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Deranged Writer's Afterword

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Author: Carrot_Dude

4.22 (20 ratings)

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I'm a loser that writes for a living.

Now that I'm about to kill myself, I can proudly admit that fact.
I was born a loser and now I'm gonna die a loser

So, with much vigor, I decided to jump off a bridge. But when the moment came I got cold feet and decided to not kill myself.

But I still died.....

Turns out being drunk and standing on a very thin railing was not that safe and the fact that I don't know how to swim wasn't helping.

Mission failed successfully, I suppose.

But what's this?
Why are my arms so tiny?
Why can't I stand up?
I have turned into a baby!


Why is this world so strangely familiar?

Isn't this world based on a novel I wrote long ago...

I reincarnated as a baby in my novel's world !??

'' Sigh...''

Fuck this shit, I'm out.

[ Disclaimer: I don't own the cover. If the owners want me to take it down, please dm me on Instagram.]
My username is carrot_dude12345

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    Few things to know before reading- 1. The start is a little rocky since this is my first novel, but as I write more I improve just as much. 2. This novel takes inspiration from countless novels like TAP, TNE and many anime like MHA etc. I mashed together the tropes I liked best and the result of that is this novel, even if there are some similarities the plot is completely different. 3. This novel does not contain harem. 4. Please be gentle with your criticism, I'm very fragile (because I'm a carrot) 5. The MC is not likable in the beginning, I made it to be like that, but like all of us he too is changing constantly, growing through experiences. 6. Thank You For Reading.

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    The story is ruined because Lecia is R*ped, at first the story is good but it escalated quickly after what happened to Lecia. Author you should've known that making readers love a character then letting something bad happen to that character will absolutely make many readers triggered. I read chapter 1-50 but I lost motivation because I kept thinking of what happened to Lecia So future readers, if you don't what to be triggered, ruin your mood, and waste you time don't read this ps: sorry for my bad English

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    An absolute moron of a character, the jokes are humbling even the cold jokes you make to your daily friends is funnier than he makes during his useless monologues, read if you want an absolute retard with the generic protagonist needs to suffer from every turn and then get lucky.

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    The character design, the world building and sprinkling little bits of mystery here and there, Carrot has done a perfect job in everything. The story always manages to enamor the reader with its engaging plot. It's an amazing read. And I'm happy to see that Carrot's work is going to get the recognition it deserved.

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    Absolute perfection. I really hate the 140 characters thing it’s suuuuuuuuuper annoying

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    this is a Korean drama without Korean actors. so full of twists and inconsistency, I had enough. good luck.

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    lol l respect anyone that can read this garbanzo and rate it 5 stars. writing quality is a lil better than mtl, story dev and char design are lol , I read like 70 thinking it would get better, lol

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    Is MC female or male Just asking for a friend Before anyone ask No it dose not matter i Just like novels with female MC better Webnovel i still hate the fact that you have to write 140 words before you can finish a review Word count: 250

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    ...... H h h h h hh h hh h g d g r ft f r d d d rr f f r d f fi..j.j j h u u u u u u u u uu y yu h gj gj g j h j h j h j h kh i ITS GOOD

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    I don't know where to even begin. This novel does make me feel anxious for it's characters, not many novel could do that. It doesn't shy away from something "dark" like most, but instead hit you with some heavy stuff every once in a while. That "Deranged" in the novel's title sums it up best. The character felt "alive" to me, They aren't just cardboard cut-outs. Deep rooted trauma, guilt, identity issues... The flaws make them more human to me. I give this novel: Panther&Human hybrid/10.

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    I will be completely honest I did expect a lot when I started to read the first 10 chapters I thought he was just gonna be an op me especially after seeing his special skill but after seeing all of the rest normally I don’t like drama I think it unnecessar In a novel but reading this he nailed it sure the writing quality could use a little bit of work maybe add a bit more words per chapter and it feels like you are rushing which if you feel like you are under pressure in writing and finishing the chapter I strongly suggest take a break or slowing down to 1 chapter per week

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    Just for yall information the fmc gets r*ped by the caretaker of the orphanage. .

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    my brother writes good novels. I would even say the best novels so here is the review you deserve. Anyway y'all better read it or you will have a problem with me since I know a few powerful peeps.

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    Questo romanzo è scritto bene senza errori grammaticali, ha un senso logico conduttore molto convincente, é molto originale tranne che il protagonista é l'autore.

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    Wow, what a banger. Honestly one of the most brutal yet humorous books I've ever read. The main character is so interesting and all the side characters are fleshed out enough that they feel real. 11/10 would get dementia just to reread this again for the first time. Wow author you're amazing.

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    This 140 minimum to write a reviews is annoying... Anyway, good story! .

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    Everything about this novel is really great itho i would love it to have a little less crazy stuff[img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]

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    My opinion about this novel at the start was good even the part with lecia and mark i honestly didnt care that much like other people did but it was the part when the mc fought joe and explained to everybody most of his secrets is when i decided to drop this mc loses all his skills to a nobody just for plot he has a ring that can edit your status and he only uses for once instead of using it to its fullest potential and he seems kind of emotionless like its hard to care about him he couldve died to joe and joe became the new mc and i wouldnt have cared like your sister was being raped for months and he really didnt care and the main enemies are super op they just gave a man a skill that takes skills with a touch like nothing all in all this isnt a novel to read if you love good plot or want to care about charcters this is just the type of novel that you should read if you like dumb op mc

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    Author Carrot_Dude