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  • Crazy Australian Man

    Crazy Australian Man

  • Colin and Martin's Australian Christmas

    Colin and Martin's Australian Christmas

    Colin Rogers and his civil partner, Martin Kellam, are invited to spend Christmas down under with Colin’s uncle Matt on his sheep station.<br><br>Colin has lost his job and worries about the airfare. But Matt offers to help with the cost, and also mentions the possibility that the pair will like Australia so much they’ll agree to emigrate.<br><br>Two years earlier when Matt spent Christmas with Colin’s family in London, he’d talked about his feelings for Bruce, his foreman. However, on arrival it soon becomes obvious he hasn’t said anything to Bruce, so Colin and Martin decide to play matchmakers.<br><br>Many decisions have to be made. Can Matt trust his heart? Will Australia be the new start Colin and Martin need? Or is England, despite its cool temperatures and warm beer, too comfortable and familiar to leave?

  • Offer to the CEO

    Offer to the CEO


    Anna Jones, an Australian travelled with her fiancé Lu Jinhu to marry in his home country, only to find out that she has been duped by him and robbed of everything that she owns. A quirk of fate allows her to marry CEO Hou Yi, who was meant to on the same day marry his finance Yang Lin, who in fact married Lu Jinhu. Marriage for Anna, started as a plan to gain some measure of revenge on Lu Jinhu, and for Hou Yi to prevent Lu Jinhu from obtaining the family company however fate had something different in store for them. Not only did they achieve their initially goals, but their relationship turned into something else, that could last a lifetime despite the cultural differences and the trouble Lu Jinhu and Yang Lin caused them.

  • Mara, a young Australian, marries a big-game hunter who lives on the s

    Mara, a young Australian, marries a big-game hunter who lives on the s

  • Forced


    Caleb Novak: Lead singer and bassist of the Australian band 3 New Efforts.Liam Walker: Famous actor and model.Because of a mistake, these two are forced to pretend that they're dating each other. Once you take into account things like past heartbreaks and the hardships that come with living life under a spotlight, you might just find that yes, it does get worse. But will these two celebrities find the happy ending they've been dreaming of?

  • Primitive Beasts’ Modern Mate

    Primitive Beasts’ Modern Mate


    Bai Lu finds herself transmigrated to the ancient Australian continent thousands of years ago after one ordinary camping. This is a parallel beast universe not only do ancient human species exist, but those enormous animals can also shift into human-being, and they are all good-looking guys! What makes her more surprised is that she becomes some beasts’ destined mate: "You are my destined mate, I will try my best to protect you and make you happy. Please accept my love and make a contract with me!" ... Stop trying to seduce me, you hot guys! It is already not easy to survive in this primitive jungle and desert, and I am just an international student who wants to go back to my homeland and cultivate. Should I consider having a relationship before settling down? +++++ Beast wooers: Sincere and enthusiastic thylacine, mature and reliable koala, even aloof and celibate Taipan Snake! Moreover, fashion icon spider, shy fighter kangaroo, Harpagornis Eagle, dolphins... *mature content* *no sexual violence* #reverse harem, female lead +++ The whole story has two parts: Part 1: Bai Lu's adventure, beasts' courtship Part 2: Bai Lu's settlement and cultivation with her beast mates +++ New chapter's release time: 20:30 (GMT+8), updated daily. Keep in touch! +++ Cover art: free commercial use modifiable character from the website:, designed and processed by HuhuBamboo.

