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Sooo, autor try to rewrite starting from fate arc, let's see if there would be any changes. Maybe it become better, and I wouldn't be ashamed to read everytime as Rafi got kicked or slapped by girl, for nowhere to see comedy..... There's should be a chance right? View More

DevilTriggered: Well,before the rant I actually say something good about story,because story deserved praise.It's better than autor previous work by far,in a plot and ability-definitely.Though in all other aspects like fighting scence and *humor* it's well on the same level,I guess...
But as I said,the story deserved better score than previous one,by huge
margin.It's even top notch if we thinks about webnovel standarts(yeah,apparently 1-star only for works that you can't even read without gettin cancer on terminal stage.)And I actually liked it....
So now let my rant and little story be a warning for all those who have hopes in characters....
There is no hopes...
And yeah,I dissliked rafi in cosmic novel,because you know.He is whinny little b*tch who I believe got pegged by his wife's in as*.But hey,atleast he flirt around and I have hopes that all those fightes and kill's help build up his character and someday,maybe,he would become someone respactable atleast for his wife's......It's dropped,so you can guess.
And here a new one rafi,even worst.Because he is deffinition of Beta-c*ck b*tch from japanese anime culture.Yeah,not even joking...
And I again,was expecting that normal guy in sh*tty situations and with burdens off mass murder can,you know,have some affect on him.That's really how we would have atleast normal guy,oh boi.....
And there is a huge chance that it's cemented desicion,why? Because he is conterpart of someone wicked and evil,he is virtue.....Being femdom b*tch hardly can be a virtue.Most funny thing,he's evil side not even evil.....Oh,gods.
And ofcourse all *love interests* tsundere b*tches.......MY GOD.
It's like one of those novels where crossdresing whiny guy have to deal with yandere girls ,but somehow become even worse....
So yeah,if you liked being slapped on face by woman or femdom in general,that's deffinetly you choice....I have enough.

Illimitable Fantasy Works
1 hour ago
Em, that's personal tastes thing,and definitely not universal law. Or what, it's needs to be censored or banned? View More

MajestyDX: Writing EroNovel or anything in that Genre is most welcomed by me. But there are things that shouldn't be written in a novel posting sites like this.

This novels has rape,slavery and all other useless **** that most of the people hate. Making MC a dickhead who is wicked to the boot.

Seriously if it didn't have any rape elements or slavery things I would have rated this 5/5.

The Perverted Evil Cultivator
1 day ago
You need some culture research, buddy... View More

LavishSquirrel: FYI this story has B.D.S.M. in it, pee play i think (idk skipped over it, it was gross), mom-son relationship. As a woman is grosses me out for a dude to have more than 10inchs. its super unrealistic. Also you have any idea how painful it is to take something like that? I had to stop reading after you made it even bigger from his constitution upgrade. Eww gag.

The Perverted Evil Cultivator
1 day ago
Only if they Japanese school boy=jap beta cuck. Huge difference. View More

aspire5515: the harem fanfiction protagonist racial trait

Illimitable Fantasy Works · C11
2 days ago
Ehm, so how he gona do magical girls? View More
Why DC!? · C0
3 days ago

Daoist791629: Я напишу этот обзор на русском, так как знаю её лучше и мне так удобнее:
В начале это хорошо, но потом надоедает - после 400+ глав не видно никакого развития отношений с девушками, только секс и все... нет ничего другого, что очень расстраивает.
Противоречие #1
Он постоянно говорит что хочет детей, а потом говорит что не готов к ним... эм... что?
Противоречие #2
Его характер меняется очень быстро - то он джентльмен, а потом извращенец, дальше чуткий парень.
Противоречие #3
Может убить за попытку изнасилования своей (потом) девушки, но даже не злится на попытку убить женщину с которой у него неоднозначные отношения.
Противоречие #4
В одной главе он говорит одно, но в следующей другое. (Вы точно заметите)
Противоречие #5
Некоторых девушек он берет насильно, не заботясь об остальном, но с другими устривает корейские драмы не замечая их чувств.
Он не держит свое слово: МС сказал Куроке что заведет с ней котят при брачном сезоне, а при приближений сроков переносит это до конца школы... но проблема в том что мы даже не знаем сколько времени прошло с 1 главы!!!
Он как герой манги в котором герою вечно 16 лет!!! Нет прогресса во времени ( Т_Т )
От этого возникает чувство потери и дискомфорт.

