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Author: Realm_Weaver

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It was a very normal day for the inhabitants of planet Earth when an emotionless robotic voice resounded in every creature's mind.
"Unawakened Planet#54673242 discovered"
"Initiating Awakening"
When mankind had finally adapted to these changes, the voice of the System rang once again.
"Tutorial has ended. A war will be initiated for the ownership of Planet#54673242."
Mankind fought long and hard but they were still no match for their enemies.
Mankind lost.
Ezekiel or Zeke as his friends knew him, was a researcher. He was one of the wisest humans and there was a spear sticking through his chest. As he was dying, he heard the System's voice.
"Activation prerequisites met."
"Activating Skill: Glitch???"
"Remaining Uses: None"
The last thing he heard before dying was, "You human vermin finally lost. This planet now belongs to the...wait! What is happening? Why is the Sys@#$%@$..."

This is a regression novel. Also, check out my other book, Chaos Chronicles: Rise of the Cosmic Archon[Remastered]
Cover by Forteller. For comissions, contact him at:


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    Hey guys. I released privilege chapters this month and hopefully will be able to do so every month. So I was thinking that the first ten readers to unlock privilege chapters, no matter the tier, will get a shoutout out throughout that month. Of course, I don't know who buys privilege chapters so you'll have to join the server and send me a screenshot. So, let's go beloved readers[img=strong][img=strong] You can find the link to discord in Author's Notes of the latest chapters or in the auxiliary chapter.

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    Hoping for more updates haha. This novel is one of the best. 10/10

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    hmmm , just at first chapter folks , seems promising to me and is quite good for a start . Just hope this one doesn't disappoint Character deepness is something that's a bit better than the trope and trends currently

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    I'll be honest everything about the book is really good. My only issues are the dud chapters. Like atleast 5 in the first 40 chapters is kind of a bit much. Other then that no complaints other then there's no more chapters lol

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    it is really good Does anyone know of any similar novels

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    LV 12 Badge

    THIS NOVEL IS GREAT SO FAR, 98/100! If you fix some missing words and missing letters/leters? It would be 100/100! BUT WHAT IS AFTER 500LV.?!

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    This is very good too bad that it only has 7 ch it has a nice world view at first when i was looking at the genre i saw non human mc i thought this was about robots or elves demons stuff but the author hit me with a curve ball 10/10 expect it ony has 7ch

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    Hey guys, Realm_Weaver here. This to inform you all that I won't be able to publish new chapters before 5 November 2023. I'm swamped with school work right now so I hope you guys understand. I'll publish six chapters instead of four to make up for it.

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    its soooo good, the novel as that kind of thing that makes u keep reading it even after 1 am

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    Love it!! Finally up to date with 37 chapters waiting for new!! 10/10

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    the story is great i have read every chapter so far and really enjoyed it but there are so many just repost of previous chapters or things that aren’t the story and just labeled as don’t unlock and i feel like it is a waste when out of the limited chapters multiple are not actually meant to be read

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    Hey guys. I have decided to host an event for you guys. For more details check the Discord Server.

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    Love the novel, especially the beginning. it was weird but great, am looking forward for more of this novel

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    Hello, I am hoping to create a platform for authors and would love for you to join. There is a 70% compensation for authors from all revenue and a contest at my webpage(My username), along with a discord at the bottom of the webpage. I hope to see you there!

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    Hey guys, Realm_Weaver here again. Join our community on Discord for sneak peeks of future chapters, and other stuff. First five members get a shout-out in the next ten chapters. https://discord.com/invite/Gc97rsw37R

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    Hey guys, Realm_Weaver here. Please check the auxiliary chapter, 'Important Links'. As requested by many of you. I have removed the A/N that I used to put at the end of the chapters. Instead, you can now find updated links to the discord server, my Instagram, Patreon, and Kofi in this chapter.

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    good story hope the author keep writing more and damn the mc is good love is story line and realized that the power system needs some work though

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    The story is nothing original, but the author seems to have thought the story plot out. The only issue I have is the high levels. Why not make is level 100 or even level 300 be the limit? Level 1000 seem kind of weird and unimpressive to me. Overall, I will be reading this continuing forth.

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