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The Legend of The EVil NPC

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Author: Sage_X

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[You passed away]
[Logging out was unsuccessful]

He was reincarnated back in time into the world of the online game Celestial Dimension as a result of a game error.

Ding [Online Supreme Villain System]

The supreme villain system awoke him and assigned him goals to complete before reincarnating in the real world.

Goal 1: Become a god-level villain capable of devouring the earth and fighting the heavens.

Goal 2: Form a demonic sect with over a million followers.

Goal 3: Surpass the realm of the God King.

Will he become a true villain in the game world?

Welcome to the abyss of the evil NPC
Virtual world
Evil MC

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    It's 5 Stars So Far, It Has Great Potential, I Have Very High Hopes For This, As It Is Overall Very Good In My Opinion, Hopefully It Doesn't Get Dropped.

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    Although there are only 7 chapters so far, it definitely has ALOT of potential, Grammar is simple, and the story itself seems extremely interesting, I truly hope the author doesn't drop this one, there have been alot of diamond ore's that havent been able become diamonds recently because the authors keep dropping the books early, so author, I am compelling you to keep writing this wonderful story

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    The protagonist as evil as one can get(till yet). He isn't dumb rather pretty smart. Isn't overpowered(till yet) nor is he going around getting beaten by everyone. The other characters are all pretty rational too, even the arrogant ones know who to offend and who to not offend. There are both evil and good characters in the novel so none of that mc is the only evil that exists in the entire world The stability of update if pretty good absolutely no complaint there. As for the world background, I was never the one to really care much about world background so I guess you should just check it our for yourself. The grammars are pretty good, also no complaint there. My only complaint with this novel would be to tone down the plot armor a little bit for the protagonist and make him less attractive to females(like making every female that sees him a fanatic of him).

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    I love it, if I could I would have given u 10⭐️'S [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

    View 3 Replies

    Сверх супер мега толстая сюжетная броня. Ужасная реализация идеи. Проработка персонажей.... Сам мир то ещё дерьмо. ..................................................................................................................................................

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    MC terlalu idiot, tidak sesusai caracter. Cerita bukan Tag Villain tetapi lebih ke Tag Anti-Pahlawan. Ngga ada kesadaran diri, padahal udah tau keadaan masa depan tetapi tidak dimanfaatkan. Pengalaman MC prolog berhasil membunuh raja binatang abadi harusnya ada pengalaman selama itu tetapi di cerita MC terlalu idioit seakan tidak ada pengalaman sama sekali

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    Too much plot armor. Power scaling is lacking. Mc' character is agreeable. Update is good. World Background is lacking maybe this is early chapters.

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    Author Sage_X