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I Can Copy And Evolve Talents

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Author: RighteousFilth

3.88 (66 ratings)

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The convolution of worlds are govern by a set of gods, each god is given a world to rule and there can be skirmishes between them – as a result of one between Nexus, the god of trickery and a senile old hag Elliot reincarnated into Ul’Tra-el by mistake.

Ul’Tra-el is a world that grew a voice, because of this voice, it began to take a different path from other worlds -- it was filled with a core anomaly – rifts.

Dimensions began to leak into each other, vomiting outrageous monsters.

In response or as an auto-correction to such anomaly, talents were awakened in the inhabitants of Ul’Tra-el and they gained tremendous power, for every rift they close down, they were rewarded massively by the voice of the world called Ul.

In a hardcore world like this one, our MC (Northern) reincarnated as a talentless individual but in the face of a death and a head splitting revelation...

...when all hopes seemed lost.

{System Notice}

Your Soul cannot take a form

Searching for Unique pattern ability for your soul


search found.

Unique System ability has been found...

Unique System Ability [CopyCat] has been gained.

Awakening Unique ability...

Northern gained a talent copying system!


Follow Northern through his journey as he becomes the pinnacle of this world.

This a story about a white-haired boy’s rise from rubbles!!

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    Author's divine review. After a hundred chapters. I have decided to drop a honest review of my work. Okay, for the first hundred chapters we focus on Northern and his sufferings. Even though this is a book about an overpowered character, my MC is not suddenly strong from the beginning. We see how this happens, how he survives in a realm of suffering and comes out different and strong. So, yes if you are expecting an overpowered character from the beginning this is not it. But I do promise you that following Northern would be a delightful experience. Next we have the characters. The characters are made to be so realistic, you'll meet dumb characters, you'll meet brilliant characters, some of them you will love some of them you will hate, but you'll find yourself unable to just quit the story... there's so much information, so much to say because Ul'Tra-el is just a magnificent world full of wonders, even I have not explored it all. I implore you to dive into this world with me. I'd love to take Northern's journey to the very end with you guys, till he becomes the pinnacle of not just one world but all worlds, till he marries, gives birth, grows old and die. I'm determined to see this to the end, so come with me. Thank you.

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    why is the author using complex sentences when there are simpler options ❓ first of all, writing style while explaining is weird which becomes harder with the author's choice of words. Author does not know how to end a topic. He or she just moves on with the next topic. i really don't like this way of writing

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    I love everything about this novel and I hope this gets enough exposure 'cuz It's just that great. Everything is well thought of; The Story, The Character Development, The Fights, The World Building, and The Mystery EVERYTHING! I approve, Author-san and I hope you don't butcher this 'cuz I really really love it.

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    You know in most novels the mc starts of in safe environment with easy challenges and grows strong but here the mc was thrown in the abyss when he left the beginner village. Rn he is still stuck there cant do much about it, gotta see how he advances. Yeah he has a cheat but we dont know much about it now. The story is still in the starting parts not a lot of action, but give it a read like a side story till your main ones update. I dont really write reviews but still the novel is good.

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    Grats fellow filthy brother on WPC🐐🐐🐐 THE GOATTT!🐐🐐

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    the thing with novels is if u want people to spend money on them , u need to get them hooked or at least curious enough to read past the free chapters . this one didn't manage to do that with me . the writing could be much better. the constantly shifting povs in the beginning, weird info dumps and complex classifications just makes it much harder to read . also i understand if his parents didn't want to teach him how to fight so that he could get a better technique later but why didn't they teach him anything? nothing about rifts or even how to use a monster core . and he barely uses his system. it's supposed to be his power why not use it ?

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    bloated. so many words to convey so less. it's better than most of the trash here. It keeps going on and on and the story barely moves forward. Reading this feels like a chore

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    character progress is too slow it kill the mood

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    author has some insane humiliation kink drop the novel it has 300 chapters of pure humiliation of the mc and 0 progress author keeps trying to use excuses but after 200 chapters of no progress theirs no more excuses to use.

