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  • I, the All-Class Magus, All My Awakening Skills are LvMax

    I, the All-Class Magus, All My Awakening Skills are LvMax


    Update Daily! 9 AM PST ---------------------- A hundred years ago, the virtual and the real merged, unleashing countless monsters across dimensions, revealing mysterious dungeons, and heralding the descent of dark gods upon humanity. The world entered an age of darkness. A century later, John transmigrate into this era of universal awakening, awakening the SSS-level talent [Divine Favor Tome] and transitioning into the god-tier class [All-Class Magus]! In an era where skills could only be acquired through relentless effort, he was born with lvMax skills. In an age where crossing class barriers was deemed impossible, he alone could learn the skills of all classes. In a time when humanity was on the brink of extinction, he effortlessly overpowered the contemporary geniuses and subdued the myriad gods and demons. Years later, John stood atop the constellation of stars, overlooking the mortal realm. Gods bowed their heads in respect, and demons knelt in submission. Countless beings eternally sung praises of his name. ---------------------- WSA 2024 Entry! Please show your support if you enjoy the story! How can you show your support? Gift Power Stone! 150=1 bonus chapter 200=2 bonus chapters 500=3 bonus chapters Bonus release will drop the following week!

  • Memories of the Night

    Memories of the Night



    COMPLETEDHis business rivals drugged a cold-hearted and handsome CEO, and the medicine intoxicated his whole body. The only way to cure him is through sexual contact. He went to the hospital to have his antidote, and a young nursing student who substituted someone to save this mysterious man fell into his trap. The ordeal lasted for three nights in a row. The man disappeared like he never existed before. After how many years, while she gradually discovers the mystery of her father's death, they meet again. For four years, he barely slept through full nights, and he developed severe insomnia caused by the drug.Accidentally, he accused her of being a thief. He captured and imprisoned her; however, vague memories of the scent and woman's body that served him during his struggling moment keeps haunting him. The smell of her body is like magic, gradually calming his restless nerve and making him sleep. He possessed her immediately and promised not to let her go the time he laid his eyes on her. He discovered she is the same woman who had become his antidote that night, yet he concealed the truth because she strives to flee away from him. No wonder he got a sense of déjà vu when he first saw her and smelled her fragrance. No wonder he was so enamored by her and her body. It turns out that she's the woman he often dreams about, the first significant woman in his life. The woman he is longing for and his beautiful nightmare.He fell in love with her and does all means to make her his wife. She wanted her freedom, and she refused him several times. The painful memory of the past keeps haunting her, and she promised to take revenge on a man who assaulted her four years ago. Would she fall in love with the man who takes advantage of her that night? Does the mysterious man, love at first sight, will change their fate? How long could he stand against her hatred to win her trust and love?Special Note: If you are looking for a sweet contemporary-romance genre, this novel doesn't have that kind of plot. Most plots of my novel talk about mystery, suspense, and a slice of life. Often FL starts a slow pace of development, from weak to strong.

  • The Rebirth of SOPHIA GREEN

    The Rebirth of SOPHIA GREEN



    COMPLETEDFor nearly 30 years of existence, she had been in a wheelchair, suffering from polio since childhood. While her freedom of movement had been diminished, the activity her brain had outstripped everyone. Unable to join in the rough of other children, she had spent all her lifetime reading, which gave her exceptional knowledge. She accomplished many outstanding achievements across several fields and became a famous Science Professor. Her life changed forever when she was caught in a suspicious fire in her lab. Rebirth occurred and when she comes back to life, she finds she is now in the body of another Sophia Green, a teenage high school bully.Meanwhile, Albert Pearson, the first heir of the richest family around the country who hid his true identity becoming an assistant of Sophia Green has gone crazy after hearing the news of Sophia's death. He went back to his family and took advantage of his status to keep searching for the truth of that fire.And one day he met a teenage girl whose name was Sophia Green...Fate changes between them as they are seeking the truth behind her death! Could he recognize Sophia and confess his feelings?Special Note: If you are looking for a sweet contemporary-romance genre, this novel doesn't have that kind of plot. Most plots of my novel talk about mystery, suspense, and a slice of life. Often FL starts a slow pace of development, from weak to strong.Cover Created by: Weilan

