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Have you ever wished you exactly knew how to accomplish your dreams? Not feeling the slightest doubt anymore? Being aware at any time how every choice, action and decision of yours affects your future?

That's what happened to Jake Wilderth, a procrastinating young man without ambition. When a mysterious silver spaceship, popping out from nowhere, delivered to each Earthling a bracelet containing an AI introducing itself as the Oracle, their destiny changed.

From a boring uneventful life Jake began to strive for greatness, treading his Path over the dead bodies of many.

What a blessing it would have been if he was the only one profiting of such a gift! But when everyone became equal to face the future, he soon realized no gift comes for free..

Just a warning. Volume 1 sets the atmosphere in a Earth slowly degenerating into chaos and can be considered as a big prologue. It is slow and not as rewarding for the readers than mainstream stories on this website. If you can push through it will be worth it. For some real action you need to wait chap 27.


Discord link: https://discord.gg/d8udP7Q

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    Hello, shameless review from the Author. I can't give myself full marks as my english is far from perfect. However, i hope you will be able to enjoy this story despite its shortcomings. Here are a few more informations about this novel. I read many webnovels, from eastern/ western fantasy, to apocalypse stories, with System and Video-games sub-genre from time to time. After reading so much, i have developed a vision quite precise of what i'm seeking for in a story. The start of this story is slow, with maybe too many info blocks in the first few chapters, but it will only improve after. Survival, System and Apocalypse are the dominant themes. However, you will find at some point similarities (but very different in the facts) with other webnovels like Devil's Cage, Terror infinity and Ultimate evolution. The difference is that it will only be one aspect of the story. There is one central Romance, no Harem. There will potentially be several love interests in the story, but as in real life we meet people and things happen or not. As a Survival story, there is a Game of Throne/ Walking Dead feel that can't be avoided. Not everyone can survive but the deaths are not distributed like candies either. At last, i attach a lot of importance to coherence. If you notice any incoherences, don't hesitate to point it out. It will be quickly fixed.

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    Hello, I love this story, and seeing I had a book review assignment for my freshman class, I decided to write a review on this. I also decided it was also fitting to put my review here seeing as I already wrote one. So, here it is: (Please don't mind my writing skills, still an Hschool student.) The first work of the author, Arkinslize, The Oracle Paths is a fantastic apocalyptic science fiction story. Currently, at 295 chapters, The Oracle Paths has a diverse cast of characters and world-building the likes of which I have yet to see before. World building may be an understatement considering the story is based around multiple universes. The main character of the tale, Jake is an average man who works at a VR retail shop in the year 2106. Orphaned at a young age, Jake goes about his days with repetitiveness until something drastically changes. The story has just the right pace and slows down a bit here and there for the sake of constructing the giant universe. The novel rarely lingers on plot points to the point of excruciation like many novels tend to do. The character building is quite intense and connects you to the characters in many different ways. I have loved some characters and hated some, but I can appreciate the way Arkinslize has built them, all the same. Each character is intricately built to fit each character archetype. A character, Tim, for example, is a frail child that I thought on multiple occasions would be removed considering the apocalypse genre, yet he has found his own way to stay that doesn’t seem like plot armor, which is rare. Another character seemed an ally at first but with the ‘cruel’ actions they committed, the main character showed his moral boundaries which helped with the character progression of the ‘ally’ and the MC. Many people on the site that I read this on complained about the pace of the novel. While I can admit that pace can be slower than many novels of the same type, you have to realize that in exchange for a somewhat slower pace, the world-building is better than any form of media I’ve ever seen. I feel connected to not only the characters but the entire world itself, this novel does better than any giving you ways to visualize the story as it goes on. This unique novel is a construction of science fiction, wuxia/xianxia, and system story types. The unique construction of these ideas may seem an unlikely one, but a very well put together piece nonetheless. If you are a fan of any of these types of stories or just good world-building in general, I strongly recommend this novel to you.

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    Never before has a book made me feel the need to write a review, however this one is different. The writing quality is excellent, surpassing the best Qidian has to offer and is up at the top with the likes of Supreme Magus and The Lord of the Mysteries (it’s been a long time since I’ve had to look up the definition of a word and it is an exciting prospect with this book). The story/world building is intriguing, reminiscent of Terror Infinity in premise but with its own uniqueness which makes it captivating to read. The characters are interesting as the author does his/her best to replicate all the human intricacies. I hope that this review will serve as encouragement for the author and other readers to persevere with this story; the only reason it is not in the top 15 is because not many know of it (surpasses plenty of the garbage up there like My Vampire System for example). I hope you continue to write this book author, for my sake lol.

