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    The work "Confessions" is a compendium of personal accounts and narratives ranging from the topics of love, adventures, fortunes and misfortunes, and other compelling short stories of people who experienced the most glorious and prominent happenings on record.

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  • Feral Confessions - Adrianna And The Alpha

    Feral Confessions - Adrianna And The Alpha



    (Warning: Mature Content After Chapter 70) Is this one of your typical teen fantasy romance novels? Well if you think that then you better read further! Her family disliked her. Her tendency to turn feral scared her grandfather. But that was exactly what Dmitri was looking for! Her tendency to turn feral, could it be any good? Entering into a forced union with him was something she would never do. She had built a castle around her heart, not letting anyone approach it. Witty, sharp, intelligent and fun-loving, Adrianna did not trust anyone. What happens in werewolf romance books, when an alpha who is calm, in control, merciless, extremely handsome and someone all werewolves feared, comes into the picture? Unfortunately, Dmitri doesn’t have many options open. The fights, the secret glances from across the room and the heated blushes. It is difficult to accept him. --- She was conflicted between herself and her wolf. Her wolf dragged her to him while she thought that Dmitri was wrong. If he was so wrong, why was she attracted to him? As she was struggling with her emotions, she heard a menacing growl and a threat. "Back off," he warned Pryce.  Adrianna looked at his face. He looked so dangerous , but she found it natural when her hand went up to his face to cup his cheek. She brushed her fingers across his cheek as though to calm him. Dmitri leaned his face onto her hand and closed his eyes. The two of them looked like two perfectly fitted puzzle pieces.  What was she doing, comforting the man who wanted to snatch away her freedom for a lifetime? Her thoughts stopped as her heart took over when she saw him leaning his face ontoin her hands. For Dmitri, this was the first time she had shown her affection for him and he was savoring every second. He squeezed her tighter just to check that she was really there, body and soul. She felt right in his arms and he wanted the world around them to melt forever.  Shifter romance books Discord - THIS IS A SERIES: Feral Confessions Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Prince (Ongoing) Ileus (Upcoming) Other novels by me: Two Contracts - My Lover is a CEO Sugar and Spice: The CEO's Feisty Wife

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  • Deadly Confessions

    Deadly Confessions


    Ming Jiayi lived numerous lives and felt that the people around her has a pit on their brains.Everyone: Help! The bathroom is full of blood!When Ming Jiayi entered the bathroom, it was spotlessly clean.Everyone: Help! There's a man-eating monster chasing us!Ming Jiayi waited and saw her small pet acting cute.Everyone: Help! The corpses are moving!Ming Jiayii saw the corpses twitch, and it was just rigor mortis.Ming Jiayi face them and tried to coax them: "Everyone, please calm down."Then everyone saw how the bathroom, pet, and corpses became normal when Ming Jiayi was looking, yet they became monstrous when Ming Jiayi was not looking.



  • Confessions of a Woman

    Confessions of a Woman

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    Confessions of a Woman:There are things as women that we just can't seem to voice. The curiosity that flows in the air as the milk duds of passion squirt amongst the mixed. Join Trisha, Darlene, Estelle, and Jenn on the erotic journey of confessions of an intimate woman. Chocolate makes most things sweet, holds them in place, and assists in your release. Join the girls and learn their secrets.

  • Confessions of a blogger

    Confessions of a blogger


    Once upon a time, a nice phrase to use to start a story. My once upon a time began when life already damaged me.One day I simply woke up and decided to write it all down and here it is, the story of my life, I even make a pretty penny out of it. But things changed for me, the one that got away came back.

  • Goodwin Confessions

    Goodwin Confessions

    It's a world larger than earth. Humans, Elves, and Dwarves rules the surface. Underground, lies the mythical beings that have once ruled the world. Vampires, werewolves, and wizards. Hex Goodwin knows that this was a world of a book that he once read. But beyond the Under-Society...he wishes to see the stars. Note: I choose to put this on this site as well. Scribblehub and Royalroadl as well.

  • Dark Confessions

    Dark Confessions

    Horror&Thriller DARK KILLER

    Each chapter is a dark Confession, be aware these are made up and i haven't done any of them

  • Confessions of a Billionaire

    Confessions of a Billionaire

    I thought it was enough. Money, cars, endless sex, and status. It wasn't until Allie Demarco's lips crashed onto mine that I was left ravenous for more. With Allie now transformed into this mysterious dark-haired beauty, I find myself compelled to learn everything I can about her. Everything she does brings color to my life and I find myself returning to Zelia's side unsatisfied with the life more often. Will I be able to ignore the temptation she brings or will I find myself falling hopelessly and endlessly in love with Allie all over again? Confessions of a Billionaire is created by Crystal Cabrae, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  •  Confessions Of An Exorcist