  • Mr Billionaire: falls in love with contract wife

    Mr Billionaire: falls in love with contract wife



    In the heart-wrenching tale of a young cardiologist named Stacy, her world crumbles when she discovers her fiancé entangled with her best friend on the eve of her engagement party. Overwhelmed by devastation, she contemplates ending her life on a desolate bridge. But just as darkness threatens to consume her, a mysterious stranger emerges, saving her from the abyss. Together, they embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery, unraveling the hidden truths that lie beneath her shattered world. This gripping story of resilience and love reminds us that even in the face of despair, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

  • Billionaire Defiant Wife

    Billionaire Defiant Wife



    COMPLETEDSince childhood, she was trained to be a perfect wife to the Billionaire heir, Evan Howel. She loved him and adored this man. People around them often said she's his dog and no matter how she's badly treated by him in the past years of being married, she would keep coming back to him meekly. She tried to seduce him several times but she failed to sleep with him and being kicked out of his bed.Someone had plotted to kill her by pushing her into the water that almost took her life. When she woke up, she became a different woman he used to know. She sneered and gave her husband a divorce agreement. Evan Howel offered five billion for their 3 years of marriage as compensation. She felt disgusted and declined his generosity. He began to think about why she changes into a strong woman and dare to provoke him. He realized that he can't let go of his beautiful wife who suffered so much for how many years. He wanted her to stay and he played a sex videotape of them in a silent mode before whispering into her ear: "If you don't tear up the divorce paper, I will unmute this video and let the whole world know about it!". She was shocked to see the video of their intimate moments that happened because of the drug given to them. She's ready to leave him but her devil husband won't let her go. Would she change her mind after what he had done to her? Would she give up herself again out of love? Could she win over the struggle and conspiracy plotted by Evan's grandfather?Warning: Strong parental guidance as some chapters are not suitable for minors. List of my Novels Here in Webnovel 1. Billionaire Defiant Wife2. The Cage of The Past3. Revenge to the Devil4. Winter of the Wolves5. Love & Revenge6. My Billionaire Husband7. Love & Revenge: The Return of the Heiress8. You Are Mine (English)9. Memories of the Night10.The Rebirth Of SOPHIA GREEN11. Loving A STRANGER12. The Rise Of NATHALIA CARTER13. Love & Revenge: THE STUBBORN HEIRESS (Taglish)14. MIDNIGHT Bride The CEO's TEMPTATIONSpecial Note: If you are looking for a sweet contemporary-romance genre, this novel doesn't have that kind of plot. Most plots of my novel talk about mystery, suspense, and a slice of life. Often FL starts a slow pace of development, from weak to strong.Wanna know more about the story follow me at Instagram: annashannellin

  • You Are Mine (English)

    You Are Mine (English)



    COMPLETEDShe is an unknown actress Edie Lara, who had a one night stand with the Noble Prince and the CEO Of L.N Group, Stuart Yates. He is every woman’s dream but not for someone like Edie. Stuart was said to be gay, but people behind him don't know the tragic past that pushed him to change into a different man. Stuart offered Edie a contract marriage after the passionate night they shared. He told her it would only last for six months until his family and shareholders could prove that he is not gay. Suddenly, Edie discovered the truth that Stuart is not gay but he had a rare type of phobia. She then fell in love with him. He did everything to let her stay beside him. One day someone pretends to be Stuart’s ex-fiancee after he met an accident, would he still remember his wife, Edie? Would their story ends tragically, or their love will remind him of the woman who is bound to be his fate from the very beginning? Would he still remember how deeply he loved her? Can Edie stand all the struggles along the way when she felt alone and unloved by her husband?Special Note: If you are looking for a sweet contemporary-romance genre, this novel doesn't have that kind of plot. Most plots of my novel talk about mystery, suspense, and a slice of life. Often FL starts a slow pace of development, from weak to strong.Wanna know more about the story follow me at Instagram: annashannellin

