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Gourmet of Another World

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Author: Li HongtianTranslator: CatatoPatch


4.37 (3,297 ratings)

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In a fantasy world where martial artists can split mountains and creeks with a wave of their hand and break rivers with a kick, there exists a little restaurant like this.
The restaurant isn't large, but it is a place where countless apex existences will rush into.
There, you can taste egg-fried rice made from phoenix eggs and dragon blood rice.
There, you can drink strong wine brewed from vermillion fruit and water from the fountain of life.
There, you can taste the barbecued meat of a ninth grade supreme beast sprinkled with black pepper.
What? You want to abduct the chef? That's not going to happen, because there's a tenth grade divine beast, the Hellhound, lying at the entrance.
Oh, that chef also has a robotic assistant that killed a ninth grade supreme being with a single hand and a group of crazy women whose stomachs were conquered.
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    Wth... WHAT THE HELL! ok tbis is on my cellphone but famn do I need to write a fucking Review for this magical phenomenom of a story I mean.. I startet reading it yesterday and whee where to Start short version: It was 23 in the night I need a new story I am bored and tired Uhh? A cooking story hmm well who cares might as well try it. 8AM next day... Where am I... What time is it? Why are my eyes burning.. Falls asleep Dreams of dog delicous food and some guy beating me up and ripping of my cloth before I got eaten by the dog Wakes up 13:33... Wait what happend.. Take a look at my handy 2% charge left chapter 73/73... Wtf this was the most amazing story I ever read in my life WHAT THE FUCK DID I DREAM I WAS NEARLY RAPED BY A DOG UGH WHY ONLY 5 CHAPTERS A WEEK FUCK YOU CRUEL WORLD FUCK YOU!

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    Why it's just 2 chapters a week now, it's better than a lot of stupid novel on Qidian. Is Qidian targeting me or just my bad luck ? All the novel I dislike have more than 20 chapter a day, and the one I like drop or unstable for god sake why all the stupid harem/ arrogant master/ silly mc with bird brain are release all the time and the other almost drop. So annoying

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    "Worth it to read" "GOD Mode" "Immortal MC" "Strong bodyguard" Your safety was guaranteed while reading this novel, don't be afraid of sudden heart attack.

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    I really like this more than GFS. The combination of travel to another world and cooking is fantastic. I really hope that this novel is updating frequently.

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    Now, sorry if my reviews are too long but, this story is great and was in my opinion, one of the best. It was high-quality and had barely any flaws and a good way to pass time, it's light-hearted and fun to read! I had a joy reading and be assured I actually read the novel, it doesn't back away from the original goal and Qidian chooses novels well! Here's why: Translation Quality: Now, as we all know, Qidian has high-quality translations and I've seen no errors currently while reading this. It's been expected of Qidian and better translations means better quality and understanding. It makes it way easier to read, (compared to other translations I've seen on sites) and you should find no problems reading this. Updating Stability: The translations manage to have good stability and quality while updating (which is as always expected of Qidian). The translation speed is a little slow but, it ties in with the updates for the raws. A translation frequency surpassing the release frequency of the original novel isn't good. Which is why I have no problems regarding this. Story Development: The plot of the story is ******, cooking. Though it has times where it delves into other things, it's mainly about cooking. I like the simplicity and it explains well why these things happened and there aren't any info dumps telling you things that you wont need to know or repeated information. This is great since, (unless you're a cultivator) memorizing information only to find out you never needed to know it, isn't gonna make you happy. There are basically no tropes and the story follows the objective. The plot is outstanding, it's well explained, and unique. Character Design: The characters have unique personalities and they aren't repeated, (unless you count arrogant young masters) though some characters don't have much background. The main characters and characters develop throughout the story and this can be seen if you pay attention. Although there isn't enough background information on some of the characters, it makes it up with plot and thought-out personalities. World Background: The world is slowly introduced to you at good pace, I love how it's like that. Like usual, the world and cultivation systems are unique and are easy to understand. They don't diverge into information you don't need to know yet which makes it so much easier to know what's happening, and how the world works. This is wonderful and I liked how it did it at a reasonable pace. Again, sorry if my reviews are too long, but Gourmet of Another World is a great story, and you should read it. I recommend this story at 4.8 stars!

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    Ok .. this novel make me so hungry as those customer ... I myself is someone who love to cook food myself and eat it so this novel has now become my weakness... every time I read chapter I feel like go to kitchen cook a dish and eat it.

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    This is a great novel if only the translation can keep up with the story. This translation is probably the worst of all the Qidian novels. Hopefully, the novel translator changes because the person is just holding up the translation. The intervals between each chapter is getting longer and longer. Please Qidian get someone else to do the translation.

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    I happen to be completely in love with this book. It has me laughing at some parts like some mad person. It updates frequently, but I still wish there was more. ๐Ÿ˜ญ Why can't there be more in a week. I have decided to re-read it just because.

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    LV 10 Badge

    Well , this is a one good hell story, The best Gourment novel is which can make the reader feel hungry while reading the novel . This novel always make me hungry when i read it , the character design is not bad , while the story development is very intersting , but the world development is very poor because he stay in 1 place , overall this story its an awesome novel , and Must read , the jokes is hillarious .

