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The supporting character's harem is very normal Original

The supporting character's harem is very normal

Fantasy 436 Chapters 2.1M Views
Author: HikaruKiki

4.39 (60 ratings)

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Hm... Fantasy battle, smart MC, smart heroins, supper plot twist...etc... are all things that... this novel doesn't have.
This place only has... Stupid MC, Normal heroins, normal plot, slice of life and... some sh*t thing.
I just want to write what I want no matter how bad it is. ( ' 3')
After going bankrupt, with nothing left in his hands, Lathel died at the age of 50. After his death, a god offered him a chance to go to another world and help the male protagonists.
His mission was to solve the problems surrounding the heroines so that the male protagonists could easily get along with them.
To be more precise, his job was similar to that of a chef. He would Process the ingredients and cook a sumptuous feast, while the male protagonists just needed to sit at the table and enjoy it.
After completing his mission, he was threatened by a stranger. In the face of this threat Lathel just smiled and decided to commit suicide.
After he died, those heroines also dropped their facade and revealed their true nature.
Lathel once again met the god who helped him. This time, the god allowed him to choose the world he wanted to go to as a gift for completing his task.
He then chose a Fantasy world, a place most men dreamt of.
However, the Fantasy world had too many people to choose from, moreover the number of main character and antagonist slots were all full.
In the end, Lathel accepted to take on the role of an extremely weak supporting character to go to the Fantasy world.
However, this time he didn't need to work or help the main character. He just needed to not affect the main character's development.
Lathel: “Hm... as long as it doesn't affect the main character... then... Can I make a harem?”
God: “Of course.”
Lathel: “Hm... so... I just need to avoid the main character's woman.”
God: “That's right. You just need to try to survive in that world. Ah! I will give you a system that will help you have a good life in that world. I Hope you enjoy this new life.”
Lathel: “Um! So my harem will consist of lackluster women, it seems like a peaceful life is waiting for me.”
God: “Hm... not really...”
See the character's pic here: https://twitter.com/HikaruKiki1111

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    Hm... Fantasy battle, smart MC, smart heroins, supper plot twist...etc... are all things that... this novel doesn't have. This place only has... Stupid MC, Normal heroins, normal plot, slice of life and... some sh*t thing. I just want to write what I want no matter how bad it is. ( ' 3') .... Why I rate this sh*t book 5 stars? Because its my book (b ᵔ ▽ ᵔ) b

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    I found the premise of the story slightly intriguing. At the beginning, I see some characters could be the Yandere type, both the dangerous, and the loyal. As the story progressed there are some issues that I have, not enough to drop, but also enough to consider dropping. My first issue is the MC being incapable of saying no to beautiful women who cry. If a woman threatens your safety, doesn’t listen to you, and generally ignores what you want and you proceed to tell them off the waterworks start and the MC immediately apologizes. I find this kind of spineless. My next issue is the fact that the MC says one thing, but then does another. For example, the MC says he was to avoid being in situations where he would run into a protagonist, or be on their bad side, but then steals opportunities from the MC or does things that brings the protagonists attention onto him. An example of this was when the MC purposefully enters into a building where the protagonist is in and then shows himself in front of said person. This dude is suppose to avoid them, but instead goes head first into danger. There are some other issues but much smaller in scale. I do not see myself continuing to read this story if the entire plots revolves around an MC who gets dragged around by women and continues to put himself at odds with the protagonist. I will also mention, I have no problems with the MC being a good guy. I do have an issue with the MC having interactions with a heroine. The author specifically states the MC will die if he steals a protagonists women, yet causes the heroine to fall in love with the MC and constantly flirts. It’s kind of like being constantly blue balled, or die if you try anything.

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    The mc was just getting pushed around by fmc, he says he will avoid the protagonist but ultimately get closer to him on his on accord

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    Started pretty good but honestly really slow progression in 200 chapters. MC is also an idiot and makes it almost unreadable. Has all these opportunities to get stronger but brushes them off beacause in his eyes all he wants to do is live a secluded and peaceful life with a harem. But is constantly being bothered by stronger fmc’s and the MC of that world is trying to kill him. He also saves everyone and spares anyone that has tried to kill him before. It gets repetitive the way the MC of that world and the FMC’s bother him they all go the same way every time. The MC tries to kill him for the 5th time? It whatever he’s the MC let me actually help him out instead. The FMC bother him? He’s helpless because he is to weak to resist. But he doesn’t take any opportunities to get stronger like the Black and White stone or becoming a pill maker with the help of the cauldron. He just wants to rely on the sign in system. Really promising in the beginning and cool idea but it goes down hill.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Hello. Is there any kind of yuri here? I hate that stuff and would like to know before reading thanks 😁

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    Went into the purchase chapters about 78 and honestly everything became a "why did he punk out?", "Why did he give in?", "Why did he initiate this interaction?", "For the love of god say no and walk away?" became my thoughts after every interaction. WQ in the paid section starts to get Gender Pronoun challenged pretty hard core and sentences are missing the subject or the content. Story Dev and Character design go hand in hand honestly. I do like how the author point fun at all the stupid MCs with plot armor cliche with Alec, but after the first interaction with Alec Lathel honestly becomes just barely more intelligent. Unfortunately Lathel has no spine, nuts, or ability to say no and stick to it. As other said he says he wants to get some girls explore, and avoid the Protag Alec...Yet first meet up after the wood scene Lathel goes out of his way to initiate a meeting with Alec.. Then proceeds to insult and slap his face in front of a whole tower of people. As the chapters after that state" The first Heroine shows up, and instead of avoiding her (who she is all about getting Lathel), he acquiesce to her over and over cause he has no spine to stand up for what he wants.

