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  • jasico oneshots

    jasico oneshots

    | cover by minuiko | i’ll do the editing later since webnovel doesn’t allow italics or boldingcrossposted to wattpad and ao3. most of these r from a year ago so the writing isn’t that good but i have improved a lot

  • Cretin



    A Man from the modern “civilized” world is shell-shocked as he is abruptly thrusted into a medieval-like world he is unable to understand, even in the ways of the inner and outer being of himself. Exposed to an unfamiliar and horrid environment, any common man is bound to regress and transform into something disfigured, and unrecognizable from his original self.(Crossposted on Royal Road)

  • Multi-fandom oneshots

    Multi-fandom oneshots

    Some multi-fandom oneshots, I'm new to this app so please bear with any strange formating and stupid issues on my part, as I'm trying my best to learn. This will be directly crossposted from my Wattpad of the same tag, @CaskskI'd highly recommend reading that version, as it's better formatted and I have MUCH more experience with that app, however, it's up to you.

  • Hemocyanin - DISCONTINUED

    Hemocyanin - DISCONTINUED

    Sci-fi ACTION R18 FUTURE


    Hemocyanin (noun): An oxygen-carrying protein containing two copper atoms. Its basic appearance is clear, but it turns blue when exposed to oxygen.Biologist Aliyah Blair was not expecting anything dangerous to happen when she stayed up late to study a harmless plant-eating alien. But when the creature turned out to be more malicious than it seemed, a fight for her life turned Blair's world upside down. Now, she has to pick up the pieces of her shattered identity while protecting herself and the crew from her fatal mistake.***************************************************************WARNING! This novel contains blood and body horror, so please read at your discretion.Crossposted on Royal Road.

  • Sekai-Ryouri




    (Currently whipping up new recipes, stay tuned!)The home to the best culinary school in the world also happens to be the home to some of the shadiest pasts within the world. Not every student present is the person they make themselves out to be, and some have their hands covered in dirt, if not literal blood.The newest transfer student, Arthur Roma, fights to stake his claim in the school, though many students, including his own dorm-mate and the school's best cook, Rena Koboko stand in the way of his success.Come see the story of Sekai-Ryouri. Follow a number of students' path to the top, while the school life around them starts to bare their ugly colors.---(Stats as of 5/30/2240.3K Words13.9K Views51 Collections(!!!!!)Thank you so much for your support!Crossposted to Royal Road, ScribbleHub, Wattpad, and AO3!)

  • Queen of the Criminal Underworld Protects her Daughter, her Princess

    Queen of the Criminal Underworld Protects her Daughter, her Princess


    I was an educated princess in my past life about to inherit the throne, when I was murdered by my fiancé. I died and reincarnated in the Modern Era, in a modern day city. I was reborn in the body a young adult woman, who was pregnant and homeless. "This body... just who is she? Why are my memories so fuzzy?" As I work to uncover the truth behind my memories, and search for the father of my unborn child, before I knew it I have stained my hands with an assassin's blood. Maybe I was no better than the boyfriend who had killed me, or maybe, I had a chance... for revenge.-------------Countless men fell in love with her as she surged to rule the criminal underworld, but none could take her hand. "Sorry boys, I'm a lesbian.""But how could you be a lesbian? You're pregnant, you're a mother!" "That's what I'm trying to find out." If only she could remember... but digging into those memories...may lead to a darker past of her body's original owner, some dangerous memories are better left forgotten.----Crossposted on Royalroad under Dharla.

  • Reach The Moon Koi Koi

    Reach The Moon Koi Koi

    Realistic Fiction ACTION R18 COMEDY HAREM

    Being reborn into My Hero Academia has its ups and downs. First off, being the cousin to the future #5 Hero lets me know where I am currently in canon. Second, I have a weird second ability to my quirk other than being a rabbit, and due to the fact that this second ability instinctive knowledge lets me know that in the future ... I'm going to be at least fucking taller than Mineta.The interesting fact is that my dad happens to be the one who bared the name Usagiyama. My mother on the other hand is the one who birthed me and gave me an extra feature which gave aura. Yes I know the one from RWBY. Adding the fact that it even has the option to unlock semblance.So I, Otokoi Usagiyama have a dumbass dream. A dream to reach the moon. To revitalize humanity of the impossibilities made possible. I who was born beneath the moon shall pursue my birthright. I shall reach the impossibility with my own hands. And hopefully try not to die in the process.To jump to the moon literally while saving people along the way.Only if Manami can stop crying every time I see she needs a hug and give her one. That girl is way too depressed for my liking.Gentle is a good boy. Rumi needs to get laid pronto. And Camie needs to stop with the memes.(Crossposted on Fanfiction and Questionable Questing)

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