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  • The Assassin's Codex

    The Assassin's Codex

    "One day everything was normal. The next, I was forced to fight for my life..."Follow Zoey as she is forced to become a merciless embodiment of death to preserve that which she holds dearest. It is time to follow the commands of The Assassin's Codex.

  • I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

    I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible



    "Five years! Do you know how these five years have been for me?" It had been five years since Gongzi Liang was transmigrated to a fantasy world and had received the Legendary Gold System. However, the system kept nagging him to top up every time. [$3 for God's Ring, $6 for first-time reward, $18 for enhancement, $28 for God-tier Beast...] Gongzi Liang could only look at all the god-tier rewards and couldn't do anything because he didn't have money. But, he did realize that he could level up his skills and strengthen his body by using copper coins. It could save him 99.99% of training. It wasn't even hard for him to jump a few ranks in one day. He would also gain coupons by completing the daily missions. Just like that, Gongzi Liang became obsessed with completing his daily missions...

  • Copper Lips

    Copper Lips


    **Cover by Me**Vampires, Dangerous beings of the night. Clans and families staying hidden from humans. One day the discovery of these beasts leads to a small town being doomed unless a beautiful child is sacrificed once a century. But what if the child is the nightmare of the Vamps? Blaise is a Sunwalker, a rare human who can enter the vampire world while being human. If he is turned he could end vampires entirely. So Hayden, The second son of the clan's leader decides he'll take care of Blaise. How will Blaise deal with living with Vampires? How will Hayden live with a human?

  • The secret of Ivy copper

    The secret of Ivy copper

  • Copper Hearts and Iron Fists

    Copper Hearts and Iron Fists


    Alyssa Hayes, a nineteen year old, red headed mafia princess with a feisty personality and a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.Leonardo Espasito, a twenty year old, cocky heir to the Italian mafia and the to-be-husband of the red headed girl he hates... or so he thinks he does.-------------------------------------------------He closes the distance between us, his arms on either side of my head, leaving me trapped between him and the wall. "I'm not sure you understand, mia cara." He tells me."You. Belong. To. Me." I scoff at his statement and push him away from me. "Sorry to ruin your little fantasy, but I belong to myself." His lips pull into a smirk, and his hazel eyes trace every part of my face, until he reaches my lips.-------------------------------------------------STRONG LANGUAGE AND VIOLENT/SEXUAL SCENES. 13+~THIS IS A SAMPLE PIECE. YOU CAN READ THE FULL STORY FOR FREE ON WATTPAD AFTER ITS RELEASE IN APRIL 2021.~

  • Copper Hearts

    Copper Hearts


    Melody was her name. An angel that dawned on me the moment I looked into her eyes. Only that she and I could never be together.

  • Copper Captivation

    Copper Captivation


    A spy on break. A high school “tomboy”.Can it really work? With Leon’s lifestyle and Bailey’s sweet innocence?Bailey is an 18 year old girl. She has five friends. All boys - who protect her quite fiercely. Leon is a 19 year old spy. With no friends. He heads back home after a failed mission and meets his little brother… and his little brother’s friends…Bailey and her copper hair catch his attention immediately.But will his brother let him get close? And what of the mission? What really happened? And why did it fail? Will the dark force Leon’s been fighting for years catch up to him? Can he selfishly hold onto Bailey?

  • all for a copper

    all for a copper


    Fallen into madness book oneReskeme is not one to let the little things keep him down. After all, taking a beating having his soul torn apart and then treated like trash is not the worst deal. He realizes that there are some bright sides to pushing back against the world even through pain and suffering.

  • I Can Track Everything

    I Can Track Everything


    Traveling through the Xianxia world, Chen Chen obtained the strongest tracking system and was able to track everything ever since. Chen Chen says, "System, I am short of money." "Two meters away, your father has hidden some money under the bed. Five meters away, there is a rusty copper coin buried half a meter underground." "There is a nugget of silver in the grass ahead." Chen Chen says, "System, I need some luck." "The feces in front of the pigsty is not ordinary." "Go to the Black Peak cliff ten kilometers away and jump off it." "There is an Immortal Cave Abode hidden somewhere, please explore it on your own."

  • david copper field

    david copper field

    History ADVENTURE

  • Love As Fickle As Copper

    Love As Fickle As Copper

  • No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?

    No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?


