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Thaids, strange monsters that have evolved from animals, have laid siege to humanity, occupying vast swaths of the planet's surface.

In a world plagued by the presence of menacing monsters, society has undergone a profound transformation, built upon the foundation of individual combat prowess.

Amidst this unforgiving backdrop lives Erik, an abandoned young boy who navigates the harsh realities of a society that values strength above all else.

Despite possessing a power deemed utterly useless, Erik perseveres, unsuccessfully trying to find his place in this tumultuous world.

But fate has a way of turning the tides. Suddenly Erik's father returns home, bringing with him something that Erik could never have foreseen.

Will this unexpected turn of events be enough to change Erik's fate and the fate of humanity in this dangerous new world?






Greetings, dear readers! As the author of this book, I would like to take a moment to talk about its structure and pacing.
When I first started writing this story, I was still learning the craft of writing and exploring the world and characters I had created.
As a result, the first volume of this book may feel a little slow-paced at times, as I took my time to introduce the setting, the plot, and the main characters.

However, as I gained more experience and feedback from readers like you, I realized that I could improve the pacing and make the story more engaging and exciting.

Therefore, I have been constantly revising and editing the chapters, trying to find ways to streamline the exposition, increase the tension, and deepen the character development.

You may notice some differences between the original and current versions if you have read the first volume already. Some scenes may have been cut or shortened, while others may have been expanded or rearranged.
However, I want to assure you that the core of the story remains the same and that the characters and themes will continue to evolve and surprise you.

The last issue I would like to address is the portrayal of the main character (MC) on this website. I have noticed that on average, on this website, there are two types of MCs:

1) The ruthless, apathetic, or cold MC
2) The normal or intelligent MC

The problem with both types is that they often become godlike or fighting experts within just five chapters. Not only is this unrealistic, but it can also become monotonous, in my opinion. It seems that many authors tend to use these two types frequently. That is why I have created a completely different main character for my story.

In this story, the MC is flawed and has faced many challenges in life. Unlike other characters who are already ahead, the MC finds himself starting from nothing. He learns to fight, interact with people, and manage difficult situations. This means that he won't always make the same choices or take the same path as you would. It's important to remember that every person would react differently in each situation, and there is no universal answer for how to handle every circumstance. Please keep this in mind when you come across moments where you may not agree with the MC's actions and consider his unique perspective and way of thinking.

If you want to share some thoughts or have a chat with me, you can join the discord's server here: https://discord.gg/dZpb4TBRJc

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    Thanks Everyone for having given my book a shot. If possible leave a review :D[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    Writing quality: Top notch. Few if any errors that pull you out of the story. Story Development: Absolutely splendid read, you have a bullied kid, parental problems, PTSD/trauma, then coming across a "Opportunity" this leads to its own set of problems but incredible potential positives outcomes. To a solid bit of foreshadowing of something major occuring in the story early on and gradually picking up into a grand finale of sorts. Can't imagine what we will be getting to experience in this story few hundred chapters from now. Character Design: Solid work here across the board. Consistently expressing other characters and how the occurrences in the story in itself effected them. Showing growth in the main character early on and being consistent with it. Main character isn't broken op and still has enemies but clearly you can see what his growth rate will be like in the future. Updating stability: I want to see 14 chapters a week. I personally read extremely fast. So I'm generally picky here. And I like basically being able to get on every day and getting to read a solid 2 chapters from Novels I am really enjoying. Meh I'm needy/greedy when it comes to good literature can't help it. I just read most of the chapters in burst and caught up to the most recent chapter so I can't judge on this and so forth leaving it at 5 stars until further notice. World Background: Overall solid, the author gives good description of environments that the "present" story is taking place in from schools, training areas, bedrooms and more and has also included this in combat scenes in the use of weapons or defenses. The story has gone over some history but it's been here and there for me, this is probably not what most people will think, it's just what I personally would prefer a bit more in this one specific aspect. Can't help it I'm needy. More I have to read of this the better. Total: 5 out of 5 in each category until further notice. It's definitely caught my eye and I'm now paying attention to it's uploads. Very enjoyable read that makes me want more. To see what's coming next. Final Verdict will be given when the author reaches 1,000 chapters or the novel is otherwise abandoned.

