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RE: starting my life in the another world is the only way? Original

RE: starting my life in the another world is the only way?

Fantasy 125 Chapters 318.1K Views
Author: WhereIsHumanity

4.22 (12 ratings)

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In this emotionally charged novel of adventure and personal growth, we follow the journey of Ray Lewinston, a high school teenager who feels lost and directionless in his life. In his despair and hopelessness, Ray finds himself transported to another world, where he has the opportunity to start his life anew.

Ray, who sees himself as the worst person in the world, is faced with the chance to change his fate. With a strong determination to become a better version of himself, he embarks on a challenging journey to discover the true meaning of life and find peace within himself.

However, the real conflict lies not with the external world, but with the internal battle he must face. Ray must confront his greatest obstacle in life: himself. In his quest for peace and resolution of the problems around him, Ray must confront the darkest side and deepest fears within himself.

By sacrificing himself for others, Ray sets off on a journey filled with sacrifices, growth, and self-acceptance. "RE:starting my life in the another world is the only way?" is an inspiring tale of one's struggle to find the true meaning of life and overcome oneself to become a better individual.

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    Hello, I'm the author of this novel. You can directly interact with me here if you want to ask or criticize something. I also want to applaud you who persevering through the first few chapters, which were a bit... aaahhh... you know...

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    This is actually very interesting. Is this your first novel? You writing is really good and the story is pretty interesting althought, it was just like any other transmigration stories. But overall, it's really good. I made my own novel, and i want to ask for advice on how I can make it better.

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    liked it, nice work author, although for me to truly enjoy this work atleast 80-100 chaps are needed cause of slow development.

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    novels okay the reason for the low reviews in story development, background and character designs is because of 2 reasons first the novel is just starting to shape up second this SEEMS to some sort rezero type regression but given to a mentally unstable teenager meaning this novel will be going in circles for a bit save for the inner monologues and slight changes and as for the question from the synopsis the real question is do you want an optimistic answer or a realistic answer if you choose an optimistic answer you would find near infinite different answers if you choose a realistic answer it would be variations of the same answer there is no original reason or meaning for it save for the ones we make for ourselves.

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    This is good, it's just that the story focus is slow and sometimes boring. and also this is a fantasy genre, but the content is very different from other fantasy genre novels. I feel cheated, so I can't give a 5 star review

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    This is my first time reading on this platform. because it was recommended by my friend. I want to ask, are all the types of novels here torturous like this? Honestly I think this is good, and also the situations in this novel are always described in detail. but it just hurts my heart as I keep reading it. The more I read, the more my heart hurts. I'm not sure I can always read this type of novel every day :(

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Please don’t give up on this novel it’s great the writing quality is soooo sweet i just cloud not stop myself from reading It all day if i have compling it will be that one of the chapters tilte spoler the whole ‘Mystery diseases’ given the disease full name on chapter titles....

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    Honestly this is so terribly written. The character design, writing quality and overall plot development is trash. I wouldn't recommend this [img=faceslap]

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    Is this novel competing in WSA 2024? Please reply.

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    Good job author, please keep going, you can definitely do better. On that note, you guys should check out my book 'My perfect demon'. You will definitely find it appealing.

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    I give this a low score just because it got to emo for me like it was fine for awhile, the mc being a regular lobar in a class but it immediately went to “staring at the darkness” and that just ruined my immersion, but besides that it was a good start idk abt the rest

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    the title kind of the same as the one I've watched from BiliBili even the generalization or Story outline was kind of similar. but anyway it's a good one.

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