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Phantom: The Sword Demon

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Author: dk_emp18

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Since the Gates appeared―mysterious portals of unknown origin that connect our world to a parallel dimension inhabited by dangerous and repulsive bloodthirsty creatures―the daily life of many people weren't anymore the same as before. The same goes for me. I, Shun Hellsborne, an ordinary high school student who excels in almost all school subjects, became one of those chosen people who gained the power to fight those monsters―the Demonic Beasts. However, I was given a particular exception on my abilities. Rather than that, it's something worse...
At the same time, I would have regarded it as some kind of curse. But on the other hand, it was more than a curse. Better to say... a special gift granted from the gods themselves.

[Synchronization with the 'Transcendental System'... In progress... Please wait...]
[Synchronization completed! Successful!]
[Congratulations, Host, you've fulfilled all the requirements to merge with the 'Transcendental System'!]

("Huh...?! And this where did it come from?! Transcendental System? The hell is that??")

[Congratulations, Host, for awakening as a Hunter!]
[Detecting host's rank... Please wait...]
[Shun Hellsborne (16) ― F Rank]


[A status window has been created.]
[Your status window has been updated.]
[An inventory window has been created.]
[New features are now available in the System → Store and Skill Menu.]
[New skills acquired: Language Comprehension, Eye of Absolute Knowledge, Dragon's Authority.]

("This is insane!")

[Race: Daemon]

(Wait what?? Daemon...? Do I belong to a some kind of demon species...? Sure enough I've never heard of a race with this name though...)

[*Warning*: If the host ignores any quest assigned by the System... you'll be paralyzed or, to be more precise, impotent for life!]
[You have only 20.5 seconds to decide.]
[Accept] [Decline]

[ Tags ]

Alternate World | Ability Steal | Accelerated Growth | Anti-Hero Protagonist | Army Building | Appearance Changes | Beautiful Female Lead | Boss-Subordinate Relationship | Calm Protagonist | Caring Protagonist | Cheats | Clingy Lover | Demons | Devoted Love Interests | Distrustful Protagonist | Doting Love Interests | Doting Parents | Dungeons | Eye Powers | Firearms | Game Elements | Gate to Another World | Gore | Guilds | Handsome Male Lead | Hard-Working Protagonist | Hiding True Identity | Human-Nonhuman Relationship | Humanoid Protagonist | Hunters | Incest | Level System | Love Interest Falls in Love First | Male Protagonist | Marriage | Modern Day | Monsters | Multiple POV | Necromancer | Older Love Interests | Overpowered Protagonist | Personality Changes | Polygamy | Possessive Characters | Precognition | Pregnancy | Race Change | Reverse Rape | Ruthless Protagonist | Special Abilities | Strong Love Interests | Strong to Stronger | Student-Teacher Relationship | Sudden Strength Gain | Sword and Magic | Sword Wielder | System Adminstrator | Underestimated Protagonist | Weak to Strong | Yandere

This is my first novel I've written so far. There might be grammar mistakes in this work, so I hope u guys enjoy it ;)


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