  • 4 o'clock

    4 o'clock



    CHARACTER INTRODUCTIONAMY was your typical unpopular, plain looking, loner girl. Growing up chubby and polar opposites with her beautiful sister, she deliberately distanced herself from becoming friends with anyone and chose to be invisible to avoid being targeted by bullies. Her only comfort is visiting this place during the magical hour 4 o'clock and expressing her love for photography having the sky as her favorite subject. EDMOND on the other hand is Mr. Popular. The university heartthrob and mischievous by nature. Intrigue over Amy's loner nature and constant disappearance every 4 o'clock, he wanted to know where and what so was special about that hour.KEVIN is the second most popular guy in school. Good looks, hero by heart. He is most often misunderstood by girls because of his caring nature.SOFIE is your all around Australian bombshell, carefree, attractive and on the wild side. Amy grew up having a perfect family. Well loved. Strong bond and adhering to values while Sofie's family was the extreme reverse - broken, narcissist and revenge oriented.SYNOPSISIt started as a love-hate relationship between a bored, teenage heartthrob intrigue over where a chubby, loner disappear to every 4 o'clock. In the process of discovering her world, he ended up realizing that her lonesome, laidback nature is actually filled with fun and excitement that turned out to become amazement and affection for her.As the love story develops, personal circumstances caused them to be separated and after five years, reunited once again. This time as mature, young, successful adults. Mending their past and rekindling their complicated love story, they ended up passionately in love.... So what could go wrong?What do you think could possibly turn a bright, happy love story into dark, menacing situation by just a flick of a switch?This love story is not your typical daily dose of fairy tale. It started as a teen romance that transcends to a mature story. It contains twist and unexpected circumstances that draws all emotions from personal well being to state of mental health. Along the process, it gives away love lessons not only for lovers but everyone who appreciates the magical hour 4 o'clock.

  • We bumped to our destiny

    We bumped to our destiny

    Louise Mongkhon is a thailander but she lives in philippines with her nanny she accidentaly bumped into a girl that she didnt expect to love, her name is Janella kim.Janella kim is a korean but she lives in New zealand but when she was in middle school her parents decide to go to philippines thats why she move to philippines and accidentaly meet louise, she was annoyed to louise but suddenly she fell inlove to her.Other characters:Louise's friendsJiyoo Kim - korean Soljie Jang - koreanYoojin Nam - koreanAnha Remirez - FilipinaJanella's friendsSamantha Parker - Australian/koreanAireen Yoon - koreanJasmine kim - KoreanThe other characters will revealed in the upcoming chapters of the story hope you like it guys

  • I Love My Brother - Boyslove

    I Love My Brother - Boyslove



    [Mature Content 18+]-Read The Continue Of this Story "I Love My Boyfriend"This is the story of many taboos and inappropriate. So if you are homophobic, you don't have to stop by and read this story. Because this story contains stuff like that.Thank you for your attention.--------------------------"Bro, what if I like you?"I spoke slowly."Eh, what a fool you are Vin. It's time to sleep there"Without continuing his sentence he immediately left leaving me in the room alone.Ouch, is he mad at me?***The feeling that Vino can't hide to like his stepbrother makes him trapped in a love game.It's not only love that grows in Tristan as his stepsister. But feelings of love also arise from an Australian Caucasian boy who falls in love with Vino.Vino knows this and he tries to neutralize his feelings until finally the past that he had kept hidden reappears.Daniel is Bryant's brother, yes, Bryant is a Caucasian who fell in love with Vino at first sight.The more complicated love story becomes more complicated by the presence of people who are so influential in Vino's life.then how will Vino go through all this?The love rectangle that happened was so boisterous he felt....I'm sure I can find the right person for me, even though I know the risks to my family.I will accept it.***Their lives change when an alien creature arrives from a place that is still a mystery to them. These creatures are the same as humans in general, but they have extraordinary power.Their goal to Earth is to find the Twins from the descendants of the King Aelfar of Elvania, the nation of their highest clan. King Aelfar once had a relationship with an ordinary human and secretly had a child from that relationship, and the children were twins.Vino, Bryant, Tristan, and Angel are among the descendants of the long-lost Elvania. Will they be met?Read the story in Vol. II (An Arrival) Chapter 124 ----------------------------------------Copyright 2021: @Neptunus_96

  • Worlds linked

    Worlds linked


    A breach to another world opened in the Australian territory, the breach was held as the property of the Australian government for four years until it was decided that whoever was willing could go through at their own risks, Elliot is one of those to join the first batch of adventurers.

