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Author: Just Like Water


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Gao Yang was a military enthusiast, an ordinary one, who loved knives, guns, and adventure.
In an accident, Gao Yang found himself in Africa, where he unfortunately experienced a plane crash. Although he miraculously survived, his life henceforth was one where he could only scrape by under the muzzle of guns, for he had become a mercenary.
What heights could a military enthusiast reach in the international Mercenary World?
Please, wait and see.


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    I like this alot, as an amateur gunsmith who learned in a professional environment although the knowledge shown is somewhat superficial in regards to firearms and tactics in some ways it does scratch my itch, my only issue is updating frequency, I wish the author would just update and rhere would be like 15 translated chapters for me to binge through in one sitting, overall a great piece of fiction to pass the time to, this novel is a piece of fresh air and at least the author did some research because many on this platform I've tried before have none and its overall a horrible read for those because the people are writing scenes involving firearms when they know next to nothing about them to an extent they will confuse a clip with a magazine or because of lack of knowledge do ludicrous fight scenes like a person going in for close combat with a combat knife when they have the high ground and an advantage and it could be ended in seconds with one well placed shot but because they don't know the rifle the character has is accurate at that range they go in and do a melee battle because that's all they are familiar with, in real life gun fights only take at most a minute or two to kill your opponent typically, but obviously it depends, I like this novel where the character had his mind wired up focused where he acknowledges every detail like a super computer making detailed descriptions for us the reader of something that happens in seconds, meaning something that could be anticlimactic, because of the authors skill turns into something epic, I just hope he doesn't stretch fight scenes into like 8 chapters for something that was only 3 minutes of action in actuality. Overall I love this, write more so I can binge!

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    Just a great novel overall. It feels like the MC is unlucky yet lucky at the same time, kept on getting targetted by misfortune but strong enough with luck to survive. Idk much about guns but war stuff and survival part so far are great, well wirtten. I haven't seen plot holes so far or maybe i missed them. MC being part of that tribe was just amazing, I got emotional when he has to leave, hope they see each other again.

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    It's a very good read. I just want to know if it's still uploading???

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    The author sounds like an armchair gun nut, who has played lots of airsoft and played with replica guns but hasn’t served in the military, so it EXACTLY suits me 😁. You know what you’re in for when the guns get more description than the characters! Oh, and the biggest thing for me is, it’s NOT isekai!!! I honestly can’t remember the last non-isekai story I read. 👍 The set up is logical, the world building makes sense (it’s set in our world, but the adventures the MC gets into are believable) and NPCs are treated like real people in the story. The guns are lovingly described, the MC gets to live out his gun fantasies and there are plausible reasons why he’s good enough to overcome his challenges. Overall, there aren’t too many glaring plot holes or artificial stupidity incidents. While the MC treats his NPCs like real people and MC looks after their welfare, the one single gripe I have about this novel is that the side characters aren’t too well fleshed out. One of them is simply described as “younger guy” and I may have missed it, but I don’t recall even a description of what that character looked like. I was happy to read up to the paywall and if I ever have excess coins I may dip back into this just to see if the MC ever gets it on with Catherine 😉

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    Was genuinely shocked with the amount of detail and thought behind the plot and his decisions, definitely worth the read.

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    The Story ist really good but its a little bit too complicated.

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    Author Just Like Water