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The Devil Venerable's Mate [BL]

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Author: jmjackie

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In a world where devil Lycans were hunted down like beasts...
The devil Lycan Zhan Sheng of the Burning Fire Sect burned with an all-consuming desire for vengeance against the Heavenly Orchard sect, who murdered his mate in cold blood. He lived and breathed for the sole purpose of hunting down the omega General Zi Yin, the one who took everything from him and make him pay for his heinous crime.
Zi Yin's beauty was rumored to be as striking as a crane taking flight, with his lithe figure, long, graceful limbs, and a serene face as tranquil as a placid lake at dawn.
Zhan Sheng vowed to smash his face to pieces.
His relentless pursuit took him on a perilous journey through the treacherous cultivation world, where he faced constant danger and betrayal. With his sharp senses and lightning-fast reflexes, he navigated through the challenges, determined to reach his target.
As he edged closer to Zi Yin, Zhan Sheng uncovered the convoluted truth behind his mate's death, revealing the intricate web of deception that shrouded the incident.
But nothing could deter Zhan Sheng's desire for retribution, not even an omega whose gaze shone like the stars.
Transmigration. Cultivation. Rebirth. Multiple universes. Intersex omegas.

I'm doing W/W so please support me so that I can update faster!

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    Hiya! Author here: If you have any questions about the novel, you can leave a reply here! This is my first attempt at a Wuxia novel so I really hope you guys enjoy it. Don't forget to leave a comment so that others can find and enjoy the story too!

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    Nice novel, really worth the read and has a too potential for a wuxia novel but the chapters are too few, I'd love to read more. Great work author.

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    It's a different kind of genre than I usually read. I can say that the setting and the world, everything is apt. I like how the character especially the protagonist is developing slowly, embracing his identity. Good Job Author!! Next update please!!

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    I'm really into this book, but I gotta say, I wish there was more description - especially when it comes to the characters and the world they're in. And the paragraphing is a bit wonky, but that might just be the Webnovel format. Despite that, this book is seriously amazing. I'm dying to see where the story goes next. Oh, and that scene where the character is lying in the snow, almost dead? Incredible. Loved it.

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    I really like it ,your spelling and grammar is very good. Hope you're going to update it sooner and keep up the good work It really deserves a look ,bookmarked it. Good job.

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    Great story! Nice start! Just the first three chapters captivated my attention. This story has great potential, and I look forward to future chapters.

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    Really enjoyed the descriptions felt immersed in the story. I'm interested to know more about the world behind what's going on as its very intense early on! Looking forward to more chapters.

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    It's a great novel. It has potential, the plot is engaging and enjoyable, and for the most part, the descriptions and writing quality is also very good. I'm going to follow it.

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    Why should you read this book? Because it has the best plot and lively characters, especially Shen as the main character. Looking forward for more updates

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    Very interesting plot! This story has great potential. I really liked the way you've described the character. Keep up the good work and keep updating!

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    This is a nice story ongoing, has potential to be a great Wuxia novel. There are not a lot to say about for while, because it has few chapters, but the author did a good job in building the tension and the classical 'revenge'. Some points to improve: - Grammar: It has some style errors and tensing problems, but nothing that I good rewriting don't do.

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    Author jmjackie