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Whatever It Takes... [HP X MCU (AU) Fanfic]

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Author: InGlorious

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This is a Fanfic... I don't own anything!!! All the characters belong to their respective owners!!

--~Synopsis (SEASON- I, II, III)~--

Lily Potter sacrificed herself to protect her son but things didn't go as planned and find herself in a different situation than expected...

How will Harry cope with someone guiding him in his steps in the Wizarding World? Find out about the young Wizard with a different take on destiny and the changes it brings...

--~Synopsis (SEASON- IV)~--

Harry is no longer the weak little child that he was a few years ago. Now, he is no longer alone without any allies, but his enemies have also started to make their moves with new enemies starting to rear their heads... What will Harry do? Will he crumble under the pressure or will he thrive in the face of his enemies?

~~This is not a Canon Rewrite or anything similar~~

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Very Interesting take on the story. Lily Potter survives and takes care of Harry, so we have a powerful Harry with a backbone. Plus the Marvel element *chef's kiss* Keep going and don't drop.

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Enjoying the story so far, harry in America is interesting. The direction taken with his mother's protection is cool and how it develops is something I haven't read before. Really hoping the author doesn't turn the harem/relationships in the future into a yuri harem with the MC acting as a stud but who knows.

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hope you continue this book an I am a big fan

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It's not bad, but i am not fan of too many OC in this fanfic. I just skimmed so much in hope for marvel arc to begin.

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like this novel and hope it is continued....................................................................................................

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Please don't drop this. The people who say the chapters are too short are liars i have seen stories with a lot shorter chapters than this on webnovel. Ignore the people who complain about filler chapters they are wrong.

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So the same question I asked every authors ......Harem or Non-Harem....

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This story become my favorite, everything is so good (I'm in chapter 30 currently), the only thing that I'm not sure about is the love interest. I hope it's not gonna be his mom.. ( a lot of fanfics do this kind of love interest ). The author is really good at writing it's not even funny. This is the greatest Mcu x Hp fanfic ever (:

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I rarely read HP fanfic but it is one of the best fic,I read this year, the author took the character development very seriously,so when you read the story you will feel that they are actual characters with personality not just some Cardboard characters,there is not much I can tell without spoilers but give it a read you will not regret it

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Pretty good story and very unique. Even the Dumbledore bashing is much more structured and not just the propaganda nonsense used on this app to hate professors and Kage. The only real problem is Lily and the MC embrace their villainous traits. acknowledging their weakness and openingly resisting it, even if they still fell to it, seemed the better path. Now they just seem a bit petty and pitiful. Lily claims she changed to protect her son but it was just vengeance and denial that spurred the change. Still a good story and more to read. may change my review for the better later on if there is positive character growth.

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Please continue the story don't care about the ones who diss this story but there are a lot of us who don't have the money to read this wonderful story from Patreon. Still, if you are going to continue the story on Patreon continue that so that those who are interested will pay and read there I too will after some time. good luck and take care author-san.

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A great story so far, quite original with a premise you don’t see too often. The story is picking up steam, so all I can say is that the beginning is great and having read the Author’s other HP fanfic I have full trust in them to deliver an amazing story. Writing quality is good. There are some grammar mistakes, but nothing so bad that it becomes unbearable. Updating stability is… stable. it’s actually crazy to me that this is 1 ch/day, with such good quality and great length. I don’t have much to comment on story development. It is moving at a steady pace, but the story is still in its beginning so I dont have much to say. As for character and world design, this is a fanfic so I don’t have much to comment on. Overall, an amazing beginning and most likely an amazing story in the making!

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Honestly, I genuinely fell in love with it and quickly at that, the way it's paced, it's dialogue and the story so far is really intriguing, I can honestly say it's one of the first I look to see if a new chapter has been released whenever I log in.

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I like it! Can't wait for Marvel characters to pop up!

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Really great FF with good promise so far.

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I love the premise. I am not surprised that the execution is also excellent since the writer was InGlorious. It is always nice to see an HP fanfic where we are getting to see beyond the small section of the Wizarding World we are usually relegated to. Just knowing that he will likely be learning from sorcerers or encountering beings that the average wizard thinks impossible, makes it so much more exciting. Can't wait to see how this develops.

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The story flows, is very logical and expands in a way the reader can understand and appreciate. It makes it so frustrating abot the romance. My biggest issue is the romance with his mother. Like why? She lives in his mind and is corrupted sure, but then it becomes a weird grooming situation and it’s okay? The author definitely has a fetish for this kind of thing, so expect it to stick. I skip those parts.

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very good don't stop in btw uptade_________

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Top tier, good plot and character development. Has some fresh tropes, and the cliches are not used in an annoying way

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I really enjoyed this novel and I'm disappointed because now I won't be able to read the ending. It is a shame that this ship could not reach a safe port and our adventure there ended in the hands of a storm, but I am happy because the trip was wonderful and the company was welcoming. I look forward to the day when we embark on a new odyssey or resume this unfinished adventure.

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