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    This novel is essentially garbage, or as I call it personally, unhealthy fried food. It is tasty though (Pun intended). We know that this novel follows the story of a young man who transmigrated or reincarnated into a cultivation based world with a system that trains him to become the god of culinary. Although so far we haven't seen a good rival for the main character (Bu Fang), the mouth-watering foods in this novel will still make you drool. Another cool part about this novel is the equipments and tecniques since Bu Fang is a chef, his culinary god system is unique and the rewards it offers are also fun and creative. Other than that, the plot is very repetitive and boring. This is somewhat of a different version of Library of Heaven's Path (LoHP for short), which the difference of the MCs both specializing in different fields- One in essentially everything and one in cooking. One thing I do want to point out is that the novel introduces Bu Fang as a person from Earth who transmigrated into a different world, a world whereby people could cultivate (You can see this from the synopsis so I won't say much). However, I notice that it is becoming a trend in these types of "Isekai" novels to introduce the MCs into another world, despite the irrelevance of the fact that came from Earth. In this novel, the fact that Bu Fang came from Earth doesn't really play a role in what he thinks and does, since he came from Earth, we would expect his way of thinking to be influenced by Earth's culture and thus act and think differently from the others. Although the gimmick of making "Isekai" MCs bring an item to the world they transmigrated into is cliche and overused by now, I'd rather Bu Fang retain and show something that makes him stand out. Most importantly of all, we haven't really heard much about Bu Fang's backstory since we start off with him already being in a different world. Honestly, I would rather he be "non-isekai" than "isekai". Bu Fang is a boring person, we never know what's he thinking because he always remains nonchalant and shows a poker-face. Other than his will-power to withstand the charms of drop-dead gorgeous women and indifference to people of higher statuses, he really does not have anything to boot. Read it if you have nothing else to read. It is a waste of time though, I wouldn't recommend spending spirit stones on this (I did and I regretted it), just read it on another site to byspass the stupid paywall. Gourmet from another world offers you: Feel-good imaginary descriptions of various mouth-watering foods, beautiful women (Stomachs tamed by the Bu Fang), cool equipment and techniques.

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    LV 5 Badge

    Maybe I do not know how to count but I'm not posting 5 chapters a week, being 2 or 3...T-T Pls more ;-;.. ......................................................

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    Frankly, I think Release the Witch should be No.1 and we should be No.2. If you agree with me, vote with your power stones! This is my pledge to everyone here, if we hit top 10, I'll dump one of my other novels to translate 7 more chapters per week. If we ever hit No.2, I'll translate another 7 more chapters.

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    This is my favorite novel here, but unfortunately it seems like the translator is dead. Many happy wishes on the road to reincarnation. Could we get a new one please?

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    This is really the very first cultivation novel where MC is neither power hungry nor intent on face slapping nor judgemental of other people. He hasn't even killed anyone! And he never went around stealing stuff while claiming that he was the only good person around. The most hilarious parts are those where everyone acts like typical cultivation novel people do and then he comes and treats them like an ***** would delusional teenagers. Like... Cultivator a: You did not give me face! I will murder you for dishonoring me! Cultivator b: I won't give in! I will show you the power of whatever sounds mystical and impressive! MC (slightly annoyed): Brawls are forbidden in the store. Please go outside if you want to fight. If you don't stop you will be stripped and kicked out. Cultivator a: How dare you! Do you know who I am? Cultivator b: How dare you ignore this great me? *Tries a surprise attack on C. b* *C. a dodges and tries to destroy furniture but fails* Then Whitey strips both and kicks them out while MC goes back to the kitchen to cook for his dog.

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    Honestly this book is really good, but sadly the stability of the updates is ****. Please improve the translation frequency. The suspense is killing me!.

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    Love the novel the only problem is that the upload is SUPER slow................................................................................................................................

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    Dropped this novel after 100 something chapters. I can't stand the MC in the novel. Just another arrogant and selfish prick MC like many other chinese novels. The only interesting part of this novel is the cooking but even that gets repetitive and boring. NOT RECOMENDED!!!

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    No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter?? No latest chapter??

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    Why do you lie? It is not two chapters a week. It is not three nor is it four. Unless we are going to get three more chapters in under 40 hours, it is not four chapters a week. If you cannot find the time to translate, then stop translating and let someone else do it. It is not four chapters a week, that is a lie. Stability of Updates sucks more than a RoyalRoadLL fan novel.

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    Among cooking webnovels, this is definitely one of the better ones. Particularly in terms of world-building, this book does a much more compelling job compared to other cooking webnovels like โ€œGourmet Food Supplierโ€, โ€œKitchen Xiuzhenโ€, and โ€œThe two-faced Venerate Emperorโ€. It also avoids the obvious romance cliches, which makes it much more enjoyable. I personally like the poker-faced MC type with a lazy ambience, so Bu Fang is totally a cool MC from my perspective, but for other readers the MCโ€™s lack of emotional engagement might be a serious minus (such readers may look up โ€œTransmigrator meets Reincarnatorโ€ and โ€œThe Heartbeat at the Tip of my Tongueโ€ as these are also great cooking novels albeit with far more emotionally invested MCs).

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    Author Li Hongtian

    Translator CatatoPatch