hear them.As always, please forgive me for any spelling/grammar mistakes. I never claimed to be a great writer, but I certainly try my best.All characters in this story are 18 years or older.Disclaimers: This tale's fictional fuckers are over 18. Tags: bisexual, mature, impregnation, harem, fuckfest, school, lucky guy, reality-based. If you object, stop reading. Voices and details may be unreliable.

  • Spell Bound

    Spell Bound


    Born with a frail body, but an exceptional talent for magic, Erina dreams of adventuring through the world.Collapsing due to exhaustion? Who cares? I'm still alive!Enemies? Didn't I tell you I have magic?Cake? Sweets? Ah, you know, good point that's a problem... they taste good okay?! What am I supposed to do to resist...-------"Isn't that... your 5th slice of cake Erina...""Yeah! The cake this place makes tastes so good!!""Goddammit... You make every women jealous Erina with the amount of sugar you consume...""I don't eat that much Yuiko...""it's like a third of your diet stop trying to play innocent.""Fineeee...."-------"Warning": I try to give you diabetes a lot... so be warned?This is a pretty fluffy book! It's a book that you can come back to and read to just destress and get some diabetes from, so don't expect too much... heart palpitations due to plot stress and stuff...Also I'm a still a not a super awesome amazing writer, so expect some parts that might be unrealistic/plot holes(there are a lot lemme tell you), but please bear with me! We can make it to diabetes land together!Also posted on ScribbleHub~ (under Esyix instead because i'm bad at spelling)Cover Made with Charat Choco~!This is a rewrite of my first book... uhh... hmm... Disclaimer: My release schedule is sh- I mean, it's not so great because of school and life...Join my discord!! https://discord.gg/H98XeA4

  • Snow White and the Seven Gods

    Snow White and the Seven Gods


    When the overachiever Shirayuki Otogibanashi tampered with Chaos Magic, he accidentally catches the attention of the Seven Gods. Appalled from his superior ability, he is cursed to walk all of eternity. He is stripped off his human emotions to ultimately join the universe larger than life itself.However, he brushes it off as nothing but an overly unrealistic bad dream. He continues to live his neutral life as the eccentric overachiever, feigning oblivion of his fear and sense of self. It is only woken up when the shy Psychic Mikoto Aragami transfers to his school, the Seven Gods straying to devour her soul.Seeing his adversaries, he could only process they were not done with him. He realizes he has to bargain for his freedom, or tragedy would come to exhaust his remaining reason. Forced to connect his dreams and nightmares, present and fractured past, Shirayuki wields his magic to ward the gluttonous Seven Gods out of his life.* * * *This story is a work of fiction.Any resemblances to actual people, the living or the dead, places, events, and businesses are either coincidental or are used fictitiously. All Rights Reserved (c) Screaming Coffee, 2022.

  • Mr. Driver Is Handsome As Hell.

    Mr. Driver Is Handsome As Hell.


    Spark December -  Her smile is violet, prettiest to be called.  Aresco Fade -  His smirk is monochrome, known strange yet marvelous.  ........ She's unrealistic He's savage. She escapes from the vows. He discovers messy bliss.  She seeks freedom. He chase revenge. She sees the velvet grey moon in his eyes. He sip her lips like a dusky wine. She played the game wholeheartedly. He played with her heart. Will her affection can tie with his tan kindness? The two unconnected dots meet and embrace the unplanned moments in the city of love.  It's a little like being in love. ****

  • My Master Is A Fictional Character

    My Master Is A Fictional Character

    This might sound crazy and totally untrue, but I just attended the burial function of my unrealistic character that is supposed to live in just my wildest imagination, and of course my book.I'm a writer, and i just finished completing yet again another interesting story... on my way to the publishing house, I came across a burial function and what got my interest, was the picture of the deceased. Blue long hair, flat nose, plum lips, round face, with a little touch of freckles. Not only did the deceased had the same description as my character, but also... the very same name of my character. Anna Steve.Anna Steve lost her parents at a very young age, went through the most tragic life anyone could ever have, worked as a bartender and then... as a stripper. This is the very same exact life character Anna Steve had before I killed her last week. (Sigh) it's either I'm crazy or the world is probably crazy, and that's why am seeing things. But unrealistic character was once alive and I killed her. Now I'm left with just one question, is there more like Anna Steve in the world?...My hunch proved right, when I got the most scariest visit from a handsome devilish villain in one of my books. His very first words to me were... "You should go into hiding, Janice... because you are about to become a character in my own book. PS: It's Horror with a slice of sex"

