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Jake is the firstborn in his family, and he is about to undertake the challenge of a lifetime. Along with fifty other 'first-born' students, he must take Feldspar Academy's mysterious exit exam.

He will have to design a new world; full of wonder and promise, where the only limit will be his imagination.

The pressure is crippling; he alone holds power over where his family and friends will live out the rest of their lives. If he fails, then everyone who he has ever loved will be doomed to try and survive his creation, whether it is finished or not.

Please be advised that this is a fast-paced novel, with a plot that spans many realms.

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    What could I say about this book? I have something to start BINGE reading again. This book is truly great. The narratives for this one is so clear and easy to the eyes to read. The characters especially the Mc is enjoyable too. This is something different from all the isekais book I read so far. Definitely! This book is a great read! Greatly recommend to those who seek a story that is something fresh and unique. I will be back to reading now. Great work author!

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    The author has poured his heart into baking this wonderful plot, right from chapter 1 Jake's history and character is slowly being built, almost as if u cant even see it coming. Love the rich language, the name of the chapters stands out, the description is overwhelming at times because its just so thick! I barely have books in my library that i save for later, but this goes straight into it. It'll help me grow because the vocabulary, the plot, the characters are so amazingly crafted. WORTH A READ.

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    Woah! I am currently reading chapter eight and so far good. The author is capable of creating lively characters and empathy towards the Mc. I thought Mc is simp, but yeah, you don't walk right after the born, and MC is also like that. The author gave pretty much space for character development and I think that's a necessary trait for a successful novel. The only thing I don't like was big paragraphs and sentences are too wordy. Thanks for a great novel.

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    The most important aspect of the Author's story is his concept. It's so incredibly original that, as an author, I'm jealous. It's executed brilliantly at a breakneck pace. Everything goes ahead at full-throttle and the action and plot momentum is more than enough to carry my imagination. So here goes: The Great: I've said it already, but the concept of the plot is outrageously original. It's a pure joy to picture and I'll be taking it home with me to hold as a pleasant dream. The power to write reality. Joy. Beside that, the author's mature voice comes across very well. I can see the experience behind the writing, something that is generally lacking on this website. As a native English speaker, it's nice to see. Needs Consideration: Getting into the conflict happens extremely, extremely fast. I was surprised when the first villain came on to the scene, because I wasn't expecting to care. I did, but I think that was marginally luck. Should consider perhaps inserting another chapter at the start to slow it down for newer readers. Needs Immediate Action: The author, in the first couple of chapters, confuses tense sometimes. Present and past tense are intermingled and it's really jarring. At first I was even uncertain as to what tense the story was going to be told in, until I went back to double check and confirm. It's small, in the great scheme of things, but a publisher wouldn't overlook it.

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    Just an author supporting his own work, but also a thank you to anyone reading my ongoing Webnovel. I have been adding a lot of extra layers to the characters and plot of this story, implementing the valuable feedback I have recieved, so thanks again for that. I really appreciate it. New chapters will be added daily now, so let me know what you think. Stay safe everyone.

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    This story is lit! I gotta say I'm impressed! With talent and skills accompanied by hard work, this will fare well in the future! So far so good! 👍

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    The story is MORE than just interesting, you'd feel yourself slowly being sucked into reading more as the chapter progresses. I truly recommend this book to a lot of readers, if only I could do more in that area than just leaving an honest review. The characters and the way the story was designed is indeed a gem here in Webnovel. I am excited to unfold more about what Brockwing Vale has to offer me on this insightful reading journey!

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    The thing I love most about this book is the word choice of the author. It's inspiring both as an author and as a reader, the chapters are riddled with amazing uses of metaphors and vivid imagery. The characters are well written, Jake is surprisingly funny. The world building is just enough information to keep you fed yet still curious for more. The only thing I would change is the pacing, it's a bit too quick and I would prefer to have more time to indulge in the characters and the events. But it really doesn't take away too much from the novel, a great read!!

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    I have thoroughly enjoyed the read! I'm going to continue on 😆 about the book- √such a fascinating and unique synopsis itself works the magic on the readers √well constructed story line possessing stable world building √great concept feels like I'm in some anime, ability to suck in readers √genres taken up are great consisting of action, adventure, magic, thrill, mystery, humour, sarcasm plus romance √ intriguing protagonist with cool description showcasing his journey, other characters too has so much personality! √ a quality work with great vocabulary and grammars All in all I have really been enjoying the novel way too much!

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    Great way to develop your character. Good storytelling and nice and clean English. Very easy to feel the story and be part of it. Good job on writing so beautifully.

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    I am not a fan of fantasy, but it's a pleasure to read a story written in "real" English ;) Intersting storyline and nicely created characters! I see here, a future competition for Harry P. ;) Excellent work! Good luck with the story! Happy New Year!

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    What's wrong with you READERS??? Author already published so many chapters, has so many views, but not many reviews??? The book is good, the plot is interesting, characters also - so don't be afraid to leave a comment or review! Happy New Year!

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    the story is well written, the characters' personality are very interesting and the writing style is good so overall, this book deserves the spot light. keep up the good work.

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    Hi, your story is quite interesting. Especially character development. As I was reading through the first chapter, I was already able to get an essence of the protagonist's personality. The language of the story is very well written. The description of different scenes is well detailed, but I would as a reader I think you can expand a bit more on the scenes.

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    Goos story There is some cliché here and there but we can't expect a story to be void of them but it would be better if they are minimized Still good tho .

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    You're doing great Keep it Up!!![img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    The development is amazing and I absoulty love how you describe characters and settings, It's so poetic. Keep doing what your doing, and become more and more inspired so that you can bless us with amazing chapters╰(*°▽°*)╯

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    Author here, I just wanted to thank you all for your feedback and support. And while I do work full time, I always aim to update daily. If you want to chat, feel free to drop me a comment.

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    Author Craig_Beckham