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  • Bridgette Of The Past

    Bridgette Of The Past

  • Devon Bridgette

    Devon Bridgette

  • Reborn: Kissing a Knight [GL]

    Reborn: Kissing a Knight [GL]



    A long time ago, a beautiful princess was rescued by a noble knight, and from that day she dreamed of becoming one. Fortunately, her father allowed her to join the ranks of the castle's men-at-arms in one condition, to never reveal her face.At the recruitment, the well-taught and experienced daughter of a retired noble knight, Morrigan, met a masked knight-in-training. Learning she was related to the heroic warrior made the mysterious novice request for her guidance. Reluctant but drawn to the secrecy, she said yes.Completing arduous activities became easy with both of them together. As their body grew stronger, their hearts drew closer.Tragically, an ambush killed both of them while training. Ending their life without realizing their newfound dream.To kiss.How will they achieve it this time when fate brought them together as modern-day rival students?Will working together as CEO Bridgette Henry and hacker, Morrigan Knight open up their hearts to fulfill their dream?

  • The Revenge of the Dominatrixx

    The Revenge of the Dominatrixx


    A beautiful, powerful, sexy and very rich woman, but with a sad and mysterious past.After being abandoned by the love of her life in a scary forest, Bridgett Yvette harbors an intense feeling of revenge and hatred in her heart. However, something changes in her life: she is rescued from the forest and becomes a beautiful dominatrix, becoming, in a short time, the most famous in the field.Now, with blood in her eyes, she will do anything to ruin her assailant's financial, love, social and family life, leaving him at rock bottom, as he did to her.

  • My alpha king who rejected me

    My alpha king who rejected me


    It started off like any normal day, waking up with the sun hitting my face and the loud squeal of my sister hollering up to me from down stairs trying to get me up for school, I grunt and holler down to her telling her I will be down in a few minutes, I can hear her frustrated growl and mumble under her breath fine then. I growl out a sigh of relief as and feel my chest vibrate from the growl I let out, as this was the first morning she hasn't come up and started banging on my door growling at me that I need to get up. Now I know your thinking what does she mean? What is she? Well let me tell you a little bit about me and my history before we get into the boring details of what makes this day different then any other day of the 17 years of my existence and not knowing what makes today any different.  My name is Luna and I am a werewolf, yes you read that right a werewolf. I go to a special school for werewolf's and I am currently training to be an alpha/Luna, I have long raven hair that flows a little past my butt and these beautiful round amazing black eyes that have gold flecks in them thanks to my werewolf and her name is Bridgette snd she's the reason why in my wolf form I have golden eyes, my eyes change colors at times and it depends on what mood I'm in but usually they are the most astonishing black with gold swirls in them, I have Snow White skin that almost seems translucent, I am 5'2 with a tiny almost fragile build but don't let that fool you as the perks of being a werewolf and the daughter of an alpha makes me very strong, I don't need the moon to phase and I can actually speak with my wolf there is times where I can feel her nagging at me and it gets irritating but I love her because she is me and I am her, we are one, but today was a special day because after all this time I will finally be meeting my mate, but one thing that I won't realize is he is an alpha of our enemy neighboring pack, we don't really get along with the neighboring pack due to the fact of rumors that their alpha and his pack are mate killers, only select few actually have mates and today will be the day i fall in love with the one and only Dominic, not knowing what's in store for me in the future I am hesitant to become his mate and the Luna of his pack, but only time can tell and may the moon goddess be on my side on this journey.

  • Deluvia



    Deluvia, the independent country. The only country that has no warfare in history, has no association with other countries and is also, the most independent country that the world isn't seeing as a country anymore but just a small couple of islands in west pacific. This country is scientifically advanced and is the only country that can produce its own needs and more likely, a stabilized country. Behind these achievements of them, people in Deluvia were unbelievably reliable with its government, contented with its system and what it offers to them. Many migrants have fled to Deluvia for peace and stability up until the government had finally came up with a cure to one of the world's most infective and uncurable disease, the HIV. The number one research company of Deluvia, the JKLM Corporation, have released the newest vaccine called BW-109 and is simply described as a bio weapon that can counter the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Because of competency of the government to the Corporation, the government ordered eight million doses of it, to be injected in 50% of their population which was became effective for the disease. These eight million people who got injected gave no signs of side effects until two weeks later the vaccination. Two Weeks later, Harold Benign, a police officer at Troofolis City Police District, have received a report that there is a violent event happening at the Troofolis Memorial Circle. He, alongside his co-policeman, Hans Wichter arrived to the place and were both surprised at what they saw. There was a woman severely bleeding at the center of the circle, circulated by a group of civilians who came to witness the event. Soon after inspecting closer at the bleeding woman, it began to act abnormally and violently as her veins turn into pitch black and her eyes were occupied by white tumor-like particles at her iris. She quickly ran to the civilians and mauled an old woman from the audience and things became more violent as the other people from the audience started to act exactly the same as the bleeding woman. These people reanimated, leaving couple of distinguishable humans separated from the turned people. Harold hurriedly rescued as many as civilians as he can to move out from the city by a water delivery truck but then, multiple road accidents happened, including a trapped lady with her child at one of accidentally turned car in the road. Hand Wichter hurriedly responded to help the lady as he says to Harold to put the rescued people to safety at the mountain of Mount Bridgette, twenty-two kilometers south.The story continued to focus more to the rescued people and their different lives as well as their survivabilities in this type of world. Will they survive and find out the solution for this problem?

