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  • Astral Pet Store

    Astral Pet Store


    What’s not to love about my new life after transmigrating into a Pet-centered world? There are mighty creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. They can either be cuddly companions, helpers in your daily life, daring scouts or strong fighters. Or all of the above. Not bad, huh? I have a family, but the fact is completely overshadowed by my younger sister. She thoroughly hates my guts, and she makes sure that I know this. Every. Single. Day. Did I mention that she’s disgustingly talented while I am a bottom feeder? A terribly handsome one at that. I have free rein to run the family business on my own. A small and quaint Pet Store. It should have been great if not for the fact that the previous owner of this body was born with ZERO affinity to handle Astral Pets… It wouldn’t be a proper transmigration without a gimmick or a system to pave my road to greatness, don’t you think? I have one, but I don’t know if I would be better off without it… Welcome to the World of Astral Pets!

  • Astral Flower

    Astral Flower



    “Your past built the present you, but it shouldn’t be a shackle for your future.” A peerless assassin, codename Hua, received her last big mission after nearly died in an avalanche. Everyone knew that the Nan Family had a long missing daughter who only recently returned. She was raised in the village and didn’t have common sense of the nobility daughter, inviting mockery all over the Green Planet. Hearing various jokes about this daughter, they only shook their head and feel that she was not worthy of the Nan Family. However… Those who bullied her were bullied back by others suddenly. Those who wanted to hurt her suddenly got oppressed. Those who tried to harm her fell unlucky and got hurt instead. Nan Hua watched this all with an innocent look. They didn’t know that the one who put them in this predicament is precisely the unsightly young miss they looked down upon. Everything was doing well, but why did her supposed indifferent fiancé paid so much attention to her? Shouldn’t he just focus on the examination and his career in the military? A while later, Nan Hua saw Long Qian Xing staring at her gently and smiled back. ... Story set in fictional world with some advanced technology. Join the discord to chat with the author and other readers: ... Note: This story can be read separately, but if you want to, you can read her other stories in: Prequel: Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower [on going] ... Other novels: -Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete] - Under the Veil of Night [complete] - 7 Path of the Lilies [on long hiatus] - 1 Year of Beginning [complete] - Villain Lady [complete] - Science and Fantasy [complete] - 2 Years of Restarting [complete] - The Quiet Empress [complete] - The Villain's Little Cat [on going] ... Follow me on IG: @sora100518

  • Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

    Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower



    “Live the life you want this time.” A peerless assassin, codename: Hua, has already started her career ever since she was a child. Her mission’s record was perfect and whoever deemed to be her enemies would end up dead without knowing why. When war ended, she was sent to an institution where she was watched heavily. The doctor in charge gave her an ordinary wuxia novel to read. An avalanche struck after she had finished reading. When she woke up, she had turned into Nan Hua, the young miss of a powerful military family in the novel she read. The girl was also the former main character’s fiancée, who would die because of obstructing the main character’s love. Now that she had taken over, who would dare to act so presumptuously around her? They would never know how they ended up so miserably! But… main character, what are you doing loitering around her? Shouldn’t you focus on the impeding war and saving your female lead? Why are you trying all ways to win her instead, ah? ... Story set in fictional world with similar culture to Ancient China. Join the discord to chat with the author and other readers: Special thanks for Jiyen (webnovel user Cookiejiyen) who had created the beautiful cover *sending hearts* ...Sequel:Astral Flower [on going] ... Other novels: -Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete] - Under the Veil of Night [complete] - 7 Path of the Lilies [on long hiatus] - 1 Year of Beginning [complete] - Villain Lady [complete] - Science and Fantasy [complete] - 2 Years of Restarting [complete] - The Quiet Empress [on going] - The Villain's Little Cat [on going] ... Follow me on IG: @sora100518

  • Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique

    Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique

    Eastern Fantasy TRANSMIGRATION


    Waking up, Han Zhao transmigrated to a world where the kingdoms competed for supremacy and the demons were rampant. The Divine Warrior Family stood high above the world, and the Spiritual Beast Family overlooked all living beings. The Martial Dao system was broken and declining. Han Zhao had mediocre qualifications but was armed with a prompt simulator. After the kryptonite simulation, he could choose one of three choices: [word], [attribute points], and [life experience]. [You practice martial arts for eight years and barely get started. At twenty-five years old, you marry a wife and have a child. At the age of fifty, you die of illness.] [You have been practicing martial arts for one year and have successfully started. Twenty-two years old, in an open fight between gangs, you are seriously injured and die of poisoning.]   ... [Life Simulation]: Basic entry, simulate future life once. [Blade and Sword Dual Mastery]: White word entry, triple the qualification of blade and sword dao. [Basic Master]: Green entry, double the speed of basic martial arts cultivation, and greatly increases the probability of breaking through the upper limit. [Late Bloomer]: Blue entry, qualification increases with age. [Body Refining Maniac]: Purple entry, a huge breakthrough in cultivating body refining techniques. [Dan Dao Sag]: Orange entry, the qualification of alchemy is increased a hundred times. [Immortal Posture]: Red entry, looks more and more beautiful, and has a charming effect on the opposite sex.   ... [The 72nd level of the Nourishing Health Skill; special effects: strong body (hidden special effects: immortality, sun true astral, nirvana holy body, five-color divine light...)] As long as there were enough entries, the mediocre power and simple and easy-to-learn nourishment techniques could be practiced to become a supreme martial art.

  • Astral Apostle

    Astral Apostle



    Human civilization expanded into space, and its territory spanned across galaxies. During this great trend of interstellar migration, Zhou Qing accidentally awakened the power of traveling to various Astral Realms. He was able to create [Astral Realm Apostles] as vessels for his soul and project them onto different realms. This allowed him to travel through various worlds with different identities. His unremarkable life was met with an unexpected twist of fate. Every time he created a new Apostle, it was like being reborn. Yet, slowly, he realized that the Human civilization wasn’t completely ignorant about the existence of other realms… —— Multiple-dimensional worlds, multi-dimensional factions. This is an clash of fate between realms! And he is the only being who is able to travel amongst the realms in countless different shapes and forms — The Astral Apostle!

  • Ancient Godly Monarch

    Ancient Godly Monarch



    In the Province of the Nine Skies, far above the heavens, there exists Nine Galaxies of Astral Rivers made up of countless constellations interwoven together. For Martial Cultivators, they could form an innate link with one of the constellations, awaken their Astral Soul, and transform into a Stellar Martial Cultivator. Legend has it that, the strongest cultivators in the Province of the Nine Skies, were beings that could open an astral gate every time they advanced into a new realm. Their talent in cultivation was such that they could even establish innate links with constellations that existed in a layer higher than the Nine Layers of Heavens, eventually transforming into the heaven-defying and earth-shattering power known as the War God of the Nine Heavens. Qin Wentian is the MC of this story. How could a guy, with a broken set of meridians, successfully cultivate? There were countless Stellar Martial Cultivators, as there were countless constellations in the vast starry skies. What he wanted to be, was the brightest constellation of all, shining dazzlingly in the vast starry skies.

  • Dragon Lord: Erotic MMO

    Dragon Lord: Erotic MMO



    In the year 2173, the world's first Full-World Virtual MMORPG game 'Astral Online' changed the face of the blue planet Asteria. With its revolutionary Digital Capture System, players could scan themselves into the game with up to 20% beautification, and millions flocked to play it. The game's popularity skyrocketed with the introduction of the Real Money Trading (RMT) system, and professional players formed guilds and factions to increase their profits. But this prosperity was short-lived, as players began to fuse with their avatars, gaining powerful abilities in the real world that tipped the balance of power and caused chaos. Two years later, demons and monsters from inside the game invaded the real world, decimating over 90% of humanity. The remaining survivors were left hiding in fear, unable to fight back against the invaders. Zell was an average player who spent most of his life working overtime to make ends meet; although he inherited a wonderful house thanks to his parents, most of his wages went to the property tax and food bill. He found solace in collecting beasts in the game and evolving them into humanoids, primarily females. When the end came, he was powerless and alone, with only his pets and Rika, his cherished Flame Rabbit, as his companions. In a final act of bravery, Zell saves the life of a strange girl with white wings, sacrificing himself. But instead of dying, he awoke in an empty white room with a single computer and a game-like screen that allowed him to edit his IRL avatar and persona. Zell's second chance at life came with a mission: survive. But who gave him this second chance, and for what reason? Could he meet Rika again, or was she lost forever? As Zell navigates this dark new world, he must confront the harsh realities of survival, facing danger at every turn and making difficult choices to determine his fate.

  • Billion Dollar Player

    Billion Dollar Player



    Raven Astral, a reclusive billionaire known for his unmatched intellect and business sense, finds his world shattered when his beloved younger brother, Weiss, disappears without a trace. Determined to save his brother, he enters the world of "Hellfire," an unprecedented and highly immersive game-like world that was also known as the Graveyard of Gods. Endowed with immense wealth, Raven embarks on an audacious journey into the heart of Hellfire, setting him apart as the wealthiest player to grace the world of Hellfire. And so, the odyssey of the Wealthiest Ranker commenced—a journey seeped in searing flames of vengeance that would turn the entire realm upside down, reshaping the destiny of all who dwelled within its formidable borders.