  • Under-Covers



    Russian, English, Australian, Romanian ,

  • My Flat Husband

    My Flat Husband


    Keilo Arnamawa is a 23 year old young man who has a desire to make his late mother's dream come true. But before he can make it happen, Keilo must be willing to marry a rich young master in order to save his father's company.Aaron Harold is a young entrepreneur who dominates the Australian continental market. Has a flat, cold, firm nature with a face like a Greek god.Marriage is not easy with two contradictory traits. In addition, the truth that Keilo's father had hidden for years was revealed.Will the two of them be able to live a marriage with their very opposite traits?Learn more at My Flat Husband.

  • Founding the Empire of Australia

    Founding the Empire of Australia


    In an alternative timeline of Australia, the year is 1912, and the time for war has come. With the coronation of the 64th Australian King, King Lutz II, the Australian Royal Army sets off to invade New Zealand. Their long time enemy. The war will be grueling but those who survive it will be changed forever. Who knows? Maybe the House of Lutz's rule shall come to an end, and in its place, a new ruler. A woman. The first woman in Australian history to claim the throne, and with it, democracy shall begin.Read to follow Jessica Savals journey through the war, the revolution and her time as Queen.

  • The Banker and the Dragon

    The Banker and the Dragon

    When the terrifying Hei Bai virus is spreading across the world, the Australian agent Jared Pond travels to China to investigate. In China he meets with the idealist Eileen Lu and falls in love. Together they try to uncover the dark secrets of the villainous dictator Jing Xi. But is someone manipulating Jing Xi in the background?

  • Heartaches Turns Into True Love

    Heartaches Turns Into True Love

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    A young handsome Australian businessman came to the Philippines for a much needed vacation and meet a beautiful Filipina lady. An intense magical feeling suddenly came to their world. Will a love survive all hindrances? For one, the Filipina lady he fell in love to is already married. Will destiny grant their wishes? Will fate brought them a happy ending?

  • Unveiled by Its_Bangtae

    Unveiled by Its_Bangtae


    Hazel Faith was your normal girl;loving family, wonderful friends and average grades. But she had a drawback that wouldn't allow herself to always open up. So when the two new Australian boys saunters over to her life, everything changes. Will she finally be able to love herself for who she really is?Join her own her story of friendships, self love and even romance.




    SECRETS. LIES. LOVE. MURDER. Yanni, Jimmie, Teddi, Parker and Noah, the members of Australian supergroup 5EX are collectively the most famous five men in the world right now. Riding high at the peak of their fame and feeling untouchable, their huge fame brings out in some an obsessive and sometimes fatal desire to know them. They are surrounded by secrets, some they are keeping from others, some being kept from them!ALL COULD BE DANGEROUS. Sydney Benfield is about to live the dream of millions around the globe. A talented writer, she will be offered a choice......... it will change her life forever.

  • The Connector : Infinite Series

    The Connector : Infinite Series


    This is the story of an ancient human soul dying in the hands of a demon, stopping him in fulfilling his rightful Destiny of archiving greatness in his life. . .But as his soul wonders the abyss a Great celestial saved him. . . from the dangers of it. . . and gave him another chance at his Destiny but now, it was in an even grander stage. . .But to do this she violated his soul, empowering it with her own Arcana, making him her kin.. . .Book 1 The revival.The beginning of an adventure.Disclaimer : the first book, heavily draws inspiration upon hollow knight, The Game Made by the Australian, company Team Cherry. pls support there new silksong game.

  • Heart of Spades

    Heart of Spades

    Sadie Mist, a girl who is the best Australian assassin and doctor from the 21st transmigrated into the early china years. Princess Xíaòxíé has been killed by her engaged husband and evil sister. The Princess begs Sadie to avenge her death as she has been given another chance to live again as the wish was so strong, it had been granted.

  • Haven's Blueprint

    Haven's Blueprint


    In a world of soulmate bonds, two characters must find their way through this world and find their soulmates. Chris, an Australian exchange student is new to this small school in Louisiana, USA, has just became friends with a gorup of people that have all found their soulmates, except one. Sky, a transgender girl who has been in this friend group long enough to know everyone but not enough for them to know she is trans. Will they be able to form a relationship or will trauma get in the way of their love story?