  • The Secret Obsession of the CEO

    The Secret Obsession of the CEO



    ***COMPLETED*** Aurora Roberts' entire life revolves around her four-month-old baby Aurelia. The father of her baby... not in the picture at the moment. Liam Roberts used to be her best friend and the one she trusted with all her heart, until he broke her heart one day by asking for divorce out of nowhere. It's been more than a year since that happened and she thought it was water under the bridge. Even at twenty-three, Rory is financially stable thanks to the life insurance payment. Also, she is the co-partner of a Café that does fairly well. She plans to take the LSAT as becoming a lawyer is her dream. But, a single phone call set a domino effect that changed all her plans. Her grandmother--the one who mandated her marriage-- is suffering from vascular dementia. And when her caretaker called Rory to ask her to meet her grandmother, she knew she must visit her. But what should she do when she is asked to bring the baby's father with her? He is the one who asked for a divorce and he didn't take any responsibility for the baby! But can she deny the last wish of her grandmother? Does she need him? No! She can take care of herself and her baby. She does not need the pity of anyone. Does she want him back? No! She has her pride! She won't beg him to come back. Does she miss him? Yes, um, No..! Actually, it is complicated! And will her daughter need her father? ... As for Liam, where does he stand? What does he want? Why did he ask for the divorce out of nowhere? Why is he refusing to acknowledge their baby? She doesn't know. What should she do? Should she give him one more chance to explain himself? Will he be willing to open a conversation with her for the sake of their baby? Liam Roberts is the CEO of a start-up online company that became an instant hit. He became a billionaire in the span of a year. Rory is his first love and the most favorite person in the world. But he cannot let her stay with him. She will be destroyed if she stays with him. And so, he will keep her away from him. He hoped the secret he is hiding stays hidden forever. Maybe then he will not hurt Rory. But can he keep Rory away? Will the hidden secret surface? And will it affect Rory? ***** Hello lovely readers, This is my fifth book and my third contemporary romance book in Webnovel. This book is participating in WSA 2022. Please give it a chance. Leave comments and reviews. Vote with PS and GT. Check out my profile and leave a heart. You can follow me in Twitter, Insta and Discord.

  • The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny

    The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny



    Laura died when she was a baby. Out of desperation, her parents agreed on a deal with the mysterious couple to bring her back to life. Her family left their village and hide in a far away place... with no intention of honoring the deal. Twenty years later. Mysterious black hooded cape men descended into their mansion. They hurt her father and abducted her sister, claiming that they're fulfilling the deal that took place a long time ago. Her sister can only be returned to her family ten days later, in one condition, she won't leave their town. To protect Laura, her father entered another deal to marry her to the most notorious womanizing bachelor in the next town. The groom was the son of a powerful family, he has a questionable attitude and lacking in the looks department. Then she met the 'other' brother. He's handsome as hell and mysterious in so many ways, her heart beats crazily for him. And yet... he turns out to be something not human. Her peaceful life descended into chaos, and so the story begins. ***The cover is mine. All the credits and rights belong to me. ~My Other Novels on this site~ * Hot Romance With The Vampire~ Completed * The Beauty And The Wolf~ Completed. * Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife ~ Completed ~ Contemporary Romance * The CEO's Painted Skin: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * The Last Embrace: Fantasy Romance, Vampires Love~ Completed. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * The Tale Of Three Sisters: Fantasy Romance, Adventure ~ Completed.

  • The Dragon Beside Me

    The Dragon Beside Me



    Su Ruan’s life was not going great at the moment. Her best friend, whom she had been in love with for the longest time suddenly announced that he was getting married. Then, she had suddenly lost her job. To take a break from all those things that have been going on in her life, Su Ruan decided to return to a place that she had not visited for more than twenty years--her grandfather’s orchard in the countryside. It was supposed to be a quick break until Su Ruan was ready to pick up herself and start again. However, her life changed the moment she decided to go into her grandfather's orchard where she met… a creature. For Long Fei, he has been searching for Su Ruan ever since the girl left the small town twenty-five years ago. Now that Su Ruan had returned to his life, Long Fei was bent to claim her as his own and never let her out of sight again. --- Entering WPC 227 - Human and Beast --- Cover Illustration: kirinlukis --- This is a contemporary/fantasy/chick-lit romance XD --- A shared universe with: 1. Loving You Too Much (completed) 2. True Love and Other Lies (on-going) 3. A Lifetime with You (completed) 4. You're My Only Star (completed) 5. Love So Sweet (on-going) 6. Commander Qi's Runaway Wife 7. The Wedding Planner's Romance

  • The contemporary Duke of England

    The contemporary Duke of England


    In 2002, the ascension of Barron Cavendish to the dukedom marked the start of a legendary era for the Devonshire family. Fast forward to 2022, the new female prime minister's inaugural speech left the parliament in stunned silence, only to face impeachment a month later for shielding her subordinates. This tumultuous political saga unfolds against the backdrop of a narrative where every British person's life is intricately tied to the enduring legacy of the Devonshire family, forever changed since Barron Cavendish took the helm.