  • Conquering Time and Space

    Conquering Time and Space



    “My life on earth was just a Pre-Birth Simulation?!” "Conquering Time and Space" follows the journey of a savant young prince who finds himself trapped in a futuristic sci-fi world full of cultivators. Facing higher powers unbeknownst to most, he is forced onto a path of accelerated human evolution stemming from extraterrestrial technology of ancient civilizations. Besides his photographic memory, his only hopes are the talents from his intriguing lineage and his maniacal obsession for power. Prince Chronos Astral must supersede his astounding potential and rise to power to protect the warmth of a family that he had never experienced and prevent the extinction of his planet. Join and support Chronos in his Journey up WebNovel rankings ! Follow Me & Share: Instagram: ( Images of Chronos and His Family! Come check out to have some ideas of their character designs while you read! )

  • El Monarca Ancestral Divino

    El Monarca Ancestral Divino


    En la Provincia de los Nueve Cielos, más allá de los celestiales, existen Nueve Galaxias de Ríos Astrales hechas de incontables constelaciones vinculadas entre sí. Los Cultivadores Marciales podían formar un vínculo innato con una de estas constelaciones, despertar su Alma Astral, y transformarse en un Cultivador Marcial Estelar. La Leyenda dice que, los más fuertes de los cultivadores en la Provincia de los Nueve Cielos, eran seres que podían abrir una puerta astral cada vez que avanzaban a un nuevo reino. Su talento para cultivar era tal que podían incluso establecer vínculos innatos con constelaciones que existían en capas más altas que las Nueve Capas Celestiales, eventualmente transformándose en retadores del cielo y destructores de la tierra, un poder conocido como el Dios de la Guerra de los Nueve Cielos. Qin Wentian es el protagonista de esta historia. ¿Cómo podría un chico, con un conjunto de meridianos rotos, cultivar exitosamente? Hay incontables Cultivadores Marciales Estelares, como hay incontables constelaciones en el vasto cielo estrellado. Lo que el quería que fuera, era la más brillante de todas las constelaciones, brillando con intensidad en el vasto cielo estrellado.

  • 2 Years of Restarting

    2 Years of Restarting



    Yu Yan thought that finding her boyfriend cheat in HER apartment was the worst day on her life. But the next day she reunited with her first love from high school whom she never confessed to. This time, he reached out his hand to her. “First love is not meant to be?” He smirked. “Bullsh*t! I’ll prove it that no one will treat you better than me!” 8 years had passed since the last time they met. Time had changed them, but how about their feelings? Now that they reunited once more, would the feelings they once had fade with time or not? ... Story set in modern era in fictional country. This story is purely fiction, any similarities with real life's event is purely coincidence. This is a sequel/the next series after 1 Year of Beginning, so there will be some characters that appear in the first story who will be in the second story too. Special thanks for CatarinaM2811 for making the cover *insert love emoji* Word count: 900-1800 words/chapter Discord: ... Thorough the Years' Series: 1. 1 Year of Beginning [complete] 2. 2 Years of Restarting [complete] 3. -Work in Progress-4. -Work in Progress-5. -Work in Progress-6. -Work in Progress-7. -Work in Progress- The series are all STANDALONE, meaning you don't have to read the other series in order to be able to follow this story. You can just read one and you still didn't lose anything. Each of the series have different main leads but they all happen in the same universe (and similar timeline, some are overlapping but mostly not) ... Other novels: -Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete] - Under the Veil of Night [complete] - Path of the Lilies: Early Beginning [on long hiatus] - Villain Lady [complete] - Science and Fantasy [complete] - Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower [on going] - The Quiet Empress [complete] - Astral Flower [on going] ... Note for those who read Sorahana's other novels: This novel took a different approach compared to my other novels because it focused heavily on romance and also in main lead's perspective.

