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Space Patroller Miya

Sci-fi 23 Chapters 114.5K Views
Author: WinterTimeCrime

4.98 (10 ratings)

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    This is good author, I enjoyed what I’ve read so far. It has a good storyline and the characters are on point. Continue with the good job author

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    Hello friends! I've decided to write a small review since WN doesn't allow non-exclusive books to be linked to any accounts! The story follows Miya Yuna, a recently deployed Space Patroller of the Ya'valt Galactic Federation after being manipulated by her superior with her only other choice being death. If I had to give this book three genres it would be... Psychological Horror, Space, and Action. This story is also rated M for Mature Audiences Only, as it has gore, sexual content, traumatizing material, and strong language. The book itself has tons of nifty subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Dystopias, Futuristic Settings, and Outer Space. While elements of Hard Sci-Fi are entertained in the book, answering questions such as how planets operate, certain scientific elements, etc., it has some details that also make it very interesting yet educational to follow. So those that are actually interested in learning more can enjoy reading alongside those who want to continue moving along with the story. With all of that being said, if you want a story that's harboring monstrous yet unusual extraterrestrials, cosmic wars, gunfights, and cruel characters — All being combated by a ruthless female protagonist in the shape of a young half-bred girl, please continue! If you want to talk about the book, please don't hesitate to join the Discord link in the description. Want extra chapters, merch, and physical copies once the first volume completes? Check out my Patreon, @WinterTimeCrime! See you on the next page!

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    I was amazed by the story-telling, let alone the believable dialogue between the characters. Some of the scenes made me choke on some food, but maybe I can get past it if it doesn't get too disturbing.. haha...

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    Wow, this is a great story! I love how you have mixed science fiction and horror in one story. I love stories with alien and this one is the best I've read so far! Nice job 👏

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    Amazing work from the writer here. It's been a long time since I read a story like this and I love it. I love the creativity and everything about the book. Keep it up.

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    Wow..wow nice book, love the writing quality and the world background, its a good book, good luck author[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    Interested to learn more about this world and the people in it. Good work so far. [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend]

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    The story doesn't feel too rushed, and it's horror/sci-fi which is a plus so you know it's going to be some action. This is definitely a new trope and you won't want to miss it if you like a bit of intense gore!

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    The story is easy to read and is detailed when characters or graphic scenes are concerned. You won't be disappointed once reading. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    If you like horror and sci-fi you're going to love this book! Intense fight scenes with great world-building that can't be beat. Awesome work!

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    Author WinterTimeCrime