  • Versatile Mage Rewritten (((Discontinued)))

    Versatile Mage Rewritten (((Discontinued)))

    (((HAS SINCE BEEN DISCONTINUED)))Y'know how sometimes when you criticize a story someone asks you, "If you're so good at writing stories, make your own or rewrite it!"Well, I am. DISCLAIMER:Versatile Mage is a novel, anime, and manhua (comic) I do not own and am rewriting simply to practice writing. I have not read the novel, nor watched the anime. I am only rewriting the story of the manhua adaptation with as minimal changes as possible in an attempt to close the massive plot holes, inconsistencies, and unrealistic scenarios which bothered me. Please do not claim I am plagiarizing the original. Think of this as a fan fiction if you need to.Oh yeah, if you want to read the original novel or the manhua, they're both here on Webnovel. Just search "Versatile Mage"

  • D Rank Demon of the Wastelands

    D Rank Demon of the Wastelands


    Jake was as he thought of it a classic nerd. Despite full dive virtual reality gaming being a thing, if an expensive thing, he preferred reading. Still, he had played a few. His mother had enjoyed them. Often trying to get him to play with her. He had never enjoyed them finding the graphics too garishly unrealistic and clunky. After her sudden death from cancer, he received an invite to beta test the new “hyper” realistic game Wasteland Hero. What he discovered is a game of unparalleled graphics where high science fiction such as power armors, personal shields, smart guns, and even plasma rifles was commonplace. Just as common as high fantasy tropes of magic arrow shooting archers, fireball launching wizards, and mightly knights in shining plate. In a game without experience or levels, he finds himself the pure melee Power Claw class. With stats that never seem to go past the starting D rank no matter how many mutagens he absorbs. No class specific abilities or skills, just a tanky punching machine. Still, he makes friends and finds adventure. But is this almost too realistic game just that, a game?

  • BITE; Bonded To The Hybrid

    BITE; Bonded To The Hybrid


    This novel contains mature content. (+18) ………. After a weird night, Lynne’s life unexpectedly changes forever and since that day life has never been the same. She will turn out to be the most wanted creature amongst all the obscure creatures, so her life will constantly be at stake. Will Lynne find her path in this new version of herself, or will she strive to regain her old life, or will she lose her life in the middle of all this chaos?... However, one thing sure is that she will live the most exciting and unrealistic moments of her life while discovering her new herself. Above all, she will fall into love with a hybrid, a very rare combination of werewolf and vampire. He also happens to be one of the richest and most wanted bachelors in his state. Every girl love him but he promised himself never to get married and never to be an alpha or rule over any kingdom or any creatures of darkness. He wanted to be completely human and to live a normal life like them. Nonetheless, his perspective changes once he meets Lynne and together they are destined for greater things. So, will their love story last forever?. Also, will they succeed to accomplish what Destiny will demand of them? . . Follow me on IG; BloggerTMA Email; Bloggertma@gmail.com

  • Revenge On The Hero’s Party

    Revenge On The Hero’s Party


    Emmett Rollins had been royally screwed over. Doomed to live in poverty with great intelligence, he was finally given a chance to escape from his circumstances when offered an academic scholarship to the prestigious Greenfield Academy.Unfortunately, his school experience was horrid. Days rarely went by without him being brutally beaten by his classmates. After only a few months at his new school, he was forced into leaving Greenfield Academy for good.But then something extraordinary happened.His class was isekaied to become the hero's party in a world of magic. And even better, Emmett was not part of the hero's party.Instead, he had transmigrated into the body of Prince Hermes, the third son of the King of Durham.Watch Emmett as he slowly plots his revenge, adapts to his new world, and takes down the Hero's Party once and for all.*****************************A/N: This story starts off slow-paced and many of the events in the early chapters may seem a bit random and unrealistic. They are not. Wait until around Chapter 20, and I guarantee that you will start to see what I mean.And yes, I'm participating in the Spirity Awards although I'm confident that I have no chance of even coming close to winning. And I'm submitting this story in the category 'Transmigration'. Am I stretching it a bit? Yes. I am.Credit for the cover goes to @Ae_GGA (minus the title). If he/she would like me to take it down, I will be willing to do so.