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    my problem with this novel is that the novel has 50% mc pov and 50% other unnecessary detailed story telling,it's just not good with the pacing,so many unnecessary pov killed the joy for me.Otherwise a pretty good story and new ideas.Just the story pacing is too slow for me.

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    I thought of this if he can control the shape of his plants he can use sharpen to increase their damage Example: shape a plant in the shape of a spear sharpen the tip to increase penetration Example: make traps to kill the monsters more easily by luring them in to dogged upped holes

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    Fantastic book, amazing characters, and wonderful worldbuilding, like it [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    The authors book provides a great amount of context of the environment with plenty of information. However, his obsession to provide every character their own two page dialogue and Background really ruins the entertainment from the Main story. IDk why he bothers when the reader know's they're a dead Man, EX investigator, and the nightclub kid (Achim). However, this is an Author who Clearly loves to write. I hope to read more of his work as he Improves. P.S Author... you forgot to mention the brain crystal from Martin Hais in chapter 290. (MC Never absorbed it in future chapters)

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    could have became my best novel . author could have not wasted that much chapters for some side story that i felt bored .after this beast horde part somehow make mc go to different country where he can grow fast atleast faster than in current country he lives in

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    let's get a general overview. the story is set in a futuristic world with flying cars, robots, and advanced technology. in this world, everyone has a brain crystal that gives them superpowers. our young protagonist, Erik is a bullied student with an F rank power who discovers a system that turns his life around. the world building is intricate to say the least. Pilgrim doesn't spare any effort when It comes to descriptions and paints a vivid image of the background in your head. his words flow together beautifully. the story starts out nice and slow, it doesn't rush the reader nor is it stressful on them. not much can be said about it as of now, it's still a bit early, but there are some rather exciting upcoming arcs which I'm looking forward to. updating stability is excellent too, a solid two chapters everyday. i would say Pilgrim's writing style could use a bit of work though, so could his character design. we'll certainly see improvements in the future. all in all a 10/10 for system lovers, if you're not reading, then i don't know what you're doing :3

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    My only problem is that, sometimes I forgot who is the mc here due to multiple pov. 😄😄😄

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    the mc is too timid , mentally unstable , stupid , and a coward he claimed he had and too prideful and dark

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    It's good but I'm gon drop it, cuz it's too slow paced, and I don't have the patience to read it. Even if the pace will pick up, I don't want to wait...so yeah. But give it a try if you want.

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    Its a pretty good book its a lot like The bloodline system, however the MC isn't instantly over powered and doesn't revolve around space and space travel. This story has a nice pace to it is written well. The people around MC are not just empty NPCs they feel like people as well which isn't that easy. Anyway keep up the good work look forward to reading more.

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    It's a well-written novel with a lot of thought put into each chapters. The world setting was laid out perfectly. The only thing that's not sitting with me in my opinion is how the MC behaved. I like it when he started to get confident with himself after getting a power boost. Also his personal background was nicely explained. The aspect of growing and sympathizing with the character grows with us readers, however once he developed this new power, he rather becomes impulsive with his decisions and personality fluctuates a lot which left me frowning at times. I have enjoyed reading this novel otherwise and goodluck to future readers 🍂

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    Very good world building. But I am 100 chapter in and barely anything has happened. I have to drop it just cause of how slow paced it is. No one cares about all these side characters.

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    This novel is absolutely incredible and unique, unlike anything I have read before. The best part is that the novel just continues to get better and better as the story goes on. The author has taken the genres of the system, apocalypse, supernatural/ sci-fi, and the concepts of superpowers, AI, and advanced tech, and was able to blend them together creating his own unique take that is awesome to read. I recommend this novel to everyone

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    In my opinion, only problem in your novel is that it is very slow . if you solve this problem, then this story has very high potential . You should also focus more on Worldbuilding too .

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    the MC is pretty dense and nieve, but his background and age kind of explain this. feels like a flawed person who doesn't always make the right choices, not like the author had him make dumb decisions for the plot. the story overall is pretty good and original. The pacing just seems off, I think it may be due to how much the MCs travel is detailed or details about background characters when it's not clear if they are important to the story.

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    A fantastic book written by a fantastic person. Tha author has written every chapter pretty well I like this book very much Love this book. May the stars align for the author

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    author dont forget to make it so that every girl who shows interest like emily and amber will be his future wives

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    It's interesting and fun to read. A fresh experience.

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    Author PilgrimJagger