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Tempest of the Stellar War

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Author: Skull ElfTranslator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios


4.11 (519 ratings)

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He received a genetic score of 28... completely disqualifying him from applying to military college!
He helped deliver a friend's love letter... and fell into a lake becoming infamous for dying for love!
His very first gift... warped him into a brutal training simulation!
However he perserved through all these trials! Our Dear Student Wang Zheng has finally started his lucky(?) university life!
This is the song of a blood boiling and exciting storm! The most ferocious and heated mecha adventure around is finally here!
TL Note: This is a novel about doing the impossible, seeing the invisible. Follow along for a ride across the universe!
TL;DR: Not Shakespeare, not complex, but fun and easy to read. Come support!
As the translator, I've enjoyed translating this novel and I hope to bring the essence of what the author has tried to portray into the chapters you will read.
To sum it up in 3 words: Mechs! Explosions! Science!
To be perfectly honest, this novel is about your typically overpowered protagonist who does get looked down from time to time but always overcomes the odds with his own special power. He's abit more mature having grown up on his own and just a littttttttle bit dense.
Although it always ends up with him winning, it always happens in an interesting (subjective) and fun way that makes me enjoy reading this.
The novel has elements of lighthearted comedy from time to time and I do chuckle at how direct the humor is.
It's not as smart as say WMW nor does it weave an intricate story much like Ergen's novels. More importantly, its fun and it doesn't try to hide it.

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    Website : qidian china Views : 25.35million Rating : 8.3(2578) Chapters : 1565 Status : completed Word count : 3.92million author level : platinum No of works : 9 If you are interested, my reviews are in almost every novel with atleast 3 likes.

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    This is a good novel, but a bad translation. The first 80 or so chapters had already been translated at Radiant and in much better quality. If I hadn't already read those, I wouldn't know, but it's obvious by reading the chapters here at webnovel that a lot of meaning and nuance has been lost in translation. An obvious case of this is in the names, which are clearly themed around Greek mythology but have been mangled by webnovel's translation in numerous cases.

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    I'm. Not sure if it's the same for other people but ever since watching power rangers as a kid .. I can't read mecha related stuff ... i just picture people in big robots saying corny lines ....

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    This is one of the great novel i have seen so far, even better than most in my library. Our MC is so strong, not super OP, the style of this author won't allow him to be too strong. Remember, only few of main characters are idots, even most of young master of random great clan has brains. For the romance, i hope you don't annoy the progress since you gonna feel like flip the table and yell out 'f**k' It's very long too, it has around 2700+ chaps. Good luck

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    This is the definition of bad writing!! it would be really challenging to find a worse writer .. 1. The plot is full of contradictions. 2.The fights sequences are very confusing and hard to imagine because the description is SH*T. 3. The story keeps focusing on irrelevant details but when something important comes up it's only mentioned in half a sentence that is very ambiguous and open to interpretation, not in a mysterious way but in a *i don't know where the story is going so let's leave it open* way. 4. So many illogical things to even count. For this novel to have 4/5 stars is beyond unreasonable, are you ppl fuking high!!! This is not just a bad novel, it made me passionately hate the writer!! it's not even about taste ... this is just SH*T!

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    I did the maths ,and according to the number of chapters and the translation speed, this novel would take about 6 years to read if they keep the pace at 5ch/week. Hell no! I could learn to read Chinese in less than that.

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    So if you hate stories that end prematurely and very unsatisfying-ly, you should end now, without going into to much detail, numerous significant events are never resolved or explained, and the ending is basically wang zheng going on a 3 year time skip where he's super op but it's not even explained, him and aina get married, there's an impending zerg war, no harem, and it just ends. everything gets wrapped up in 3 chapters and it's extremely unsatisfying, right next to the ending of the strongest system in my **** list, a good read throughout, but you get to the last 3 chapters and it's just... like what did i just read hundreds of chapters for? just wanna save some other people the potential time.

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    Leaving it at a 4/5 for now, but I have insanely high hopes for this novel, a lot of people in the discord seem to like it, and recommend it, so I'm hoping that what they say is right (they have good taste ;)) I hope that the translator do the book justice, and more importantly, hope the author has no agenda that they want to follow. Here's to hoping that what I've heard so far is right!