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    im on ch 81 and the story just feel repeative and annoying to read

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    What a great way to start off a story! I almost couldn't stop myself from reading! The characters and settings are well made it was almost perfect. I definitely would recommend reading this book! Great work, author. More chapters!

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    MC is a literal damsel in distress with nothing in his control and all he does is shout lines along the lines "no dont this its bad." but no one listens to his whining. Also the characters and story is written in such a 1 dimensional way, the type you would expect from a children's story book. Example, there's this minion race who is dying because their is no food to eat but they won't hunt animals for food since they worship Nature goddess. Then our MC comes in and says "Bruh, hunting is also a cycle of nature so it's not blasphemy to kill animals for food", that's all it took for the minions to change their believe, Goddess makes MC god of nature. What is this nursery story writing.

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    Good... But a bit disappointing actually. The main character is quite hypocritical and inconsistent with what he had previously planned... Overall... Quite unfortunate

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    The novel is good and promising im the first few chapter (give or take less than 100 chap) but, it went downhill after that. (i already read around 200+ chap so my review will contain some spoiler) The overall of this novel is not bad, if only you can tolerate MC who the only reedeming characteristics about him is a good guy (like average japanese isekai novel). He want to help people as much as he can, heck he event help a protagonist who clearly hate him and want to kill him. Speaking of the MC he was also a bit hypocrite. He said he wants to help people if he can and be a little light for this world but, he always helping a protagonist who only cause harm to the world. From how spineless he was i'm ok if didn't do anything about the bad protagonist but no, He want to glorify him at ever single moment and help him if he can even though he clearly causing harm to other people. Bruh where is his good type character thinking at that moment?? it's magically gone. Even though the Author reapetedly saying the good type protagonist not too liked in this time and reader only like dark type protagonist but, if you only make an MC who's only being good when it didn't involved problem from a protagonist how will we like him if he is this hypocrite?? Author also make Heroine intrested in MC too fast. i was okay when the Heroine is reincarnation from the world before, but how the other interested in him also at the same speed? The moment they hear MC name like a hypnotize person they intrested and some way or another they want to have intimate time with him? Like bruh what the f**k. It really facing the same problem with generic Japanese isekai novel where the Heroine like MC just because he was a little nice. Still at the same problem he has a system where he can't even touch said Heroine unless he get rap*d. So yeah don't expect a smut chapter in this one. The other bad thing author did was make MC want a Harem and at every posible time shove every woment who was not a Heroine but clearly interested in him away. I don't know why he want to make him warry of every women and not with a dark type protagonist who's clearly he knows will hold grude until his enemy died and only hold a good thinking about him. Bruh the reader is tired of the stupid and spineless MC who keep imaging a bad protagonist like some ultimate chad (i was wondering did he recieved cuckold fetish because of his cheating wive from his previous life)

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    Started of strong but the chapters have become so repetitive. The MC constantly Fantasies about having a harem but when women throw themself at him he complained about it. I honest to god believe we have had Lilith tell the MC that she likes him at least a dozen times and who constantly display her affextion for him and each time the MC replies “No you don’t like me, we don’t know each other, you’ll find someone better! It’s bizzare, relative and dragged out and at this point I don’t think I can continue any further because they’re is 0 development from the MC since chapter 1 and this dragged out nonsense is going to continue for 100’s More chapters without any development. When the other women display an interest in him, even those who aren’t female leads. perhaps you believe they are interrupting him when he is busy crafting/training etc. But he he has no profession and has no intent to better himself, and gets annoyed at them for interrupting his busy schedule of doing absolutely nothing.

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    another review, currently in the latest chapters which is 78 the updating stability is good the grammar is good and the storyline is not cliche the book is more of a slice of life and comedy but there is still action moreover the plot isn't cliche also if you like yandare women give it a try

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    OK, this is a breath of fresh air, and I feel like this is the authors best work yet, the world background is sturdy unlike his former novels and he is giving it his own unique take

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    simply review–annoying novel..............

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    <<<<<<<<<<<<INQUIRY>>>>>>>>>>>>> Author please answer this simple question: Will Amleth be in the harem?? if not for how long will she exist she stayed for too long already.

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    What can I say[img=recommend]good to go with. Go Author! You are the best! I have characters I hate and love which really is a good thing, one can't like all

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    After reading 49 chapters. I can only say this's a piece of art🤯. World background is slowly revealed making you always guessing, The Mc is smart af to some he may seems stupid and beta male(>>{SPOILER}don't mistake he's a giga chad that has a yandere kingdom after him {END OF SPOILER}<<) to some of the hasty readers but that can't be more wrong He knows what he had to do to survive and he's doing great!!on conclusion you have to read it!but there's something that may happen in the future plot that can ruin the whole novel and I wish it won't😥 this thing is if a heroine will r*pe the mc. I hate it when this **** happens it throws the novel into the trash. so Author if there'll be intercourse between mc and some girls in the future make it consensual, absolutely CONSENSUAL. if not please drop a spoiler in the replies so I stop reading this art, although it'll hurt stopping now is better than receiving further damage.

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    i dont think is a bad novel, have a good potential and intersting twist can appare in the future.i Have some aspettative and also curious how the author will cook this story, I can recommend to read it

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    Honestly surprised how far I read before giving up. It had a pretty solid start and things were interesting up until Lilith showed up. Let me give you an example, Lilith takes hostage the MCs girls threatens him to comply, MC does it and gets angry, Lilith cries and says she’s doing it for him and asks why he thinks she’s evil. This basically happens at least 3 times within 10 chapters. I get it’s basically alluding that she’s probably one of his previous girls who reincarnated. But it’s just incredibly frustrating when the story just keeps repeating again and again. In my opinion the author is probably just prolonging the story and fishing for more money. The quality of the writing is definitely decent, but it’s a waste of time.

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    Author HikaruKiki