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    Action ✔️ Plot ✔️ Great Characters ✔️ This story has every element to get you hooked. Set in a dystopian world where the inhabitants of earth are transferred to, everyone is left to fend for themselves. Not only do the people have to worry about monsters, the fight for power and survival amongst humans and alien cohabitants requires everyone to watch their backs. However, everyone is equipped with a powerful AI system called the Oracle and it up to the individual how to make the best use of it. The story is very well-written and the plot is quite compact. The start is a bit slow but once the action starts the novel becomes unputdownable. The progression of the character is quite slow if you compare it to other novels of the same genre but that doesn't make it even a tad uninteresting. Each setting is vivid and enjoyable and the story is never a drag. The characters each have a distinct personality. The growth of the characters' personalities border real world people making them lifelike. The chapter length is quite good, and although there is a single release daily, the chapter is a big one. All in all, I really like this novel and would suggest everyone to give it a read. The only complaint that I have to author-san is that he should release more chapters as I cannot have enough of this novel.

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    Not a fan of writing reviews, but since I feel that this novel doesn't have the exposure and support it deserves and the author is sooo nice I decided to share my short humble opinion. First of all the world building is very well made, it has similarities with the ultimate evolution. Nevertheless it's original, has a lot of potential and it's slowly but steadily presented. There's a long introduction delving a lot into the mc's personality and worldview. For some people maybe that's a reason not to read it. For me it wasn't boring at all. I could even empathise with him occasionally. The explanations and building of his personality maybe were were a bit rough and forced in some cases, but it didn't make it unpleasant and the author said he would improve his first chapters so maybe this will not me the case in some weeks. I am not a native speaker, I found some small and not important mistakes, but not many and they didn't make my reading experience bad. All in all I would definitely recommend it! Let's just hope that the author keeps this high release rate and quality :)

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    This is a great story and is a solid 5/5 till now for me .....also this is my first time writing a serious review that goes to show how much I like this book.....I have tried to break down and review the story elements by myself and here I go— 1)Plot—>Firstly the plot is well thought out and well paced and it is also mostly realistic.The author has tried his best for accommodating the sci-fi aspects of the story which is believable (if you want to believe cuz that is as far as it goes in fictions). 2)Characters—>The characters are mostly likeable and there is heavy character development that is necessary and believable because the genre is ‘apocalypse’.Most people change when their survival is threatened but it cannot be abrupt and has to have a trigger and a period of change, this is something that the author has shown.Not all characters are supposed to be black and white and they have to be dynamic and changing which happens in this story and this is a plus for me. 3) System——>Finally the major tag that is very popular and common nowadays,’system’ is done right here .It does not spoon feed neither is it very vague,also people dont awaken skills out of thin air (at least it hasn’t happened yet). All I have are praises for the book and small things in some chapter that I feel can be improved or I don’t understand are mostly in the comments so I think this book is only going to get better..

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    It is an amazing book from where I am at Chapter 32, but I will guarantee you that this book will take thousands of chapters to finish unless author picks up the pace. It is a good book but for how I can see it develop is not for me when it is taking a long time to progress.

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    The story started great and went on quite well despite having some issues. Towards the latest chapters the story quality has dipped quite sharply. The world building and generally the whole premise of the novel is great and innovative with a fresh breath of air. The only slightly problem that I found is the Shadow Guide. It is an absolute concept inside this novel and a lot of times you will it acting as plot armor , the author forcing situations and as well narrowing the future paths of the plot. Like if someone has a higher rank than you , he can kill you almost anytime he wants (either in an ordeal or in the mirrror universe). The skills that affect your rank or the shadow guide can't be count upon as they are quite common if you are a player. Then we have the characters. They started great , they had their own personalities , problems, strengths. Despite the later down the line the character "development" is quite disappointing. Jake doesn't really improves on the character department. He is still the anti-social , sligtlu proscratinating guy he was. Whenever a girl gets too close to Jake she suddenly gets a stroke and gets removed from the equation for dumb reasons. Also the gang that follows Jake distance themselves from said girls that got the stroke like she is the plague for no fucking reason. For example Amy who was indebted to Jake and saw him as leading figure who pretty much ensured her extended survival , suddenly becomes a fangirl over an earth ex-celebrity who doesn't have any real advantage over Jake at the moment. Moreover before she saw said celebrity guy it was talked how important is to choose your faction as you are pretty much giving your life away to them if you don't have sufficient strength ( we didn't see any noticable talent of hers). Then there is Sarah who had gotten like a lot of attention and development and had evolved from her bitchy , self-centered , cheerleader-like behavior to somewhat more tolerable and smart (which she was) version turn into a brain-dead puppet. She gets close to Jake (like romanticaly) and the author is like trying his hardest to "kill" her off. She does some bad decisions with her bloodlines but nobody from the group is willing to provide the slightest of help and when her bloodlines are acting up everyone behaves like they don't why that happens and distance themselves from her. Even Jake who knows first hand how dealing with said bloodlines could be , does nothing to help Sarah in any possible form or be understanding to why she acts like that. Even his own bloodline which in terms of detriments is a lot tamer can influence his behaviour. He acts oblivious to her advances despite knowing very well her intentions and he is almost like purposefuly teasing her. Now we are in a situation that Sarah is like Amy to the group "dead" as I doubt Ark was gonna ammend their relationship. Lastly after December Ark has pretty much abandoned this novel. He was all about promising about keeping up with late chapters and stuff but in the end he just ended up owing more chapters. We are understanding about his personal matters but you can't promise repeatedly and never deliver. We aren't idiots. Then he anounces that he got another main novel started when he can't even do one chapter/day for his already established novel. Pretty bad work ethics and it seems like he takes us loyal readers as a given (we aren't). Read this on your own discretion.