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    Unbiased review. Concept is relatively basic. Guy fell on bad times, dies, gets reincarnated as a handsome boy, becomes over powered, and author gives the boy a modest background to supplement nobles and the rich as villains into his arc. Apart from the fact that the characters name and the world are different from other stories, this isn’t anything unique I would recommend someone to read, and the lacklust writing quality isn’t anything to gloat about, either.

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    Tried to give this a chance, however I feel like this story has too much inspiration from Shadow Slave. This doesn’t even feel as if it has its own identity. The MC is my biggest gripe, he is a transmigrator and engineer yet I feel as if a teenager would have better decision making for development and strategy. The MC isn’t fully utilizing his OP ability and states that it is his strategy?? I started to give up on the story when in the mountain cave he didn’t even think to use his clone to level up his talent by sending it down the mountain to fight easy monsters when he was less than 30 talents away from evolving. The timing was also strange considering the MC ‘lost’ himself in war and was fighting constant battles for an undisclosed amount of time. Yet he didn’t level up and only managed to increase his talents by 900?? Even if he only led 20 campaigns after Night Terror, he couldn’t kill more than 45 monsters per war campaign? As a general? Describing his fights as if he was going through them like a hot knife through butter. It just doesn’t make sense. Not only that but his start was also rushed and not fleshed out. He was fully conscious as an infant and did not even consider trying to build himself in any expertise or skill to give himself an edge? Standing behind your dad and being a good analyzer is the absolute freaking bare minimum, bro did not develop his body at all, he did not learn how to wield a weapon because daddy forbade it?? Nah. I love the concept but I feel it’s missing a lot of common sense logic which would make the story a better read. The descriptive words were good too, I think that was very well thought of. Keep writing and improving because you will become a better author.

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    this is a complete ripoff of shadow slave...... if you like this book, just read shadow slave.

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    Author writing is very complex,it's hard to understand Author tries to sound way to smart and uses AI to help him write this complex yet meaningless paragraph.

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    In the starting it is pretty good, after some time like every other novel MC is like women, women, women, women like only thing she is beautiful and doesn't have a spine of his own to accomplish his own ambitions and complaining about everything that happens even after having super powerful gold finger

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    at first it was nice and enjoying. it just turn dark and hard to read. Not sure what level of reading conprehention need to understand it. well love the MC and his adopted family. what trigger me is the other characterd. annoying and lunatic.i felt if everybody MC encounter are all villains? or good the guys are all crazy?what kind of school allow their principal which unstable and will to send kids to dead with 99.99% of death in a mission. major turn off. good luck author ,this nice novel just not my cup of tea. this giving me headaches and heartbreak poor mc🤣🤣🤣.

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    Started off decent. Had a lil bit too close of a semblance to shadow slave but eh. Went down hill when author started padding chapter with fancy words and dragging things for chapters. MC showed no, to negative development of growth. Keeps saying he’ll try and author claims he’s trying to make mc realistic -_- maybe to you bud but some of us do what we say, especially if you consider MC is a reincarnator and should be mentally mature(cuz he was an adult in a modern world vs the new world) he shouldn’t need 150+ chapters just to get off his sorry butt. I tried, I really did. Authors writing isn’t horrible I just think when he tries putting his thoughts to pen, it doesn’t come out right or sum. Maybe write a less brain intensive novel like Blood Warlock, that did good for a while without all that extra jargon and ultra realistic behaviors

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    i was very excited for this book, sadly the spelling and grammer faults are driving me nuts so im dropping this book

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    Subpar writing quality, subpar character design, great world background, good story development. But it got boring real fast when you started info dumping. MC is edgy and not befitting someone who survived true horrors. MC also suffers from a major case of pushover syndrome. It is greatly dissapointing and does not live up to the potential it showed in the first 120 chapters. 👎🏻

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    I like the character building, skills and world building, BUT the story is tooo complex, writing is rly bad, sometimes even after reading it twice u dont understand whats happening. So sadly i drop this. 3,5/5

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    Brilliant novel! Read only a few chaps and im hooked with authors writing style and his battle immersion. Keep it up author you have my support! All I ask is that please do not make this novel 'Harem'. ❤️👍🏻

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