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Born from tragedy, she wields a blade of death, shining under the moonlight. Each swing takes hundreds of lives, each step leaves a trail of corpses, every move capable of dividing the stars. Her journey is not for the faint of heart as it is a solitary path drenched in blood. But only on this road will she will heal from the scars of the past.

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    LV 4 Badge

    Hello! I'm the author here giving myself a three because I think that there is fair deal of stuff to improve. I don't intend to get into super exaggerated descriptions like "glorious, glamorous or planet-breaking, etc". Not really of fan of that. If you enjoy the story then please leave a review, if there is any issue such as grammar or plot holes and such, leave a comment and I will try my best to fix it.

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    For someone uncritical, this story will pass well. But sorry when someone already has a good package in the middle, it doesn't work. This book is full of inconsistencies that allow the story to continue. I'll pass the number of coincidence whether it's lucky or just finding a friend of hers among 1 trillion people in random places. (I think it's the worst of the story by the way) Also if you make her that lucky please give a reason why she is because it's way too many times. The ranks of cultivators and weapons don't make too much sense with the heroine once she destroys everything, another she doesn't manage to put a scratch yet the latter was much weaker, no sense. As for the characters, it's going a little better even if it's not madness, that's a little improved, let's say. Despite enemies dumber than each other. Arrogant young masters who never really make sense. Hoping also that the heroine's companions will not improve ad infinitum and will follow her to the end, maybe we will find a little bit of originality here because animals are almost what matters better for once even if not exploited enough. In short passable we have seen worse but if you want to find the nugget among the novels of cultivation it is not this one.

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    Yet another story with plenty of potential ruined by an author who puts barely any effort into their writing. This comes across as a rough draft written by someone with a very poor grasp of English. It has among the worst grammar & spelling I've seen in any web novel. The verb tenses are also all over the place. Even a simple spell check would be a dramatic improvement. The chapters are also very short relative to most stories. The author would do better to put out chapters less frequently and take the time to improve their writing. Even if the spelling and grammar were fixed, the author desperately needs to work on the writing quality. Thoughts and dialogue are not very accurate to how people actually think and talk. The story itself is almost written as if the author was in a hurry to get past that point. I'd suggest the author spend some time reading good quality writing by various authors, consider what makes it good, and attempt to emulate it. The way cultivation works is presented as an info dump that is then largely ignored in favour of the MC being able to easily defeat almost anyone she fights, even if they are more than twice her age with much more experience and a stronger cultivation. She has barely any experience fighting but defeats people who spend their lives fighting. She then gets tips from others to improve her fighting that make it sound as though her ability is closer to what would be expected of someone with so little experience. So how did she defeat her previous opponents? The story makes it clear she's not a genius and has only the most basic resources at her disposal. The only thing she has is a powerful weapon, which shouldn't be enough to bridge the gap. This is one of those stories I hate to put down because the story itself is interesting, but the writing quality is just so bad I can't enjoy it.

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    Overall, a pretty good read. There aren't too many stories with female cultivators, and I really REALLY appreciate that there is no romantic interest in this one. The other ones all do and I hate the trope of having an OP male lead that saves the protagonist all the time. The world is pretty fleshed out and you can tell that the author spent a lot of time designing it. However, there are several places with huge info dumps that break the flow of the story. It would be nice if the info could be fed to the reader more naturally. The characters are fine, though a little lackluster. There are a lot of side characters but they're not really fleshed out because they have very little individual screentime. Also, there are a couple of points in the story where a ton of characters get introduced at once and it's hard to keep track of who's who. I like the strength progression of the protagonist. She works in order to improve and although she is quite strong she isn't OP. It's nice to see that there are other strong characters of the same age and that there are situations that are beyond her current power. I'm not an expert in fight scenes, but the ones here seem pretty good to me. Weapons and fighting styles are varied, and they're interesting to read. All in all, although there are definitely areas for improvement, I found the story to be solid and interesting to read. I'm giving it a 5 because it's honestly the best cultivator story with a female protagonist that I've seen so far.

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    I love this story already. I like reading about a strong female cultivator all other stories like this are about men cultivating. Please continue writing.

