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Hao Ren, an ordinary university student, saved a little girl who fell from the sky. By accident, he swallowed a "candy" that fell off of that girl's body and somehow became the Dragon King's son-in-law......
His life was turned upside-down from that point on.
There were dragons in this world? And they are living side-by-side with humans? Ancient Chinese Mythologies really happened?
Hao Ren got to experience a new world that was hidden from ordinary humans. Despite the thrills that came with the new discovery, there were challenges along the way.
He thought his easy life as the Dragon King's son-in-law was going to be chill and gucci, but conspiracies and undercurrents were coming his way.
TL Notes: this novel was written quite a while back, and its statistic isn't as great as some of the newer novels. However, the storyline is great, and the development of characters and emotions between them are the highlights of the novel. I read this novel more than three times, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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    Website : qidian china Views : 6.02million Rating : N/R Chapters : 798 Status : completed Word count : 2.52million author level : lv5 No of works : 1 Comments : 612 Year started : 2010 Hi ppl I'm back. Of course I dunno if you guys even remember me. Anyway I'm gonna continue this again.

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    One day, your just minding your own business and you see a piece of candy and you're like " oh! A piece of candy!" And you eat it because you're a badass who does what they want 😎 little did you know BAM! You're the son-in-law to a dragon now. Does this mean you'll become a dragon too? Will you ever eat candy again? Is your dragon wife at least hot? Find out next time on Dragon ba- oh wait fu-- (cuts off into black screen)

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    The only reason I voted for this novel is because thestatsguy returned and gave us information on this novel. I didn't even read the synopsis. Thus, on this day I voted for thestatsguy.

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    I read 1/3 of the raw which is like 200-300 and sneaked a peek at the ending. It seems to be a harem and the MC is actually very caring and protective to his women. The cultivation lvls are the usual: Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, etc. But also have a different kind by dragons with 9 lvls. It also includes ingredients, attributes, pills, majic weapons....There are also layers of sky/heaven like no human cultivator can descend to below 5th layer of heaven, so the remaining cultivators are mostly of dragon tribe and a mysterious organisation that retains peace in the human world. The story is mostly a mixture of modern and xianxia stuff...The MC is Haoren, 19, the son of 2 famous scientists who are always busy, he is raised by his grandmother. His parents sent him to a normal school but the school is managed by the dragon palace (东海龙宫). He is pretty much well like in his dorm with his fellow classmates. There are 5 women: the dragon princess (15 yrs old attending the top secondary school, met when she failed to summon the rain and fell onto him in the first few chapters), the class monitor (forgotten childhood sweetheart), 2 sisters from heaven (trapped in the mortal world for 200 yrs, released after he saw them on his first visit to the dragon palace) and his teacher (one of members of the secret organization, raised by an elder of the dragon palace). He have a pet named Xiao Bai, a baby snow lion that can later fly and spit fire. His cultivation is special, balancing the 5 attributes (fire, water, earth, metal and wood) in his body to cultivate the lightning attribute to shoot sword qi...

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    Swallowed a candy that fell from a girl's body? Somehow became the dragon king's son in law? The absurdity and ex-machina vibe actually intrigues me. Experiencing a hidden world, I got the fantasy vibes of Harry Potter and Ancient Magus' Bride... Gonna give this a try.

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    First Impression of the story:- I read a few chapters and felt that the novel was a decent read. It gave me the vibes of Genius Sword Immortal, My Beautiful Teacher, etc. It looks like the kind of novel where lots of beautiful ladies show up but it beats reading boilerplate novels any day. MC is accidently thrust into a Fantastical world hidden within the real word and tries to cope with these new changes in his life and what happens next forms the rest of the story....

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    LV 6 Badge

    I droped this as soon as I read the kid character being described as sexy. This is pedo bait for lolicons who are into grooming. In fact, I expect the rest of this novel to a bunch of pedo pandering. This is not the kind of content I want to see on webnovel.

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    Let me start off by saying the characters and their relations and how they affect each other is one of the more realistic ones I have ever read in Chinese webnovel. They actually have a character development instead of the author slapping "They felt closer after talking" or "It was a love at first sight". And the supporting cast is not one-dimensional cardboard cutouts, they actually care for each other and you can feel it in the dialogue. The author shows a strong hand of " Show and Not Tell". The other aspect aren't things that would be marveled at but it is still good.

