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I am the young master

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Author: Amiro0o

4.58 (78 ratings)

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Opening his eyes, he finds himself in the "unfamiliar ceiling" scene.
After going through the body's memories, he finds that he transmigrated into a cultivation world.

However, there is a problem: Why does it appear from everything around him that he is the young master who is slain by the MC, also known as the plane's child?
How would he implement his "try not to die" plan?

{This is not going to be one of those forced Pokémon harems, so let the romance build...}

Discord link: https://discord.gg/SC9HNKVj5e

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    This novel is in the top 5 of the novels that I have ever written. I even read it myself (mostly for editing but that is not the point). Jokes aside, give it a try (〃 ̄︶ ̄)人( ̄︶ ̄〃)

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    This novel is above average with new troupe that's it... and detailed review I will make after 30-40 chapter and I waiting for female main character and I hope there is really a main character or else he paranoid

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    LV 14

    Awesome story so far, definitely an interesting take on the genre. I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for us in the coming chapters!!

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    Honestly I have been wanting a novel from a young master POV for a long time and this is the first one I’ve found. It done so well too, I dont think ive ever laughed so hard during a novel. If you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to be a young master then look no further! This novel contains a comprehensive guide on how to be a steroptype. Thats right! Not all steroptypes come naturally like it does white people, some require dedication and training. For real, great theme and an absolute laugh. I will speed this up, dry humour, funny internal monologue, POV alternates between characters (its funny too), sterotypes/action scene are great!, female leads + romance is growing, young master is not dense to romance and not dumb. Cant wait to read more!

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    I don't write a lot of review even more longish one but this story deserves it. so I will write a relatively detailed one. world building: the story has only 80s chapters but the author already has created a solid foundation for the world building without creating apparent holes nor limiting the routes for its further development. He was able already to give a solid general idea of the world without sterile info dumps. and being able to describe a world setting of a story through the simple development of the plot is impressive, even though the author sometimes cheated a bit through the use of the thoughtful nature of the MC (there are more than a few inner monologues) writing style: author has a grammar better than most other writers here. He has also improved his abilities as a narrator throughout the story. Sone initial imperfections (like the often hidden monologues and a bit of almost being excessive in MC' s complaints about children of the plain) were dealt with easily after an hidden (well not so hidden for people with "high IQ" cit. lol) plot point was partially developed, it made the general writing style fun and refreshing. Characters: Author has worked a lot on fleshing out the characters and I am not talking only about the MC, even the secondary characters (including supposed villains/enemies) are being slowly fleshed out. Same goes for the female characters both the potential lovers and the ones who will be simply close to MC. this last point is important because while there is an harem tag and I don't know how big the harme will be, I have no doubt that even harem haters could love this story because fro what I can read there won't be a collection of dolls for the MC...all the potential love interests/important female characters are being slowly developed and fleshed out and most of all they are talented so no risk of simple dolls/wall flowers following the MC. the MC itself is refreshing he is transmigrated/reincarnated as the top level of the young master of his words but surprise surprise he was never a trash and he is not an arrogant/dumb psycho without emotions or with his brain in his pants so for certain aspects it reminds while being even better than the MC of the senior brother novel. in short it is a worth novel to read no matter if you are looking to simply have fun or to find a serious reading ...the author is good and the story has an absurd overall potential and quality...I truly hope it will be a long story and Mr author can keep writing it until it's "natural ending" without dropping it or going in hiatus

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    I like the story, I like the characters, The protagonist is not like others And I enjoy reading this...(thats what matters) So yeah... Looking forward to it.......

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    I am definitely loving your novel. I hope that continue the novel and do not drop it. Just hoping that you release 1 chapter daily . I hope your story finds success

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    I really enjoy this novel. Our protagonist has transmigrated into the body of a "rich young master". The previous tenet was a typical loser rich young master however the new soul/personality is intelligent, knowledgeable, and determined that he won't become a stepping stone for any MC or Hero that comes along. This story is about how he works hard to become strong, respected, and avoid being the bad guy. It is fun watching he get paranoid about meeting an MC/Hero and making plans to both prevent scenarios where he would be in conflict with an MC and to steal their heaven sent opportunities to keep them from getting strong enough to cause trouble. My biggest and only real complaint is that the updates are VERY slow. I don't want to spoil the fun of reading this so I won't give any more details. I highly recommend this if you like interesting intelligent amusing fun good-guy protagonists. I almost forgot to mention that he is rich and he knows it and he is not afraid use it.