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    Firstly I have to mention that this is a great novel with an intresting concept. The mc is not cliche and has a real personality and furthermore he is not flawless. He is an introvert but in reality he wants to socialise with others. _Writing Quality_ The writing quality is pretty good and there are very few mistakes (I am not an englsih native speaker so you probably will find more than I though). _Stability of Updating_ The author posts a day, but sometimes he misses a day but makes up for it in the later days. _Story Developpment_ It has to be said that this is a slow story but as soon as he ~Spoiler~ enters the new world the progress is normal. It is clear that the author has an idea for the plot and the story follows a clear "path" _Character Design_ The characters are all interesting and have their own flaws. Even though you can guess the personality of a character, there are some plot twists which seem understandebal but unexpected. ~Spoiler~ Additionally you can see how the MC fights his asocial personality and socalises more and more -World Backround_ The world has a clear structure and there is nothing that happens, that seems totally random. The wolrd is furthermore intresting and you want to know more abou it. All in all it is a fun read and you should give it a try. [At this point the story reached 73 chapters so far and things can change and this review would be inaccurate] I have to remind you that this is my first review so please do not blame me to much if you dont like it

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    This novel isn't for me. The author spend 50 chapter after the first ordeal without giving the MC a single power up. Basically not rewarding enough for it's slow paced. I don't mind a slow pace story at the beginning, but if the slow pace continue until 200 chapters without any sign of the pace increasing, then it's become to boring for me.

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    Hmmmm interesting concept , lots of mystique Real life lessons are interwoven in the story , totally love that But Jury is still out ,so come on try it with me and see how the story turns out to be

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    The fact that the author is allowed to have a personal life should be considered a crime against humanity. As much as I enjoy this novel, the slow update rate is soon to be my bane of existence. Requesting ally support to capture author and form him to write in a basement, no food if no new updates.

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    Well what could I say.... I read the whole book (about 95) in a little more than a day... The MC actually thinks and his brain isn't just a decoration. The Oracle's Bracelet may seems a "simple" system but it's a little different: it's more similar to assistant to reach your own personal destination, something like Google Maps in a sense (kind of similar to the karmic system in a certain way). The background world is well constructed, each chapter flies, never boring nor "heavy". This story is worth the candle and I decided I'll support it as much as I can. Keep up the awesome work author!!!

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    The writing is superb in verbosity and the concept is not unique but extremely interesting and well filled in. The main character develops well but unfortunately his development is a parabola. Without spoiling, it is suffice to say that he ends up steeped in issues he never initially finished conquering while forcing himself to stay in the atmosphere of a team setting that is clearly not conducive to his growth. The authors update stability antics speak for themself.

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    Fantastic Story. I'm Not a spam bot, this really is a LN worth 5 stars. It is a cultivation SciFi LN. It starts of slow at first, but picks up later on in the chapters. Very immersive world and story line. All LNs have plot-armor. The plot armor does NOT seem to be all that heavy in this LN. This one just doesn't have a huge amount of it which is very good. It is a fun read. I know I haven't said much about the LN. The problem is that I feel if I say anything about at all it will be filled with a lot of Spoilers and this story is to good to spoil it for others. HOWEVER *** SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS *** Yes it is SciFi to the point of a Universe filled with awesome aliens. There are alien bloodlines in this LN that can be used to enhance the different characters in the LN.

