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It's Hard to Control My Naughty Wife!

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“I think we couldn't do 'that' just yet, since you're still recovering…” Hailee answered hesitantly, trying to find a reasonable excuse for her current situation.

"Bulsh * t," Ramon cursed and got out of their extraordinarily luxurious bed. With impatient steps, the man approached Hailee, like a hunter about to catch his prey. “I'll prove that I'm okay. Better than the best." He confirmed his last word with a meaningful smile.

“…” Ugh!


Hailee found herself being sold by her adopted sister, Aileen, after the death of their parents in an accident.

However, on the very night she was supposed to serve the bastard who had won the auction, Hailee managed to escape by killing him.

Now, Hailee was in fresh pursuit and must flee the city to escape the accomplices of the man she killed.

While she was fleeing from her pursuers, Hailee accidentally met Ramon who was dying from an accident, to avoid those who were after her, Hailee pretends to be Giana, the lover Ramon had been hiding from the public eye.

Things got more complicated when Ramon woke up and said he couldn't remember anything.

Hailee of course can take advantage of this and continue pretending to be Giana, but how long? And what about the real Giana?


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    Amazing Book I am really in love with the FL character. The author has described it nicely. I am sure you all will love it. It is very interesting and different from what I have read till now! Give it a Chance I am sure will not be disappointed.

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    The quality of writing isn't defined by the words, but by the ability to explain an event in a comprehensive way. In this regard, the author uses a simple speech that is convenient and consistent with the personality of Hailee Tatum, our MC. The development of the story sins in many parts and tends to weigh on slow-burn; I read until chapter 46 and stopped because I don't believe that the required expenditure will compensate in any way. There are many gaps in development that make reading difficult. An example is when Hailee is chased by the bodyguards of the city R' attorney and she simply pretends to meet Ramon (our ML) who has just been in an accident. There are basic things that can be deduced and the author doesn't infer this at all, like where was she when the accident happened? What was her physical state? How did she get there?The author literally made her come to the scene of the accident and say that she was Ramon's fianceé, and that was simply accepted! So, let's take into account some basic traits that would raise the mistrust of the family and employees; from the description of the story, Hailee is much younger, immature and inexperienced than Ramon. What are her skills to be his bride? Nowhere does Hailee have any ability to be the future Madame Tordoff. The fact that Lis Tordoff (ML's mother) was previously involved in her son's relationship doesn't justify the lack of logical thinking of a businesswoman who lost her husband and managed the great empire for years before her son took over!!! The only reasonable character design here is that of Ramon Tordoff, and I believe the author did it unconsciously, following the CEO stereotypes that we usually see. Hailee is incompetent, naive and extremely unable to adapt well to a situation. For someone who has lost her parents, 'possibly' murdered a person and lost everything she has, she seems quite reckless and irresponsible! I find her excuse of heavy conscience and moral distorted quite weak if taken into account. Another detail is the background of the story. It seems that the author made no effort to create or develop the environment where the story takes place. Naming cities with random letters with details that add no value. The misunderstandings elaborated for the sake of history are so ridiculous, if they were handled in another way as in a more rational and logical perspective, we (readers) could engage with a more romantic development of the couple or at least of friend-to-lovers. It isn't a totally bad experience, however, it would be a waste of time, passes / coins. I'm available to discuss the matter with anyone who comments here.

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    I'm in love with the novel.. oh I'm in love with the novel...❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Although, I have only read less than 10 chapters rn, I really have to write this review... I am not liking the fact that the FL will have to pretend to be someone else. Imagine, the ML is with the FL because he believes that she's the one he is in love with, or something. But she's actually not the real person. Such a turn off... I only wish for someone to spoil me just how this kind of relationship will work out. *ugh*

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    Sto reading this novel if u have started reading...... bcoz after 110 chapters the author is giving new chapters only for privileged users......I even want to tell web novel tht stop this kind of new scheme for getting more privileged users..... forcing this way u won't get privileged users but even loose regular users like me soon....

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    This story is really good. I like the plot and the chemistry, though FL's character is a bit childish and the ML just gives out a vague vibe that even readers can't full understand what's on his mind until 181st chapter. Another thing, there are a lot of side story, worst is that it focus a lot on annoying characters' story, that you just gotta skip those chaps. Tagged R-18 but it generally is wholesome. lol. forgive the perv mind but i did expect since it is tagged like that. In conclusion though, i can still see potential given the chemistry between the MCs so guess i'll still continue.

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    incredibly good story i simply love it thank you author;)

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    It is such roller coaster story. So much different forms of characters. It could be more interesting with the new character's getting involved now. Excited to know what's going to happen further. 😊

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    really fun read. . like the way the story develops... especially like the incident where Ramon breaks the bedroom door... the conversation after that sure was funny

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    AWESOME!!!! PERFECTION!!! A MASTERPIECE!!! I have been reading novels here for just a few days. I tried to start reading some that caught my attention but believe me..this is one of the best novel I have read in this platform... the storyline are impressive.. it's a combination of drama with a pinch of comedy that actually gave me some moments to chuckle with laughter... reading word by word from this masterpiece brought me to this novel's world, as if was there.. And when you star reading... it's hard to stop 😁.. Don't miss it.. 😍🤩

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    nice write up.interesting author and books for far are good.but the chapter are slowly updated .some update which are recently uploaded are not visible don't know why , please author kindly look into it .

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    Love the couple. I kind of wanna start over again because I read it in 2 days. So addicting!!! The only downside to this book is every morning I wake up and read my chapter. Then I have to wait again🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Amazing story !! Once you start reading the novel u get hooked to the characters . In between the storyline u get some life lessons as well as a bonus. Volume 2 and Volume 3 including Jaydon and Misha is exceptional as well . Must read novel . It is a complete package which includes comedy , suspense , mystery and romance . Completed reading full novel but still craving for more story . Don't want the novel to end .

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first book. Although i still don't know about the book 2. I am still warming up to Jayden and Apple. (maybe because I'm not ready to let go Ramon and Hailee 🤧🤧)

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    I really love this novel I like how the storyline flows together with the plot of the book.[img=update][img=coins]

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    Rather than depicting the characters always in similiar fashion it has displayed variability and uniqueness in characters as well as in story development and presentation..

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    "It's hard to control my naughty wife".was one of my favourite novel😍 I like how the story started and how the main leads first encounter😊 and I like her bestie who trusted her... I just like everything about this novel... Keep it up author 😊 I hope you will range more higher😇

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    A must read novel ! Don't hesitate and start reading it 'cause you will never regret it 😊 First chapters really got me hook it is very interesting 👍 The storyline is really good I will not spoil anything here 😉 You will surely laugh and fall in love with the couple ❤️ and they are so funny 😆 Really RECOMMENDED 👍👍👍

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    A really interesting yet amazing book, it teaches you morals and so on and you can bond with the characters in a way, you feel their pain and you go through a rollercoaster of emotions and opinions, it teaches you life isn't just a bed of roses and people go through things just as you do, 9/10 recommend.

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    Author jikanyotomare