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    Ignoring the derogatory remarks that the author randomly throws at women for no reason, this novel deserves a rating of 1 purely for the fact that, in spite of this being a sci fi novel in a very futuristic setting, this author has no f'in clue what the fork a galaxy is. Yes, you read that right. This author doesn't know what a galaxy is. As for the rest: - Translation is full of mistaken identities(wrong names in places) - Everything in this novel is vague af, no details about anything relevant whatsoever - No world building whatsoever. Don't even know what year this novel takes place in. - Passing of time is dumb af. Sometimes between 2 sentences weeks pass without an indication of it whatsoever. - Author has successfully insulted just about every demographic other than "Asian". As the author nicely put it - "Asia is the birthplace of human civilization." - lul k, among other derogatory statements. - PLAGIARISM - this author literally took Eminem's "Not Afraid" and some other songs and presented them as works of his characters. - An insane number of contradictory statements made by the author. Won't go into details, but just know that anything said in regards to "world building" and "story development", other than random insults to women made by the author, are fiction open to be changed in the next sentence, paragraph or chapter at the authors whim. - The entire virtual game industry in this novel makes no f'in sense. + Lots of characters actually have their own personalities. The arrogant young masters are extremely minor in this novel. All in all this novel is the biggest garbage I've ever read, and I've read up to chapter 157 - not going further, I regret everything. Don't waste your ss on this trash.

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    Qidian for fucks sake take over Martial Peak or Great Demon King or at least increase TTNH or OEM releases. ........................................................ ............................ ............................

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    The sino**is is useless... I don't know what the story look like, but i hope it's gonna be well. And, why i think i never see this novel on the votes place?

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    First of all, this author seems to have a problem with women and everyone who isn't "asian" (probably means chinese). There's plenty derogatory remarks about women and ample statements how asia, asians or asian culture is the best and everyone else falls behind. To some degree that's not exactly unusual for CNs but it's a bit too prevalent in this novel for my taste. The Translation is decent. There are no glaring grammar or spelling mistakes. But there's also no regard for sentence structure or "reading flow". So while you won't have problems understanding the story, it is also not an enjoyable read. The story is just bad though. Character design is about the only positive point I can find. Other character (than the MC) actually have their own personalities. They're not mindless puppets or empty dolls like you'll find in some other CNs. There's no "arrogant young master #123" and the characters aren't just stereotypes. But the world building and story progression is beyond bad. The story is nothing but a "look how awesome I am" show for the MC and the world building makes no f*ing sense. Not to mention there are tons of plotholes. For example: The MC chooses a humanoid Mecha in the virtual game world and everyone makes fun of him because of it, since the humanoid mecha has no armor. But then the MC goes on to oneshot everyone of his opponents anyway. So what exactly was the purpose of armor in the first place, if it doesn't protect against hits? And why would NO ONE ELSE get the idea "maybe dodging could work"?

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    TLDR; Overall the novel fools you into reading meaningless back to back battles for 90% of the novel. So many filler battles My new review after finishing reading this novel. Here's the setting of the story as how I can infer it cause the author doesn't talk in exhaustive detail. Basically the ancient Chinese cultivators from Earth with their techniques and tech conquer the Milky Way Galaxy millennia before the story takes place with every human despite millennia of separation all(about 99%) share Chinese names as if China conquered Earth cleansing all other ethnicities for one ethnicity. Most named characters have a personality and the progression of the MC is satisfying. But after finishing reading this I can say about 90% of the novel is just the MC participating in Tournaments and anything outside of that like "Wars", training, or spending time with friends amount to a dozen or two chapters each time the MC takes a break from the tournaments which each can take up to almost 100 chapters which can get old fast, so I started skipping chapters for any other team or teamate that wasn't the MC as it didn't matter honestly. Until the last few rounds of the last tournament the MC is always looked at as the underdog just, so he can without fail cause an upset when he thrashes his opponent inevitably as the MC in this novel is never supposed to lose and even the author sets up a sure-fire lose for the MC the MC gets a lame-a*s plot armor to save him. Towards the last 100 chapters the author finally had enough and set the pace of the novel at light speed where after being quasi-heaven rank struggling and cheating death when being ganked by a group attack of 4 slightly weaker ops and getting railgunned from orbit he gets plot armored where after single-handedly holding off an invasion with his op last resort godly mech he hibernates to enter heaven rank where even being a new Heaven rank was able to effortlessly slaughter 3 opposing Heaven rank mech pilots with the reason being he understood a realm no other Heaven rank could making him "unfathomable" and feared by every other nation all within.

