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Heart of the Universe

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Author: Golden_Slime

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Waking up with a killer headache and hangover isn't exactly an unfamiliar feeling to our friend Damian Luciel. However, waking up in a universe where Tony Stark and Lex Luthor are business partners, well... that's a first.
Thankfully, it seems our reluctant 'hero' was not abandoned by whatever cosmic entity thought it funny to drop him here. He's a mutant, and a powerful one at that. One with a direct connection to the... wait seriously? The HEART OF THE UNIVERSE!?!
Are you kidding me!?!

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ye its good. MC is powerful (stupidly so) but he barely uses his power in an overbearing way, simply using it to make his life easier, but not too easy that it takes all the fun away.

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This has been very interesting so far and I am looking forward to seeing where it heads in the future. The way you changed the society in the story was smart and made a harem for the mc believable instead of forced. The multiple superhero franchises being put into one earth is also intriguing and opens a lot of doors in regards to future plot.

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Good write but needs more info into the personal character and beliefs of the MC. also please return to the former update pattern. ciao ✌️

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Really good so far. Excited to see how it unfolds.... ........................ ........................ .. ...................... ......................

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Really good stuff and very interesting to see all of these worlds mixed together. Worried that you took a little too much to chew though with the amount of stuff you’ll need to know, but so far it’s good (ch10). I would only recommend you having the mc being a little more… wise? Ik he’s a teen but I feel like someone really understanding the ramifications for what he does would be more interesting. Also would like to see him conversing with big figures more like Death.

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Author Golden_Slime