    It’s the 3rd of March of the Immortal Martial era. Under the Sect Leader’s unremitting efforts, the Qingyun Dao Sect finally welcomes its eighth disciple, Ye Ping. In order to make Ye Ping stay and to earn his respect, everyone in the sect resorts to all sorts of tricks to deceive him. They boast and pretend to be peerless Sword Dao experts, geniuses in cultivation, alchemy, refinement, divination, alchemy arrays, treasure appraising, and sons of destiny. For the sake of maintaining the image of geniuses, they teach Ye Ping all sorts of nonsensical things. They make Ye Ping try to gain an epiphany out of a random sword mark. They take out a random big pot and make Ye Ping refine supreme-grade pills with it. They take out a random copper coin and make Ye Ping deduce the ultimate heavenly secret. They initially hope to just delay the time that Ye Ping discovers the truth so that he would stay in the sect for a while longer. However, to their surprise, their new little Junior Brother… manages to learn everything.

  • 2760:Evolution




    Exo-Armor donning Fighters, the pinnacle of humankind, are the main fighting force of human societies who are genetically modified to attain extraordinary abilities. To become these warriors is the lifelong dream of every passionate young man in this interstellar age. But not for - Crey Morgan, A lazy student who is forced to seek entrance into one of Earth's best military academies to become an Exo-Warrior. But his dubious past and lethargic personality don't quite match the ideals of the academy. Crey is not a normal young man, apparent from his weird personality and seemingly extraordinary fighting capabilities. The secret is that he is an assassin who had walked out of the darkest society towards the world in light. An Assassin of the past who wants to leave his horrible history behind. Would Crey be able to gain admission into Terra Military college to become an Exo-warrior as his Uncle wanted? Or his listless attitude will spell trouble where ever he goes. Also, Crey thought he would be the top gun here due to his uncharacteristic past but his hopes shattered as soon as he took an entrance exam. The seemingly best military academy is not built on boastful claims and every character here has thier brilliance and if he had to survive he had to do more than his best. P.S- the cover art is not mine, if you want to take it down please message me through comment or review. Update Rate - 1chap/day I have decided to put encouraging conditions for fast update- 50 golden tickets - one bonus chapter (for every 50 tickets) Every 500 unlocks in privilege - one bonus chapter Top 200 rank in power stone ranking - one bonus chapter (every day books remains in ranking) Gift Luxury Car and above - one bonus chapter for every gift

  • A Half Conjurer

    A Half Conjurer



    ADD TO LIBRARY! Orion Trudger is a common college student at University. He is living in an apartment, has some nice friends, has a decent-paying job at restaurants where he enjoys working till late at night to get money to pay all of his bills. But one fateful night, he accidentally discovers that the world is not the same as he used to think, when he finds out his friendly, drunk landlord is a Vampire. Things don't help him much when he pokes his head more inside this invisible curtain separating the Hidden world. He finds out that not only Gods exist but other things like Mages, Conjurers, Werewolves, Demons, Dragons, etc. But his Excitement of discovering the Hidden world soon turns into horror when he realizes that All of these supernatural are now on the hunt to kill him. Well, not All as it seems. He became 'Wanted Man' in the magical community, the day he discovered that it exists in reality, not some myth. Reasons he doesn't know, he is suddenly running for his life and somehow finds himself in the Land of Tokyo. His good wishers or what he thinks them as wants him to start his new life there but looks like Hunt is still on. Follow Orion Trudger on his journey through discovering and embracing the Hidden world. Is He just a normal guy who accidentally discovered this hidden world or is he drawn to it for something else entirely? Follow him in this cruel, changing deceptive Magic World where for some reason everyone wants to kill him. P.S- Happy Reading...... P.P.S- The cover art is not mine, if you are not happy with it then you can contact me through comments or review. I will take it down immediately.