Мир: микс из разных аниме, не очень понятно.
Гарем: слишком много девушек (это не плохо, но он долго отвергает чувства одних и резко принимает чувства других. Даже если это лишь дело времени - неприятно)

Вывод: читайте если вас не беспокоит вышеперечисленное.

Start by Becoming a Mangaka
4 days ago
You don't understand, that a slow pace for better story development.... Though, that's doesn't mean it's good, or enjoyable.... View More

Sevi_01: 100+ chapters and nothing exiting happened ⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃

Playing with other Supernaturals
4 days ago

Nameless_Godless: Slightly Above average overall like the other reviews I find some of this to be great.......filler that is high quality filler but still filler plot wise absolutely nothing has happened of any real importance that actually made a change to the story and the changes that do happen don't do anything.

One bad point now a good point the relationship development is amazing.

Bad point the relationship between him and any woman in general is awful when it comes to women the mc is a copy and paste spineless mc you find everywhere on here if they say something and they have tits they are right you are wrong you should apologise it is actually so bad that if someone told me "Cardin goes through surgery and gets tits so the mc immediately apologized to him turned around bent over dropped his pants and let Cardin plow him in front of the whole school." I couldn't disagree because it's possible THAT'S how bad it is

Good point the mc has an interesting backstory that come with mental problems that the author isn't afraid to let show

Bad point the moments where it affects him are really weird his trauma triggers in a crowd but not when he is in a literal torture machine

Good point he has really interesting powers

Bad point never explores them and has used them like twice

Good point has a cool magic book

Bad point do I even have to say? Never uses it

This all from chapter 71 right as coco forces him to go to an interview he doesn't want to go to for good reason but hey she has tits!

(I will continue to read and will change this based on what happens..... until I finally give up hope on this going anywhere good.)

5 days ago
Yeah, they are treated differently. But he behave like normal school boy from Japanese anime. Just how and why? Damn, he don't even bold enough to try flirt with rias.... And whining all the time.... What is this abomination? View More

Kriuswer: That's how it just came out for me. Mc is a higher devil. A noble family like Rias. And in such families, children and even more so heirs are treated differently. But calmly the MC character will be developed.

Black dragon of hate _ High School DXD Fanfic · C11
6 days ago
Yeah, mine too was deleted. Though it was pretty elaborate and specific of what go wrong.... Same problems that people adress in comments. View More

EndlesslyHarem: You make too many complicated things. And this makes your work stagnate. I feel bored reading this story, it's hard to explain how. The point is because you often make complicated things like him die once again and also when the MC will be here, like that. Even this is already 100+ bad luck !. This is what is boring in your work. Think carefully, even though you have just made your own work, but because you have read other novels, of course you can understand what we readers feel bored reading your work.

And before I explained to the review but you deleted it, hehe, what is this?

Harem God of Origin (ATG)
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C80
1 week ago
Oh really? - me. View More
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C78
1 week ago
But there wasn't any proper fights, only anticlimactic ones.....or you gonna put proper one and that will be anticlimactic for this novel? View More
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C76
1 week ago
Yep, there was this. This stuff like in a 3 dxd fanfics on this site. Worst is, in all cases they help just because they can..... Niceee. View More

AizenJabberwock: I already red the identical story development in another DxD fan fic on this very site, down to the fake death. Not sure if it was Dandelion Duke of devils or the one where the mc has both fire and ice powers with a fate system.

