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Yun Lintian, a man from Earth, found himself in a clichéd transmigrated situation and ended up in the Azure World, a magical cultivation-oriented world.

Unlike the protagonists in the novels he had read, Yun Lintian lacks any cheating devices to assist him on his journey.

Did the God of Transmission forget about it?

However, as a crisis unfolds, an ancient power dormant within him suddenly awakens, entangling him in a mysterious destiny...

Watch the journey of Yun Lintian in a foreign world as he rises in power ranking alongside his precious all-female sect!


DISCLAIMER: The protagonist of this novel is exceptionally powerful, resourceful, and mature. If you don't enjoy stories with an overpowered protagonist who frequently use logic from novels he has read to solve the problems he encounters, this novel may not be to your liking.

Besides the cultivation adventure, this novel also focuses on romance, comedy, and the bonds between the protagonist and his fellow disciples in the sect.

The author is not a native English speaker, so you can expect some grammatical errors in the novel. Please bear with me, and trust me, I am trying to improve it.

Everything in this novel is pure fantasy based on the author's imagination. It does not reflect the real world. Hence, readers should not attempt to apply their common sense and logic to this novel. Constructive criticism is always welcome.


All rights to the cover belong to the original artist.

Parents Strongly Cautioned
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    The story so far has been very engaging and the premise of the protagonist, Yun Lintian that "supposedly" reincarnates without cheat powers is very interesting for an eastern fantasy novel. The author managed to keep us enthralled by dropping hints about the protagonist's mysterious past and hopefully, future "cheat powers" which the protagonist so comically complains about not having so often. The protagonist, being an avid Xianxia reader himself has entertained us with modern jokes combined with "fourth wall breaking" within his inner monologues, has never failed to leave me with a chuckle. His well-written character development gives you an insight into how really each person’s relationship to him is, to a point where you may even feel connected and share feelings with them. One can ignore its minor grammatical quirks, as this novel has impressed me with how well written it is as an original novel, and with its world-building and attention to detail, it definitely made me feel as though i was reading a translated Chinese novel. Its in-depth plot, pacing, interesting characters, and especially the very likable and smart protagonist leaves me with an impression of: "This is a quality novel". This is a great read overall and I am looking forward to the unveiling of its mysteries, the protagonist’s future development and his connection with the other characters. This is a Xianxia novel with abundant potential. Keep up the great work author!

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    Sect building - check MC dimensional place like he can bring people inside -check Loving and loyal ally - check Clever MC -check Transmigration- check Medical knowledge of MC - check Formation and inscriber MC - check MC meticulous planner - check Unique profound vein and arts - check Mysterious Background -check World background and development - c heck MC development check MC sometimes perveted mind --heck Your addicion reading this novel - check

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    After reading until chapter 31, the story so far is good. It has a unique flavor and a unique interaction between the characters. MC of this novel is mature and thinking according to the information he had at that moment, which makes me doubt his identity when he was on Earth. I'm hoping to know more about his past. At the same time, he can be funny by using his knowledge of the novels he had read before to insert into the situation he was in. At this point alone, I would give it 10/10. The other side characters are all great. They have their own personalities, more realistic compared to other novels that I had read before. I can't get enough of Yun Qianxue's overprotectiveness and Yun Huanxin's Gilgamesh-esque ability. Not to mention the mysterious assassin-like Yun Meilan, she is by far, attracting me the most because I like the assassin-type character. The world-building is rich. It looks simple but it filled with mysterious and the author did a great job by revealing it bit by bit. The narration in this novel is great. Sometimes, it makes me thought I am reading a translated novel instead of an original novel. There is surely a grammar quirk but is not that annoying. I am not a native English speaker and I find the grammar in this novel is good without disturbing my reading experience. Lastly, I wish the author could release more per day because I can't get enough of it.

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    Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Spoiler Alert !!!!!!!!!!! For those who had read Against The Gods prepare to be "TRIGGERED" because of the non-stop trouble coming after MC one after another without a second of delay(and i MEANT IT), beautiful women with past problems/troubles that just keep coming into the life of MC( i've no problem with the ones from his sect ), also his women(basically his entire sect) or those that he care get hurts while he gone even when he literally less than 1KM away from them they still get hurts without him knowing anything. Seriously, i'm really TTTTRRRRIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGEEEEEERRRREEEEEDDDD right now........

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    Good novel give it a chance it's about a mc with low talent getting transmigrated without a cheat. Only problem I feel is the unnecessary hype surrounding mc mysterious situation. I just read a fanfic where the author created hype about MC's father and didn't reveal him. And when the father finally got revealed, it was disappointing (he was revealed in ch 150).