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    So am I the only person who thinks the MC is stupid. A candy drops from a little girl what do do you do??? Oh i don't know maybe eat it 😕 But the story sound sound interesting anyway

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    Just a random and unreasonable Harem hater coming through no big deal Harem sucks- all characters are one dimensional Harem sucks- all characters are one dimensional Harem sucks- all characters are one dimensional Harem sucks- all characters are one dimensional Harem sucks- all characters are one dimensional

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    I have just completed the raws of this novel. The plot line and story are brilliant. Its worth reading. But I must admit, last 100 chapters of this novel are like a mess. Almost everything happens in these last chapters. You can really feel that the author is rushing to finish this novel as soon as possible. The cultivation level of the MC and his girls skyrocket in these chapters, sometimes even skipping few of the levels directly. There are 3 bed scenes with Su Han, Zi and Yujia respectively. Finally he has 5 women in his harem: Su Han, Zhao Yanzi, Xie Yujia, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili. There is one more, Duan Yao, whose ending is not elaborated as her soul is being protected in the Kunlun Mountain Lamp because she was injured while saving Hao Ren from Xu Ke. It was written in the last chapter that once MC reaches the realm of 8 hearts lotus, he can save her. But it has been 5 years since that incident and he can't say if her soul still has feeling for him. Many characters were not properly developed like: Duan Yao, Zhao Baibai, Lu sisters, Western Queen, Wu Luoxue, Qin Lang, Elder Xingyue, Ye Zilong and many more. Romance between MC and Su Han, Lu sisters and Guan Yao, was also not elaborated. Ending was very abrupt: 5 years later, Hao Ren becomes a world famous architect and inherits Iom Studio. He marries Zi in the East China Sea Dragon Palace and half-a-month later marries Xie Yujia in front of all the mortals. Now another mystery that was unraveled was about Su Han. Her father is a water-system Tianlong and lord of the Dragon Temple. Her mother is the Gold-system Tianlong who successfully robbed 500 years ago. Now about Smart. He is the only son of Shiefie (Phoenix) and Qin Lang (Unicorn). Both of whom are the King of the World. Shiefie is the daughter of the Prisoner. Smart is an Ink-Black Unicorn. He falls in love with Wu Luoxue, who lives a life of mortal but is actually the daughter of Bai Ze, another King of the World. Conclusion was not given to their romance, even in the last chapter. Lu sisters are actually the core disciples of the Western Queen ('The Virgin'), who loves them like daughters and marries them to Hao Ren. Zhao Kuo is the chosen one by heavens. He marries Elder Xingyue in the end. Zhao Hooran is resurrected in the end as the ultimate dragon. Oh, and there is also the Monkey King (Sun Wukong), who becomes the Second brother of Hao Ren. His 'Stick' becomes the life magic weapon of Hao Ren. Although there are short-comings and the ending never feels to be sufficient, this is still a great novel with a lot of scope for a new volume or a good spin-off. Because seriously, the its ending cannot be called a conclusion. The author has 2 other novels, about which I don't have much idea. But it will be welcomed if you can give their summaries and reviews in the comments.

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    I regret to say that I am dropping this novel, which is a pity because I have such high hope in the beginning chapters. But the characters brain-damage actions (most of them) convince me otherwise. First, the grandmother. Grandmother, stop messing with your grandson's love life. I know you want great grandkids but you can't drag every girls in sight and dump them into his lap. And what the heck is telling each of them you love them and won't let the boy mistreat them? The one to mistreat them the most is YOU! If you love someone, would you try to hook her lover WITH ANOTHER GIRL?! Then The immortal grandma. I know you love your disciple and all. But when your disciple fall for a guy with owner, instead of consulting her to stop it, you go everywhere lobbying the guy to break up with his rightful fiancee and go with your disciple?? Do you think your disciple would be happy you force a guy to stay with her? And if the guy willingly go to your disciple, would you really want such an unfaithful guy to be with her? And what is is rant about how he is mistreating your disciple? They were never an item, how can there be mistreatment? Zi Honestly the one I like best. She is annoying as hell but at least she doesn't do the stupid ****. Class Prez (who are no longer one) You should stop the minute you know he has a fiancee. Why do you still stick to him and be doubtful whether he has something with that girl when he is the one to tell you that is his fiancee? Hao Ren You are not a good guy. Decide already, you moron. Decide who you like and come clean. Wait, there is nothing to decide. You know you have to marry Zi, or she dies. And that is also the deal you struck with her parents who was extremely nice to you! So what are you doing acting like that to the other girl and give her hope? You tell her not to go abroad. You hold her hand. You ask her out. You sit beside her on the bus. You are silent when everyone tease that you guys are an item. And then many chapters after that you say you are not her boyfriend?! If this is not lover's behaviors then what is?!!!!