  • Entangled: Crisscross

    Entangled: Crisscross



    When a secret from the past rears its head, a young hacker must choose between marrying a CEO she has never met before and loving her nerd best friend, not knowing that they're the same person......Disguised as her nerd bestfriend, Cross had been protecting her from the shadows. But the past is slowly catching up to her and he feared she might not be able to handle it alone. So he did the only thing he could, he offered to marry her. Except, she doesn’t know who he really is.As passion ignites and danger escalates, the two were forced by fate to stay with each other or perish together......Did you hear what I said?” he asked, his copper eyes bore into her light brown ones. “Get out. While you still can.” His chest raised as he held his breath, controlling the desire that stabbed through him. Restraint, he chanted inwardly. He promised not to touch her unless she would ask for it. And he would die before breaking that promise.She frowned at his sudden rejection. She could still feel his erection pressing against her stomach, his strong arms were still wrapped around her. Was he chasing her out? Or… Sera bit her lower lip. “And if I stay?” it wasn’t a question that needed an answer. The words that he wanted to say ended with a growl. He slammed his lips into her already swollen ones. He had waited far too long, suppressing his needs for years just for her.He couldn’t take it any longer.*The book will contain a lot of steamy and erotic chapters.R18. Reader discretion is advised!Part of Seven Sins Series: Book of LustSex scenes start at chapter 40+#########Chapters not yet edited.Cover is mine.This is a short novel. Less than 300 chapters.Book 1 Sin of Wrath: The Sovereign (Hiatus)Book 2 Sin of Sloth: Lazily Yours (Ongoing)Book 3 Sin of Lust: Entangled: CrissCross

  • White Blaze

    White Blaze



    IMPORTANT READ : First ADD TO LIBRARY then continue below, For Synopsis, the Earlier one was a little bland failing to attract attention….So let's try the nowadays trending method- Pros 1.Adventure. 2.Action 3. Shonen genre (idk spelling) 4. Realistic storyline 5.No cheats, hacks, or system 6.Romance (yeah we have!) 7.Cultivation(sort of) 8. General Positivity ( spread optimism, in the end, there is too much hate in the world) 9.Food ( oh! are we talking about novel? ) 10.Different characters with different stories to choose your favorite from.Mine is Nuve(introduced later in story) Cons 1.No Harem(oh noo) 2.No Face Slapping ( I miss them, but WN is already full of those) 3.No repetitive story policy(like xinxia(but l love xinxia)) 4. Little Typos ( I have made it readable guys....cheers) 5.Idiot and shy Author 6.Not overly dense or arrogant MC(if heavens block my path,I will crush heaven. [I love lSSTH by the way]....No, we don't do that here.) 7.MC doesn't get best everytime like 1st position in every competition, every artifact, winning every fight etc.(but he has the PLOT ARMOUR, I mean who doesn't have) 8.hmm,m I can't think of any more why don't u tell me in chapter comments ;) So if you are tired of reading too many novels with the same storyline try this for a fresh breath of air. If you agree with one or more pros, come on hop on the shaky journey. If you want something from con… should still give it a try…..ok kidding you can skip this book. Just read something that makes you happy. Those who are already following the book, please don't be shy like me. You can make review or give power stone for push . P.S- I don't own cover. Contact me with comment or review to take it down. P.P.P.S- Say No to Hate, spread happiness. You have little time on this earth spend time by being happy…...Happy Reading .

  • Reborn As A Cute Loli

    Reborn As A Cute Loli


    Rinley's previous life can only be described in one word- tragedy. Born with a weak physic, adopted by a crazy master and betrayed by his lover. But the heavens have eyes. In the next life, he was blessed with good fortune that can make people green with envy. But who can tell him, why is the image in the copper mirror in his hand... a girl? A very cute loli at that.Notes: female x male, 1V1, slow romance--more on loli cuteness, don't expect too much action. Schedule: 5 chaps/week

  • The Letter From Yesterday

    The Letter From Yesterday

  • Ticking Bomb

    Ticking Bomb


    Lenna Katherine Sinner was known everywhere she went. From the halls of her school to the darkest alleyways in the big cities. She was a ticking bomb. She was destructive. And she wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted. But what will she do, when the people closest to her were in danger. When a power, stronger then her own, was out to get her, and do everything they can to take what they can from her, and leave Lenna with nothing.What will she do if life just didn't stop throwing rocks at her. Will she fight through the pain, or will she just give up?

  • Guns 'N Dynamite

    Guns 'N Dynamite


    Jeff Compton was a tall, handsome man. He was born in 1806, in London, and he's been a thief ever since. One day, he and his friend Harold rob a bank. The first time Jeff Compton would ever have an unsuccesful robbery. They have to flee. At first, they don't know where to go, but then Harold has an idea. They use the newest invention to stay away from the coppers: the train.