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    Amazing novels and the author is a very interactive in the comments and makes it enjoyable . This is not a translation but an original novel. The mc is a cautious person but not so much that it gets annoying . The mc is a fun joyful person and also his family is not dead . He does not blush or be embarrassed about romantic things and likes to flirt with his senior sister. Just give the first 10 chapters a try

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    U mean "let the romance builds" as a harem right:v? U can make a not forced pokemon harem if u have the skills. Juz asking I juz don't want women to be heart broken becuz of some stupid plot rules. If the side characters accidentally fall in love with our mc don't be a d**k and force them to break up(u r the author so u r like a god in ur book so don't abuse that power and make innocents suffer from being unable unite with their love and assume their love is not true love cuz u manipulate them) :)

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    This is honestly my first review on this site, and I have to say that this novel deserves it, simply because of the fact that this was such an awesome and pleasant novel to read, my only regret is the that I Burnt through these chapters like a drug addict on his second roll of weed, and If I were to describe what this novel is it would be the equivalent of what KonoSuba is to the Isekai genre, and what this novel is to the rest of the Chinese trash transmigration novels. Keep up the good work Mr. author, as it would be a shame of such a gem like this were to be dropped or abandoned.

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    It is very unique and refreshing with a MC that remembers all the dense/clueless/soft/simple MCs of past stories and learns from them. Not just I read xyz so I know what I am doing, then does the dumbest things in every situation. The interaction with the Niece and Sister are my favorite as they are very realistic and the banter between Huang and Anjing is great. The only thing for me is some times the explanation during a scene gets long as there are sometimes 3-4 different explanations for the same thing or explains then explains the explanation. But this is easy to skip over when seen. Over all liking it a lot just starting ch 43.

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    interesting so far a unique take on the genre so it'll be interesting to see where the author takes things. keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to more chapters.

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    LV 3 Badge

    The mc is unique and I can't wait for the rival "MC" and love interest/s, I'm excited for it. The trope and plot is quite refreshing. The novel is good and has potential. I love it~♡♡♡♡♡

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    it was a good read. the mc is not ungrateful to his family and loves them. he is a young master but not the typical, has a good sense of humour and certainly is not a puss

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    just the fact that he writes his secret notes in galactic basic (star wars) is really inspirational. lolz

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    has great potential, would like to be a bit more fast paced, but i think the author already knows that and that is his decision in the end. btw cai zhenkang it just the best as character, dude is jokes

    Reveal Spoiler
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    First: I have to say that I'm glad author-san used reincarnation instead of body theft of those so called righteous transmigrators. As a cultivator myself who reincarnated in this mortal world, I'm happy that author-san know how blasphemous the act of body theft is. Second: This novel remember me of History Strongest Senior Brother, where the mc is the so called Young Master, the mid or final boss from the lower realms. It's good to see this approach because this make the mc strong from the start and we don't have to swallow the inumerable luck encounters that mc with poor background need to reach the same height that a Young Master. Third: I hope there are many "protagonists" to appear in the novel against our mc even in the Immortal Realm (if there one or similar in the future). Because what we want to see a Young Master doing is slaping arrogant protagonists! (how in the world the mortals of this world can like arrogants protagonists without a background and only because they are transmigrators/reinccarnators/got a great luck encounter is out of my compreension and maybe a hidden dao of the heavens). 4th: Her senior sister is a yandere? I hope not. 5th: Author-sam, o you tought about using a "female protagonist" as a enemy to the mc? Or if mc can befriend some more moderate "protagonist"? (Arrogant "protagonist" don't need mercy) 6th: Amazing novel, I'll try to vote the power stones in this novel every day o/

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    A hidden gem of a novel with a lot of potential. The thing which made me give low rating is the really slow pacing of the novel. 60 chapters in and it's still nothing interesting. The MC used his powers like a maximum of 5 times. There are no concrete FL's except for the senior disciple and his sister? The writing quality and the updates are good, the pacing of the story is bad. You can skip a lot of chapter like the tournament arc and all which make no sense for being there except for some character introductions. I'm not gonna read 10-20 chapters for 2 characters to get introduced...

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    Author Amiro0o