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    LV 5 Badge

    And they told me that eating sweets from strangers was bad, they certainly did not want me to become son-in-law of the dragon king ☺☺☺💕💘 This is my first review and I do not know much in English, any error tells me

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    First off, let me say that the translation quality and updates are quite good. There is some odd grammar here and there but within acceptable margins considering the upload speed. I've read up to the latest chapter as of this review (ch. 151) and the MC has barely progressed in cultivating. There's supposed to be 8 or 9 levels and most likely more, but up to ch. 151, he's barely at half kan-level i.e. the first level. According to the statsguy, this novel only has 798 chapters which means more than 1/5 is complete and the MC has done almost nothing. The author spends more time of emphasizing the social life and random events regarding the MC which doesn't contribute to the overall story in my opinion. Even though he should studying for exams or cultivating to progress himself, why is he doing random things like going to his fiance's middle school for parent/teacher meetings or "protecting" her from other students. She didn't need his protection before, why now? Let's move on to character development, trick statement, there isn't much to begin with. His school friends make the same lame jokes about his good luck with women and trying to get the hot girls' numbers from him. His fiance's constant attitude problem hasn't changed much and his just-revealed childhood friend never liked him until he started getting popular which betrays her own character design. She was portrayed in the beginning as goody-two-shoes girl who didn't care about popularity, wealth, or power, but she ends up doing the exact opposite. Lastly, while I understand China's age of consent is 14, it's still kind of creepy to read about a university student is touching a middle school girl's legs who is 15. Why does the author constantly describe how sexy a middle school student is? It's not just the MC's fiance either, there are several occasions where it mentions some of her friends and other random students. It's just weird to me reading it since I'm American and where my state's age of consent is 18. Take my review for a grain of salt but the story just isn't going anywhere at this rate for me to want to continue reading it. Have a nice day.

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    Dont waste your time on this, though it starts interesting the character development is as bad as it can be. You expct that around 500 chapters with be enough to develop a character, but except the little development regarding the power of the characters, their personality hasnt changed at all and it gets annoying.

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    This novel is amazing, I usually read content with lots of fights, but in 40 chapters I fell in love with this, it's a slice of life that has cultivation around it, but the greater focus is in the relationship the protagonist has with other characters, their personalities are all well built, the story makes sense and is captivating. There are tids and bits of comedy but also lots of sweet moments throughout it, I guess there will be fights once the protagonist reaches a certain level of power, but for now, only trivial things bothered him, to a level where anyone could experience the same thing. Give this story a go, fights and near death situations are not the only quality content out there.

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    I'm only here because it says son-in-law.... I like romance novels but only if they are from the perspective of male mcs.. So this seems to fit the bill (even though its prob not romance)

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    This novel now is really annoying. There are nothing interesting happening. First , you have the MC who don't focus enough on cultivation. For a cultivation novel , you have more romance and drama than action . The MC have too much background; the grandma, the lu sisters , the inspector (su han), the disciple of Qi niu ...That's too much. The Mc didn't have enough life and death battle. Secondly, the MC is a idiot(you can see that even with his cultivation , he can't have a perfect score in exam) why is that? Because of his stupidity he accidently launch a war betwen the dragon clan. There are too much to say so i will go straight; WHY NOTHING SERIOUS HAPPENING EVEN AFTER MORE THAN 300 CHAPTERS?

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    It is a very interesting story , but overly long. And the ss are pricy. Also zi has a beyond spoilt character. I really was enjoying the story until demands for ss. I feel with a story that takes so long to get to important details, it should be cheaper so one can enjoy the story

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    I know what " candy " you eat. Hihihi... Hehehe. HOHOHO I eat a few times too. I know how u are, bro. ;D Chocolate > ( Candy candy candy candy candy ) ( Sweetie sweetie girls love ) ( Chewing chewing chewing chewing chewing )

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