1 week ago
Hmmmm, I would say that was funny. Then again all of this coming in tribe as a spie look useless, no it was useless. Than again he got girls..... Hmmm it's very hard question. View More
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C71
1 week ago
Hmm, you do understand that there is difference between humble and weak? And shanks is not humble, he more like my pace guy who don't pay much attention to a small things because he have confidence in his own ability and Power. That's a long road for a human to pass, with hardships and understanding of life. Someone weak can't have this power of character, but of course, we are talking about realism of a characters who a not real so it's Invalid..... View More

FanHarem: Not in that manner, Shanks is a humble man despite his power. I want Nik to be somewhat like him, who won't get offended by small stuff and still retain his easygoing attitude

Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C70
1 week ago
Thanks for the chapter. And how you see shanks character? Something like easygoing but can be badass? View More
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C70
1 week ago
For those who might wonder, perfect memory does exist and no dying at age of 30, that's part bull****. And yes, brains have much more capability to store than 30 years. Actually in theory, we do have all memory, it's just scattered so much, that recalling them by one of the means, like : sounds, taste, sight or others, don't work as intended. There must be more problem in others aspects without capacity, more like, cataloging and perception of people of what seems to important. Dunno... View More
Master of Time · C64
1 week ago
Character one, please. View More

FanHarem: I don't understand what you are saying? Do you want more character development for Nik? Or plot development... or is it something else?

Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C68
1 week ago
Hmmmm, yeah I know one autor who like adress problems trough the hero, same level of lame excuses. Though he have much more deep problems plot wise and not problems of character. View More
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C68
1 week ago
I'm tell him same thing, well he don't take a words close to the heart..... Don't even try to improve his story. View More

FanHarem: *shrugs* criticism emerges out of difference in opinion, something that no-one can do anything about.

Trying to undermine others just to put your opinion on a high pedestal is hypocrisy. So the best thing to do is— understand the criticism, take and learn anything valuable, and then, move on and live a happy life...

Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C0
2 weeks ago
You know, I actually respect you. You take criticism, others not so good. There was other harem fics about atg, autor already delete 3 of my reviews. And never talk to me in comments, though now I'm more amused and just teasing him, more than read his story, or try to help out..... Is that how a trolls was born? Might be, we would never knew. View More

FanHarem: well, the fanfic is free, if that is what you are asking. There won't be extra chapters of the novel on patron so sit tight and just enjoy the chapters free of cost.

But, even after all this you are willing to support me, then I am more than happy to welcome you.

Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C0
2 weeks ago
Mhm, already see such starts somewhere.... Don't remember where, but without Dao. And we'll, I just hate cultivation stories, so nuuh. Either way, how many chapters ahead you will have for collector? I might as well subscribe. View More
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C0
2 weeks ago
Sooo, is there a need to delete my review? It's was pretty elaborate on what was wrong and even more, people in comments addressed same problems.... Sigh. View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C154
2 weeks ago

EndlesslyHarem: Cliches and difficult to read because of poor placement and grammar. That's all my opinion in the first to second chapters.

2 weeks ago
Bull****. View More
Reincarnated in High School DxD · C0
2 weeks ago
So, even some atg original plot there wouldn't be, with badass mc and fights, or at least not this cringe mc who call all beautiful woman's-wifey, and help them out even though he don't even talk or see them in persons even once? At least this much better? View More

KxV09: I am a patron so you probably should drop this since the author made it clear what their novel will be like
I personally like it but if you don’t like the first 150 then you probably should find another one book

Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C150
2 weeks ago
Can we have a real story and not 9 old kids traveling story? It's already 150 chapters and there's no plot progression or cultivation, or at least, not a story about a fucking kids. View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C150
2 weeks ago
Important notice:it's cringe as hell. View More

DevilTriggered: The content has been deleted

Harem God of Origin (ATG)
2 weeks ago

DevilTriggered: The content has been deleted

Harem God of Origin (ATG)
2 weeks ago
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