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A soul was transmigrated into Narutoverse but was refused to be given any sort of insta-OP power, instead, he could choose from three talents.

Follow him and his loved ones on their journey to become strong as they pave their own path through the battle-filled world of Naruto.

Will they be villains? For some, surely.
Will they be heroes? For others, maybe.

But anything they do is due to their own desire.
Some things may not be according to canon so take it as you will.
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Tbh the sole fact that he could do something like merging fking souls in such a short time is already retarded. God literally gave him the talents he own. He shouldn't be able to share as it should be in the core of his soul not in some cornor of his soul. Tbh this whole merging thing was just unnecessary. It would have been way way better if konans individual talent was explored. In conan it was enough for her to become an s rank. If explored more it could probably make her quite op.in future mc could probably make her more powerful with his seals or something. He didn't touch senjetsu because it was dangerous but he touched his souls and merged them when he doesn't know shit about souls??? tbh I like the story so I won't drop but this soul thingy took it down to four star for me. It was too forced. He should just remove the whole soul part as it doesn't affect much rn but his choice I guess

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All I ican say is in the gif ...................................... ...................................... ......................................

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The first eight chapters are great and i would give a 5 stars if only I based on the first 8 chapters but after 9 is absolute trash he author go crazy after 9 ruining the history i never felt so frustrated with a author before, maybe the author of hunterxhunter too, but for the first time in my life I'm going to give someone a bad review after years on webnovel. I never liked to do it but this time he deserve it

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It was going fine until the soulbond along with the complete change in personality among the sanin. it felt like that chapTer was Written by completely different people. came straight from left field. also whats the point in sharing a Inborn talent with another person even if its a lesser version. just makes the onlythiNg your character has going for him Kinda obsolete. Also witnessing and knowing about something is completely different. the relationship did escalate far too quIckly for their respective ages.

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this book is meh konan seems more like the protagonist than the mc does also the fact author doesnt want to make the mc stronger or more talented but makes konan way stronger & more talented is annoying af like the fact his harem will get all his talents(watered down) while he gets only larger chakra in return(even tho chakra is a mix of spirit & body but souls would only increase spirit) is pretty ridiculous

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3.8- The plot starts in ame, and hanzo is alive, so way before cannon, like konan is a kid, about 25 or yrs before....very nice. IDK, try to develop or something, I am really praying u dont join konoha or someshit and do the usual shit. Use SI knowledge for advantage, for fiction to non fiction knowledge. Eye shit is dope but would be nice if MC uses other shit like kaguya clan shit, the new eye thing in boruto, jugo bloodlines or something. 1.2- FK UR PLOT. no offense but seriously, a plot which basically is an MC trying get all the chicks is not a story but a personal wishfullment *** fantasy type shit. not a bk. [ unless its removed ] That said, urs is better cause it has actual content, and I will just ask this. add content. build ur story, unlike the other garbage in this site with degenerate MC and sluts. Some people like reading stories Also. look...kinks are kinks, but dont have 12 yr olds having intense ***** relationships, its weird. take time and dont rush, and just build it. **: I hope u dont do the shit u did with narcissa here, also ur other bk....the entire world was revolving around MC, everyone other than MC was a retard to the point it was funny. try to avoid that and make people sensible. IDK , anyway GL, dont do the usual shit. if u do, nothing wrong just give a heads up

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It’s trash dumb and just trash I read until 8th chapter and the story to me just plummeted like he gained zero to nil while she gained his everything like he is GOD how can a small world like share powers that a God made for him to be shared so easily I’m going to come back in a year to see if it’s better but for know this is on a blacklist for me!

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the first 8 chapters were good but after that it became trash 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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the story was developing pretty good from chapters 1 to 8, but at chapter 9 it all went down hill with the soul link bs, in my opinion if the author was gonna link souls he could of done something like if one persons chakra increases so does the others, or something in the line of them feeling where they are to never be separated or to feel each other's emotions , but no the author went with some bs that when the mc links his soul to a person they will gain his 3 talents the things that make him unique, while he gains absolutely nothing all because the author doesn't want to make him OP but is willing to make his girls OP. Another thing that is BS was in how the author said the MC gets nothing from the people(his harem members most likely) he links his soul with because it will take away their uniqueness but its alright for them to gain the MC talents basically the only thing that makes him unique. sorry if I when on a tangent, I really thought this story had potential but after reading that soul link BS it became extremely disappointing.

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There some unnatural story with konoha shinoby but still readable. But at chapter 39 after some random guy interupted the kising the girl wanted to blow up the capital. Mc say no need to blow up and go creating hurricane that froze the whole capital to way below the 0 probably kiling a ton of ppl or cripling them. After this chapter you want normal people to sympathize with them? And he go on and on why he wanted to punish some rapist for whole chapter before this chapter... So they fine killing lets say 500000 kids, women and everyone else for disturbing their kissing. But go all righteous on me because of one rapist? What should i think of them???

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One of the best naruto fanfics that i have read in a while ......

