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A World Where Women Are the Rulers

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Author: mattfuncool

3.68 (53 ratings)

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Chase Norris was just your normal troublemaker in life given that he acted nothing more than a delinquent throughout his high school life up to the very end it was coming. No one ever believed he would do anything good with his life after finishing high school given Chase was going to have a long criminal record in his adult life.

There were a few who believed him to do much more in life than others think given that Chase has a chance to be something else to the world than that. Yet it does not matter about the future for this person when our friend gets struck by lightning and mysteriously gets brought into another world unharmed.

A world completely different from his own on earth starting with how it is like a fantasy book or game filled with monsters that are dangerous and can kill a person if attacked by creatures. Yet that is not the only thing that was shocking to Chase where it turn out the women of this world are like the top rulers and the man are treated as lowly slaves.

Had no clue how coming to this world came to work. Chase has to think first is to stay alive in it given being a male is like having a target on his back meaning journaling in this world is going to be very tough for him.

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    The book has really bad grammar and the MC is extremely arrogant which gets him into bad scenarios .

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    The english is terrible. As a native english speaker I can say that with the utmost confidence. It's strange though. There are no spelling mistakes, but the actual sentences are mashed together like bundles of words out of order. So unless you have some skill when it comes to interpretation and the time to read some things several times, don't read this novel.

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    When you read the book's title, it gave a Valkyrie feeling… lol Although I like to read about strong males, and I've never read about a man alone in a place full of women. It's kinda interesting feeling. Hope the ML can reach a great height surrounding by women. Go and conquer the world full of women… (Just kidding…) Keep going!!!

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    it would be fine if there was just horrible grammar but even worse is that the story itself just sucks so bad it's unbelievable.......................

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    It could have been good but it's written like a middle school fan fiction by an author who slept through English classes. Either that or it's been through google translate. It doesn't seem to be translation though it's pretty strange. I can only assume the author is a teenager or child who understands how to spell but not how sentence struture works.

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    the grammar is disgustingly bad. the story is somehow worse. i wouldn't mind if the grammar was just bad, but it has reached an extent where I as a reader, am forced to decipher the meaning every sentence. This is not reading, this is torture.

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    Finding this type of book is rare and always interesting love it so far plus there is no harem if you were reading the story you know what I meant by that

    Reveal Spoiler
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    The novel is so unique and by unique i meant the plot, the characters and the world, everything felt so fresh when i was reading. The interaction between the MC Chace and the girls were so funny especially during the first few chapters. I am not a native english speaker but i came across no grammar mistakes or weird sentences. It was simple yet gripping. I hope the author release more and more chapters because this is a hidden gem.

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    This is garbage too much why the mc so annoying

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    I'm going to be honest as ever, as I would expect everyone else, who isn't a bot, to do the same. The story isn't good, but it's not bad. The grammar isn't good, sometimes you don't even know who's talking. You also have numerous sentences inside a quote without a break. I'm not a professional neither is many people. But I know those who are giving five stars saying it's the best novel they've ever read is straight up lying. I don't know if you've run this over with a grammar checker or use the money you get and get an editor; But the grammar and the story telling is off. I'm not trying to be harsh here. I believe this could be an insanely decent story (Although I'm not a fan of girls in covers for a story that has nothing to do with them) ; Clickbaiting etc (I dislike it,) but this story has a chance to be decent. Why not look at the reviews, ask people what can be done. That is what this is here for!

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    The grammar is pretty bad and it’s sad that the author is from the US. I could barely get thru the 2nd chapter.

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    Utterly disappointed in this novel, so much wasted potential by grammar and unstable characters. A gender reversal world where the roles reversed but goblins aren't affected and sometimes girls act like their roles aren't reversed.

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    LV 14 Badge

    Interesting idea, I like how the world is shaping up. If you start posting daily with good grammar then this could be popular. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    the grammar is god awful. like this person barely knows English at all. MC does not adapt to the new world very well and does not pick up on the small things you wouldn't notice immediately. I do not recommend it.

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    The plot is interesting. The characters' interactions are well made and coherent with how the relation between male and female are in that world. I want to know more about the other empires/power and if any man is trying to build a revolution army or something like that with what happens to them when they lose the war.

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    This criminal is about to learn in alternative reality he is in for a fight in the journey past the arc of women. His landladies will be mean. It is Chase Norris like a lonely Texas Ranger in my eyes are seeing this well developed piece of literature I cannot stop enjoying!

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    The plot is interesting but very common, I trust you for making something very unique out of this, I also like the male lead, kinda reminds me of Cobra, so globally your plot is good but i suggest you to download Grammarly, it will help you to drastically improve your writing

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    I like how the female’s are powerful compared to men, you don’t really see a lot of this unless it’s where the female is more dominant or something like a reverse harem, I really like it and it gives me a lot of inspiration. It’s a unique novel idea.

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    This novel is excellent and has potential. The world in this novel is ruled by women and the Mc isekai here. I wonder if he will be princess carried too. I'd love to see that. I also can't wait until the magic is shown, and perhaps the Mc can take down a dragon.

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    Honestly the story was great even though the grammar is more strange than my English of my own novel but good brown keep it up ,and PAHH !-

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    Author mattfuncool