  • My System is Turning Me Into a Yandere

    My System is Turning Me Into a Yandere



    Hello everyone, if you want to see more chapters, aid me with thy powerstones. The smallest amount help the series immensley.2 Extra Chapters >> 100 Powerstones4 Extra Chapters >> 200 Powerstones6 Extra Chapters >> 400 Powerstones8 Extra Chapters >> 550 Powerstones10 Extra Chapters >> 750 Powerstones__________________________________________Devon slaps Eleanor across the face for turning down his advances. This was nothing new; in this world, women of lower status are treated like slaves and toys because they are the primary reason that the corrupted She monsters known as Divas exist..........[4 weeks later]Devon's body was located at the bottom of a deep cavity in the Divine Forest, with both hands and legs cut off, and evidence of severe torture was revealed, including a level of violence that is too awful to describe.The injuries found on the body, however, were extensive, with the major ones including seven broken ribs, 519 shallow cuts all over the body, both eyes forcefully removed, his manhood gruesomely stretched beyond repair, and his teeth and fingers forcefully ripped off and wrapped around his neck, the arteries as a base, almost as if it was a warning..........Kerja was almost taken advantage of by the head trainer Leon, but a great disturbance occurs in the courtyard, compelling the trainer to stop his evil crime.[8 hours later]Leon's body was discovered, and the cause of death was 495 stab wounds to the chest. At the scene, only a mysterious girl claiming to be him was discovered, and all evidence points to her committing the murder. The delusional woman was sentenced to life in the Orc lab as a breeder girl for the heinous crime.........."Lord Agnus, you must believe me, Xander your son is dangerous, I saw it with my own eyes, that thing you brought back from your mission isn't human, I saw him kill my sister, he took her wings and forced her to eat it, and forced me to watch, please husband, you must kill him while he is still young, you must...*Slap*"Silence woman who allowed you to speak, that thing you call a monster was one of my blood brother's son." He is the last remaining Overdeath in existence, like his father, he will grow up to be a fine assassin, do not defame such noble blood, as long as I breathe no harm will come to him, you will treat him with respect, am I clear?"Angus yelled at his fifth concubine, irritated by her slanders; after all, she has always been down his throat since Xander arrived, and if he doesn't correct her now, she will definitely enrage him, forcing her to fuck about and find out.Meanwhile, Ram looked over at Xander's bed and noticed the black hair Demon in the guise of a toddler floating and gliding in the air, silently laughing at her, all the while keeping that awful sadistic smile of his. It was plain to see what Xander was thinking. He was relishing her agony, as well as the several fruitless attempts she made to expose him.To add insult to injury, he suddenly brought out a familiar skull as he began sharpening his keen demonic claws, Yes! this demon child who torments her even in her dream, kept her sister's skull as a file to sharpen his claws."Please believe me, my darling... l-l-look, he's flying again, that technique shouldn't be feasible for a one-year-old... it's a saint-class performance, I tell you, he's the devil!!!"Angus turns around, but Xander is sleeping quietly on his bed, not bothering anyone, until he looks back at Ram.For the fifty-fifth time, she was slapped over the balcony for lying about his adopted son.«Congratulations. The task "Rightful discipline" is complete»«Reward 1: Three-level advancement»«Reward 2: Stealth has been promoted to Level 34»«New mission established»«Use the astral body technique to stalk Priscilla without her divine intuition detecting you.»«Reward 1: ???»«Reward 2: An angel's inquisitiveness»

  • Distarter of Astral

    Distarter of Astral



    [Warning 17+]100 years ago, a huge explosion occurred due to a volcanic eruption that caused the entire world to be destroyed and reduced the human population by up to 50%. Simultaneously with the explosion of the mountain, creatures called Astral Being suddenly appeared and attacked the rest of humanity. Some survivors immediately find out the appearance of the creatures and also fight the creatures with the available equipment. However, because human abilities are limited, these creatures cannot be defeated. Humans are forced to survive in various ways without fighting these creatures. After a long struggle, an organization called the Wlynina Association was formed to fight the creatures.And since the killing of my parents by the creature, I continue to be involved with the creatures. They are cruel, kill, evolve into humans, kill, and continue to kill humans. Their only goal is to destroy all humans on this earth. I was invited to join Wlynina Military School by someone. I got involved with the townspeople and made up my mind to guard this world against those Astral Beings.

  • Astral Transcendence

    Astral Transcendence



    Reynold is a skilled gamer and a recluse who unexpectedly found himself entangled with his new fate. His destiny takes a dramatic twist when he receives an enigmatic game invitation from a celestial entity known as "The Astral." He was not alone, for 357 other exceptional individuals were similarly summoned. Intriguingly, The Astral's game unfolds as a Reincarnation Battle Royale, where the boundaries between life and death blur. Raul Vuren was his new identity, reborn in a realm where magic and swordplay reign supreme. Every choice, every blade swing, and every incantation could be his path to triumph in this world. Will he rise as the champion in a battle royale of reincarnated souls, where the fate of worlds hangs in the balance? ____________________________________ You Have Earned A Title ! { The Fable Devotee! } —Look at you, stumbling upon this story. You must have the discerning taste of a gourmet chef picking out the finest breadcrumbs. Bravo for your impeccable luck in finding this book, or perhaps, it found you, the Chosen One of readers! So, shall we dive into this story, dear devotee? ____________________________________[!] The chapters between 18-22 is a bit long and more focused on his individual training. So please bear with it as it would explain as to why he was ahead among his peers. BUT I PROMISE, once you reach chapter 24, the story gets better and packed with more actions.

