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I am so tempted to just buy Privileg q.q i am weak help me seniors View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C179
1 week ago
I belive she is gonna evolve in a monk like maner smaller maybe even only 2 legs not sble to produce offspring joining the frontline protecting her colony as a mighty general just in time of need. View More
Chrysalis · C332
2 weeks ago
You remember me beging you to let me donate something? I can understand your feelings of this to be a free story but would you allow me to pay your coffe bill? Or a diner for your work and time you have not o ly taken away from you but giftet me? Please author please View More
Chrysalis · C330
3 weeks ago

DemonDamian: I’ll actually add a constructive comment. Love the Enchantment part of the Demon aspect but how will you make this part of other people’s Demon looks

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C166
3 weeks ago
I agree for xp View More

DemonDamian: I’ll actually add a constructive comment. Love the Enchantment part of the Demon aspect but how will you make this part of other people’s Demon looks

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C166
3 weeks ago
Thank you so much for writting this View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C166
3 weeks ago

Langeweile: Danke fürs Update! Gerade gesehen das du aus Deutschland kommst xD jetzt muss ich endlich nicht mehr versuchen mit meinem grandiosem *hust* Englisch Sätze zusammen zu basteln xD

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C79
4 weeks ago
Please please alow me to send you Gifts please! I have read this for free i can not bear it any longer I want to pay you I feelnso bad please man! View More
Chrysalis · C319
1 month ago

Dank_god: Here's some Jokes
What's Mexicos National sport?
Cross Country.

Doctor: why did you take your antibiotics at 6am, when i told you 9am?
Me: I wanted to surprise the bacteria

End of the Magic Era · C84
1 month ago

DirtGoblin: Seriously already made it premium and you haven’t even gotten to at least 50 chapters. Dropped

Taming Master · C37
1 month ago

Alluring_Azure: Haha i knew it was too good to last, as soon as the treasure hunting turtle found the dungeon, the next chapter was pay to read 😂😂💴💵💶💷💸💳

Taming Master · C37
1 month ago
Since there is no way to see the next chapter without paying and bying stones is to expensive i need to say goodbye and read it elswhere, with advertisement but other that that without the need to pay. Because the daly energie stones are not enough View More
Taming Master · C37
1 month ago
How dare you!! You mean QUEEN ANT,!! HOW DARE YOU! *WHACK* View More

Braccer: Pity about the cover, it misses the diamond shell and the pets. But the king ant is pretty cool.

Chrysalis · C299
2 months ago
Probably yeah View More

greed24: With so many extraspecies i bet there’s pig that can talk and teleport

The Legendary Mechanic · C329
2 months ago
Yes not first! View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C329
2 months ago
Nothing View More

devil12341234: I am thinking what is the king going to do?

Low Dimensional Game · C140
2 months ago
Sad really sad also xp View More
Low Dimensional Game · C140
2 months ago
Shit **** yes yes yes.! View More
Only I level up · C242
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Only I level up · C242
2 months ago
Yes indeed View More

PixelKid: Duh... this is that kind of novel.. its not always about the MC its also has a story of what is happening to the world he created... so if you dont like this story then GTFO

Low Dimensional Game · C134
2 months ago
Ohh boy View More
Low Dimensional Game · C134
2 months ago
And? Did i promised to much? View More

GrimmBitz: Theres no way this is gonna be that good. =.=

Gourmet of Another World
2 months ago
More more more more!!! View More
Chrysalis · C290
2 months ago
Ravazing this is Ravazing View More
Low Dimensional Game · C65
2 months ago

CamersAwesome: does anyone else wonder how he is still surviving without money?

Low Dimensional Game · C13
2 months ago

Unebi: I would be more concerned about the escaped mind controlling zerg queen... Like a lot more concerned.

Low Dimensional Game · C13
2 months ago
Hmmm wish there was more to it View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C292
3 months ago
Hiooooo? View More
Chrysalis · C274
3 months ago

sevetian: Mr Seong I don’t feel so good

Only I level up · C188
3 months ago
What is with the birthday invitatin he got from his inclass friend? View More

OllieZ: Guys I just updated the comment in ch1428 with your help and I made a list with the 53 unresolved plotlines:

1-Recieve reward from the alchemist guild for slaying a fallen
2-Use tablet to improves all of elites body (magical and physical classes)
3-Collect the rare resurces for his epic strength set gear he left the design with the hot backsmith
4-Cards he bought in the past that were suposed to make much money
5-Buy Ouroboros Training Centre
6-War with Beast Emperor (independend OP player who has lvl 60+ 500.000 army WTFFF!!!!) and Heaven Burial
7-Ambushes from a superguild because he bought things in Dark Auction
8-Dark players are searching for him (Demon God bounty)
9-Collect special flames for forging (He has Ice-Blue Devil Flame)
10-Demon god's temple plot line (war god's temple quest)
11-Collect 7 treasures using Golden Stigmata(War God's temple quest)
12-Gain money from ship yard (develop 20 warehouses in 20 different places)
13-Do something with his God crystals in his warehouses
14-Use Treasure he cant open/use yet because he's low level
15-His sword Abyssal Blade is cursed, wait for the backlash
16-Feed his ring weekly with Magic Crystals
17-Get stronger/Seal the ring he got in Dark Den
18-Finish city and its protections
19-Reporting the location of a guy to the count (if he fails star-moon kingdom will be erased)
20-What happened to Lonely Snow (I dont remember this one haha)
21-Dont get caught using the Book of Abyssal
22-Not die from all the enemies he made (9 Dragon from Dragon-Phoenex Pavillion, Flower seven sins, Kings return, Pantheon)
23-Soul chain attached to him from a mysterious man. He can become a puppet
24-Bible of Darkness (I think is resolved now thanks to Sharlyn??)
25-Secret Pavillion Auction
26-Auction in real life
27-Thunder Island

NEW plotlines that I forgot before:
28-Grind for seven luminaries crystals
29-Deal with the demon outbreak in twin towers kingdom
30-Develop Inmortal Light Guild into a naval guild
31-Take players to play/explore/develop the Dark Den to get skill books(where he made a branch guild that have berry whine)
32-Ongoing Dark Arena Competition
33-Stone Forest relocation to another zone
34-New resource map from the sea gods blessing
35-Price war VS House of Sea for the sea gods blessing that he is selling for 60 silvers a piece, where he started selling it for 6 gold
36-Rematch with Spear God as Frost Eye
37-Deal with Endless Scars where she pays him for his help
38-Use Legendary Rank Holy Grail that he has in his warehouse(IDK if its the same plot at 13/14)
39-Use/Gift hidden class Magic Knight he bought at the Dark Auction
40-Collect 5 swords to create a super sword (He got 2: Killing Ray and Nether Shine from Dark Auction)
41-Collect 7-part Seven Luminaries Sacred Scripture (IDK if he even use his part to create OP arrays)
42-Collect materials to create Celestial Form Magic Array
43-Use greenhouse/personal land he got from Sea God's prices to grow precious plants/herbs
44-Make a deal with 5 independent adventures teams to help develop Stone Forest Town
45-Defend Dark Guilds Raven Town
46-Return to the demon castle where he got his first flames
47-Build Fire resistant gear/potion(He got it super early because it will give money in the future)
48-Improve transportation
49-Use more than once the simulation training he got from Secret Pavillion

Future missions/plots/arc
-Dragon Nest
-Raiding 2 towns and destroying local guilds
-Conquer a mine in an island to get more Crystals
-War with navals guild/organization to make one guy the Leader and split the city gains

Reply to this comment if I forgot something!

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1431
3 months ago
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