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My Love Debts Are Everywhere!

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Author: ManipulatorsOne

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An ancient proverb from the Homo sapiens era once stated, "Light and darkness can never be united because they are natural enemies arranged since the creation of the universe."

The statement seems plausible, yet it may contain inaccuracies...


Leon Kruger, a 22-year-old man counted among the three of humanity's heroes, is dispatched by the Holy Empire of Mankind to invade the territory of the Demon Empire—an enduring adversary of humanity for over 7000 years.

Wielding the Great Holy Sword Zenith and commanding a legion of thousands of holy troops, he leads the raid on the Desert of Chaos, facing the elite armies of the Demon Race with unwavering valor.

Even, he engaged in direct combat against the Demon Emperor, who was actively leading the war on behalf of the Demon Race!

Unfortunately, he never foresaw that his offensive was a cunning scheme orchestrated by the Emperor of the Holy Empire.

The emperor aimed to eliminate Leon, perceiving him as a threat to his position as the ruler.

Furthermore, unbeknownst to him, he had been poisoned before setting out for war, leading to a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Demon Emperor and resulting in his capture as a prisoner of the Demon Emperor.

Envisaging torment at the hands of the notorious Demon Emperor after his capture, he was surprised to find that this foreseen ordeal did not come to pass!

The Demon Emperor, unveiled as a remarkably beautiful woman, unexpectedly and without apparent cause, asked him to be responsible for abandoning their triplet daughters?!

"Nani! Since when did I have triplet daughters with you, smelly demon woman?!"

Not only that, Leon gradually realized that an increasing number of women were approaching him to claim the love debts he had unwittingly accumulated in his youth.

"Wait! Hold on! Please be gentle! Both my kidneys are nearly tapped out!"

#Tag: #Action #Adventure #Harem #Slight-Harem #StrongToStrongest #Romance #Demon #Elven #Hero #Dragon #DaughterLoves #Revenge #Anti-Hero #Handsome-Male-Lead #Beautiful-Female-Leads #SliceOfLife #Unhesitate-MainCharacter #Yandere #PossesiveCharacters #PhsycopathCharacter #HateToLove #Comedy

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    Live this story, plot is nice, romance is fairly done well and nice pace too, the daughters are little cotton balls of sweetness and that's like worth 3 stars on their own ngl 😭. try the book out because it's quite a nice change of pace from classic edgy novels these days.

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    LV 10 Badge

    a very good story, the relationship with the demon queen is very fluid and does not feel forced, her relationship with her daughters is very sweet. The really bad thing is that there are only 39 free episodes :(

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    iirc there was a novel I used to love reading here be4 it got removed entirely 😔, it's plot is roughly similar to this, are you the author of Dragon Empress won't let me go? (mightve botched the name a little, but it's roughly like that) also keep up the good work 👍👍

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    LV 13 Badge

    There are not many chapters, but this novel has a lot of potential, I liked it very much, author keep it up[img=update]

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    overall a good wholesome story...just as i like ...but harem lovers harem is too small for the name of this NOVEL 😞😞😞...give it try if u like excessive small harem......i would had give 5 stars ..but I Cut 2 stats from *updating stability and numbers

    View 11 Replies
    LV 13 Badge

    It is still early to judge but it has potential, I will provide power stones if you need it as a source of motivation. All the best.

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    brooooooooo neeed discord link ...... create as fast as possible

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    I read through all of the free chapters after finding this in my recommendations and I can say that it is definitely a good read. The only real issue I have is the fact that I can't really keep up with the story since buying coins in bulk can be expensive. I really do appreciate being able to find such a wholesome story otherwise. 5 stars is my heartfelt belief in what this story deserves from what I've read up to.

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    this is just extraordinary mannn daily updates nice story but want discord link bro ..

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    I really like that the children are the focus of the story and that they actually act like children and not 10,000 yr old sages. I like the progressing relationship between Leon and Lilliana. I am not a fan of nerfed MCs. It is one of my pet peeves up there with hiding identity and powers 😑. Leon has a total nerf, all powers gone thanks to some overpowered poison. Looking through chapter titles, it looks like he’s going to be powerless for a couple hundred chapters. I don’t know if I can stick around that long no matter how adorable the triplets are. If you don’t mind a nerfed mc where a fly could unalive him, then check it out. The kids really are adorbs and the best part of this novel.

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    Story is really wholesome and well written with a very good plot. Brilliant character development and good world-building. It’s an absolute masterpiece!!

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    Really like the beginning of the story. Grate plot

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    LV 12 Badge

    A really good slice of life with some plot twists sprinkled in, with some fights in it occasionally but main part is mostly his kids and his wife/adversary story where they fell in love. I really like his interaction with his kids and hope to see more in the future.

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    Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice!, Will he return to the previous world or will the story focus on this world?.

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    no discord channel for character pics?????

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    j'aime bien l'histoire . hâte de lire la suite.

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    Really good novel I like especially the relationship with the heroine and his three daughters

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    ntr/yuri ? I hope not .... .... ..... ...

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    Lol....didn't mind me. Just decided to mark this novel as one of the top new novels that i have to surpass...soon enough!!!

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