  • Astral Odyssey: Dying Ember

    Astral Odyssey: Dying Ember

    Luna predicted a bad end for her family, so she did all she could to change their fate, only to lose her life in one of her attempts.Without knowing if she was successful, a deep voice asked her, "Do you want to live?"Luna could not answer. Through her lifetimes across several worlds...How did Luna find her will to live again?How will she return to her world?

  • Astral Prominence

    Astral Prominence


    After getting killed by mistake in a drive-by shooting I was reincarnated into a novel. But it wasn't just any novel. It was a fantasy novel that was blowing up due to its cruel and dark yet interesting world. Right when I began to despair at my fate in this world a mysterious being showed up and gave me an opportunity that was never possible in these types of scenarios. "Based on your answers to these questions, they will determine your starting point in this new world and how certain events will play out. Choose Wisley. Your choices will also determine what paths are open to you and what paths will remain closed unless you find another way."

  • The Astral Womanizer

    The Astral Womanizer


    Follow our protagonist as he grows strong with the intention to have every beautiful woman regardless of who she is as a member of his harem.Step sisters? Mine!Enemy's wife? Mine!You dare try and use your background to suppress me? I'll take your mother!... Read unreleased chapters in advance at don't own the image, so if you want me to take it down. Just send me a message....If you want to contact me regarding anything related to my novels, feel free to do so using discord @ Ero_Saint#395

  • Astral : Seed of Chaos

    Astral : Seed of Chaos



    Datangnya Era Mistral menyisakan banyak masalah bagi dunia. ketika kesenjangan antara yang kuat dan lemah semakin jauh, diskriminasi terhadap kaum lemah semakin kuat membuat pemerintah terpaksa meluncurkan pendidikan terhadap para calon Mistral yang baru. Akademi Mistral mulai diberlakukan di seluruh dunia. Setiap Akademi menjadi tempat pembelajaran elit bagi bibit-bibit muda yang unggul. Ronald, seseorang yang tak berbakat dalam Astral namun memiliki impian menjadi seorang Mistral terkuat bertemu dengan Zio, kucing aneh yang sangat sombong. Ronald bersama teman-temannya akan memulai perjalanan mereka dengan berjuang untuk memasuki Akademi Mistral Vandrechia. Dia akan bertemu dengan berbagai orang berbakat lainnya. Bersaing dan memperebutkan tempat pertama. Mengikuti lomba yang mewakili kelas bahkan sekolah dan negara. Tentu saja, ia juga akan tersandung dengan organisasi teroris yang sangat berbahaya. Ini adalah kisah pertumbuhan Ronald dan bermunculannya bibit kekacauan di seluruh dunia.

  • Astral Dogma

    Astral Dogma


    100 years ago the demons waged a fierce assault on the realms beyond, only to be eventually sealed within their own domain. Fast forward almost 17 years later, and the demon known as Belial discovers a method to break free from his confinement. Emerging into what appears to be an idyllic new world, Belial is filled with hope, perceiving it as a true paradise. However, as Belial embarks on his journey, to find a way to unseal his people soon after the façade of this seemingly perfect realm begins to crumble, revealing a sinister truth lurking just beneath the surface. The once-promised land transforms into a nightmarish labyrinth, harboring mysteries foretold . Compelled to confront the consequences of his choices, Belial becomes entangled in a treacherous web of lies and malevolence. Every step he takes risks everything he holds dear, challenging him to his very core.discord: Blackstar_sashi

  • Astral Mage

    Astral Mage


    With the humans' desperation to rid the world of magic, Friesha left the perfect hiding place she and her late mother had to pursue the path of becoming an Astral Mage - a title given to magicians who have surpassed the realm of reality towards what is known as universal magic. However on her path, she encounters a young human boy who has the intention of capturing her for the purpose of becoming king. Friesha's hatred for humans have always been very strong ever since the death of her father in the hands of these vile beasts, yet never had the intention of hurting those who serve her no threat. Despite Friesha being already a powerful magician, and the boy's airheadedness and humiliating loss against her, he continues to pursue her through continuous stalking and spying, as well as randomly attacking out of nowhere. Aside from this, she must also alone fight the forces of humanity who would stop her from being an Astral Mage. How will Friesha achieve her goal on her journey. What will Friesha's encounter with the boy be of purpose?