     Confessions Of An Exorcist

    Horror&Thriller ACTION R18 SCARY

    “Confessions Of An Exorcist” Mason Woods is a 40-year-old multimillionaire who owns Woods Travel Safe, an airline company in New York City. He lives in New York City with his three-month pregnant wife; Victoria Woods who is a cardiac surgeon and earns good pay, his two daughters; Audrey Woods and Leslie Woods, ages eight and four respectively.  A meeting with a Chinese contractor drags out longer than anticipated and causes him to miss his daughterr’s fourth birthday party. Mason Woods comes out of the meeting to see series of calls from his wife. He comes back home and offers to take the family out to celebrate Leslie’s birthday- an attempt to make up for his absent. On their way to a recreational park to celebrate his daughter’s fourth birthday, they were involved in an accident and his pregnant wife and two daughters die at the spot while Mason dies on the way to the hospital.  A burial is done and they are laid to rest. But a few months later, Mason Woods returns to life under supernatural circumstances and finds out that everything he owned has been taken by the government being legally dead and also that demons are responsible for the accident which took the lives of his family. He woke up to the realization that demons and ghosts are real and his family died because demons were trying to eliminate him so he won’t have to become an Exorcist. Mason Woods still overcome with guilt and grief in equal measures, leaves everything behind and move to a secluded small town,  Vineyard, Utah, where he hopes to begin a new life. A life as an Exorcist. And one day hope to avenge the death of his family and stop anyone from meeting the same fate he did.

  • Deadly Confessions

    Deadly Confessions

    A deathbed confession causes the Maroni's untimely demise.

  • Confessions of a Drama Queen

    Confessions of a Drama Queen


    It had never crossed her mind, that Mandy Gilbert, would live in her imaginary life when the boy she had a crush on since primary school, Justin Bedington, chose her to be his wife. Mandy knew Justin for as long as she remembered. She was only able to look at him through an untouchable wall known as ‘reality’. Justin is crazy rich, the son of a CEO in a multi-billion company in the U.S. Being surrounded by countless pretty girls, selected as head of the Student Council, brilliant, a social butterfly, and a highly dedicated person he was, didn’t make Justin got easily overwhelmed by that. Though he lived in a world full of loving gaze in any where he went, he gave zero care in it—even when almost half of the girls on this planet were head over heels in him. But who knew, his final choice was Mandy. Since their dramatic and ridiculous meeting, Justin thought that girl is amusing, funny, and known as a trouble maker girl who often gets over-dramatic at school. Justin first encountered her at a party, and from then on, he knew that this girl is one of a kind, so he chose her to be his wife. But who thought Mandy would live her new life in peace? The Drama Queen faced countless dilemmas revolving around Justin; from his sexy assistant, a gorgeous widow next to their house, and also, an obsessed teenager. Mandy couldn’t stand all the girls’ hysteria every time they were around him. Adding to that, the trust that was given by Justin, made Mandy feel as if she was ignored and invisible. In Mandy’s little mind, marrying someone of her dream would lead her to a life full of happiness—as seen in fairy tales. However, marriage life wasn’t as good as she thought. Problems after problems appeared unexpectedly. Starting from Justin’s anger toward Mandy who ruined the most important event in his life, being shunned by her best friend due to misunderstanding, to the revenge carried out by her school friends that put Mandy in danger. Mandy only had her journal—the only thing she could write her feelings, lies, and all the secrets. So, how did the drama queen overcome the problems she faced and admitted all the biggest secrets that separated Mandy from her loved ones?

  • Confessions of Crazy

    Confessions of Crazy

    Elizabeth doesn't believe in coincidence. So when she receives three separate and seemingly unconnected invitations to the same summer camp, she knows she has to go.What do a mysterious man, a childhood crush, and a first date have in common? The line between coincidence and fate get more blurred when Elizabeth is told that the common denominator in all of the chaos is her.Either there IS such a thing as coincidence, or the connected, surreal experiences around her are all pointing down a path she might not be able to follow. Which is more unbelievable, the romance or the fantasy?All Elizabeth knows is that SOMETHING is crazy and, after all of this time, it might not be her.

  • Confessions of Mine

    Confessions of Mine


    Thirteen people hide their secrets. Twelve of them became the victims as they realized the dangerous truth. “One of us is missing.”

  • Book of Confessions

    Book of Confessions

  • Confessions Of A Sadist

    Confessions Of A Sadist

    Jehovah Sheen is a sadist and has been recently been convicted of several sexually inflicted crimes against five women however after his infamous arrest at a hotel late Thursday night, he is now being put on trial but until that happens Will justice be rightfully served? Will his victims ever see the light of day again?Or will this man finally snap like a raging madman?

  • Confessions of a Dweeb

    Confessions of a Dweeb

    Teen COMEDY

    Will our heroine stay wrapped up in her self-imposed cocoon or will she one day break out and be free like a butterfly? A coming of age story told with a touch of humor.

  • Confessions of a Beki

    Confessions of a Beki

    Every beks has its own story. Struggles, confusion, hatred but full of fun, adventures and success! My confessions as a beki.

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