  • Hot Romance With The Vampire

    Hot Romance With The Vampire



    Irene accidentally awakened a vampire hibernating in the ring that she found in the basement of their ancestral house. The possessive vampire declared her as his woman the moment he laid eyes on her. Despite the vampire's good-looking appearance, Irene rejected him because he was not human. She doesn't want to fall in love with a vampire. The generous vampire showered Irene golden treasures that changes her life for the better. Irene's ultimate dream is to become a wealthy woman. Her stepfather left them mountains of debts and her mother suffered a serious illness that requires hospitalization. She doesn't want to become the vampire's woman and resisted his advances in every turn. The vampire was annoyed by Irene's coldness, threatening her that if she continue defying him he would take back his valuable gifts. Irene was in dilemma. Should she accept the vampire and teach herself to love him? Or walk away from the treasures that she and her family desperately needed for survival. Can Irene learn to love the possessive vampire? Can they live happily together despite their differences? Let's find out in this roller coaster love story between a vampire and a human girl. ~~~ Irene glared at the handsome vampire. "Stay away from me! I will never be your woman! Never!" she declared angrily. Brent smirked. "Sweetie, I'll make you fall in love with me whether you like it or not!" "Get lost!" Irene said furiously. "No one can force me to like you!" she said in a defiant tone. "If you keep ignoring me, I'll take back those treasures that you're enjoying right now!" he said, threatening her. Noooo! Irene gasped in despair. She can't lose those valuable treasures! Not when she and her family were heavily dependent on those treasures for their survival. Brent smiled devilishly. "You just want to enjoy my valuable gifts, eh? But how about me? How shameless you are! Let me remind you that there is no free lunch in this world, sweetie. Everything has a price! What are you willing to give me in exchange for my precious gifts?" he asked, looking deeply into her eyes, enjoying her discomfort. Irene shut her eyes for a moment, finding herself in the worst dilemma of her life. What can she give him in return for his gifts without losing herself in the process? Her body? "I want your everything, body, heart and soul," Brent whispered huskily in her ears. Irene froze on the spot when his mouth landed on her lips in full force. ~~~ Author's Note: This novel contains smut and steamy scenes, because the characters are horny. ~~~ The cover is made by Maxis Jordan. ~~~ ~Completed Novels~ *The CEO's Painted Skin~ Contemporary Romance *Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife ~ Contemporary Romance *Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife ~ Contemporary Romance *The Last Embrace ~ Fantasy Vampire Romance *The Vampire's Love: You are My Destiny~ Fantasy Vampire Romance *The Beauty And The Wolf~ Fantasy Werewolf Romance *The Tale Of Three Sisters~ Fantasy, Adventures

  • Bought by the Billionaire Prince

    Bought by the Billionaire Prince


    Author: Theresa Oliver is an author of clean contemporary romance, clean historical romance, young adult, middle grades, and children's picture books. Theresa is the author of the Christmas Cove series, the Whiskey River Brides series with Hot Tree Publishing, and much more. She lives in Florida with her husband, children, a persnickety cat, and a very bossy dog. Synopsis: She's a college student, trying to save her sister. He's the Prince of Estrea, trying to save his family. Together, they discover the true meaning of love and sacrifice.... College student Ari Douglas just learned that her sister, Henley, has leukemia. As the daughters of a single mother with no insurance, they don't have many options or hope. Then a friend tells Ari about AmericanMate, an elite modern matchmaking service. With no other options and needing cash quickly, she applies to the service. Former playboy Prince Grayson Pierce of Estrea is tired of women wanting him for his money and title. Having just suffered a very public breakup, Grayson is through with love. At the urging of his best friend and wanting to settle down, Grayson decides to go through AmericanMate. But he has just one catch: He's in it for life. There has never been a divorice in the long line of succession of the monarchy... ever. After just one meeting on the Internet and with no other options to help her sister, Ari agrees, But she has to be at the altar in Estrea in three days. Now, with a shadow cast over the realm and the ticking clock of her sister's illness, can two hearts sacrificing for the good of their families find love in each other? Or will their marriage be the ultimate sacrifice? In this heartwarming tale of love and loss, two hearts discover the true meaning of love, family, and sacrifice in Bought by the Billionaire Prince.