    View 0 Replies

    I love this book... because it has a strong female lead who does not depend on someone (especially a male) and its all about adventure... and this is the first book that I have ever read that does not have romance at all and I actually continued reading and is looking forward to continue reading it.... All in all I love this book💕💕💕so plss continue updating it. Thank you author for writing this type of book that focuses on a female cultivation and is mainly about her adventures.❤❤❤

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    i like this book.. esp how the female lead has no romantic inclination which is very rare in web novels. the FL is mediocre and not too OP. she has skills of her own , i like how she develops her own techniques and is very hard working. the characters are relatable. i would have liked it more if she was bit more overpowered and ruthless .thanks for the book , please keep writing

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    LV 13 Badge

    The best female cultivator story, Wihout those op male lead that ruin the most of this type of stories! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    I am in love with this book. The characters interaction are okay, background development; AMAZING and the female character is so bad ass, I love her. I also like that there isn't romance early in the book and the case of in which the female character is supposingly 'strong' yet still rely on the male lead(s) isn't in this book. AMAZING. Keep it up! 👍

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    LV 10 Badge

    This is a rare gem. Cultivation story with Female MC/Lead. And the story is really really good, the adventure, the cultivation, the plot, the characters, I love it. And the biggest point is this has no romance. No male lead (Well.. personally, I prefer yuri if there is romance, because it's rare that cultivation/martial art/litrpg or similar story with female MC and M/F (Het) romance didn't end up with me hate the male lead passionately and sometimes the female MC also 😅) Thank you author. I really enjoy this story. I nonstop read this, very satisfying 😊😊😊 Nb: And please ignore my grammar 😂, English isn't my native language.

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    LV 15 Badge

    what this story isn't: it's not a cultivation story about a girl who conquers the heavens with a hidden treasure, system, inheritance or just pure might. it's not a story about a cold beauty that stuns the heart of men like the usual cultivation gal. it's not about a hidden genius that's been suppressed by their family. it's not a story about a genius cultivator that bitch slaps young masters left and right. what this story is: it's about a quiet, determined girl, that was forced out of her home and trains with the sword. it's a very simple premise. it's not as epic as the others you'd usually find. it's not rule breaking. it's not about cheating reincarnated losers or murderous, arrogant geniuses. the girl relies on her own strength. she fights, she kills, she practices the sword. she masters the sword and ascends to the heavens. she doesn't have a corrupt personality or a variety of excuses for horrible actions. she doesn't make stupid decisions like most protags. she doesn't get attacked by everyone she sees, as their world isn't that terrible of a place (after all, people live in it), and she is not forced to fight and protect her treasures every single day. I loved this story and I loved reading it. it's a hidden gem in my opinion. the title is misleading and makes you think about the usual cultivator gal, with a cold personality and a beauty that is constantly described every single page by the author. (doesn't mean she shouldn't be pretty tho) anyways, it's not like that. it's really good and I'd recommend it every day.

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    LV 10 Badge

    This story deserves so much more recognition! It has so many chapters to binge and is unique among so many other wn novel. (。ŏ﹏ŏ)(。ŏ﹏ŏ) (Go author! Even if you aren't popular now, you'll get it in the future!)

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    Review based up to ch 100: Recommend reading it. No crappy romance thus far, steady updates(every 2 days, 1 chapter), no drama, no white lotuses, no constant and senseless face slapping, no elder siblings/elders/patriarchs/ancestors used to progress in a stupid direction, no stupid young masters thus far, no aLcHeMy. The story and general info on cultivation methods and techniques is lacking and therefore more desired, but otherwise its a decent story with a decent female lead.

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    Maiden of the Splitting Moon is a story about Ming Yue, a girl who had her entire village slaughtered by bandits. She became a cultivator afterwards with her divine-tier sword. All in all, a fairly generic story as far as this niche goes. Young girl has village slaughtered by bandits, becomes wandering cultivator, acts cold to other people. In most cases, said girl would also be ruthless, but not in this one. Writing quality is decent. There isn't any obvious mistakes that I can tell, but it isn't anything special either. (4/5 stars) Story development is pretty meh. It's really generic all things considered. Pretty much all encounters are very predictable, and go exactly how you expect them to go. This story brings nothing unique to the already over-saturated genre. Character design is where I'm most annoyed at. This could be considered a problem with both story development and character design, so I'll put it here. The sheer amount of times someone attacks the main character with intent to kill her and she does nothing except threaten them is staggering. This problem hasn't resolved itself even at chapter 100+, and it is super annoying. Aside from that, side characters are really bland. I don't think there is a single distinctive side character in this novel. (2/5 stars) World background is very generic as well. I've seen all of it before. However, as far as other cultivation novels on this site goes it's somewhat in-depth. The only problem is that this world seems very tiny. Three cities, a few villages. What are the odds of constantly meeting the same person over and over again in various places? (3/5 stars) Overall, the story is rather bland, I've read similar stories with a FL like this, and most of them tend to do it better. Compared to the average cultivation story, this is better. I give this story 3.4 stars out of 5.

