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  • Walker Of The Worlds

    Walker Of The Worlds



    Lin Mu was a common boy living in a small town, ostracized by the townsmen because of a mistake he made during the harvest, his house seized to compensate for it. Forced to fend for himself in the outskirts, he finds a rusty ring embedded in the tree where he always used to play as a child. Witness his story as the mysterious rusty ring changes his destiny forever, opening him up to a world he would never have experienced, people he would have never met, and powers he would have never had. Instagram: grand_void_daoist -------------------------------------------- Support the author: https://paypal.me/GrandVoidDaoist https://www.patreon.com/GrandVoidDaoist -------------------------------------------- Join the discord-https://discord.gg/fkTbUfBRsH

  • Shadow Walkers

    Shadow Walkers

    Shadow Walkers are said to be legends. Beings that rule their respective domain of what makes up the different races of Aether. Power, Greed, Despair, Happiness, and Love. The world is on the cusp of war and it's time for the Legends to come out of hiding. Everyone has to choose a side, even Shadow Walkers. Summoned to another world and made a slave. Join Seven on his journey as he becomes an Aetherium to help defend his new home. New chapter every Wednesday and Sunday and sometimes in between.

  • Veil Walkers

    Veil Walkers


    There's a darkness hidden within the Kingdoms of Eudris, it tears at The Veil, corrupts the dead and taints the living. But when an unlikely group of misfits cross paths, a tale that defies destiny and the prophesies of the anchients forms while the Trickster Origin guides their path. ***When a boy runs away from his home in search of something greater than himself, he find an adventure he does not want. One that takes more from him than he is able to give.***A group of Seekers travel to the borderlands of Cly'ana and Sheania, with rumours of dead villages and beasts of elder prophesies, they find themselves trapped in a legend that is not their own.***A healer who is bound to the dead finds herself torn between who and what she should fight for. She is marked by the Trickster Origin who yields to her and Origin of Chaos who's will tears at The Veil itself.***Updates will be irregular as I have little to no free time, studying and all that.

  • Death Walkers

    Death Walkers


    They were having a good time enjoying their life and studying. The only setback was that they had to part ways as they lived in different cities, but still, life was easy. Little did they know...----------This is the story of a young man trying to survive along with his friends in this harsh world which is suffering from an apocalypse.

  • Dream walkers

    Dream walkers


  • Sleep Walkers

    Sleep Walkers


    When a set of disturbingly realistic dreams haunting a man become all too real how will he react? How far is he willing to go to figure out what his dreams really meant and those responsible for their devious nature. Take a journey with our sleep walker as he travels into a world of etherial danger and wondrous adventures. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [One chapter every seven days as this is my secondary project, currently working on a sci-fi novel. (Long Chapter)] [Grammar corrections and story advice is always welcomed! I got a-lot planned out so I can't change too much but I'm always open to suggestions for the future.]

  • Realm walkers

    Realm walkers

  • Dog walkers

    Dog walkers

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 BL YAOI

  • The Shadow Walkers

    The Shadow Walkers

    A following of the young man born of the shadow clan learning his powers And that he was adopted A thrilling story of learning who his rival is and that his own brother was as moral enemy.

  • The Tales Of The Walkers

    The Tales Of The Walkers

  • Time Walkers

    Time Walkers


    [IMPORTANT] I'm currently placing this novel on an indefinite hiatus. I want to get back to it, but I just don't really have the time. Also, if I do ever get back to writing this, I'll be rewriting the entire story with better planning and plot. You can read what's published if you want. Just know it stops at a pretty awkward place :/***What could you do if you found out you could time travel—no catches and no drawbacks?Go back in time to fix a mistake? Pass the night in a second? Run through the finish line as fast as a car?Damien had the ability to do all this and more, but before he could even learn to control this power, he was introduced to the second temporal dimension. Thrown through several worlds of the multiverse, he finds that in reality, anybody could manipulate time. This is the story of a boy from a world where time travel is only a fantasy, the travels of an adventurer who visited thousands of worlds, and the growth of the first being who obtained control of all time.***[Excerpts]"You are sensitive. Find that muscle I am pushing. If you can control it, then we will be able to escape this time period.""The sapling suddenly started to grow. Its trunk got thicker and darker, and a layer of bark formed over it. More branches shot out at the top from multiple directions. On them, newer and larger leaves grew, blocking the sunlight. And finally, small, white and pink flowers budded, bloomed, and wilted. In their place were small, green fruits. The fruits grew, turning into large, plump, bright-red apples""An aura formed around my body. Outside, time seemed to slow. The snow pushed out of the way in slow motion, and finally, I stepped up to the top of the thick snow. With my supernatural speed, I could easily run across the soft ground to my prey without falling in. The deer turned its head slowly. Its eyes were filled with distress as I closed in on it. And with one final leap, I sent my dagger into its neck. Crimson blood sprayed out and painted the snow red."***[Waring] Some violence and blood.