  • The Villain's Redemption

    The Villain's Redemption



    A QUICK TRANSMIGRATION NOVEL. R18 .... “I’ll see you on the other side of the stars,” she whispered before breathing her last. …… The moment she woke up, she was in a boundless space of white with neither memory, past, nor identity. Punished by the heavens, she was tasked to travel different worlds to do some quests. She must now live the lives of countless secondary female leads to influence the world's destiny. Accompany her in her adventures in each world as she regains her memories, and the mysteries of her past life. … [Side Quest Activated: Slap the Female Lead.] [Side Quest Activated: Steal from the Male Lead.] [Side Quest Activated: Anger the Villain.] [Side Quest Activated: Create chaos during the Villain's Birthday party.] [Side Quest Activated: Kiss the Villain's Brother] [Side Quest Activated: Shoot the Villains pinky finger.] Who would have thought saving the villain is so difficult? ....................... "Would you trust me?" his voice was almost a whisper. It made her frown.  Trust? How could she trust someone she doesn't know? She didn't know if she had it in her heart to trust another person aside from herself. "Who are you?" she asked. "I can't tell you." She bit her lower lip. She could feel his breathing against her cheek, and it made her want to feel more of him, more of this madness. But was it even worth the risk? "Do you know me?" She couldn't help but wonder. "You are mine, and I am yours. That's the only thing that you needed to know." ...... Each arc will have maximum of 80 - 100 chapters. Faceslapping? Yes Contemporary? Yes Romance? Yes Fantasy? Yes Horror? Yes System? Yes Comedy? Yes 500 chapters+? Yes 2 chapters per day? Yes Rape? NO Misunderstandings? NO Love triangle? NO SLOW BURN ROMANCE? Yes Cover is not mine. It will depend on the current arc. Arc 1: The Switched Missy - Contemporary Arc 2: The Archaic Cultivator - Fantasy - R18 Arc 3: The Vampire Princess - Fantasy - R18 Arc 4: The Divorced Bride - Contemporary R18

  • Transmigrating as the Evil Female Supporting Character in a Contemporary Novel

    Transmigrating as the Evil Female Supporting Character in a Contemporary Novel



    [Two-way first love, strong combination, the well-rounded male lead, growth-type female lead] Yue Yan transmigrated into a contemporary novel she recently read. In the original text, she was the female lead's best friend, but she was used by the female lead, who turned out to be two-faced. Yue Yan did all the bad things, while the female lead was thought of as a kind and pure beauty. As a result, Yue Yan became hated by everyone. The first thing Yue Yan did after transmigrating into the book was to sever ties with the female lead, and she stayed far away from her. She'd hide from her if she couldn't afford to offend the female lead! Chou Fei died in a spaceship crash. Somehow, he transmigrated into the novel as the female lead's backup fling. His only purpose for existing was to act as the lead couple's automated teller machine and bed warmer. Chou Fei, who knew the storyline in advance, decided to run away. He'd let someone else fill that role!