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    Really great story, translator amazing, characters very in depth. MC doesn't have much plot armor if you guys don't like that. Here's some jokes A hole was found in girls washroom Police are looking into it. What is a kids favorite punch? Sandy hook

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    Seriously. I was really enjoying this novel at first. But when you see the sane thing over and over and over again. It gets a bit boring. The plot progression is sooo slow even a snail moves faster than it. Author spends time mostly on irrelevanf stuff and stuff that actually matters gets skipped over. Am in chapter 200 and i havent seen any plot progression from chapter 50, it just reading d same **** over and over again. MC fights in virtual reality, MC wins, MC solves some science ****, he is a genius we get it, can we move on to the actual plot now, u said something about rebuilding an empire and nothing in the plot that has happened so far has even mentioned that instead they focus on irrelevant stuff like background characters we dont give two **** about. Seriously, start writing something that actually contributes to the plot and not something repetitive and boring

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    Sooo i tead a good bit of the translations. I just have to stop. The author introduces the main character as some guy who is barred from his dream(to be a pilot of a mecha) due to the Entire World decoding your genes ned to be perfect for you to not kill yourself piloting these death machines. Then it spends some time making fun of the main character due to him being *****, and its explanations for that are reasonable. He was raised by the most brilliant Autistic scientist in the Galaxy and the scientist planned out his education to try to force hom on the path of completing the scientists dreams. So he isn’t street smart, but is like 6years ahead of his class, and mayby a year or two past hos professors in scientific knowledge. Having established the above, the author introduces the virtual world amd school life(college) for the main character. All of the Virtual World gets a one star. It exists for the sole purpose of the main character to blow himself. New characters in the virtual world may choose from several mecha to use. The animal mecha all specialize in something, and have ARMOR. The human mecha has no specialties, and no ARMOR but can choose one weapon upon entering each fight(a knife or rifle) The main character naturaly chooses the human mech, and the world derides him for choosing something that doesnt have ARMOR. Note i am capitalizing this word because The Main Character One Shots EVERYTHING!! ARMOR is the authors ****ty excuse for why no one else is allowed to one shot stuff, but the main character ineshots armored stuff all the time. There is no ******* because all weapons apparently one shot mecha and the entire world is so stupid they choose the mecha that are alowed down by useless ARMOR instead of learning how to dodge. The school life is a terribly writtenharem. Like a professor saying “mayby i should rape you to tie you down to my research project” bad. So theres the story. I am dropping this because i don’t see any character growth happening really(the main character always makes perfect decisions so he has no where to grow) and the combat sucks as it is nothing but and he amazingly perfectly dodges the unblockabe super skill then stabs them with a knife. Victory to the authors BS. Enjoy your read, don’t start regretting the time you spend on this later.

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    Oh gooood! have been waiting for this for a loooong time,I really liked this web novel but the translation speed is only 1 chapter per month sometimes its 2-3 months till it completely stop translating now I wish it will have a fast translation.

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    Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Awesome cover Awesome cover Awesome cover Awesome cover Updating Check Translation Check Story Check Character Check World Check

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    Some bad translations here and there. Every character has some personality that makes them stand out. There's occasionally some smooth brained face slapping incidents. Pretty satisfying rate of progression in MCs power. So, basically humanity with aid of "cultivation techniques" and tech has colonized most of the Milky Way Galaxy forming a number of Alliances, Federations, and Empires with the Solar System Federation made up of Earth, the Moon, Mars being the metaphorical center of Humanity's power. But due to some Galaxy Wide phenomenon caused by the balance of the galaxy being broken cultivation techniques went inert causing cultivators to lose their powers and go insane dying. Powers that weren't apart of the cultivator class stole the cultivation techniques hoarding them for their families and organizations. Moving on there's is some funny happenstances where every power that colonized parts of the galaxy building their own Empires over the course of thousands of years during the "Interstellar Voyage Era" are ALL ancient cultivator families hence 9/10 of the names for Humans throughout the entire Galaxy have Chinese names and if not then its some abbreviated version of a Chinese name or a nickname. Are we supposed to infer that the Chinese are the only ethnicity of the human race? Though looking back I remember an incident around chapter 500 on Titatitan Star where MCs " the 36D"(that's her nickname no cap) female squad lead was being harassed by a "dark-skinned" guy. What I'm getting at is that the MC could be meeting a human who originates from a power many light years away from Earth with genetic diversity that's been separated from Earth for many millennia's and still have a Chinese name. What, did the Chinese conquer all of Earth cleansing all so that only the Chinese remained lol? In the story whenever Earth is talked about it's always "mysterious" this or "ancient techniques of Earth" that like only the Chinese culture exists and is acknowledged on Earth.

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    So far, I'm really enjoying the story even though most characters are one-dimensional. It's still fun overall. However, the name changes are annoying. Victor is now Achilles. Lear becomes Li Er then back to Lear. Sometimes, dialogues seem to be attributed wrongly. It's disruptive and incredibly irritating.

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    Author Skull Elf

    Translator Atlas Studios

    Editor Atlas Studios