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Vishapakagh: Does Anthony live as well? Because it has been ages since anyone saw him. I don't like that his evolution gets so dragged out, but I like your story.

Chrysalis · C381
5 hours ago

iLyna_chAn: Not possible

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C136
21 hours ago

Shadizar: I don't understand how anyone would trust one of these links yet apparently far too many do.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C136
21 hours ago

Chou_Osara: report this bot

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C136
21 hours ago

Cisos: Day 32: Still waiting for the release rate back normal

The Legendary Mechanic · C511
1 day ago

Randompasserby: Ohh the churches and cathedrals this new colony of ant-worshipping humans would build when this is all over...

I can already feel Anthony cringing to death in his evolution induces torpor lmao 🙉🙈🙊

Chrysalis · C380
3 days ago


Chrysalis · C379
3 days ago

bob20bob2: I have a dream. That all beings under Gandalf’s land shall be treated equally and killed without favorism. Whether they are man or women, trans or snowflake that should all be equally crushed under Anthony’s mandibles.
//:Children and kids are an exception://

Chrysalis · C139
1 week ago

vkg313: This arc feels really slow. Father is somewhat interesting though. Needs a mass release to blow through this somewhat boring part...

Way of the Devil · C511
1 week ago

AngelicDestroyer: Yes truly equal. Imagine if Dr. King said that. "That all men shall be treated equal. Just men mind you, don't care bout the rest".

Chrysalis · C139
1 week ago

Nirvanic_Sun: Norriose is a big hub, Alvin probably fled to the highest level area he could since the muddier the waters the better his chance for survival and the more restricted dark stars actions are

The Legendary Mechanic · C488
3 weeks ago

MidKnightCrisis: You literally repeated what OG said, and got 3 likes from it.


The Legendary Mechanic · C485
3 weeks ago

Alessan: It’s gotta be Nast. The description fits and it makes a ton of sense considering he’s a Frenzied Mage (Sequence 3 Dark Emperor)

Lord of the Mysteries · C559
4 weeks ago

bob20bob2: I am very conflicted! On one hand I think Anthony should go full mental patient and disregard all human life and on the other hand I think he should be the mind ant representive of the ant race creating bridges between monsters and creatures that are classified as not monsters. Imagine some people that would hire ants for construction and you see this massive army of ants in the middle of your town building some giant mage tower or something

Chrysalis · C130
1 month ago

Azunyan: The biggest problem I have with this is that there is nothing making it stand out. If the novel was a person and the flesh and blood was the characters and world, the person would be a rotting corpse. Furthermore, the bones (plot) wouldn't be bones that were refined in anyway. They would be ordinary and just like all the other persons (stories). I really dislike this so I might be a bit harsh.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
1 month ago

Bloody_Jade: Nobody need their spirit stones, we need more chapters

The Legendary Mechanic · C456
1 month ago

Error_Name: Fkng annoying ****. Posting their advertisement evry fkng where. Admins ban them by IP. Or whatsoever

The Legendary Mechanic · C456
1 month ago

LouisXV: Where is the next chapter??

Mystical Journey · C1285
1 month ago

bob20bob2: I don’t hate chi Guyan but I hope the author can lessen the flattery he gives her every movement because while it was fine in the beginning now it’s not

Gate of God · C228
2 months ago

PettyOfficer: There are like 20 reviews from two people giving this 5 stars and I have to put my foot down.

I’ve read up to chapter 18 and I want to blow my brains out. Wanna know why?

It’s not lacking chapters. It’s not the decent grammar or the general narrative style.

It’s the overuse of clichés, emphasis of “plans,” and useless characters. Also, the dreadful POV shifts.

For clichés, we got MC Mark, a “badass” anti-hero/hero mix. We got a random mother and daughter burden for escort. Then there’s the strong and uncooperative love interest with her friend. Oh, and I almost forgot! There’s the unnamed male employee as the servant.