  • The CEO's Painted Skin

    The CEO's Painted Skin

    Urban CEO


    The twin sisters, Catherine and Caroline, robbed an old ancestral house out of pressing necessity. Unfortunately they were caught empty handed by the owner himself and his bodyguards. To avoid jail time, something needs to be in exchange for their freedom. What happened next...? A tumultuous, intense and passionate love story between Catherine and the owner named John began to take shape in each chapters of the story. ~~~~~ For John, his first encounter with Catherine was embroiled with lust, not proper and wasn't even built on a solid ground. He thought he already lost her. But he nurtured and kept her memory alive in his mind. How many times he was willing to chase the woman he loves? For Catherine, she met John for the first time in a cruel stroke of destiny.Something happened between them. But he left a lasting impression on her. He was her first kiss, the first guy she was physically intimate with. But he wasn't even her boyfriend! He was just a stranger that appeared in her life once, but the imprint he left on her body, his gentleness and his generosity was bound to hunt her forever. How long she can deny the true beating of her heart? In another time their path was destined to cross again... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *** This novel is controversial, gripping and addicting! But more importantly you will be amazed of one man's enduring love for one woman 'till the very end. It's rare to find a guy who's love for a woman can endure the test of time... ~The cover is not mine, made by Nat Mordon. ~My Other novels in this site~ * Hot Romance With The Vampire~ Completed * The Beauty And The Wolf ~ Completed. * The Vampire's Love~ You Are My Destiny ~ Demon's~Vampires~Shapeshifter~ Completed. * Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife ~ Completed~ Contemporary Romance * The Last Embrace~ (Completed) Vampire Fantasy Romance, 472 chapters. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife~ (Completed) Contemporary Romance. * The Tale of Three Sisters ~ (Completed) Fantasy Romance~Adventure.

  • India and the Contemporary world

    India and the Contemporary world

  • Xianshi Inn (A contemporary Xianxia novel)

    Xianshi Inn (A contemporary Xianxia novel)


    He left his home, unwillingly, to a realm of cultivation, Xianshu, mythical manuals and Dao. And now he’s here due to a failed attempt at going home, a place bears a lot of resemblance but not the same. “At least it’s close enough here. I’ll get there on my next jump.” Jianmen Yu said to himself, “But while I’m prepping, let me do my old job here for a bit.” And there we have it, “Xianshi Inn”, run by a cultivator, who’s not of this world. Don’t mess with it or its employees, the owner will kick your ass, no matter who you are, no matter WHAT you are. Patreon available: egaochan (avatar is a crab), feel free to tip me if you like my stories! The full book of this novel is now available on Amazon, if you would like to support me and my work, head to Amazon and search "Xianshi Inn"!

  • contemporary issues short story ?

    contemporary issues short story ?

  • The Sinners' Queen

    The Sinners' Queen



    It's a simple but complicated story of how a girl buried in debt obtained the Immoral System and how this same girl evolved from a pure and weak girl into someone entirely different.Join the exciting ride. Be warned though. Once again, be warned.It's all about .....................EDIT: Can't say for sure but I'll probably go the seven deadly sins route.Thanks for all the support! Of course, more support will still be and will always be appreciated. Come, VOTE YOUR POWER STONES! XD................PS:Pic's not mine. All credits go to its rightful owner......................HEAVY REMINDER: NO ONE AGED 17 AND UNDER ADMITTED (in case the parental restriction is not showing below). KIDS AND THOSE SENSITIVE TO DARK ISSUES, I'M BEGGING YOU, PLEASE DON'T EXPLORE THIS IMMORAL STORY, THANK YOU!!!Another Reminder: MC's growth is kind of slow.#ImmoralSystem #Romance #Mystery/Gore #FemaleProtagonist #BadassML #Fantasy #Modern/Contemporary #SystemWithPersonality #Weak-To-Strong-Protagonist....................Last one. XDPlease try to visit my other novel too. Title: Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy VillainessLink: reactions or inquiries? Reach out to me through Discord: Ifallforblue#5480

  • FRIEND OR FOE  -  a contemporary romance

    FRIEND OR FOE - a contemporary romance


    SAN FRANCISCO'S LEADING OFFICER Anna Meyers unravels the edge of a real stringer. A local suicide in the prison falls into place behind her parent's brutal murder almost five years ago. And now her older brother Will has gone missing. But anyone who knows her well enough would say she'd do whatever it takes to bring William back. Even if it means breaking the same rules she helped to create for the safety of Francisco's populace.. The ones protecting them against the city's most notorious group of assassins and murderers... The Killers Code. During the process of taking down these unrestrained executioners, Anna falls into a trap of greed and revenge. She finds herself forced to work with the very man law enforcement would kill to get their greedy hands on—the man she once believed that she loved. RATED MATURE for graphic scenes and mature themes, mild language, drug and / or alcohol references, and topics of sexual abuse / assault [[ roughly 50,000 - 55,000 words ]] {cover design adapted from Canva}