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    this is a pretty well written story, the cheats, the world background, characters and all but sadly the MC is too much of a goody two-shoes busybody who could get OP fast but instead has to be all Mr righteous. as at chapter 700, there are multiple chicks that want the MC but he's like i can't protect them so not yet and yet he has a secret realm all to himself. it's a really nice story though but i don't like the righteousness. I mean, prior to his 'reincarnation' he was a contracted killer who supposedly killed for good. he's understandably overprotective but his righteousness is too much for me. Other than our conflicting ideologies, everyone should read this

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    Interesting world building and character deaign, but I find the plot a bit lacking. The MC seems to blindly follow his "destiny" as he gradually accepts the inheritance of the strongest expert ever, while there are various seniors who find it necessary to never tell him anything while forcing him to fight vastly overpowered foes, who he manages to defeat either by lack or by the senior's intervention... Meanwhile, the MC is surrounded by women apparently in love with him, without any conflicts, but he keeps a distance since he still grieves for his lost love...

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    After 650+ chapters I'm back to give another review. ~Mc isn't stupid, he doesn't chase skirts like most of the Cultivation novel MC's. He is hardworking, shameless, shows kindness and doesn't show mercy to his enemies. ~Side characters who's their own problems and life. They are not there to only shine the MC but they are flesh out characters who has their own uniqueness. Character development is really good. ~World building is also a strong point of the novel. There are another world's ready to be explored, there are multiple continents with their own uniqueness. And you can expect much more in the future. ~ Enemies are strong, really strong with great backgrounds and has massive armies. There are more than couple of enemies that MC has to face before continuing his journey. One more powerful than the other. ~Battle scenes are really good. It takes his intelligence as well his strength to come out on the positive side of the battles. ~English is the the best but it's not the worst either with few grammatical errors. ~Romance has potential. Trust me on this but i see that author knows his stuff and you can expect a gradual building relationship between characters. ~It is a well paced story neither slow nor fast. ~MC has his plot armor but that will not make him OP, though it will give him an immense potential on his journey to the top.He isn't seeking strength for some b*lls**t reasons but to save his life and the lives of his subordinates. ~MC is not omnipotent he will make mistakes, he has his own flaws. But let me remind you without flaws there will be a limited space for character growth. Overall a very good gem of a novel.If you've read this far that give it a try you'll surely love it.

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    Author! How is the issue of romance in the work? Is he spending more time with the girls? Did he marry them? And do you have any Discord links?

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    good novel but got dizzy when read it. too many unnecessary tragedy on this one ngl. 😞

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    This novel was really good i got hooked after reading about 25 chapters, the characters were designed nicely and this cultivation world was quite interasting, the story development at the start was good in my opinion it was not too fast nor slow for me but others might feel differently, later it increased a little and was a little fast but reasonable so i found it pleasant, there wore some writing mistakes i saw but i didn't mind since it didn't affect me understanding the story but others might not like it. All around it was very satisfying for me and i hope to see many more chapters in the future since i read all the current 130 chapters

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    This is the Xianxia novel I've waited for. It has some cliche situation here (which novel didn't have it?) but the author executes it well. The MC of this novel is even trying to beat the cliche by using his novel reading experience when he was on Earth. :D it's funny. I give writing quality 4 stars because there are some grammatical errors (it's not affecting my reading experience so far but I'll put it here in case some grammar police are dissatisfied with me.) and the narration is slightly too much which we know some readers don't like information. They just want action and skip time only. Wish the author the best and please don't drop this.

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    I didn't read the story (not my style) but I respect the author's passion and perseverance.❤ (Thanks to Google Translate)

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    Whenever mc goes on his adventures, someone always watch his back/monitor him, and then he goes like 'I have bad premonition' but then he still act like idiot and then run for his life🥴

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    masterpiece 10/10 .......... ........ ......... .......... .......... .......... .......... ........... ....... ....... ........ ......

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    First Review - Chapter 308 . . . A Book Worth Reading, It's a good Eastern Fantasy for anyone that likes this gener . ( Below things are all Personal Opinion) Pros - 1. Well Written With Few Mistakes in writing quality. 2. Good Power ups With Steady Pace , need improvement but Works. 3. Not biased on only one or two characters . 4. No overly done sensitive things for kids so kids can read as well . 5. Characters aren't 2 dimensional cons- 1. Same word mistakes for hundreds of chapters with no improvement . ( Ex: ConsOriginal that should be Conspiracy ) 2. Characters feel alive but none feel too important. 3. Lack of Minor details that create suspense or thrill . but the author did try can't deny. 4. World Building needs more work and details . that's it for now , I'll make another review later after throughout observation and reading there are more then 2000 chapters already after all .

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    This is Harem o no harem??...................................................................................................... ............................................................................................... ...............................................................................................

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    This book is very good, I recommend those of you who like books with this kind of genre to read it, I guarantee you will like it. I hope you all will like this book.

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    i like it truly and using earth academic systems and rules to establish a sect while i have an idea why don't you have him eastablish a flying island for the sect after studying profound sky ship since if he wants hid land of beyond the heaven at least his sect land can move too well no ofense but sounds cool where he fight the world suddenly an island appear to smash them ha

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    Well the mc doesn't have a cheat from the start,the story is well developed.The mc suffered losses sometimes but learns from them.The main character when he didn't have a cheat focused on what he was good in rather than cultivation which he had a weak talent in the beginning and reached a high level in the subjects that he focused on.

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