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    When I started reading this, I really enjoyed myself, but as time has gone on I realize that there is never any satisfying closure to any conflict. Yerode and Lumine, the first ‘true’ antagonists of the story who are introduced around chapter 100 are both STILL ALIVE and causing problems in chapter 670+. This is a pattern that occurs with just about every major antagonist and it is incredibly annoying. Especially when the female main character, Ruby, is one of those antagonists. The author absolutely refuses to let the main character act reasonably when she’s involved. Oh she tortured him to death? No problem, he’ll rescue her next time regardless just because the ‘Oracle’ offered to throw him a couple good boy points for it. Ridiculous. She’s been nothing but an annoying return villain since he met her, and I frankly have no desire to see the continued forced romance there. No matter how strong Jake gets, or how high his Ordeal scores are, it never matters because magically all of his peers end up stronger than him despite that. It’s been 500 chapters and Jake is still getting thrashed by the same people as he was at the start.

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    Usually I dont write reviews but for this book I will make an exception. I my opinion this is easily one of the top 5 novels on this site it is just that good and I am not an easy one to please in that aspect since I am usually very critical of original novels but not in this case. I am always longing for a new chapter and get dissapointed if there is no chapter that day. This is also easily the Best apocalyps novel I have ever read while I dont usually like apocalyps novels while being one this one doesnt feel like one for some reason which is a big plus for me. But all in all I just want to reccomend this book to everyone reasing this review and say to the author: Keep up the good work!

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    MC is just a simp and extremely naive he simply always goes on donating all the information he has free of cost and then gets lied to or gets betrayed, especially by girls, and his character doesn't even develop even after such setbacks, so the character development of mc is poor. The story has a lot of potential but the author doesn't develops mc's character so it is good only when you read it to pass time. The story is extremely well defined. It has nice world development and very good power system. But still the mc's naive character without signs of development even after all the suffering irritates you alot, I personally feel that if author had developed MC's navie and simp character properly then this novel could have been in top rankings

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    I wanna share how empty I feel at the moment. This novel is one of the most unique, logical and intresting works you can find. I’ve left for a while to let it accumulate chapters as I don’t like to read 1 or 2 chapters at a time. However, it has come to my attention that the novel has not been updating for quite a while. I was hoping this would be temporary and I would see more chapters but day after day passed and I could no longer endure not writing this comment. Does anyone know the problem? Is the author caught up with some issues? I’ve looked into the latest chapter released yet I have been unable to find an answer in the author’s comments.

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    I am at chapter 400 something and I must say that this novel is so wonderful that i cant describe my feeling in words. Personally, while I have read a lot of novels, their is not much degree of "surprise" in them...I mean the mc follows a pattern he follows; which looks good at the start but becomes dull after some time. the reason I love this novel is because it is full of "SURPRISES". Mc is in the unknown, tackles difficulty after difficulty, getting rewards and his life is full of "ADVENTURE", this is one of the best things about this novel that many novels are lacking and their Mc is like a robot following a pathetic script which is usually dull, boring, empty and without purpose and Aims....while some have aims but they are not so grand or the mc does not follow them. And the other thing that's unique about your novel are the "CHARACTERS" I MEAN Wow their are a ton lot of characters shown in the chapters and NONE among them are ordinary....all of them are unique, have their backstories, feelings, aims, struggles and all of them are trying their best with their own powers....Author just imaging how much work you would have put just to think of their names are beyond me😅😅😅 but you have connected them with the story, showing great emotions and actions with realistic results...For that you have my utter and super RESPECT Author. And the last thing that I am gonna say is about "DIVERSITY"...about all the stuff that you have put in the novel is truly and magnificently Unique and DIFFERERNT... Firstly invasion and traveling the cosmos and finding new things and meeting awesome and making no sense ALIENS, with a super unique system that not only the Mc has but everyone does...this show some of the fairness and shows MC is not winning because of some simply cheat and even if he gets stronger and stronger, their are things totally beyond him which he aim to overcome....This is what i am talking about...your novel World Background is sooo big and infinite....with a new concept of ENEMIES and long distances and so on and on. I think I have wrote a decent long paragraph but it still does not show the great and awesome points of the novel...Author your novel is really good...and I know your are proud of it...I really would like it if each of your chapter is amazing and filled adventure and MAINLY Gives the readers a lot of CURIOSITY...I would be very satisfied and wish you never drop this novel and may this novel reach more than 10,000 chapters😁😁😁😁with never ending adventure...I will be very happy....and ofcourse The suggestion I have are many and but the only one I must say are that other than Digesters,.... some other intelligent, giant and colossal enemies should be prepared for the Mc...or like beings like Cosmos deities and what not...Personally I like huge, overpowered monsters😆😆😆😆 with beautiful Art My best wishes are with you author...stay healthy and safe...and complete the novel thank you.😅 😂 🤣 This is the review from me...hope you get something from this

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    Author Arkinslize