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Vampire Everlasting Love The Series

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Author: Jess Boone

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A continuation mystery of werewolves and creators.

In the future, there is a virus that has mutated, targeting people with a certain genetic sequence for unknown reasons and causing them to turn into half vampire half werewolves. However, there are creators around who have taken it upon themselves to create a vaccine to give to these people before they turn. It is their job to find and administer the vaccine.

These creators was killed while trying to give a cure to a group of people infected and the killer is targeting more creators. Kenneth is one such creator who starts his day (before being hunted down by this killer) by giving his son an injection in order to protect him from becoming infected as well.

This story portrays a complex relationship between friends and lovers discovering the true meaning of love, loss, and redemption.

Zen a pure-blood vampire; in his mansion by accident brings them to underground ancient history and behind the truth of Nic.

Will they find happiness and truth in the end? Stay tuned for exciting chapters that will be revealed.


Zen a 3,000 years Pure Blood Vampire

Zen has 2 brothers, named Zac & Zack; both are also Vampires

Doc. Leon, 33, Zen's best friend, is a doctor at "TT Hospital" and helps to treat Zen, Ken, Nic, Shaun, Sam, and others in their conditions and injuries

Joe, 25, Zen's Right Hand-Man & highly skilled bodyguard

Ken, 19, is a student and he is Zen's beloved

Nic, 16, Ken's younger brother is a student. Entangled with Shaun and Sam

Kyrin, 22, is a highly-skilled bodyguard given by Ben to protect Ken. They met in Japan.

Remy seems to love Mike and follows him wherever he goes.


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    Ahem, so, my thoughts after reading a few chapters. The writing quality is slightly down, but from the looks of it, this seems like the book of a new author so that can't be helped. No author's first or even second book is ever good, including my own. The overall story is great, but the interaction between the characters seemed forced. This is a common occurrence when starting a novel, even though you have the topic the characters are going to talk about in your head, it's just hard to write it out and make it sound natural. Character interactions are something I struggle with to this day, and it never gets easy, you just have to build up experience as you write and learn from your past mistakes. This story is about romance and vampires, a common troupe which can be found in all forms of media. I suggest the author view some of these stories and try to pick apart what makes that vampire romance story enjoyable to him/her. When you find those points try to incorporate them into your book, and I'm not talking about the simple stuff, I'm talking about how the characters talk as well as the words and phrases they use. And if the author has ever read a vampire romance novel before, it's especially good to pay close attention to how those authors write the things you might be struggling with. This is what I do every time I pick up a book to read, I look at how that author deals with the things I'm struggling with, and try to learn from his or her writing style. I have more to say but this getting long so imma end it here. But if you've reached this for I suggest you give this book a try, it's good to support an upcoming author as you may never know if they'll one day right one of your favourite books.[img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    Interesting and must-read book. It's thrilling full of mystery. Looking forward to upcoming Chapters. Wonder what's the coming Chapters. 😊🏆

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Only read few chapters, but I think it's time for a review... Well to begin with, I really do like the conversation between the characters, it's really gives you the curiosity of what's going to happen next.... the synopsis seems pretty eye catching too, I must say this is not some kind of ordinary vampire story .. The flow, pace of this novel is pretty amazing too, Writer please do keep on updating

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    This story gives a different vibes not the normal vampires and werewolves books. It's mystery behind giving the thriller which have to read to know what is going to happen. [img=update][img=coins][img=fp][img=exp][img=recommend][img=faceslap]

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    Author Jess Boone