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    LV 3 Badge

    Okay, if my memory serves me correctly, this was on my library for a couple of months now (or I just added it a month ago) but haven't read it yet. So I gave it a chance. And oh my gosh I love it. I have beem reading this 3 days straight. I love it. And the reasons I love this is because: - The plot is different from those I have read. - It's quite original. Although I kinda thought this was a different novel that I have read before because the Mc also came from a village. But the rest is original. - I love Ming Yue. She's always curious about her new surroundings, she's a quick learner, a determined, confident amd a brave lad, not that powerful (like the other MCs), and she also doesn't give up so easily. - I loved this even more because of Xue Yue. I don't know why but I just love her. - The dragon scene. The battle was intense, but he still died :'< It must have been so depressing or sad to think that he was the only dragon alive. - The places she goes. They are so unique and they are quite different. I think my most favorite one is probably the heavens gate, at least for now. - I love her pets, Hei Yue and Xiao Yin. Not op and not to weak either. - As someone who loves romance, I'm actually relief there is no romance. Because romance doesn't really fit in here and especially a harem wHo WiLl aCcOmPaNy HeR aRoUnD tHe WoRlD. From what I have read in other novels or mangas, there'll be bunch of boys will find her "interesting" or "unique" and that "ShE's NoT lIkE tHe OtHeR gIrLs" and the male character will say "Interesting" and bunch of other cliches. In here, it's not a cliche, no romance, just her and her pets adventuring. And also based on these novel, it contains about cultivations, swordmanship, and her wanting to become strong to travel around the world, so it doesn't fit in any way. I'm also wandering what her reaction will be when she meet a demon again. I could only guess she'll be either scared, suprised or be astonished since she never saw one before. And I believe that there is also a good demon right? I also wonder if she'll befriend one in the future because if she did, she'll be asking nonstop about their continent, their abilities, what they do and what they specialize XD. And of course, thank you author for making this novel. It's very addicting. Keep up the good work and stay safe!

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Pros: Female character with no romance No super OP ability or gift As of this review it’s free up to 260 chapters The MC has her own struggles Not many, if any grammatical errors An ideal amount of characters (Not too many or too little) MC has acceptable morals and characteristics MC doesnt have a past life that she remembers Cons: Her beast companions dont seem to come up enough She is extremely lucky(though it isnt really a con)

    Reveal Spoiler
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    A+ female cultivation stor. Its actually so refreshing to have a story with pure adventure and growth with no love interest and drama. I love the female lead as we never really get bogged down by all the guilt that constantly plagues other stories. Also really appreciste that she stays true to her roots of wandering despite all the possibilities with her staying in one place. Its a super well written story and every chapter is so long and well thought out. REALLY APPRECIATE IT. She grows from dedication and isnt just OP from the start. Also appreciate that she isnt the best of the best and she knows it. Highly recommend if you're looking for a no bullshit weak to strong adventure story. It is a super well written story and every chapter is well thought out and the best part is that ITS LONG. Thanks loads to the author. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to future chapters!

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    Underrated but this book is a gem. The narration is clear and concise. Very few grammar mistakes but overall a good read. Please support the author and follow the journey of beautiful Ming Yue.

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    I have been looking for a novel with a strong female lead but with no romance for a while now and I find this to a fantastic read with an amazing female protagonist. I am constantly looking forward to new chapters.

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    Though it’s being edited, the novel is still a great read! So people who are considering quitting the novel because of edits, continue reading! It’s be difficult to find another like this (I tried).

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    Author ARGAS