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First 8 chapters were 5/5 with only issue being writing quality which is an easy fix with some effort. However, from chapter 9 (ironically titled ‘Mistake?’) things start going downhill. The MC holds three ‘Talents’. -Godly Nature Affinity -Godly Sealing Affinity -Supreme Chakra Control He starts in Ame and meets Konan. Their relationship is sweet and it progresses to the point i felt adding another girl would be a sin and potentially ruin the story as their ‘bond’ honesty was amazing and the author did well to convey it. A girl who used paper to fight, and a seal master who added to her arsenal. They formed a very powerful combo when together. Yet on chapter 9 the author decided to ‘merge souls’ between MC and Konan. This gave Konan the MC’s three talents (though to a slightly weaker extent). The MC didnt really get anything unique from her though. Tbh i wouldnt want the MC having her paper control as like he said it would take away from her character, yet he seems to not realize he just did the same thing to his MC. The person who is meant to lead the story as we follow along, now became like a side character. If this was a one off thing than i could ignore it and move on but it seems the author plans to form links with all the girls the MC ‘collects’ which causes two problems in the story for many readers. 1.) MC is loosing his unique attributes and the story as a whole becomes less enjoyable to read knowing the ‘side characters’ are more entertaining than the main character. 2.) The whole ‘bond’ he had going with Konan feels like a slap in the face to readers knowing he will just try to collect more girls. Thats an issue that crops up in generic harem novels is, the genuine connection and love between two people can often come off as ‘less’ or ‘forced’. Chapters 1-8 did well to get the reader connected to Konan and her bond witn MC, yet now it just feels like shes just a part of his ‘collection’. Either way, thats my opinion which i am intitled to have :)

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In general, the story is good ... I liked Tsunade's change, after all Dan only took advantage of a vulnerable woman, I don't like him, so it's not a big problem. For me the main problem was this fusion of souls that doesn't make any sense, but that part is not so bad, since the author explained that they remain different and separate, although it doesn't make any sense, if he said this is how soul fusion works in his fiction, then this is how it works. The bad part of it is that it seems totally unidirectional, he doesn't seem to have gained anything while she gained his talent, even if a little worse, but the difference seems to be very small. I saw different people talking about what he could have won and why he would have won it, but the only thing the author says is that he didn’t win this or that because he would become strong very quickly ... Which just makes it seem extremely forced, she gains talent that was given exclusively to him by a superior being and he gains nothing because the author does not seem to want him to become strong very quickly, with no explanation of why she won so much and he won so little or nothing.

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Too many bots giving this story a full 5 The story turned me off in the sould bonding with konan and all he got is just his chakra expanded and konan got all his talents given by god even though its diluted

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Haters complain... Because they disagree with how the story plays out. But they never complain about anything related to the WRITING QUALITY... THIS AUTHOR IS NARATES SPLENDIDLY... 5/5 If you hate the outcome, then go write it yourself... Oh wait. I forgot you can't. because all you're capable of is complain. Fooking Retards...

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I fIrst really liked the story and i thought a harem would not be so bad but now that him and konan are like how they are now i think its stupid and bad writing. I think 1 girl in this story is perfect and he should be loyal.

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This is for all those trash talkers and virgins who are screaming why is he sharing his power with his wives .... first, why wouldn't you provide your ally with more ? you can't do all the jobs so it's best to have some companions that you trust to have some of your power and delegate some of your jobs to them. second, not everyone has problems with self confidence and fear of break up , MC trusts in himself and his wives not to abandon him and this trust comes from the part that they are literally bounded together . they know each other better than a 60 year long couple . and that's all.

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the author trivializes the knowledge of shinobi and make them seem like kindergarteners when it comes to math and sciences. just because there's no outright chapters on it doesn't mean they are scientifically backwards. In fact for a warring ninja society they are very scientifically advanced, their chunin exam contains cryptography, advanced algebra and trigonometry questions. we know they have are very advanced in biological field with the ability to experiment on cellular structure and DNA. we know they have television, radio, wireless receivers, batteries, camera, networking and signaling to conference call daimyo's, video cassette recorder, VHS tape, satellite antenna, old gen computers for cryptanalysis, electronic health monitoring devices. after the world peace is achieved their technology level booms to modern standards within a decade which wouldn't be possible without sufficient technology background. after peace the restricted knowledge is shared with common people and there is lot of financing just because author is unable to understand this he makes fuinjutsu into cheatcode where you write a bunch of English words and a seal is magically created and to make things happen. The description of the novel says there are no instant-OP powers but gives them even unlimited OP powers. no matter what the problem is just write a cheatcode on paper and done the issue is resolved. It would've been lot better if you simply just gave them some OP powers atleast then we would know the limits but now there are none.

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Well ... it was about time I gave a review to this wonderful fic! I have nothing to complain about, honestly... I liked everything I've read so far!

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First Time doing a Review. Liked that the Story wasnt Konoha-centered and started way before the canon and that some unusual characters as Pakura or Konan get so much screentime.

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