  • Portal Walkers

    Portal Walkers

    On a world ravaged by war only a few people still survive. Together they use the magic of their Tatu, an ink marked on the body that gives them supernatural powers granted by a Forgotten God to traverse the planes in the hopes of finding a new home. Talis is an accomplished young portal walker who is about to set foot on her 100th world. With a newly assembled team she looks to find a prime world for all of her people before her planet is decimated by an impending force of destruction.

  • Night Walkers

    Night Walkers


    In ancient lands, the nights are meant for The Night Walkers who are in search of their mates. Until one night it happens to Raeven - a poor villager who earns for her family. She is snatched from her world by her mate - A Fae prince, who will bear one of the seven golden crowns to his lands. Thrust into a world of the unknown it is up to her to find answers to her mate whose heart belongs to another and to help save her new land against the clutches of her mate and his puppeteer.

  • Depth Walkers

    Depth Walkers


    The world we know is larger than we could have ever believed. The earth became ravaged by earthquakes as the continents began to fracture to expose the otherworldly insides of the planet humanity calls home. New resources, natural laws, and lethal monsters all reside below our feet in a place the world now calls 'The Depths'. A new proffesion rose from the ashes of a monster assaulted humanity. They are called Depth Walkers amd they explore this new harsh world so humanity can survive. From soldiers, miners, to researchers the fate of humanity rest on the shoulders of these Depth Walkers. This story follows the simple origin of a rather unremarkable young man named Cassian through a journey of self discovery, passion, loss and raw survival.

  • Spirit walkers

    Spirit walkers

    A 16 year old girl is disgraded and looked down on for not having found her spirit. When she was young, she had an encounter with a boy named Rin. When he didn't show one day, she tried looking for him. With a few years passed she had gave up. Will she ever find him? Will she ever have a spirit? It's only a matter of time. Updates hopefully twice a weekSorry for any bad grammer or spelling.

  • Primal Walkers

    Primal Walkers

    [One shot]As humanity goes deeper and discover more of earths secrets can they control the rising of their ambition?[First try yehey]

  • The Desert Walkers

    The Desert Walkers

    Arizona is home to the largest desert in North American, the Chihuahuan desert. Feran only wanted freedom, but when he escapes from an animal shelter in almost the middle of nowhere, he has no choice but to try and survive the desert. At least it's better than being in a cage, right? Along the way, Feran makes friends, enemies, and more. So join him as he tells his life story.

  • Time Walkers: Alternative

    Time Walkers: Alternative

    Fantasy ACTION

    Flee. Fail. Rewind. How many times has Angel gone through this same routine? How long is this time loop going to last? How many times does she have to fail before succeeding this escape? As events are going now, the only plausible answer is just...infinity...***This will be a collection of short side stories which mainly serve to clarify some points in my main Time Walkers novel that I think might be confusing to some readers. I might put some teases for future events though!



    THEY NEVER know where those zombies or they so called "walkers" came from. A rumor from social media before the night happened said that it is from an unknown ill with no medicine yet. Another set of rumor says that it is from the father monster named, Algoquain. Based from the stories of the survivors who saw him, it's pretty huge monster. His body was all in blood and made up by large connected intestines.Kira Carson is a strong independent lady who will do everything just to make her family safe. She's lucky living survivor after that night happened but will she stay lucky if the nightmare continues with the following days?

  • The Shadow Walkers series

    The Shadow Walkers series

    Fantasy Romance WEREWOLF

    After meeting her father after years due to his disappearance he comes back into her life.And with one sentence he changed her whole life."Your Princess Amelia Rose Cartenay of Dimension 4."