Some bus is in an accident and then zombies come out from it. It’s the apocalypse and somehow, the zombies have hacks that allow them to bypass crowds and kill any good guy with a gun. No police or guards! No phone service, so you can’t call for help!

That means everyone is getting slaughtered! MC steps in to lead everyone to safety! Oh no! Someone needs help, so he goes to save them with his badass one-handed shotgunning skills! He got it from a zombie guard that happened to attack him!

But he can’t just save them without showing how all other guys are trash! A mom gets grabbed by dying man! How she is still alive when running from zombies with her daughter? Who cares! Love interest shows she can fight, but MC saves her because he must be better!

Oh? A rich fatty goes crazy and holds everyone hostage in his base? He locks out MC and kills someone with a gun? Guess it’s detour time for MC to go save them because they’re helpless without him! No need to try and reason with the fatty.

Don’t worry! It’s all according to “plan!” MC loots a place and makes the path secure. Oh, a detour to the detour? Oh, it’s time to save a new love interest? Oh, we have to get the hero a heroic entrance instead of assassinating the gangsters. We’ll have the MC talk to the Boss as he r*pes the girl because this is the “plan!”

What!? The Boss has a gun? No worries! MC knew and wanted to make sure by talking to the gangsters! He just wanted to get a better shot. What? He only shot off the Boss’s arm and kicked a gangster’s balls? What “plan” is this?

How will he survive now? Oh? It was instant KO? As expected of MC, the other gangsters run away since they luckily don’t have guns. Now the MC is the hero. Let’s have TWO chapters of FLASHBACKS to show this pampered and beautiful love interest having a hard time with her family, friends, and fiancé.

Don’t worry! Literally disarming the Boss was part of the plan! He’s bleeding out, but don’t worry! MC must have a moment with his love interest! Oh, the Boss died? Time for a new “plan!” The fleeing gangsters attracted the zombies away? As expected of the “plan!” They never could have lured them back! Even if they did, MC had “plans” for it!

Ignore that his people had to kill zombies attracted by his gunshot! Hey, that mom can come over here and clean up the love interest. That gangster Boss r*ped her all over just by himself! She’s coated in his slimy seed!

Great! We’re ready to move on! Ignore how the daughter keeps up. Man-servant has been carrying the injured mother the whole time!

Do you understand how tedious and discomforting that is? It’s a droll format. It relies on cliché encounters to build up a harem team because the author doesn’t want to have MC alone. We go back and forth between characters only so the MC is no longer the focus of the story.

It’s fractured but whole, like a fractured butt hole. Incomplete, but complete; empty, but full.

2 months ago

DDDRUMSTICKS: all hail big daddy dumby. what a great dude

Monster Pet Evolution · C483
2 months ago

PoisonHorn: Level 59? Fvck! hail new and first soon-to-be Emperor born on Earth Star

Monster Pet Evolution · C467
2 months ago

Unmortal: Soo Elsa girl and Olaf boy living together eeeh...😏

Monster Pet Evolution · C421
3 months ago

LadyKaye: Stripey. The most sensible child. ♥

Monster Pet Evolution · C401
3 months ago
I seriously want an anime of this View More
Way of the Devil · C377
4 months ago

HoarsMane: "I feel like I've forgotten something…

Oh right! I'm dying. "
Same here XD

Chrysalis · C295
4 months ago


Chrysalis · C295
4 months ago

mefisto225: i bait that just at this moment a certain batface will show up and scare the hell out of him

Chrysalis · C294
4 months ago

Patatatatata: With all the religions, there are too much holiday to celebrate, RinoZ isn't a robot XD

Chrysalis · C294
4 months ago

Top_Comment: Wtf this isn't how humans are supposed to act. NORMALLY you just attack whatever native you see,enslave them and take their ressources.Peace lol?is this a joke. It legit takes all the fun away I'll excuse the mc's inacceptable attitude because he's young.

Monster Pet Evolution · C368
4 months ago
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