  • Blue stones

    Blue stones

  • Doll's house

    Doll's house

    How women sacrifice everything for love and at the end you end up being looked at as the bad person

  • Even Death Can't Do Us Part

    Even Death Can't Do Us Part

    Title: Even death can't do us partPrevious title: I love you hyung which was published on asianfanficsMain Characters: • Bridgette Cassandra Vionela <Xia Xie Yi> • Bryan Anderson Hughfman • Justin ZandreGenre: Romance; Tragedy; -----"I love you ..." the younger said with a cracked voice. He knew this would happen. He knew he would be rejected. He knew this day would come. Then what should i do for you to love me back? To love me more than just a sibling?Bridgette interrupted him before he could continue his sentence. She faced him. "Bryan, I- " She could see how much pain he was through his eyes. However, if she refused to do what should be done, it'd just hurt the both of them. It would just hurt him more. "Bryan you know this is wrong. We're blood-related! We must correct what we have done wrong."Bryan held her hand and stared at her. Bridgette should keep her posture steady, else she might break down. Because at that very moment , all she wanted was to tell him the truth and not hurt him.And the reality snapped her. No, Bridgette Cassandra Vionela. You must end this. Make him hate you. For his sake.Bryan broke the silence "Or can't you just pretend that you love me too?" He kneeled. Infront of her. Begging. For her to stay. "Please, Bridge. Just pretend. Stay with me." Bryan please stop making it hard for us. Please stop. Please. "I'm sorry, Bryan. But we need to end this. We are born with the same blood, the same parents. We are not just ordinary siblings but.... Bryan we are twins. Twins, siblings, are not meant to have that kind of love affection towards each other. Justin and I are getting along now. Among 7.5billion population, i know there is someone destined for you. Who is more better than I am."She turned his gaze away from the fragile, "I'm leaving."She does not need to emphasize the word siblings and twins. Because I am f$@ aware what we are! It hurted him so much he wanted to forget everything and just vanish. But how could he do that? "I love you...Bridge." He then pecked her lip. It was soft kiss, with passion and love. "I'll always love you." ,whispered as he hugged him tightly as it was gonna be the last.And both of them did not realize they were sharing the same affection the moment they were hugging. Not wanting to let go and just stay to what they were doing. But one of them must break the bush.Bryan was the one who broke the hug first. He had to accept the reality. It's not my intention to hurt you nor to make cry. I'm sorry. I understand and i'll surely let you go this time. I won't interfere anymore. Justin is my bestfriend afterall. I know he won't hurt you. Before leaving, he cheerfuly smiled and waved. It was an obvious fake smile. I don't buy it Bryan. But, thanks."I love you too Bryan. I love you so much." Bridgette said in inaudible voice and bursted in tears, could no longer hold it back.-----Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters' name and I definitely did not copy someone else's story. If by any chance my story is the same as yours that is purely and entirely a coincidence.Warning: PLEASE DO NOT COPY OR SHARE MY STORY WITHOUT CREDITS. Remember that plagiarism is stealing and is a crime. Note that simply changing the names of the characters of someone's story for your pairing is not an 'adaptation' but considered as plagiarism.

  • Lovesick Guys

    Lovesick Guys

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE CAMPUS

    Aran Calder dan Aria Bridgette adalah mantan pasangan yang akan selalu saling mencintai. Dan Ben Thompson adalah sahabat baik yang selama ini berusaha sadar diri untuk tidak memelihara perasaan terhadap kekasih sahabatnya tetap tumbuh. Tak ketinggalan Lapis Lazuli Bridgette, adik Aria yang jatuh cinta pada Ben— yang gagal melupakan perasaan terhadap kakaknya.Ada satu orang laki-laki lagi, Darwin Dawn. Dia adalah tunangan Aria hasil perjodohan orang tuanya yang malah jatuh hati pada Lapis Lazuli.

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